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Free Tastecard 60-Day Trial
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
60 day free trial or £1 for 120 days. 2-4-1 deals / 50% off restaurants. Free trial is hassle free and no bank details are needed. £1 offfer you will need to cancel before the end… Read more
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Hi please try this join.tastecard.co.uk/mse-exclusive/?utm_source=mse&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=jan19_mse_trials&utm_content=mse_site


I can not see the deal page Only this page appears http://hotukdeals.digidip.net/visit?url=https://join.tastecard.co.uk&ppref=https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/free-tastecard-60-day-trial-3160112&ref=1700805111


Totally agree. They will not refund under any circumstances once they have your money!


Agree meerkat is good but personally I find there is more choice on the taste card


I think meerkat meals is just as good. Got mine for a year by buying travel insurance for 89p

3 month digital TasteCard membership, for nothing per Month (£0 in total), at TasteCard
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
3 month digital TasteCard membership, for nothing per Month (£0 in total), at TasteCard Promo Code: BCWYC3MF4991218. Card Type: 3 month digital tastecard membership* Includes … Read more

You should have a policy number from the insurance. If you go to Meerkat redeem on compare website or the app it should let you use your policy number. The number should be in your email that the policy documents were emailed to. Hope it helps. Nobody else I know has had a problem.


Well I didn't get any codes?


I've explained all already in my Freebie Deal Description ... Explanations, telephone number, web links - the whole shabang basically?. (Like I tend to do with pretty much all my Post's upon here ... ) :-) Find your answers here: https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/36737459 Enjoy your evening. :-)


How do you cancel


Fair play to that. :-)

3 month digital TasteCard​ membership​, for £1 per Month (£3 in total), at TasteCard
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
3 month digital TasteCard membership, for £1 per Month (£3 in total), at TasteCard Promo Code: MVC0518 . Card Type: 3 month digital tastecard membership * Includes FREE acce… Read more

Lol, cool, thanx.


Just fixed it. Here’s the link again. https://www.tastecard.co.uk/m/purchase/join/promo:BCWYC3MF4991218


No problem. Edit: Why isn't your link active?, thanx.


Voted cold. You can get 3 months for free. https://www.tastecard.co.uk/m/purchase/join/promo:BCWYC3MF4991218


Fair enough, that's a shame, no problem.

TasteCard 60day Trail - £1 - £34.99 after
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
TasteCard are offering a 60 day trial for £1, then it's on £34.99 instead of £79.99 for a years membership. Can be used in absolutely loads of eateries, along with Cinemas and a fe… Read more

I can’t add heat to any tastecard deal as I had full paid subscription in the past & learnt my lesson: 1) this deal is there as frequent as dfs sale 2) reactions from restaurants after telling them we have tastecard is appalling. We have even highlighted to tastecard but get no response. 3) restaurants treat you subpar when you say you have tastecard


Corrected, thank you


Says 60 days not 6 months


Isn’t it 60 days and not 6 months. worth a quid.. Ed’s easy diner at 50% is well worth it

Free Bluetooth Speaker with annual Tastecard membership - £34.99, was £79.99
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Members get 2 for 1 or 50% off meals at over 6,100 restaurants Digital & physical tastecard Instant access with our free app High Quality membership guide Access to o… Read more
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Fair enough. I bought one as a Gift so not really gonna go through that hassle


Here is a similar thread I found a few days ago. hotukdeals.com/deals/free-bluetooth-speaker-with-annual-tastecard-membership-at-3499-3129302 See my comment on the cost of the speaker etc.


It's fair enough if it works for your area. I have had both too and found that I never used the tastecard due to the restrictions.


Seems good for Aberdeen as the ones I've looked at are valid 7 days. I've got meerkat aswell but tend not to go out on the valid days, just usually the weekend


So are quite a few of the decent Tastecard places

Free Bluetooth Speaker with Annual Tastecard Membership at £34.99
Found 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
This is the normal "reduced" cost of Tastecard. But this time it comes with a Free Bluetooth speaker. A nice extra bonus! Tastecard is a great service - you will save the cost of … Read more
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I've used the taste card for years. The first year i foolishly paid the full membership for me and my partner. Since then i got savvy, i do the £1 for 3 month thing or 4 months for free. I must admit, i do use the meerkat movies for cinemas, but use the taste card more for meals etc. Cancellations: Everyone is right with the auto renewal thing. It is annoying, but providing you add it into your diary for 2 days before you are okay. Auto renewal: Additionally if you do the cancellation online, in the Reason drop down, you can select "do not auto renew". Which i presume just makes sure it doesn't get charged. Speakers: Do not be fooled by the offer, they are cheapy 10 Euro things. Stark Bluetooth® Speaker Sample


cinema tickets are 40% off not BOGOF and never have been. Their database was compromised earlier this year, meaning we all had to get new credit cards and cineworld has disappeared from their cinema offering, making it less desirable. It's not a bad deal if you eat out regularly or go to the cinema regularly and there is a brand near you, but there are other equally as good products that cost less eg gourmet society, free with some bank accounts, meerkats as you mention, who now also do the 2 for 1 meals and there are always vouchers to be had on the internet. Most restaurants to not let you use the card on Friday or Saturdays, special days and some bank holidays and for the entire month of December, so it's effectively 11 months. As long as you will save more than the cost and couldn't do it for less than £34.99 using another deal, then it's still useful.


Not free. Its a deal since you need to buy the Tastecard membership


I use it for the cimema all the time. It’s sik


Personally I think its a great product! There are so many more restaurants on it and you also get a much better cinema offering 7 days a week. Their customer services always have been helpful with us as my mrs cancelled hers. Save well over the cost of membership each month! I paid £34.99 without the speaker! Trust pilot scores are pretty good!

2 Month Tastecard for £1 and get a FREE £5 Pizza Express Voucher!
Found 3rd Oct 2018Found 3rd Oct 2018
2 Month Tastecard for £1 and get a FREE £5 Pizza Express Voucher! Quick! You can get a free £5 Pizza Express gift card with a £1 Tastecard trial. You can cancel at anytime. You sh… Read more

Go on their website and call them. They won't give you any warning before they auto renew and take your money. They're also flat out refusing to refund me.


How do you cancel it once you’ve taken up the offer does anyone know ?! (fierce) :o


It comes in the post with the physical Tastecard. I got mine today, after ordering it on Wednesday.


@Hassxn786 doesn't need moderation before posting. Maybe the mods would have not allowed this otherwise, though I'm not sure why.


I tried to post this yesterday, For some reason the mods wouldn't allow it.

90 Days Tastecard for £1
Found 1st Aug 2018Found 1st Aug 2018
Grab yourself a 3 months tastecard for £1! If you don't wish to keep it past that make sure you cancel the auto-renew which would take place at the end of the trial at £34.99 You … Read more

Ahhhhh did not realise there was a 4 month free promo!! Ahh well.. Thanks


https://www.tastecard.co.uk/m/purchase/join/promo:MVC0518 Just signed up for 4 months for free..... Thanks :) maxmix


I signed up for 4 months for free last week. Includes tastecard+. www.tastecard.co.uk/m/purchase/join/promo:MVC0518

9 months for only £14.99  at tastecard in a flash sale
Found 5th Jul 2018Found 5th Jul 2018
9 months for only £14.99 at tastecard in a flash sale
Not seen this one before from them but £14.99 for a 9 month 2 for 1 on dining membership. I've also got cheap cinema tickets too

Not sure yet - it may be. But I understand that the available times are more restricted - that may prove to be wrong though. We'll find out shortly, but if the two schemes are identical, then the £14.99 can only be a waste of money. :D


But isn't the list of restaurants identical ?


It's not Tastecard, as such, but the scheme's run by Tastecard for Compare The Market, so it's very similar. More restrictions, though.


well i learned something there! if thats the case then they will definately include less places surely? if not theres no point in buying a tastecard!


I usually pay by PayPal and then go into PayPal and cancel the authorised payment to them (forgot what they call it) so they cant take auto payment

Tastecard 4 Months Free
Found 18th Jun 2018Found 18th Jun 2018
Use Link https://www.tastecard.co.uk/purchase/join/promo:MVC0518 or use promo code MVC0518

The link says 90 days for £1, not 4 months.. Should this deal be expired guys?


Can I do the free digital trail and then this????


The FAQ's say to call them, or you can complete this online form: https://www.tastecard.co.uk/mytastecard/cancel I would keep a pdf print of it just n case. Also, i would log into PayPal, go into Preapproved payments - and cancel the pre-approved payment there. (Its a bit like cancelling a Direct Debit.)




Thank you OP!

FREE Tastecard - No payment details needed - 2 months free
Found 24th May 2018Found 24th May 2018
FREE Tastecard - No payment details needed - 2 months free
FREE Tastecard - No payment details needed - 2 months free Just received this email. They usually require you to give card details so the membership rolls over. No card details ne… Read more

Thanks, worked fine for me today :)


Worked in the end . Happy Days OP (y)


I got Sorry Offer has Expired...Oh well, never mind, think they always do an offer.....At some point anyway




I was given both options on the second page. Just select the free one. (nerd)

Tastecard retention at £2.33 a month - £34.99 for 15 months
Found 4th Apr 2018Found 4th Apr 2018
Tastecard retention at £2.33 a month - £34.99 for 15 months
90 days I go bought into the getting the Tastecard promo for £1 advertised on HDUK. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/1-tastecard-for-90-days-2881364 Now that that time is now ex… Read more

Im 2 days into my £1 for 3 months membership and free £5 pizza express card its got some places i use and going to use in central london perfect


I have one and use it quite a lot definitely save more than it costs.

£5 pizza express gift card when signed up for a 90 day trial of taste card
Found 4th Apr 2018Found 4th Apr 2018
£5 pizza express gift card when signed up for a 90 day trial of taste card
Sign up via this MSE Blagged Tastecard* link before 11.59pm on Tue 17 Apr and you can get a £5 Pizza Express gift card with a 90-day Tastecard membership for £1. Anyone can get i… Read more

Hi, does anyone know if the voucher arrives by e-mail or post?


This is a no brainer it's going to save me bundles, i have loads of restaurants for me to use in london not just cheaper chains all for £1 and with the free meal at pizza express when using the gift card and o2 £5 main offer im all over it summer's on its way (y)


Neither is this (90 trial for £1 then £79.99 thereafter per year) and at least with the AA you get breakdown cover for £39 (the £13 cash back via quidco) and the discount on a lot of Mitchell and butler owned places. Much better deal!


i heard these are no good for the weekend and most offer's can just be find by signing up to inv restaurant


Perfect. My last one month free card ran out a week ago.

125 days taste card plus digital membership @ O2 priority
Found 25th Mar 2018Found 25th Mar 2018
125 days taste card plus digital membership @ O2 priority
O2 priority is not required. Just use the link and redemption code to get taste card plus.
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I got a free trail and forgot to cancel it a few years back, this motivated to actually start using it and I find it very good, especially in resteraunts that apply the 50% discount on Fri and sat. Mine is to shortly so I'll get gf to get this deal when it does, and then sign up again afterwards. Got three sirloin steaks, a vegetarian main and 4 starters on sat night, £52 total bill including three alcoholic drinks:-)


Oh ok, fair enough


It’s a pound , and there’s horror stories online from people fighting for refunds who claim to have cancelled Try it for free , if you like it sign up but the automatic renewal which they keep marketing for a £1 always make me think they are hoping people forget to cancel


Why the hate for this deal, it's free no? and it saves money, what's not to like? Or has it already been posted?


Just fill this form to cancel it before the trial period. Keep it simple! IMHO this is good deal, as you cant get more than 60 days trial offer at the moment.

£1 Tastecard for 90 days
Found 22nd Jan 2018Found 22nd Jan 2018
£1 Tastecard for 90 days
50% Off Food or 2 for 1 Meals at 6000+ UK Restaurants Good thing is you don't have to cancel, it automatically expires and no renewal. Make sure you cancel it within 3 months a… Read more

Call them. 1 got an extra 3 months for £35.99 renewal price


What happens after 90 days does the taste of the card go away?


Limited use near me but probably useful in a city. Anywhere I fancy is not weekends and call in advance, when I had a card a few years back I called two places that when I mentioned the card they said they were no longer accepting them. Apparently the restaurant receives nothing, they allow 2 for 1 meals in return for the advertising on tastecard but it's tastecard that keep all the money. These promotions cost them nothing more than the cost of sending the card.


Heat! paid by paypal £1 and will cancel with paypal. Thanks


It says on the terms and conditions it does auto renew "By joining tastecard Diners' Club, I understand that my membership is an ongoing subscription service and will automatically renew on the expiry date shown on my tastecard for an annual fee of £34.99" In my experience you have to cancel via phone (although this may be different from trial memberships)

Tastecard £1 for first 3 months, free £5 pizza express voucher & Tastecard +
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Tastecard £1 for first 3 months, free £5 pizza express voucher & Tastecard +
Been after one of these for a while after seeing the savings my mates made whilst on a trip to Glasgow. Seems like a good offer at £1 for 3 months, you can cancel after that if you… Read more
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Last time I did it through their website, was dead easy. I'll see if I can find the link.


I like the idea of Taste card, however I heard it like trying to get Gold out if Fort Floxx if you want to cancel. Anyhow you know the drill we all benefiting the founders while they sun themselves in the Saychells.


I've updated the link. Sorry, think I missed a bit when I pasted it.


Get Deal is not working for me. But I have found these codes UD1015 - 3 Months FreeSUMMERPOUND17 (or) BFRI17NL - 2 Months Free + Free £5 Pizza Express Gift Card


good deal, i seem to get one free with my RBS current account (although I pay for the account)

£1 for 60 day taste card PLUS £5 Pizza Express voucher
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
£1 for 60 day taste card PLUS £5 Pizza Express voucher
Black Friday deal with Tastecard. Just the usual £1 for a 60 day trial, but with the added bonus of a £5 Pizza Express voucher. Small print says that it will auto renew so be sur… Read more
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How about o2? o2 do pizza express for £5 - does that work if you pay with vouchers? If so this is virtually a free meal with o2 plus future discounts. Just make sure you cancel in time, Tastecard aren't decent - I called up the day after I forgot to cancel and they wouldn't refund.


Tastecard can also be used in pizza express when paying with gift cards and currently there is 20 per cent discount off these at Asda

tastecard/gourmet society 60 Day Trial £1
LocalLocalFound 11th Nov 2017Found 11th Nov 2017
tastecard/gourmet society 60 Day Trial £1
if you get either of these at a trial offer of £1 for 3 months you also get a bunch of vouchers. My favorite is a taster box of hotel chocolat goodies for 6.95 (rrp 22.95)the cards… Read more
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Don't pay for this - here are lots of free trials for these google is your friend eg https://www.tastecard.co.uk/trial/monetise8 or https://www.tastecard.co.uk/m/trial/2/1625 and https://www.gourmetsociety.co.uk/join.php?o=monetise9




I use mine a lot - make sure you cancel if you don't want to be billed for £34.99 at the end of the trial period. I find it more convenient than searching for on-line vouchers.

Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Free 3 month subscription on TasteCard. Just apply your unidays code as voucher code.

They ignore those rules anyway. I've tried using one several times to be told its not valid on certain days or certain menus or doesn't include drinks, despite the app saying otherwise.


My brother doesn't have the app, nor a computer and a very outdated mobile


Each restaurant has its rules which are all clearly displayed on the app. Usually Fridays, Saturdays and Decembers are excluded from the 2for1.


I bought a years subscription for my brother, and when he used it on a Saturday he was told it wasn't valid on Saturday... I think they may have changed it now though?