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WD 2TB My Book (Recertified) £33.99 with code @ Western Digital
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
use code 5OFFWDUK at checkout free delivery Help protect precious memories with USB 3.0 connectivity, WD Backup software, Acronis True Image WD Edition system-level backup sof… Read more

Unlikely that this will track due to the voucher but worth a go I suppose


iF YOU CONNECT THIS TO THE usb port on your router this *should* be available on your network. YMMV of course, quality of router etc, cant hurt to try, not as fast as directly attached (highfive)


Would this work with an Xbox s ?


How to open this HDD. Very easy and simple way.


Don’t forget Quidco 10% cashback

3TB My Book New Design Recertified £49.99 with code @ Western Digital
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
use code 5OFFWDUK at checkout free delivery Compact outside. Powerful inside. Store massive amounts of photos, videos, music and documents with My Book desktop storage.

There have been reports of reds inside, but most seem to be blues.


Probably a SATA drive so can’t see why not.


What drive is inside and can it be ripped out to use in pc?


I always give it a try, it said it was tracked so 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


Too bad it needs AC adaptor, got no space to plug it in.

2TB Western Digital WD My Passport (Recertified) 45.99 but 40.99 with code 5OFFWDUK  code
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
First deal, not sure if posted elsewhere. Western Digital are reselling their 2TB drives and I bit the bullet and bought one. They're priced at 45.99 but with the code 5OFFWDUK cam… Read more

£3.97 cash back from Quidco


That is a good deal mate ... nice


Cheers its cool, i have emailed LG .. see what they recomend (y) 🏻


I would try the recording to the HDD for you but I don’t even have a tv aerial to plug into the TV as I just use a Sky Q box.


missed yesterday's deal so I grabbed a 1TB one now for £27.99 after using the code 5OFFWDUK Cheers Op!

WD Elements Desktop (Recertified) 2TB  USB 3.0 only 37.59 (with Code ) Delivered  @ Western digital
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Thanks to Micheal.mcnally for the code.When connected to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port, you can access and save files and transfer your HD movies faster than ever.For years, millions … Read more

Yep, as long as its on your account and its a failure. They do record the serial number.


I think you can use it for a PS4 because it has a 3.0 usb but am not sure


2 year warranty sounds good from CEX. Is it no quibble?


Wont you invalidate your warranty if you crack them open? im assuming most HD's have manufacturing info on them. My point is the warranty is too short. I rather go for 2 years and a chance of getting my money back, than 6 months and no chance. They are recertified after all...


If you crack these HDD's open they've dates printed on label. This WD HDD from this deal click.

WD My Passport SE (Recertified) 1TB only £25.59 w/code @ Western Digital [See OP]
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
EDIT: WD element SE 1TB still available wd.com/en-gb/products/wd-recertified/wd-elements-se.html Today only 20% off Recertified and Outlet @ WD Cheaper than the £5 voucher by… Read more

mine turned up this afternoon, brilliant price and super quick delivery.


I don’t like cartoons.


Pity all those people weren't as amazingly wise and clever as you, I suppose. An off-site backup - it's definitely a profound, ingenius and original idea. Give it a rest. Let people do their backups (or not) their way, and you do yours your way. You're not adding any non-obvious information to this thread. You're just gloating about your uber-smart 5TB Hentai multi-backup scheme.


Not trying to get the better of anyone, I’ve just known far to many people trust external hard drives for backups and be shocked when they lose all their data.


Well that’s pretty obvious isn’t it? I merely stated what the definition of a backup was dependent on the scenario. Off site backup would be good practise. This site makes me laugh, everyone jumping down your throat and trying to get one better on people.

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WD MY Passport (recertified) 1TB only £27.99 with code 5OFFWDUK
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Back in stock WD My Passport (recertified) 1TB version. All colours available except orange. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Formatted for Windows® 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating… Read more

Thanks for the heads up. (y)


Back in stock again now, just ordered a white one for the boys xbox!


great timing, handy christmas present to enable the kids to expand their xbox one games collection


Gamers, at least


Urm yeah. Oops.

WD My cloud 5TB Recertified £114.99
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
Recertified 5TB FINALLY, A CLOUD OF YOUR OWN Save everything in one place and access it from anywhere with your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Protect your files with automatic fi… Read more
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Yes you can do that, but it means the machine with your torrent client, and the My Cloud both need to be on. Get Transmission on it and you shut everything else down and it runs on its own, with much less power used.


Oh, good. Thanks for the heads up.


Can you not just point your PC, phone, droid box to the hard drive?


Yes, you can side load a version of the Transmission client using SSH, lots more details online.


Yeah the reds at this price are great. When I say two firmwares, I mean that some of the My Clouds won't take the 2.xx firmware, so some versions of the same model will be fully up to date, but will not have the superior 2.xx firmware. I'm not sure why this is (possibly undisclosed hardware differences?) but the functionality is different in a number of respects, the 4.xx will not allow fast transfer of large files via the USB 3.0 port - the copy function (in the backup tab) doesn't exist. This is for the single port model in this post.

WD My Passport (recertified) 2TB £45.99
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
All colours back in stock. UPDATE only Yellow left. The My Passport portable drive is trusted to store the massive amounts of photos, videos and music you love. Available in an a… Read more
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Sneaky buggers. Did it on incognito : )


It's still available.. one per customer it seems. Use a different browser and account. May work.


Just tried that but doesn't work? Has it ended? (I have just ordered ano one previously as it only gave you the 5 off one drive, so I thought I'd do two separate orders but the second order isn't applying the discount?)


Top deal, just what I needed. Thanks!


Has someone used this generation of drives under Linux? The instructions I found are contradictory and outdated. Thanks.

WD 1TB MY PASSPORT (RECERTIFIED) £27.99 @ Western Digital
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
1TB portable recertified external WD hard drive for £27.99 using code 5OFFWDUK. The answer is YES it can be used for PS4/XBOX.

Does this one work with ps4?


Ordered, many thanks for posting... :)


Yes, sometimes maybe, but the 4GB sizes are rare in any colour or form. They always seen to have a lot of 1 or 2GB size,


Thank you... Ordered the ultra version for £26.99...I don't know the difference but I like the sound of the ultra bit... (lol)


I would think so, I have one for my Xbox one, I was looking for a 2tb drive, but there did not seem to be one on their site, I intend using this for recording off of my tv

1TB or 2TB WD ELEMENTS PORTABLE (RECERTIFIED) £26.99/£39.99 @ Western Digital
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
1TB/2TB portable recertified external WD hard drive for £26.99/£39.99 using code 5OFFWDUK

Does this work on PS4 aswell I assume?


As far as Im aware, any USB3 drive over 256GB in size will work with the Xbox one (so that's pretty much ANY drive on sale at the moment) (y)


Yes i am using one i bought from WD 2yrs ago and still going strong was a recertified one. I transfer all my big games on there because i only have the 500gb xbox.


Can you use this as an add on for an Xbox


whats the warranty on these? Its a piece of paper with writing on it, Shirley? 6 monf's mate ..but they still good , if they last siz months , they'll likjley last 5 years (y)

My Cloud Home NAS (Recertified) 4TB £94.99 - With Code - Western Digital NAS also 3TB and 2TB
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
4TB £94.99 3TB £84.99 2TB £79.99 The 4TB will sell out in a flash so don't hesitate. The all-new My Cloud Home storage device plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you … Read more

For anyone looking at shared drives its very useless for it. however, you can make a shared drive by placing them in a public forder and mapping that by mapping to its i.p address. However it cant be seen externally so a bit useless too. Also the usb port drive cant be used to backup the My Home - meaning if this failed its a endgame for the data. Plus to copy from a usb drive to this it has to be done on the mobile app. Awful device WD stores supports terrible too. im trying to get a refund - paypal are assisting as they ignore you - read the reviews online - i made the mistake of not doing so


Thanks for the info. I may have to get one with high capacity to push it to its limits. It sounds like they have screwed everything down so the less tech users have a simpler experience. I mean 95% of people I know would still have a hard time getting their head around why this would be any use, while at least half of them will be using some kind of remote cloud, and many of them paying regularly for the service. Sometimes simple is better, like for my friends who have all the holiday photos they have ever taken on the one SD card that they bought with the camera, and think that their pics are safe and that it is where they should be stored!


It mounts a network drive in Windows by way of the WD Discovery software. So have to login with this first each time before it mounts the network drive. Its not possible in Linux as there is no software for it. There is no mounted network drive in Android except an anonymous unsecure samba share. Can use this for Kodi. The samba share is fast transfer... Everything else is slow. The filesystem on the cloud is kddfs... Never heard of that before. It does backup with Googlecloud , dropbox & one drive copies it all, can't select folders. There is 2 way sync and backup through 3rd party Windows10 apps.


So no mounting of shared volumes even?


From Android mobile you can autoback up photo's and videos only. Very slow. Also Manually upload files. Although very slowly. You can push a directory (and files) from Windows10. Slowly. Linux is out of the question. You can't auto-sync a directory from this hardware, like rsync. Which is what you want from a backup function to auto upload new and modified files only. This can be done but is more of a push command from the PC software WD discovery rather than the cloud.

My Cloud NAS (Recertified) 5TB £114.99 Western Digital NAS
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
It's the older style but decent price for the 5TB WD Red that'll be inside. This will sell out in a FLASH so don't hesitate if you want it. More info on Recertified NAS and HDD fr… Read more

Check on the other Home offer, someone who has one has explained the differences.


Are there any differences between the two models or is it just storage size?


Avoid this then as I'm a computer programmer and the off site access using their awful software just does not work. Their forums are full of people with problems accessing their data off site. Great as a standalone home network storage but nothing more.


I haven’t had experience with the ‘Home’ but even the old one will do what you’re after. Are you sure you have it in your basket? If you haven’t already completed the purchase I would be very surprised it is still there. But if it is, grab the 5TB and if it doesn’t meet your needs then all you need to buy is an empty NAS of your choice and pull the 5TB out. A 5TB WD red will cost considerably more anywhere else.


Reminds me of an Xbox 360


I've got a 6 tb My book, nice drive, considering there awful mycloud only 3tb left, but with code 50 quid,, never bought a Recertified, it's only for movies, see what we get, they have red decent drives in them, as there designed to be run.


Once it goes on HUKD it'll be sold out within a few hours if it's a truly great deal.


Ok how do I do that? Thanks


Guys - set up your deal alerts - gotta get in quick!


sold out expect for 3TB version

WD Gaming storage 2TB Recertified and others available - £45.99 @ WD
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
PORTABLE GAMING STORAGE With the My Passport™ portable game drive, you can quickly and easily expand the capacity on your PS4™ console by up to 4TB to conquer boundless new worlds.… Read more
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That’s what I did with a Seagate drive I bought a few days ago, should be the same for this


Where did you bring it from?


What about it makes it a gaming HD?


The drives need to be connected directly to the PS4 it doesn’t let you connect through a hub


brought this a few days ago and got it for £40.99 using 5OFFWDUK code

20% OFF Western Digital External Drives + Free Shipping (Black Friday Offer 22/11-25/11) @WesternDigital, eg. 6TB 3.5'' External Hard Drive
Refreshed 22nd NovRefreshed 22nd NovShipping from NetherlandsShipping from Netherlands
Example: Western Digital 6TB External 3.5'' Previously £127.99, now £102.37 These are NEW, not Recertified. No Voucher Code Required. (External Housing contains a standard WD Blu… Read more
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I've always bought Reds for the warranty as much as anything. They've always been decent. I'm giving the 8TBs here a go, Can't get 4 in one go as max purchase is 3. So buying a couple today and a couple Sunday. I always get a bit nervous purchasing drives in multiples as I prefer to buy from different stores to avoid them coming from the same manufacturing batch, However, with the savings here I'm willing to ignore my 'rule'.




It's a WD Blue 6TB Standard drive 5400rpm (no Helium).


Do you know if the 6tb is helium filled? Does it really matter? Does the helium deplete in time and make the disk useless or am I just being paranoid?


They won't have retail Reds in them, i.e. red, Reds. They'll be white label with black text, WD don't make a 10TB Blue, so it will be helium filled. OK for a home/SMB NAS. In a small setup, whatever the marketing - the different types of drive (Blue, Red, Black, Gold) only really come into play when you have errors on the drive. How the drive deals with errors, the drives with the least vibration/noise are probably selected at production, to become Reds, but there is no proof of that. I don't believe Reds use different spindles/bearings/motors, say from Blues, maybe? It's mostly clever marketing to latch onto the fear of losing your data. Having a good backup/tested recovery process in place, is far more important than the colour of the drive.

MY CLOUD HOME (RECERTIFIED) 2TB  £79.99 direct from Western Digital
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
For those on the hunt for personal cloud storage! 3TB currently available as well for a bit more. Compatible with Windows 7 (64-bit only) or later and Mac OS X v10.10 or later. … Read more
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You have to map it


BUt that's originally 2-3 months old!! The drives go in and out of stock pretty quickly...


Posted. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/my-cloud-home-nas-recertified-3tb-8499-and-2tb-7999-western-digital-3055771 3TB still available too (noticed it yesterday, posted in above thread).


Cheapest is probably a bog standard NON HOME -wd mycloud....they come up quite often in refurb (like this) and they seem to work ok..


No problem,

MY PASSPORT (RECERTIFIED) Blue 3TB £59.99 (Free UPS Shipping) at Western Digital
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
MY PASSPORT (RECERTIFIED) Blue 3TB (Free UPS Shipping) Two colours available (the other one is £62.99 -yellow)
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I think the onus is upon the Manufacturer to prove that there is\was no fault with the product within the first 6 months of a Warranty, after that the onus falls upon the Buyer to prove that faults which occurred with goods after those 6 months were through no fault of their own, ie dropped or spilt some kind of liquid on it. From what I've read regarding hard drives they seem to last a hell of a lot longer than say Refurbished TV's which develop dead pixels or suffer from Colour bleeding issues. I could be wrong though, I'm just talking about Warranties as a whole, not just based on Hard Drives :)


Is this accurate? EDIT: Never mind, it's on the product page. That's disappointing and off-putting.


Plus 3 years vs 6 months of warranty


Subtle difference would be the little label at the back of the case says Recertified in 'name of country', and if you crack open the case it will have Recertified printed on the sticker. Other than those two differences, they're the same as new.


Should be no real major difference, recertified is the new common name over "Refurbished". They claim to give the goods a thorough inspection, as is the case with refurbished goods, but Recertified Goods tend to come with a Full Manufacturers Warranty. So technically there should be no visible difference or performance issues between "Recertified" and "New" goods apart from the Price.

1.5TB Western Digital Elements Portable HDD (Re-certified) £36.99 /  My Passport Ultra 1TB (Recertified) £29.99 delivered  @ Western Digital
Refreshed 20th NovRefreshed 20th Nov
We've had a few good external drive deals recently and this isn't too shabby either. The previous voucher code doesn't seem to work any more. £36.99 for 1.5TB storage looks good fo… Read more

Im holding until cyber Monday maybe some code will be live to get it down even more


I bought the 500gb elements for my raspberry pi for £22 the other day. Nice little drive. Going to get a couple more larger drives but holding out for better offers.


Ah I follow now! Thought it was a dimwit accusing someone of being a dimwit (excited)


My only error was failing to type '...' around 'bergers'. Perhaps I should have typed 'barstewards'? Do you get the drift now ElBuc? ...disguised swearing?


I had my previous response deleted because I suggested it was you need that needs re-education because of your bad spelling, that you meant 'beggars' or another word like that which rhymes with huggers which could upset some viewers. I now see you might even have meant 'burgers'. Either way it's back to school for you!

WD Passport Ultra RECERTIFIED 4TB £46.99 WD Store
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Was £139.99

Did similar back at start of 2015 with an external 2tb drive.Got it for £39. Cancelled account with them a while ago.Tempted to rejoin and get the £30 voucher and go for the 4tb!


Just got a new 4TB Seagate from Very for £50 using the £30 off code for new credit accounts. Been watching these but for a couple of quid more would rather have new. Oh and possibly about £7 cashback as well 😁


Will do.. Thanks..


This came back in stock for about 10 minutes in the last 6 months. Am on the "notify when available" but have never received any emails.


You're better to bookmark the page and check often - stock comes and goes. These are a great deal when available - as are most of the recert deals.