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WD Recertified various stock in (limited quantities) - My Cloud EX2100 8TB for £159.99 (more in description)
Found 18 h, 28 m agoFound 18 h, 28 m ago
ALL DEALS LISTED BELOW ARE RECERTIFIED Hopefully they won't all be out of stock by the time I get this submitted! So I've bought the EX2100 8TB version @ £159.99 They also ha… Read more
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Damn, I'll have to keep my eye on the 8tb EX2100. I've had a re certified 4TB MyCloud EX2 Ultra for about a year and a half now, really is a great little NAS with limited setup and maintenance and hasn't died on me yet.


Snap. Have stock alerts on all of these and nothing! Been waiting for these too. Anyway, all gone, deal about to go greyyyyyy


Thanks. I'll keep refreshing those 2


Both ex21 and the 41. Cancelled after seeing reviews it dies too quick..


What did u get?

WD My Book 3TB - New model £50.40 (recertified from WD)
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
A good deal on the newest model of WD My Book 3TB desktop hard drive. 30 day money back guarantee, free shipping to UK.

WD Blues in mine BUT you can do something to the firmware to turn off power saving. Turns it into a nearly red performance. Been running solid in my NAS for 18m


I just come back from my local Tesco, And they had one in there for 60 quid, Did't know if it was a good deal or not.


Does the new one come with wd reds inside? Or the old one also?


Out of stock


comes in brown box, not retail as pictured.

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Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Another WD Recertified deal.It might be useful for somebody. Interface USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Package Includes Portable hard drive USB cable WD SmartWare Pro software … Read more

6 months warranty from company based outside UK and so exempt from UK consumer legislation.


Six month limited warranty, which worries some but I look at it as if a drive of that size breaks would I want to send it off with data still on it. I'm sure WD can be trusted but all the individuals? Just my thoughts, I think the savings make it worth it but then I picked up a 4tb desktop drive for £41.99 about a month back :)


Anybody know the warranty on these drives


Was in stock few minutes ago.Probably they had only few pieces.


out of stock bru

WD My Book (Recertified) 2TB £35.92 @ WD Delivered
Refreshed 20th JunRefreshed 20th Jun
30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING Missed out on the other 1TB deal on HUKD so started browsing and found this seems a decent price so ordered this. HIGH CA… Read more
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all good but comes with a bizarre duel usb connector...


Hold on there Smokey Joe, 1. These things called Playstations can read ExFat. http://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps4/settings/backup.html I even found the official manual link. Hows that for a primary source! 2. I did, I found the above link with a whole bunch of posts about how people can use it. Cherrypicking one from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4/comments/3cw56i/does_ps4_support_exfat_file_system_and_can_the/ (But I do feel your pain, if you do go through the process of trying to do all this stuff it does take ages.) 3. I definitely do not trust your technical advice, as should be quite clear - no offence! I'm sure you can tell me what is a good deal or not though? Please feel free to not trust mine either. 4. Before you do that, I will agree that Windows is f'ing useless. But if you are still determined and dont mind getting your hands dirty again, you can solve this one of two ways. 1- find a mate with a mac and use that. 2- follow this link https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-create-a-usb-stick-on-windows, you will need a USB stick you can wipe and that is ideally bigger than 4GB. Rufus is an amazing program, windows is the problem. if you set that up - you can plug it in and boot to Ubunutu Linux, which feels a lot like macOS. Maybe you have used it before, who knows. When in Ubuntu, open GParted, and format it with that to exFat. FREE HOT TIP: if you do get it formatted, the PS4 wont recognise your files unless they are in a folder. Lots of people struggling with this online. or just ignore me, it really makes no difference to me. Good luck


1. Because there's these things called PlayStations that only read fat32. I don't make the rules. 2. Nope. Search google. Theres no way to turn 3tb ntfs in to a 3tb fat32. Rufus, GUI format and all the others are limited at 2tb. Its a tremendous way to waste time though in downloading each of these programs to find this out after their websites don't just say the limit is 2tb. 3. I trust the HUKD community. Do you not trust me? It is a question of trust Malcolm. 4. Astray... that gives me an idea. I could use my 3tb as an ashtray!


Anyone knows/can check what "colour" is their drive, e.g. blue/red?


no one has data so valuable that they don't back up...??

Re-certified 2TB WD My Cloud - £45 @ WDC
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
My Cloud NAS works with BOSE SoundTouch
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Thank you again!!


I saw that earlier, couldn't decide if I really wanted one though.


Showed back on stock. And out again. Must be wd website glitch. Wanted to get 6tb


Are these fairly zippy though? I had a basic zyxel nsa310 and it was very slow to respond to requests etc...


This would plug into your router and then would be available on your network, so to answer your question it wouldn't need to be hardwired to your laptop, but would need to be connected via ethernet to your router :)

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Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Shows As Out of Stock Manufacturer recertified 2-bay NAS with 2x4TB WDC Reds (designed for NAS). This is a hot deal because, the recertified diskless NAS is £79, so for recert… Read more

I hate me too! The 10TB Mirror came up a couple of weeks ago, check a few times a day, and sign up for the notification email if they come into stock.


I know, right?! Bookmark it and check 4 times a day.


I hate you!!


The EX2100?


I got the 8tb about a month ago for £108

6TB MY BOOK (RECERTIFIED) £74.99 at WD Store
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Get it while you can - seems to be quite a lot up for grabs on the recertified store at the minute. In my experience these have WD Green disks inside that are easy to extract. The… Read more
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The new square Mybook doesn't have a HDD status light that shows when the drive is powered on or in standby. The old one does. apart from that they are identical. Both of them have a circuit board inside that stops u using the case with another drive unless you know how to nobble it. Also some of the drives won't work in a desktop PC - because WD are using a dodge to stop people removing them from the case and putting them into a PC as they can charge more for those drives. There is a workaround for that too ;-)


Well that was not remotely clear. You linked to a new version and a recertified version and asked the difference. Why not then link to a recertified link of the two variants. The difference on the variants is the drive inside.


I know that - the question was really is there a diference between the new and old versions? The links were to show the pictures of the versions.


I got a 4tb new my book recertified. It has a white recertified drive in it. There are some 4tb old version on eBay for a quid less but the postage is 8.95 if you missed them direct from Wd. They have been used as opposed to being returns.


The links that you have put up there are for a new new drive and a recertified (previous gen) drive.

Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Also 1Tb @£26.10, 750Gb @ £21,15 500Gb @ £19.99 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Formatted NTFS for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Window 7. Requires reformatting for Mac OS X . Compatibility m… Read more

I've stopped being lazy :D 'The My Passport sits between the Elements series and the My Passport Ultra drives in Western Digital's external storage lineup. The Elements drives don't include software, whereas the My Passport includes WD Backup software and hardware data encryption. ... The WD Backup software is preloaded on to the drive'


What's the difference between this and My Passport? I've just ordered this too. Thanks again @reddit


2Tb back in stock too.


Back in stock. Just grabbed a1.5tb


Spam in the form of what?

WD Elements 1TB Portable Recertified - Cheaper back in stock at £26.10
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Back in stock and more importantly cheaper at £26.10

Ok this came today, solid drive, looks in very good condition and i am in the proccess of transfering 122 item(320 gigs of xbox 360 BC games), onto it from my internal, and i will then use this HDD as a backup for all my BC and some of my really big XBX games, and the transfer speed is just whizzing along, so fast. ;)


anyone know if it has standard sata connection or is solder usb3 connection?


Anyone know what warranty this comes with? Thank you


Looks like it uses a priority socket for a WD USB cable in the photo on the product page..


Bought 1tb, they didn't seem to have any 1.5, 2 or 3tb left though

Western Digital 2TB MY PASSPORT (RECERTIFIED) £36 @ Western Digital Outlet
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Was £39.99 yesterday, now dropped further

I ordered one of these at the £39.99 price and after delivery loaded some of my files for backup and now after only three days I am unable to access the drive. (mad)


1 tb in stock for £26 odd


Back in stock




Have been eyeing a passport drive for a while now, finally bit today - 2tb in white. Either this is the best deal for the 2tb yet or I am just in a particularly spendy mood. The 1tb drives are decent value also but I just cant see the point in a 1tb drive when you can get a 2tb for very little more £. I plan to use this mostly for my Lightroom and Photoshop catalogs as I often work across two different systems as well as music and movies etc on the go. I also have a WD MyCloud 3tb NAS as well as a 3tb Toshiba tucked away in a drawer which sees the light of day about twice a year. For these reasons I'm not overly concerned about failure with this drive, it's very good value. Not knocking anyone at all but if you have important files/documents etc regardless of whether your storage devices are Recert WD units or state of the art drives you are only asking for trouble if you keep one copy. This will allow me to triplicate my files as well as a portable option when there is no internet connectivity available (as with it I can just access my MyCloud drive).

WD My Passport 1TB Portable Hard Drive Recertified in White £26.10 or 2TB for £36.00 @ WD Outlet
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
WD My Passport Recertified 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive in White for £26.10 delivered from Western Digital Store. Orange also same price, yellow or red available for £26.55. 2… Read more
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Price has gone up now.


Got mine today, and its perfect for my PS4, ordered on Saturday the 16th, delivered by UPS


Seems perfect so far although I haven't run any in-depth tests, not sure what tools to use. Ordered on Fri 15th, dispatched on Mon 18th, delivered today UPS Standard from Netherlands.


Thanks for the correction!


I'm not able to add any combination of capacity/colour to my basket. Surely they can't all be out of stock? Is the site just down? Edit: Nm, got it working.

WD My Book 2TB Recertified £35.92 @ Western digital
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Pretty decent price for a 2TB My Book Help protect precious memories with USB 3.0 connectivity, WD Backup software, Acronis True Image WD Edition system-level backup softwa… Read more

Thanks for the responses. Can finally stop the job of picking games to delete off my hard drive then waiting hours to download another one :D


Cheers, got a 3TB one, as they were back in stock :)


I didn't know there was an SSD My Passport so I'l look it up out of interest! In the context of this post at the price point of £40, £50 etc your only going to get a HD not a SSD unless it was a really small capacity!?


They do make a My Passport SSD also, just to be extra confusing


Has anyone tried making one of these into a Pi NAS?

WD My Passport 1 TB [Red] Recertified at £29.49 WDC
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
If colour don’t matter Orange is at £28.99. Red at £29.49 The My Passport portable drive is trusted to store the massive amounts of photos, videos and music you love. Availabl… Read more

anyone know if it has standard sata connection or is solder usb3 connection?


At present only the 1tb drives are available but the white one is selling at £26.10 which matches the Glacier White PS4 nicely ;)


That’s called diversity ! :D


First world problems (lol)


Just picked up a 4tb in black, been out of stock a good while... Have 3tb in white I think

Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Back in stock in some colours and price dropped to £36. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Formatted for Windows® 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating systems. Requires reformatting for oth… Read more

Back in stock.


It did! Many thanks


Thanks! Looks like that might've done the trick. Thanks to all of you for your advice!!!


Thanks @reddit arrived today. As new


Nice post OP, thanks for posting. (Forgot to say this yesterday, now out of stock)

MY BOOK (NEW) (RECERTIFIED) - 4TB £59.99 @ Western Digital
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Interface USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 compatible Additional Details • Auto backup with included WD Backup software and Time Machine-compatible • Password protection with hardware en… Read more
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Thanks, but I think the original verses the new is different like a V1 and V2?


Is that they are selling them off cheap/excess stock, but as new not recertified?


What is the difference between the MY BOOK and the "NEW" MY BOOK?


Yes, it is called a surface scan and there will be many utilities that can perform this. Alternatively you can reformat and choose the option to write to every block on the disk, this notes any bad blocks, quarantines them, and reassigns blocks from the reserve blocks. This normally happens on the fly so not entirely necessary, but I'd say it is worth it with the recerts (with 6 month warranties) as it pushes the drive hard for a few days (bear this bit in mind!) and in doing so it can flag up any potential serious faults early.


This one is an external hard drive(uses plug socket for power) and the other one is a portable hard drive(uses power from USB) is the main difference. External drives can have ethernet ports, they may be quicker, they use a 3.5in disk as apposed to 2.5in on the portable. For my requirements I prefer the smaller form factor and no need for plug socket in a portable drive. Hope that helps.

WD MY BOOK (NEW) 6Tb (RECERTIFIED) - £84.99 @ WD Store
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Formatted exFAT for out-of-the-box compatibility with Windows and Mac. Operating System: Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite o… Read more

Yes, thanks OP, been waiting for these for a while.


Wow they went quick.


4Tb in stock for £59.99 at present though




I bought a Recertified 6tb old design one about a year ago and it has been trouble free.


Oooo I have PlexPass and didn't know about this... will check email!


Been waiting for these to come back in stock and bloody missed it.


weird this is soooo hot, i got a 4tb yellow last week for £51.99......they also gave me a 20% code off next purchase


My Book is 3.5" and needs a mains power input.


Do you know what Recertified means? If your answer is "yes", then you answered your own question.