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Free Tee & Coffee for Police, firemen & paramedics @ subway on friday & Saturday nights- 10% off everything week days.
Posted 7th May 2009Posted 7th May 2009
Free Tee & Coffee for Police, firemen & paramedics @ subway on friday & Saturday nights- 10% off everything week days.
I noticed a small sign in my local subway which said that firemen, paramedics and police which are wearing their uniform are able to get 10% off during the week & on friday &am… Read more

I just hope they are on their break and not wasting tax payers money in there when they should be working!


Yet another stupid comment.... I suspect that this is from someone with little or NO intelligence or perhaps its just that they are not in tune with what a cracking and vital role the emergency services carry out on our streets 24 hours a day 365 days a year. :thumbsup: people on here may Sl*g them off for accepting a free brew on a weekend but I wonder who the first person they will call upon if their house is on fire, they have disturbed a burglar or they need medical assistance as a matter of urgency??!! :oops: Also, would it not make more sense to see high profile police presence on the streets / in the public domain at these critical times when the likelihood of disorder is vastly increased. :? Plus, lots of incidents of public order are stastically proven to occur either in a taxi queue or in a fast food outlet. Am I reading this right or would people honestly deny 'OUR EMERGENCY SERVICES' a hot drink to break up their night when they get a minute??!! :x VOTED RED HOT BY ME.... GO SUBWAY, LETS HAVE MORE LIKE IT :thumbsup:


Take it your in the force?? you slacker!!!


PRAT! I imagine in your job, you get time to have a brew and put your feet up each and every day. Probably having a cig break as well. Well imagine, not getting the chance as some pillock has decided to drink too much and kick off with all and sundry, and the only people around are yours truly and the rest of the wonderful services. An opportunity to get a quick brew is very much appreciated as it might be the only rest I get in the 10 hrs.



Subway now have a new 'snack menu' - starting from 79p for a cheese toastie, 99p for a pepperonni pizza, 99p for an 'all day breakfast wrap' and £1.19 for a bowl of meatballs
Posted 30th Apr 2009Posted 30th Apr 2009LocalLocal
Great for when your really hungry but dont want a footlong!

Firstly, let me shed some light on why some people think this is old news, while others haven't seen it before. The Snack menu has been trialed in several regions accross the country for around two months. Some of you may have seen the current snack menu items on sale at different prices and also, may have noticed a sausage roll on the menu at some stores. This is now the final version of the Snack menu which has been rolled out nationwide, as of 22nd April. Sausage, egg omelette and baked beans (Heinz incidentally). Most stores should do. Just ask for a cheese toastie with Marinara sauce, they should do it for the cheese toastie price. The Meatball Marinara is high in salt, however the salt content has been significantly reduced over the past six months and will be reduced further going forwards. Unfortunately, that doesn't make a sensational story so the press won't cover it. If you think the Meatballs should be banned, realistically we should then be banning any packaged sandwich or ready meal! That is not true. There is no hydrogenated fat in any Subway product.




A 6" piece of bread, with just nothing but lettuce + cucumber init is your dinner? Annorexic? or a tortoise? x


i dunno, it depends on the person i suppose but a 6" veggie delite sub costs me less than £2 and does me for dinner

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE @ Subway!! =O
Posted 28th Apr 2009Posted 28th Apr 2009
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE @ Subway!! =O
I was on the bus on the way home from college today, I saw a banner reading: "Buy 1 get 1 Free! 5pm to 9pm" This is at Wembley London. I haven't noticed if any other subways are… Read more

yeh that deal is nationwide untill end of april.


Yeah, read the small print...i think you have to buy one full price 6" & a soft drink (~£1.30 for medium drink and £3+ for sub), then you get a "free" 6" and another drink.


When ours had big signs saying buy one get one free there was small print underneath saying buy one 6" sub meal and get another free!


it cna be if you ride on stagecoach buses check the back of your ticket they were doing deals on there


Ha - the cold voters kick in... *sigh*

6" Italian BMT for £1.79 at Subway!
Posted 24th Mar 2009Posted 24th Mar 2009
6" Italian BMT for £1.79 at Subway!
For a limited time, the Italian BMT is available for just £1.79 at most UK Subway stores! You can also have it as a meal for just £2.99.
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Awesome. Here is a tip - Have the Italian BMT with honey mustard and bbq sauce, its AMAZING


Subway and VAT is a tricky issue. Without getting into it all, Subway did not previously charge any VAT on the Subs, now however, we are required to charge VAT on any Sub that is hot or eaten in the store. This change coincided with the reduction in VAT, and at that time nearly all UK and Ireland stores introduced the dual price menus (cold take-out and hot/eat-in), which resulted in an overall reduction in prices. Given our situation, realistically, we should have increased prices when the VAT reduction came into force! Regarding this offer not being available everywhere. It is definitely available in all stores in the Yorkshire and Granada regions, and it is my understanding that it is a nationwide offer. As has been mentioned though, all Subway stores are franchised meaning your local store may not be participating.


Its worth remembering Subways are franchise stores, so it may only be at certain places.


Had a 50% off voucher from yesterday and then they go and do this! 90p for a 6-inch or £1.79 for footlong, can't go wrong!


Not available in my store in Southampton. As ever with these postings. BTW did anyone else notice that when the VAT went down Subway did not put down their prices accordingly?

Breakfast Sub just 99p at Subway - Vouchers in Daily Mail
Posted 27th Feb 2009Posted 27th Feb 2009
Breakfast Sub just 99p at Subway - Vouchers in Daily Mail
You can get a Breakfast Sub for just 99p until 04.03.09 with todays Daily Mail (Page 34) Terms and Conditions are: until 11am daily on presentation of this voucher get a regular … Read more
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Just nipped into town this morning, spoke to the owner and he said the 99p offer has been on for over a year, not sure if its just mine that permanently has it on but there you go :)


+1 here! :-D:-D


Its free range egg omlett + bacon or sausage + cheese , then heated up in the grill, very tasty IMO


I love a greasy sandwich in a morning as much as the next person but these are awful. You have to see them being made to realise how awful they are. I tried one thinking, well its only 99p, I'd rather scrape something off the road and eat that. The ingredients come out of rolled up plastic then they put cheese on and stick in the special oven for 10 seconds. You have to see it to believe it!!


Normally £1.99 for the breakfast Sub at the Subway near Monument station, or £2.49 with a coffee.

6" Meatball Mariana now £1.79 @ Subway everyday for comic relief
Posted 4th Feb 2009Posted 4th Feb 2009
6" Meatball Mariana now £1.79 @ Subway everyday for comic relief
Pretty much as the title says. I was at my local subway in Swindon earlier and saw this advertised as part of what they're doing for Comic Relief. I don't know if this is nation… Read more

I work for Subway and they are going to be starting a promotion for 6" Meatball Marinara Meal Deal. The price will be £2.99 but the problem is, you can only have a 21oz dispensed drink! :x


Mmmm love these, thanks for the heads up...know where I'm off for lunch this week lol :w00t:. Heat added :thumbsup:


The Subman;4296307 The time they sit for (maximum four hours if the store is being run properly) is only revevant to the quality of the product, not food safety. Providing they are kept at the correct temperature, there isn't a risk of food poisoning. 4.7g per 6". It's a high salt product, a treat rather than something to be eaten everyday. Correct, the Subs on promotion are always done at a single price whether hot/cold or eat in/take away. Make the offers a lot easier to follow! As the Meatballs are a hot product only, they are only ever at one single price on the menu anyway. The reasons for the price differences on other menu itsem is, as mentioned, VAT. Cold sandwiches do not attract any VAT, but when a sandwich is toasted or heated it is deemed to be hot and therefore subject to the full 15% VAT. Any food eaten in the store is also Subject to VAT, even if it is served cold. Subway tried to fight this off for quite a while, but the high court ruled against us. The majority (possibly all by now) of stores in the UK now use the new menus, and it is important to note that the majority of prices have actually been reduced. For the most part, your Sub will be at least 20p cheaper than it was a few months ago if you have it cold and to take out, while for toasted and eat-in it will be more or less the same price as before. For what it's worth, the franchisee makes more money from selling the Sub at the cold/take out price, as the VAT is a lot more than the 20p we charge the customer! Nice one subman.. makes perfect sense... voted hot... 6" meatball marinara on italian heabs & cheese, cheese and toasted with jalapeno, sweetcorn and hot chilli sauce...


Forgot to add, the reason people are seeing price differences in this offer is that different regions are offering the Sub at different prices. In most, it's £1.79 while a few are doing it at £1.99.


McDonalds, Burger King, KFC etc all serve almost exclusively VATable products, so it's not a case of absorbing the cost as they have to charge VAT on almost everything they sell. We used to charge one price and absorb the cost, the result being higher menu prices for everyone. As over half our menu is served cold, it doesn't really make sense to have all our customers subsidising the VAT for just half.

Breakfast Sub 99p (Bacon,Egg +Cheese, or Sausage,Egg+Cheese)
Posted 8th Jan 2009Posted 8th Jan 2009
Breakfast Sub 99p (Bacon,Egg +Cheese, or Sausage,Egg+Cheese)
Not sure if its nationwide as ive never been to Subway before ! My local one (Sleaford) is selling breakfast subs for 99p until 11am

if the deal is no use to him. why bother clicking on the thread!? :thinking:


Gone right off Subway...they're getting really stingy with the salad :whistling:


I have voted neither hot or cold but can imagine that the cold votes are because a vile disgusting sandwich is not worth 99 of anybodys money.


They are precooked/made omlets made with free range eggs, heated up in the oven/grill


The ground? Cock the eggs? Oh my... Why are people voting cold because they don't like the company or taste??? The deal is hot as it saves money. Simple I would have thought.

Any 6" Regular Sandwich at Subway for cost of Daily Record
Posted 6th Jan 2009Posted 6th Jan 2009
Any 6" Regular Sandwich at Subway for cost of Daily Record
Voucher in tomorrows (7th January) for FREE regular 6" Subway sandwich. Also get voucher book with savings at Subway of £40 All for about 40p (not sure of exact price of paper) … Read more

Usual simpleton response from you then.


There's no Wilkinsons shops in Scotland so are all their deals cold?


Scotland is part of the UK, if you are going to start banning deals which aren't available throughout the entirety of the UK, then how would the good people of HUKD not resident in Norfolk know if they had chlamydia???


In fairness, there's some deals that apply to certain cities and there's some shops that aren't UK-wide so I think this deal fine to include on this site. Of course don't deep fry the Subs (I'm assuming that was sarcasm). ;-) Fried food makes me feel sick!


Yeah but in Scotalnd they deep-fry the subs. Cold deal, by the way, as its not inclusive enough to be on this site (hot UK deals)

Ham subway £1.49
Posted 6th Jan 2009Posted 6th Jan 2009
Ham subway £1.49
Went to my local Subway today and they are offering a ham 6" for £1.49. Not sure if it is every store sorry but I ate in, grilled with melted cheese and all the trimmings for £1.49… Read more
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Went to subway today.New offer of Meatball melt for £1.79 However when I ordered 2 Ham I was still only charged £1.49 each.


There are a small number of Subway stores that serve a Halal menu, which will have Turkey Ham. In the other 1200+ stores though it is most definitely good old pork! If you're referring to the Irish Pork issues from last year, all Subway stock was quarantined or destroyed on the day the warning went out. The Subway brand is too valuable to be putting a 1300 (and that's just the UK) strong chain of stores in jeapordy by doing that. The ham promotion was planned way before the product withdrawal. Spot on. :thumbsup: There are no company Subway stores, every single one is franchised. Some regions just haven't moved to the new menus just yet, while others have been testing them for nearly a year now! The dual price menus are being rolled out nationally at the moment, so soon all stores will be charging a cold/take out and hot or eat-in price for most Subs. For the record, nearly everything on the menu has gone down in price with the advent of the new menus, in some cases by as much as 60p. It's not the way we'd want things to be, but it makes far more sense to offer the discount to customers having a cold/take-out Sub, rather than upping the price to subsidise those having them hot or to eat-in. The price difference is currently 20p, which actually doesn't even come close to covering the cost of the VAT we still absorb the rest ourselves. There is also no upcharge for VAT on the Sub of the Day, Sub of the Month or promotions such as the £1.49 ham.


Perhaps there's a difference between the franchisees and the fully owned stores as to whether they shoulder the price of the increased tax on the uniform price or not.


i havent noticed it in any other subways though? or am i missing a joke there :roll:


This is because VAT applies on food that is heated or eaten inside :thumbsup:

Free Subway meal deal worth £2.99, with voucher in todays Daily Record
Posted 29th Dec 2008Posted 29th Dec 2008
Free Subway meal deal worth £2.99, with voucher in todays Daily Record
Valid until midnight tomorrow night, 40p for paper, cut out voucher and take it into subway. If you click on 'go to deal', then go to page 37, register with them, you MIGHT be ab… Read more
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30p to have it toasted!!! They asked if I wanted it toasted today and I said yes - I think the bill seemed a bit higher than usual! Cheeky gits!!!:x


Yeah, that sounds a bit pants.. surely refusal would be damaging to them as well as embarrassing to the person attempting to use a discount - would certainly make me avoid the store in question in future.


I'm gonna give it a miss this time after embarrassing myself with a voucher that they refused Iast time I saw a deal on here. Good if you can get though.


Seen as Subway operate on a franchise system, the stores have the option to opt out of these promotions. We found out with our local store - "at participating outlets" will be there in the smal print. So be warned, you are not guaranteed to have it accepted anyway. Sort of makes promotions under the Subway brand a bit pointless in my opinion, if they allow individual stores to opt in or opt out as they wish. They would be better doing promotions by store or locally.


Be aware Subway lovers,theres a new price for everything,most things have gone up by 10 or 20p,and now you have to pay £2 to make it a foot long gone up from £1.80,and worse still,you will now get charged to have a sub toasted,30p i think,,if you love them it wont matter,

Posted 19th Dec 2008Posted 19th Dec 2008
Manchester Only- Lots of branches, buy one sub, get one free, link here



Is that today as in Thursday? Or Friday?


make sure they cook your food properly (the other half was made really ill because they cant cook properly) sorry good deal but because off this voted cold :-(


Heat added!!!! Free MEN papers then a bogof ....thats my lunch sorted!:)

Free 6" Sub (Any regular Sub) at Subway
Posted 9th Dec 2008Posted 9th Dec 2008
Free 6" Sub (Any regular Sub) at Subway
Northern Ireland Only... Two ways of getting the free sub... If you already have a SubCard then complete a short survey to receive 500 points = 6" Sub!… Read more
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nice one, thanks


omfg im so used to excluding N.I why do they get this gr8 freebie :D


Not sure why expired!!


Thanks for this H+R. So will the 500 points be added onto balance in january? Can't believe it shows you the last 5 transactions on the card, lol. :thumbsup:


Yep! Then register online before 31st Dec for your free sub (which you can then get in January I think) and you also get triple points on purchases for 28 days!

SUBWAY VOUCHER BOOKLET... (Booklet in store)  sorry people
Posted 11th Nov 2008Posted 11th Nov 2008
SUBWAY VOUCHER BOOKLET... (Booklet in store) sorry people
Booklet containing 6 offers, Get a regular 6" Breakfast Sub for just 99p, Buy a coffee and get a free regular 6" Breakfast Sub, Any regular 6" Breakfast Sub and a coffee only £1.99… Read more

Dont blame Subway for the extra charge, it's the Taxman now wanting VAT on toasted sandwiches!!!! & since vat is at 17.5% I think 20p is very reasonable.


oh well ,hey if you dont like subway dont shop there i say,i see why people dont bother posting as often as they use too. have a good xmas :-)




Not round here they don't. Toasting is still free.


subway are terrible, never a consistant sandwich ever, either ran outta bread, no fillings, or coffee machine broken. Subway need to get their fingers out and sort these cowboy franchises out.

Beeston, nottinghamshire new store opening friday, Buy a drink get a free 6" sub
Posted 2nd Nov 2008Posted 2nd Nov 2008
Beeston, nottinghamshire new store opening friday, Buy a drink get a free 6" sub
basicly in beeston nottinghamshire, there is a new store opening on friday the 7th of Nov and they are doing if you buy a drink you get any 6" sub free. This is the new one opening… Read more
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Depends which Sub you buy, a 6" Veggy patty can cost £3.20, so not bad deal...they always do this on their new store openings.


yeah its not a bad deal, but kfc is much better if i want junk food, also is that the carribean cob shop just outside beeston, that cob shop there is amazing.


voted hot. but its certainly not worth the 30 minute bus ride!


you have to buy a large drink (£1.80). You can get Sub Of The Day any day for £1.99. No bad but it's only for one day in one shop.


good if its free, but I used to work on occasions in Beeston and always found the cob shops great value and good quality, plus they didn't have to pump artificial bread smells around the place to entice people in.

Subway Footlong : any regular footlong for 4 pounds
Posted 8th Oct 2008Posted 8th Oct 2008
Alright everyone. I was in my local subway in Belfast and they are doing a deal were you can buy any regular footlong for 4 pounds, thats any footlong off the menu. I thought this… Read more

Had one today and came out as £4.00, was pleased, cuz hadn't heard of this deal so was a nice surprise


Not on in the Hull city centre store.


So has anyone else found this apart from belfast and brighton marina?


Nah have enough salad on it, and some decent sauce and it never tastes like cardboard, cynic :p


.....and will taste like carboard! BRING ON THE CHEESE!!! :w00t:

Posted 5th Oct 2008Posted 5th Oct 2008LocalLocal
In the subway in Pontypridd city centre; They were doing: BUY ONE 6" SUB AND GET ONE FREE (LIMITED TIME ONLY) SUNDAY ONLY 3PM TO 9PM. FOOTLONG OR MIX AND MATCH EXCLUDES THE SUB OF… Read more
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its different times for different stores and some stores arent even running the offer! they are expensive with no voucher or offer but they are nice


subway is the best!! its 5pm - 9pm tho!!!! x


They are not overpriced if you manage to get a voucher booklet,,i have loads and regularly get sarnies from them :-)


A bit off topic - but does anyone else think Subway are like the most overpriced sandwich bars in the history of EVER????? Soth 8-)

6" Chicken Sub only £1.99 @ Subway
Posted 1st Sep 2008Posted 1st Sep 2008
6" Chicken Sub only £1.99 @ Subway
6" Chicken breast sub available all day, this week only! Valid from Fri 29th Aug - Fri 5th Sep 08. Participating stores only.
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Maybe this is because all their chicken and beef product was recalled 2 weeks ago because of solmonella from irish meat (if affected bovril as well). D>

Autumn Edition - Voucher book of savings @ Subway
Posted 1st Sep 2008Posted 1st Sep 2008
Autumn Edition - Voucher book of savings @ Subway
Now the summer nights are drawing in, Subway have brought out a new free voucher book. - Regular 6" sausage sub & regular coffee only £1.99 - Regular 6" veggie patty sub &… Read more
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does anyone have any of these spare, my subway doesnt do them??


Spot the Scottish person ;) Dinner is evening meal time, lunch is 12:00-13:00 time :p these deals look rubbish compared to the "buy drink get free sub" as previously mentioned. I enjoyed getting my whole lunch for 1.49 every day :-D


That's a bit naff as Subway to me is more of a dinner time place than an evening meal type place!


the vouchers in our local subway have time restrictions on them - only valid after 5pm :(


Yeah same here the one I normally go to in Liverpool Exchange Street didn't get the last lot of booklets in at all despite always having them in the past. Other than that I can't really fault them as they're a friendly bunch who work there!

Free Refills of Soft Drinks at Subway - (Kept very quiet)
Posted 21st Jul 2008Posted 21st Jul 2008LocalLocal
I recently found out that when you get a Cold Drink from Subway you are entitled to Free Refills whilst in the shop. As most of them have seperate filling stations away from the t… Read more
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Well you didn't get to be a "fatty" (your words not mine) by eating properly. People get fat because they eat too much and don't burn the calories. I thought it was a good joke.


[QUOTE=therealslimkaty;2577880]What a nasty, ignorant, smallminded comment, are you actually an adult and were you ever taught basic manners? Im a "fatty" as you put it, and i don't drink sugary drinks like that or eat Subway c rap, unlike you apparently. QUOTE] dont be so touchy - he didnt state you were fat, he didnt even define a "fatty", you decided to group yourself into this category - it was a light hearted comment about the obesity in the US (which is commonly joked about) And if you dont eat subway or drink sugary drinks then why post on or view the thread ?!?! lighten up !!


this isnt true at all - it is dependant on each store as has previously been mentioned they are franchised so it is the store owners discretion that decides. Most in fact are not free refils although people assume they are as there is a seperate filling station where to get your drink from ...


When Subway stocked Pepsi the vast majority of dispensers carried a FREE REFILL sign. When Subway switched over to Coca-Cola most of these were removed making it less obvious. Pepsi was great.


What a nasty, ignorant, smallminded comment, are you actually an adult and were you ever taught basic manners? Im a "fatty" as you put it, and i don't drink sugary drinks like that or eat Subway c rap, unlike you apparently. I must agree. I tasted a subway sandwich one time and despite having salad, cold meat etc in it, it tasted of absolutely nothing. It was a very weird experience and one I won't repeat!

Summer Saving Voucher booklet now available @ Subway !
Posted 9th Jul 2008Posted 9th Jul 2008
Summer Saving Voucher booklet now available @ Subway !
Summer Saving Voucher booklet now available @ Subway outlets with some good offers Free 6" sub when you buy a 6" Sub + drink Free 6" sub when you buy a Foot long sub Footlong sub … Read more

Ok well I've just been down to my subway and they don't have any booklets so this gets a cold from me


Cheeky? What the hell is cheeky about saving money? You were just scared u might damage your image!


My local said thats all they had - I had one of the booklets before (last time round). Might get lunch diff branch next week


I must live in the only town in Western civilisation that doesn't have a Subway. :-(


Didn't see any in my local Subway. Felt too cheeky to go and ask from the counter so I walk out empty handed.

Any 6" Sub 99p All Day at Subway
Posted 27th Jun 2008Posted 27th Jun 2008
Any 6" Sub 99p All Day at Subway
Currently at the Subway on Cherry Tree Road, Blackpool they are having a 3 day sale where ANY 6" sub is priced at 99p. You are allowed a maximum of 2 per visit, but that makes a fo… Read more

Does anyone know if this offer is on in London?






A lot are franchises so it can be very specific.


not in the balckburn branches either but the 2 for £5.99 is great for me and my daughter and is a lot heathier than the usual fast food. :thumbsup:Yeh Subway!!!:-D

Regular 6" Breakfast Subs - just 99p @ Subway !!
Posted 26th Jun 2008Posted 26th Jun 2008LocalLocal
Regular 6" Breakfast Subs - just 99p @ Subway !!
For a limited time, you can get a Regular 6" Sausage & Egg or Bacon & Egg Breakfast subs for just 99p @ selected Subway. Available until 11am. Not to be used inconjunctio… Read more

one was enough.....looking at the food in the counter was enough to put me friends and family have tried them and said the same...


No. All food from Subway is apparently rubbish. Which is a pity because I remember some nice subs from Subway but I must be hallucinating


Can i just say i've also had a nice italian BMT from subway with jalapeno's so its not all microwaved Tish! :-D


I had the sausage and egg one once when they ran a similar promotion, absolutely disgusting. 99p is still way to much for this. Now if it was a meatball sub that would be a bargain.


You need some help. I made myself a nice baked potato tonight and I baked it in the oven even though I could have microwaved it in a fraction of the time. I think that answers your crazy little question..... I was simply pointing out that sometimes you can get dodgey food from the best of places. We have an award winning Indian restaurant nearby and the food is almost always excellent. But there have been a couple of times that it's not been so good. It happens to the best of places . That's all I'm saying....

2 Can dine for £5.99 @ Subway
Posted 17th May 2008Posted 17th May 2008
2 Can dine for £5.99 @ Subway
Subways latest deal 2 can dine for £5.99 2 * any 6" sub 2 * drink 2 * cookie or crisps this means 2 6" meal deals for £5.99

has to be italian BMT


steak and cheese subway is pretty decent!


Subway is lush!! Veggie delight fankoo, with sweet onion sauce :)


There's even more McDonalds, what's your point?


Subway - food for Chavs who want to feel they're going up in the world.

Buy one 6" Chicken & Bacon Sub & drink & get ANY 6"inch free in-store @ Subway
Posted 30th Apr 2008Posted 30th Apr 2008
Buy one 6" Chicken & Bacon Sub & drink & get ANY 6"inch free in-store @ Subway
As in the title buy a 6" chicken and bacon sub along with a drink and get ANY other 6" sub free. Works out at £4.53 for a 12" sub and drink Edit- better deal ANY footlong now £3… Read more

Is this all stores? I bought a £3.79 Meatball Sub of Day just this Tuesday.


oh we still have dotd here :)


I'm really really annoyed that £1.99 sub of the day has gone out of the window and the cheapest sub is now the £2.39 sh1tty flava of the month. Thats an increase of 20% overnight!


the deal for all footlongs for £3.99 is between 5pm and 9pm


oh oh will need to try subway when i go across the water then :)

Free 6" sub @ Subway when you buy The Sun today!
Posted 8th Apr 2008Posted 8th Apr 2008
Free 6" sub @ Subway when you buy The Sun today!
Buy the sun, inside there is a voucher for a free 6" sub, to be used today. Also make sure to ask for your free booklet with up to £40 of savings (most newsagents keep these sepera… Read more
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Not banned as such...they (Liverpool newsagents/residents) boycotted the Sun years ago after it printed "norty" stories about the Hillsborough disaster on their front page in April 1989, headlined "The Truth". I'm not going to repeat the content on here, as, whatever you believe, this isn't really the place to discuss it. Google is your friend - Kelvin MacKenzie was editor at the time, that should help you find some articles about it. FWIW, this incident is, in some quarters, attributed as being the single cause of the 200,00 per day drop in circulation in the Liverpool area.


What the offer, or the newspaper? I thought the Sun was banned in Liverpool for making up naughty stories about Scousers.


Wasn't in the London version either.


It wasn't on in Fleetwood either, but thanx OP it made me stop my cleaning that I was loving doing :? and go see if it was in my local paper. Oh and I tried before I bought :thumbsup: Heat and Rep added :-D


[SIZE="6"]GUTTED!!!! [SIZE="4"]None in Shrewsbury Sun - anyone got a great idea for a filling to make my own - I'm starving now!!! And jea:w00t:lous!![/SIZE][/SIZE]

Breakfast for £2.00 @ SUBWAY (bacon/egg/sausage sub + Coffee!)
Posted 3rd Apr 2008Posted 3rd Apr 2008LocalLocal
Breakfast for £2.00 @ SUBWAY (bacon/egg/sausage sub + Coffee!) I can get it in most Subways in Central London, not sure if it applies anywhere else
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These Subs are just plain greasy nasty pig tripe! I love Subway but their breakfast menu just sucks:oops:


Anyone know if there is any new voucher books available yet? the old books expired on the 31st March!


I think its a special offer... there is no expiry on advertising i've seen so far.


is this supposed to be a deal? is it a special offer? ?????

Scotland:   Free 6" Sub and £40 tokens in Todays Daily Record
Posted 31st Oct 2007Posted 31st Oct 2007
Scotland: Free 6" Sub and £40 tokens in Todays Daily Record
Weve arranged another delicious deal with the SUBWAY® chain, to offer every reader another chance to enjoy a FREE 6" Sub worth up to £3.49. This tasty offer is valid until midnight… Read more

Now that comment is a terrible racist comment I find that completly offensive(to above poster) And flyero not all students in Scotland get their fees paid thats a bit of misadvertising, some do some dont, and if over 25 you generally dont, or if you are Scotish person studying outside Scotland you dont. Just one of those myths that occured over the years.


Nice try Daily Record, but honestly this is Scotland! Subway!? It's not even deep fat fried...


Scotland get all the great things, no uni fees, and now free Subway lol


Thanks for this voted hot,got mines today and my booklet.great post......i would not have known this if op had'nt posted:thumbsup: 35p for lunch,that's a deal to me.


Yes read the back of the Vouchers * Not for Sale and is only valid in Scottish Stores* Anyone want to buy 2 books??? :whistling:

Subway kids meal. buy one get one free at  £1,99
Posted 24th Oct 2007Posted 24th Oct 2007LocalLocal
Subway kids meal. buy one get one free at £1,99
Went into my local subway(in Cheshire) and saw loads of vouchers saying buy one kids meal get one free. A kids meal is a 3" sub with optional salad and cheese and sauce(at no extr… Read more

Italian BMT is my fave..... Thursday sub of the day - - - - oooo! Thursday today init? Skill!:-D


Tried one once when passing, meatball special, loads of gristle lumps, horrible, lots of free salad though, but really wish I'd said hold the meatballs.


Thanks :thumbsup:


Ideal for 1/2 term. thanks


Well you get 2 so its essentially the same as getting 2 halfs of a regular one.

Subway Buy One Get One Free (Hornchurch)
Posted 19th Oct 2007Posted 19th Oct 2007
Subway Buy One Get One Free (Hornchurch)
I believe that Subway in Hornchurch are for tomorrow only doing buy buy one get free on subs, so you buy a six and basically get a twelve great deal. It's opposite a big Lloyds or… Read more

The subway vouchers in bath have a buy a regular drink, and get a free 6" sub!!! £1.09 for Both, which quite frankly is amazing, although they seem to have run out of voucher books now :x


Heck of a lot less healthy than the lighter subway ones though.


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Lovely people of HUKD, I feel like sharing the love! For some strange reason, I feel rather happy on this lovely morning! I hope we can all spread the love... Isn't it a lovely thing to hear birds singing... Hell, I probably seem weird, but I feel happier than I have been for a long time now. Smile people....Smileeeee


Subway meat is poor quality - the best fast food meat has to be KFC

porstmouth new store open 2moro all 6inc subs £1!!!!!!!!
Posted 29th Sep 2007Posted 29th Sep 2007
porstmouth new store open 2moro all 6inc subs £1!!!!!!!!
hi everyone i dont know if i can call this a hot ddeal but it defintly is if you live in ports mouth a new store is openin in the portsmouth comercial road in cascades and every 6 … Read more

you must of gone to the wrong 1 lol i went there this mornin and got mine!!! bloody luvly as well! i got there nice and erly b4 work and there wasnt even a queue! i hope every 1 got there snadwhich ok


Subways Rock Except the Breakfast sub which is rank


I went in today and couldn't see anything about this offer!!! Oh and Megabite does not compare to Subway in the slightest! If you see the fat dripping off their kebabs on a Saturday night it makes me wonder why anyone would actually buy a sandwich from there anyway...


It is. You just have to go to Portsmouth to get it. :) Oh, and like sandwiches.


and lol the joke's on you...i was on a wind up

Unlimited Vouchers at Subway!
Posted 3rd Sep 2007Posted 3rd Sep 2007
Unlimited Vouchers at Subway!
Go into any branch of Subway and ask for a voucher booklet (no purchase neccesary). It's full of deals like coffee & donut for 99p, free upgrade from 6inch meal deal to footlon… Read more
Get dealGet deal

^ I think it is, it's amusing me either way lol


lol is this is a joke to get a reaction


Ok. I felt a little guilty in case they took the money from that douchebag's wages although he totally deserves it! I mean what a cheapskate! I got kids to feed and I won't scam, beg or become a prosti like many Eastern Europeans that come over here. He totally deserved it in my opinion. Even worse that I gobbled 3 of the foot-longs down on my own and zoomed it from that idiot in the shop so I was on a guilt trip all night! I thought that I have to go and do the right thing because 2 wrongs don't make a right and I am really a decent and honest person. Around midnight tonight when all was closed I went and posted an envelope through the cr_appy small letterbox. I feel better now as I have done the right thing. I was generous because instead of 3 I put 5 vouchers in the envelope.


Whoa you thrill seekers!


You total amateur! :roll: If you want a free McDonalds sandwich on a Saturday simply storm to the front of the long queue and tell the mindless, spotty, ‘should have tried harder at school’ assistant that your wife just walked all the way to the car with your order and the store forgot to add a [insert any sandwich you want from the menu] and demand that the assistant get one for you now, god damn it!!!! Now, if you’re like me and don’t eat sh1t then you can give it to the nearest Romanian gypsy you see begging in the street – try Portsmouth, loads there. Hope this helps. :thumbsup: