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TomTom 5200 - £209.99 or TomTom 6200  - £237.99 - with voucher code
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Their top of the range Sat-Navs that include lifetime World Maps, Lifetime speed cameras, updates via Wifi and built in SIM for unlimited live traffic. Amazing price! 5200 has 5" … Read more

Still works for me. Maybe try again?


Code doesn't work


Order the 620 which seems like much better value. price reduced from £249.99 -> £187.49 Lifetime Speed CamerasLifetime Maps (World)Updates via Wi-FiLifetime TrafficRoad TripsMyDriveSmartphone messagesHands-free callingSpeak & GoCapacitive touchscreenCompatible with Siri and Google Now™Active magnetic mount


Even their free lifetime updates start to cost money to update after sometime. Big cheats .


Which is?

TomTom VIA 53 13 cm / 5 inch 40% off - £107.99
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
TomTom Via 53 Car Sat Nav with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Europe Maps, Siri and Google Now integration. Still £179.00 at Halfords.

it's £140 at moment


Because the deal has ended.


the link does not work when you go on to 'get Deal'. can the OP paste the web link pleae


You can download Google maps to use offline and use with the GPS in your phone. BUT I still prefer my Tomtom.


Google Maps is mostly reliant on having an Internet connection to download maps as you go. If you’re in an area of poor coverage, or traveling overseas, this isn’t always available. Sat Navs as the name implies uses Saterlites..

Tom Tom 60% off e.g TOMTOM RUNNER £40
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
Got this email thought it might be useful for some in need of Tom Tom products

Thanks for your help, I couldn't get any model number to come up when I hovered in Chrome. Looks like a good deal for a GPS watch. Well water proof too, pity it not multi sport to take advantage of this for swimming.




Based on the model number you see when you hover over the image on the sale page, its this model on Amazon. There's a link to the specs and user guide under Product Details.


Hi guys I’m useless at copying links etc but just went on my emails again and this on their also

Tomtom spark 3 cardio £110.49 @ TomTom
Found 14th Oct 2018Found 14th Oct 2018
1 139.99 Add to cart SEE ALL SPARK 3 PRODUCTS TOMTOM SPARK 3 CARDIO BLACK Train to the beat of your heart on your wrist SMALL STRAPS LARGE STRAPS If you do not have a … Read more

I'll bear that in mind


Just remember tomtom spark music and the spark 3 although look the same are different items.


As an owner of a Tomtom Spark Music (that I got for a lot less than this) I think £110 is a lot for what you're getting here. As an out and out GPS watch these are fine, but for the same money you could pick up a GPS enabled Ticwatch Android wear device, or you could spend a lot less and get something like an Amazfit device. Also, the tomtom devices advertise Smartwatch notifications but they are sketchy as hell, and once they've popped up once you can't look back through them, and you're obliged to get your phone out.

TomTom upto 35% off - Go 520 for £164.99 plus free delivery
Found 21st Aug 2018Found 21st Aug 2018
TomTom upto 35% off - Go 520 for £164.99 plus free delivery
£164.99TomTom Deals
TomTom have put upto 35% off on some items. Looks like 2 sat navs and 2 fitness watches. Go 520 for £164.99 plus free delivery

-25% for TomTom Go 620 is not tempting enough for me. I'd like to get my hands on one of it had been more like 40%off, closer to £150


The main advantage of a dedicated Satnav is the large screen, so if you’re going to get one get the six inch version.


Yes. cheaper than buying a big phone & less hassle. Though I got a refurb with traffic at a much lower price than this.Works well apart from battery life so just leave a battery pack in the car the whole time.


I love mine, doesn’t use up all your data and great abroad.


Smart phones are killing of satnavs. A few people still buy them. But as time goes along it will become less and less.

Shop with 15% discount w/c and receive car hire and hotel vouchers worth up to £300 @Tomtom
Found 24th Jul 2018Found 24th Jul 2018
Shop with 15% discount w/c and receive car hire and hotel vouchers worth up to £300 @Tomtom
£212.49£249.9915%TomTom Deals
THE DEALS CAN'T LAST FOREVER 15% OFF TOMTOM GO 620 Smarter, faster, better connected – the GO 620 will make your holiday road trips less stress and more fun. Plus, shop now and r… Read more

None of my Navigation are outdated always updated and I do have TomTom on iPhone to (highfive)


No problem for a phone, you just need the right navigation apps that allow for navigation offline.. Eeeeeasy and you dont need some outdated tom tom rubbish! (popcorn)


The Tomtom promotion is a complete con, I tried to use the so called £300 voucher after purchasing a Tomtom, tried to book a rental car on the website but they still wanted the full amount, the voucher was 100% useless. This is a fraud IMO.


Why TomTom is great I drove from London to Kusadası for long journey a phone is not good (highfive)


Never use tomtom as apple and Google maps are so good .

TomTom upto 60% off sale -TOUCH CARDIO + BODY COMPOSITION £49.99 plus other offers
Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
TomTom upto 60% off sale -TOUCH CARDIO + BODY COMPOSITION £49.99 plus other offers
£49.99£119.9858%TomTom Deals
A good quality activity watch for a great price ( Yes I know they are pulling out of the market, hence the deals).Two Year Guarantee. Body Composition-Measure your body fat and mus… Read more

Thanks for that information. The deal I put on wasn't for that promotion , HotUKDeals have added the 'logo' themselves. The site wouldn't let me pick my own illustration for the TomTom page.


Avoid like the plague the summer time drive and save promotion, I applied for this promotion after purchase of Tomtom and they sent a 300 euro voucher credit. It was useless for car rentals and could not be used they still wanted money for car rental. This is really misleading and deceptive promotion.


Thought Sat-Navs were their core original business ? and it is just activity trackers they are pulling out of.


Looks like Tom Tom are panicking at the rapidly approaching demise of their original core business.

tomtom map updates - £11.98 (with code) @ TomTom
Found 7th Jul 2018Found 7th Jul 2018
tomtom map updates - £11.98 (with code) @ TomTom
£11.98£39.9570%TomTom Deals
If you have to pay to update your tomtom maps like i do they're doing an offer, it says 30% off but when i put the code in, the 1 year 4 map update went from £39.95 to £11.98, i'm… Read more

Good tip OP - thanks I'm travelling to Canada and data is £6/MB so the phone won't be an viable option For some reason the units really hold their value on ebay so this is probably the best route


That's complete rubbish, I used my 6 year old Galaxy S3 as a satnav yesterday with waze in airplane mode (with no sim card) to a wifi hotspot (that definitely wasn't sending across a cell tower estimation). It was 100% using just GPS for it's location. Even my Sony Ericsson Elm, 'dumb' candybar phone I got in 2009 had real GPS that worked with google maps/Wisepilot, no estimation involved. A-GPS aka Assisted GPS just means it can (doesn't have to) use cell tower estimation to assist it in getting a faster GPS lock as it gives it a rough location so it knows that satellites cover the area to help it get a faster lock. Saying that I prefer Tomtom navigation for longer journeys normally, but when mine breaks I'd probably still just switch to Waze. The SD card doesn't run the software or the maps, it's just data storage, the actual device runs it and a lot of the old ones only have 32, 64 or 128mb ram so simply can't run the software, that's the same as a PC from the 90's, your phone probably has at least 1gb of ram. I don't think you understand how technology works, you might as well never buy a new phone or PC if you think the storage is the only thing that matters, just put Windows 10 and play the latest games on a 20 year old PC because it has a hard drive (lol)


Wrong! Modern phones DO have real GPS - if you are out of range of a cell tower they DO still work! Put your phone into Aircraft mode and run a mapping app - it will work! And yes GPS still functions in Aircraft mode as it is receive only.


That doesn't even make sense as a reply. I suggested all modern phones have a built in GPS. What's wrong with that? Seeing as they do!


I got 40% off the UK 1 year updates map so about £23 all in, first update in years so all good with new roads now ;-)

TomTom SPARK - Purple Haze - Small, £57.98  / Tomtom Spark Music £68.98 at Tomtom
Found 23rd Jun 2018Found 23rd Jun 2018
TomTom SPARK - Purple Haze - Small, £57.98 / Tomtom Spark Music £68.98 at Tomtom
TOMTOM SPARK MUSIC ( at £68.98 Key Features Track your activity 24/7 to improve your … Read more

To be fair my Tom Tom finds a GPS signal when I am still indoors tying my shoes, much faster than a similar price Garmin.


I bought this recently at the Argos ebay store for a fiver less. This is also a deal for the small sized band (check the size guide). The syncing is a little buggy - I had to remove other smart fitness products/ apps to get it to sync properly; the Tomtom App has to be in the foreground and the watch needs to be "awake" but after working this out it's been just fine and the GPS has picked up with no probs after the initial uses. As it seamlessly syncs with Strava, it works for me as a runner looking for a reasonably priced GPS watch and is half the price of a cheaper Forerunner. Recommended on that basis.


The GPS is poor on these unless you sync with the app every three days. I thought the sync might be to get the current GPS location from your device...but actually TomTom send the expected position of all GPS satellites as an update...but only for three days. If you haven't had an update with the current GPS locations then, even after an hour of searching, you won't be able to obtain a GPS lock. That's not too bad if the app works...but despite having a phone on their comparability list (Sony z3c) I've never been able to get the app to work. After a few weeks customer services gave up 9n me, telling me I needed to update the Bluetooth on my handset...which isn't possible as it's a chip, not a app. I sync using a laptop...which is a lot less convenient. The music watch works well, easy enough to getmusic on and paired first time with a cheap pair of Anker wireless headphones.


Ok, just checked the website, it is the outlet selling off the older version. I have not used it personally, but the reviews were not great when I researched a year ago. Anybody looking to buy this, please be aware that you are looking at the old version. The price looks good though!


All, Tom Tom Spark and Tom Tom Spark 3 are two different versions of the watch. The Spark 3 is the latest and is considered to be a significant update. I have had the spark 3 for the last year and it has been brilliant. The deal says Spark and not Spark 3, so just a warning. The spark and runner are exactly the same watch, just Tom Tom in some infinite wisdom decided to sell it under different names! Hope this helps :-)

Tomtom spark music with bonus strap, £60 delivered from Tomtom
Refreshed 25th May 2018Refreshed 25th May 2018
Tomtom spark music with bonus strap, £60 delivered from Tomtom
£60£149.9960%TomTom Deals
24/7 activity tracking GPS tracking Multisport mode Over 500 songs of music storage Bonus strap FREE SHIPPING 3 GB of music wrapped around your wrist Measure your heart ra… Read more

That's a bit rubbish customer service, if you have had it less than 30 days normally they send a new one. Poor they are saying they are out of stock when they are still selling them. Just turned the page and seen your comment about not being able to add to basket. Have tried myself too and you're right. Hope they can fix it or offer a better alternative. Good luck.


no its not adding to the basket anymore, so they must have sold out it does say at the bottom that there was a limited supply thx though


is that right the guy on the phone said they never had anymroe which left me 2 options send in for a refund but not be able to buy a new one or get this faulty one repaired argghhhh


The offer is still on , buy again and get refund for faulty one. OH is really pleased with this watch. She mainly uses for swimming and yesterday wore the band provided by her fitness club and this. Both came up with the correct number of lengths but this gave a higher reading for calories burned, impossible to say which is correct for that. This gave her a break down of timings for each length and even noticed she'd had a rest part way though her swim.


Just the normal Tomtom Sport map. Seems good to me.

Tomtom MAP OF EUROPE - LATEST MAP £20 with code
Found 19th May 2018Found 19th May 2018
Tomtom MAP OF EUROPE - LATEST MAP £20 with code
Tomtom MAP OF EUROPE - LATEST MAP reduced from £49.99 to £20 using voucher code WDGB.

It must have been a one off in Portugal... I used to live there, currently visit regularly, and rely on Waze only for navigation. Last I checked, Tomtom would take 1-2 years to update their maps. - This is for Cascais/Lisbon.


Android auto does all this.


Not really. Sure, the music still plays but to skip tracks, adjust playlists etc, you need to switch from app to app and reach towards the device (which in my case is mounted close to the windscreen). None of that is a good idea from a safety perspective whilst driving.


Your phone can still be used for music etc whilst using TomTom.


It's still nice to have a seperate device though as you can then use your phone for music etc.

Found 22nd Apr 2018Found 22nd Apr 2018
£155.99£217.6928%TomTom Deals
TOM TOM GO 5100 life time map updates(for the life of your unit) world maps flash sale on tom tom £155.99 amazon £217.69 0.52% on topcashback also
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No seriously, they won't. I understand why someone would want a separate device for Satnav (save your phone battery) but using your old mobile phone will do the trick. I'm in my 40s and I don't know anyone my age or younger that has one, they use their mobile. I bought one for my dad about 10 years ago, and even he doesn't use his anymore. Ps, Satnavs are no more 'safely' locked in the car as an old mobile phone.


Some prefer a standalone device for navigation which they can just safely leave locked in the car. There will always be a market for these, albeit smaller than say 5 years ago.


Good price reduction, but I honestly believe that Tom Tom (and all other Satnav makers) have been dying a slow death for the last 10 years or more now, so don't know how long they have left, from which point you won't get any further updates. You could get a half decent smartphone for less than this and use that, not only for use as a Satnav.


5200 was on amazon for £179 last month and it’s a far superior unit. WiFi updates a better stand. The 5100 model is a couple of years old now.

Spark music (aka runner 2) £59.99 delivered direct from Tomtom
Found 22nd Apr 2018Found 22nd Apr 2018
Spark music (aka runner 2) £59.99 delivered direct from Tomtom
Marathon day themed deal! I used this watch to train for the marathon last year. It's not without some excentricities, but even for the £100 I paid it matched my training partners… Read more
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Decided not to go for it in the end and the reason is the music feature sounded like an almighty faff. I think really these days everything should be done (or at least have the option to be done) through the smart phone/tablet directly. I can imagine me transferring the first of songs and then never bothering again! Thanks once more to all. Defo given me more insight for the correct criteria.


Got an earlier type of tomtom think it's the multi sport This looks a good upgrade


I've had a Spark Cardio Music for about 18 months and the other half has a non Cardio version and for the money they're great. Providing you update the quick GPS by syncing with the app once every few days then it locks onto the GPS location in a couple of seconds and the tracking is accurate. A number of people have had issues with syncing via bluetooth however in my experience it's worked fine with Samsung and Google phones. Firmware 1.3.255 is stable and I've purposely not updated my watch as it works so well but I believe other later firmwares now resolve most issues. Tomtom announced last summer that they were are supposed to be pulling out of the wearables market so long time support could be an issue but overall these Feature wise it has most things you'll need and it's easy to use. I'm running a lot more nowadays and fancy a Garmin 935 for it's extra features but at £300+ I'm in no hurry to upgrade as the Tomtom does the basics very well.


And the decision is? I'm excited to hear (highfive)


Thanks all for your responses. Decisions decisions!

Found 22nd Mar 2018Found 22nd Mar 2018
Just received the email thought someone might be interested in one of these

Nope . i just used the link and added watch then searched for the strap and added that (in large not sure that matters) then it worked . it did take some messing around but got there


I still can’t get this to work- any other ideas?


I used my phone in the end and added the large strap and it worked , although I was having trouble getting it to work


Nope tried all permutations says code not valid :(


If people are having problems with this... I could only get the combined price to £65.99 - Watch, Large Strap and discount code. I've realised what's happened... I initially selected a large watch and large strap. If you select a SMALL watch for £65.99, (same colour as OP has), then select a LARGE strap for £19.99 then enter the EASTER18GBP code, it'll bring it down to £59.99. HOT

TomTom Spark Cardio Music from TomTom for £76
Found 25th Feb 2018Found 25th Feb 2018
TomTom Spark Cardio Music from TomTom for £76
Great price for the cardio gps watch. 48hrs only. Also non cardio for 59.99.
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I'm a normal weight I just don't need silly gadgets for motivation to work out. I guess some people are more weak minded though ;)


Thanks, don't need cardio so went for the £59 one which seems to come with two straps, purple and a large black one. Unless I am misreading it totally!


Expired on website now for Spark Cardio & Music one combop


Amazfit Bip does not do music, but is better at handling notifications, and is more customisable with watchfaces and straps. TomTom GPS is more accurate, with easier syncing to Strava etc. I've no faith in the accuracy of the Bip's heart rate sensor when exercising, no idea what the TomTom is like. Depends what you're after, but based on your post I'd go with the TomTom. I have both, and it's what I'd take on an outdoor run.


I'm looking for a watch to track 5 or 10 km runs via strava and to play music to save having to take my phone with me. It need sto work with iphone and android. Should I go for this, the cheaper music version at £56 or AMAZFIT Bip which people rave about but I can't find whether it plays music. Thanks

Discount on new Tomtom if you have an 'old' device
Found 29th Jan 2018Found 29th Jan 2018
Tomtom are offering a discount on a new Tomtom if you have an 'old' Tomtom which they say they will no longer support. Apparently as of January 2018, you will not be able to get ma… Read more

You could potential get a refund from the retailer you bought the device from depending on how they sold it to you. You'd have a good chance with argos for example as in their listings they state: "The TomTom Start 25 EU Sat Nav comes with Lifetime map updates - download at least 4 updates of your map every year for the lifetime of your device, so you always have the latest map!" no where does it state tomtom's definition of what a lifetime means on the products page. Could be classed as being misleading sale under consumer rights act 2015 as goods are no longer as described.


Wish I'd seen this sooner. I had no idea about old Tomtoms being made obsolete, they certainly haven't emailed me and told me. My old Tomtom is still going strong, and would have snapped up a last map update to extend it's life a bit further if they'd warned me (won't allow me to now). Oh well, their loss, I'll put the cost of a map towards a new Garmin at some point instead.


Just enter voucher code ' obsoleteol ' worked for me. No serial number needed so may work for anyone unless they do some email address/customer validation.


Ok, but there is now NO link to any savings that you may get if you ARE affected


From their latest statement I assume not as many devices will be affected, as those with lifetime map updates are not affected, as was first thought in the original report.

TomTom Speed Camera FREE app for Smartphone! @ Android
Found 24th Jan 2018Found 24th Jan 2018
Found this for free and it's amazing it tells you what street you are in, how fast you are going, the speed for that particular road, when your approaching speed cameras including … Read more
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Why does it need access to media files and photos?


It's good when it pronounces the street names/ roads correctly (Northern Ireland confuses it) and tells you in good time when you need to change direction!


Is it a coincidence that hour or so after I downloaded it I get 3 spam messages imitating origin from my own email address all with the same title: about downloading driving100 police radar not to get cought by a camera bla bla bla...


Not recommended. I tried this App yesterday, it's free for a reason, it was absolutely crap. The speed limits it showed were out of date/incorrect where speed limits have been lowered and even when they weren't, there was at least a 30 sec delay in displaying the correct speed, so slow, the speed indicated didn't drop until the second speed limit sign was passed, when passing through a 30mph area and if it loses network connection, it doesn't have any cached data, it carries on displaying the higher speed. I'd would lose my licence quicker than a rat up a drainpipe, if I'd followed the information on screen given the zero tolerance and downright sneaky round corners/downhill/on limit changes - camera positioning by Go-Safe, where I live. Go-Safe/HIghways Agency are the modern day version of highway robbers of old. The only Police presence we have in our area now, are these bandits. Go-Safe turn up, set up their van, take our money, and p*ss off, and there isn't much to show for it. I get fed up with the argument that Highways Agency/Go-Safe don't benefit directly from fines, they benefit because it funds the salaries, buillds the HIghways agencies infrastructure, in as much that it's revenue generating, finances their projects. One of my neighbours is 70 and he's at 6 points (all received in the last year), and he drives his wife locally to the Supermarket and back and that's about it. If that's not a sign of 'head clipping' (setting the tolerances so low, it acts as a form of heading clipping, like walking under a low door) I don't know what is. ----------- I'll stick with Here Maps, it changes it's speed pretty much exactly at the sign.


Dry your eyes mate and take that lemon out you mouth.

TOMTOM BANDIT Action Camera £121 inc. delivery with New Customer Code (direct from TOMTOM)
Found 16th Jan 2018Found 16th Jan 2018
TOMTOM BANDIT Action Camera £121 inc. delivery with New Customer Code (direct from TOMTOM)
USE CODE Welcome15_uk for £8 OFF bring the price to £121 with FREE delivery. Pretty good price considering theses are selling upwards of £200 elsewhere. Ultra HD Video (up to … Read more
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Unlucky on the cold votes. There are some facebook users who only vote 20p off a can of beans deals on here. Anything they don't understand, they just vote cold. Good luck, and thanks for the post.


Good cam


I didn't know this does 4k and I've had mine for years lol.


Camel is only a vague guide. It has many anomalies. It also does not take into account promotions, vouchers, cash back lightening deals.


Ha! It's bonkers, i'm surprised people still bother to post deals, it's not as if there is much to gain from doing so other than a bit of online kudos and a silly badge!

Tomtom Runner 2 Cardio + Music £73.52 direct from Tomtom
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Tomtom Runner 2 Cardio + Music £73.52 direct from Tomtom
Are you planning a fitness based New Years resolution? Starting Your 16 week preparation plan for the London Marathon? This might be right up your alley... The Tomtom Runner 2 ca… Read more
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Just sent my tom tom back to Argos (eBay) , only bought it in August, had to do a factory reset about a month ago due to battery draining very quickly (after an update) , and this week the screen turned blank (white screen) and fails to reset when attempted. i think my replacement will be a Garmin


No, I'm having the same problem. Must be sold out.


Just a heads up that Tomtom are thinking of pulling out of the fitness trackers and watches market - no idea how it effects current users with support etc


Don’t worry about the size you can buy the strap pretty cheap on amazon.£8.99 took 2 weeks to come but it’s ok.


Hmm can't add to the basket may be ooS.. not sure

Tomtom speed camera updates 1 year for free @ TomTom buy more than one
Found 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
UPDATE: you can now get for free using Czech Republic site, updated HUKD link... one year purchase at a time... log out and clear cookies and codes will work multiple times. Credit… Read more
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Can only get the first UK code to work..


does'nt work on chromebook or does it?


If they have blocked the cz one... The uk one might still work


Can anyone confirm if this is still working? I seem to have all the updates still


Just had cancellation e mail