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My Cloud Home NAS (Recertified) 3TB £84.99 and 2TB £79.99 Western Digital
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
The all-new My Cloud Home storage device plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you can easily save, organize and control all your digital content in one central place an… Read more

I think the EX2100 comes with an app specifically for this


I thought so long as it shows up as a network shared volume then a suitable security camera will dump to the NAS. Does the My Cloud Home not allow you to share a volume on the network?


EX2100 is fine for anything except real time transcoding. The My Cloud Home supposedly can do real time transcoding but I've not got one to be able to vouch for its effectiveness in the real world. Both the EX2100 and the old bog standard My Cloud (usually available recert in 2TB version) can store network security video. I believe as long as the camera system can find the server on the network (via smb or whatever) then it'll dump to it... However, like someone else mentioned, the My Cloud Home has some differences to the other WD NAS models.... SO I'm not 100% sure. I'm sure google will be your friend for clarification of both questions.


Doesnt compare...it's not like a typical nas.....doubt it works with video camera.


How does the dual drive version of this compare to the EX2100 in terms of apps and processing power? Does this have the ability to store video from a network security camera like the EX2100 does?

My Passport Ultra (Recertified) 3TB £56.99 @ WD
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Various colours these go quick

I know these are oos atm but just thought it was worth mentioning that the 4TB in black is only £46.99, thats £10 cheaper than the 3TB, so if your after one you might wanna stick an alert on as these dont hang around long at all.


Surely a back up is valuable?


Yes but way cheaper than buying brand new at double the price and can still fail- its the gamble , never had a portable drive fail, unless i have dropped it just dont keep valuable stuff on them , i use for back up


How many times are these going to be posted before people realise this is the standard over priced price for a second hand HDD

WD 3TB (Orange)MY PASSPORT (RECERTIFIED)£57.99. 3TB White also £57.99 @ WD
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
TRUSTED AND LOVED PORTABLE STORAGE. REIMAGINED DESIGN. The My Passport portable drive is trusted to store the massive amounts of photos, videos and music you love. Available in an… Read more
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I can't use Onedrive for my games though (skeptical)


Great price, tempted but hanging on for the 4tb for all my movies.


You work for Microsoft or something, lol? I doubt people are looking at multi Terabyte drives like this to store a few docs or a few GB of photos, they can do that with a free Onedrive/Google Drive account or even pen sticks. People are likely looking at these drives to store big data and lots of it. This is a totally different storage scenario to shelling out for Onedrive and it taking the average broadband connection 200+ hours to fill it up.


How did you get the 20% off? Thanks


No no no lol

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3TB WD ELEMENTS PORTABLE (RECERTIFIED) free delivery and 30 day money back guarantee £57.99 @ WD
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
SIMPLE, FAST AND PORTABLE Reliable, easy to use high-capacity storage to go. High-capacity in a Sleek Design With up to 3TB capacity in a lightweight design, this drive is the i… Read more
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what's the difference between this and the my passport hard drives??


Don't forget that most of us including me do this in our spare time :/ I for one haven't got the time or patience to do separate links to this and that.


Sorry pal, didn’t mean to offend. I find the best posts on here are ones which summarise multiple deals with links. Ie the PS4 ones and alcohol (lol) If each link had a separate hukd post it would be a nightmare! Thanks fo the contribution 🙏


What right do you have to say that there shouldn't be this and shouldn't be that? Where's your contribution to the running of this site :/


Somebody must have had fat finger syndome when writing the description (:I

4TB £59.99 | 6TB £84.99 My Book Recertified @ Western Digital
Refreshed 21st SepRefreshed 21st Sep
The newer design

Is he the guy doing the commentary? :/


Is it ok for Xbox One? Thansk in advance


Do rectified hdd have higher chance of being faulty again?


They do come with a UK power supply (which is the same as the old WD drive power supply if you have an old in place you wish to use (which i did and have) , They also come with a USB 3 lead.


I also need to know ? They say it is wd white iam not sure

Western Digital MY BOOK 6TB (NEW) (RECERTIFIED) @WD £84.99
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Western Digital MY BOOK 6TB (RECERTIFIED) @WD £84.99 Back in stock
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It was from a we miss you email .


was it from a recent purcasher type email shot or something? ah well.


It's a unique code . I would PM it , just yours is turned off .


It was sent to me on the 3rd of June and still worked .


care to share the discoutn code?

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4TB My Passport (Recertified) direct from Western Digital in most colours £64.99
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
4TB My Passport (Recertified) direct from Western Digital in most colours £64.99 The perfect external hard drive for PS4 & X-Box Interface USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 compatibl… Read more

All colours in 4tb out of stock


What's the best drive for Xbox/PS4?


You only got about 13GB free IIRC. I picked up my X360 premium on launch, it was £280. COD2 looked as good as a £1000 computer could do at the time. I remember how amazing those demo pods were in every GAME store, usually running PGR3 or COD2.


Lol. I remember modding my PS2 to accommodate a 10GB 3.5" hard drive.


Remember when 20GB use to be the top tier standard for the Xbox 360 launch? :0

My Passport Ultra Recertified 1TB (£27.99)/ 4TB (£46.99)
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
There are other sizes on sale but these two are the best value in my opinion :) 4TB link: wdc.com/en-gb/products/wd-recertified/my-passport-ultra-new.html?source=cj&cjevent=… Read more

what's the difference between this and the normal My Passport like https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/recertified-2tb-my-passort-external-hdd-4599-delivered-western-digital-a-few-colours-to-choose-from-3045169 only difference i see is the name, design and price?


Thank you


I’ve got two of the 1tb’s connected to my Xbox one x and not had a problem work great.


Need one for PS4 500GB console any advise


2TB available

2TB My Passport Ultra (Recertified) £41.99 @ Western digital
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Cheapest recertified 2tb I’ve seen ,but only in black so may be limited stock
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is there much difference between the other My Passport recertified drives that have been posted and this My Passport Ultra other than the name and design perhaps? example: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/recertified-2tb-my-passort-external-hdd-4599-delivered-western-digital-a-few-colours-to-choose-from-3045169 Looking to use with my PS4


I've not heard of this model.


Yes I bought a 4tb last year for ps4 boom


Nothing wrong with WD. Not for Xbox one/PS4 anyway.


Nothing wrong with the WD website, or re-certified drives, HOT

WD Elements 3TB Recertified USB 3 Portable Hard Drive - £57.99 @ WD
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
The Yellow ones at 3TB were £62.99. These are just in black and just as good without all the silly software pre-installed. Bargain at £57.99. You can wait around for a 4TB deal b… Read more
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Wouldn't order from these guys. They lost my hard drive. Took 3-4 weeks to get a refund from them. Seems very common.


Out of stock


Or another perspective is that WD are a manufacturer that sell such a massive amount of HDDs that they invariably have a lot of stock that can be recertified and offered for sale. That coupled with the fact the prices they sell them at are so attractive sites like HUKD are likely to pick them up constantly. Either way all HDDs are likely to die and personal experience differs wildy. I myself run 4x recertifed drives and have had no issues for over a year, but then no HDD I own is expected to house important data without a 2nd / 3rd backup. TLDR = WD make a lot of drives and they offer the recerts cheap, don't risk un-backed up data on ANY hard drive.


Have a 2TB running for almost around 6months, still going strong so I trust these guys


I've had a bunch of recertified drives and not one has failed yet. Not scientific I admit, but its given me confidence in the quality. What do you think they do open up drives and repair them? Not likely as the labour costs involved and clean room equipment would just not make financial sense. It's more likely to be surplas stock returned from retailers that is run through an automated test and if it passes just sold on with limited warranty to reduce risk / liability. Remember that warranty is just a liability for the company and the greater the warranty the greater the liability for the company. In a way these drives maybe better off as at least they would have been powered and tested. If a component is going to fail normally it will fail as dead at power up or within the first short while, the liklyhood of failure after that drops off exponentially. Anyone who works with reliability predictions for electronics will be able to confirm this. At the end of the day if it helps you to have piece if mind go for the retail box, while people like me will enjoy cheap storage through the recertified scheme. (y)

Some Western Digital (yellow) recertified drives 3 terabytes for £62.99 delivered @ Western Digital
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
All USB3. With six months warranty. Other sizes in the range also available I terabyte £29 for some colours 2 terabytes £45.99 all colours And If you have a company account, you si… Read more

No 3 or 4s as of now


(Sigh) yes they're all gone now 'Usually these run out quite quickly'


https://www.wdc.com/en-gb/products/wd-recertified/my-passport.html?source=cj&cjevent=82c6068dba0511e880b005600a18050c#RWDBYFT0040BYL-WESN As of this minute.


But 'the others are still available now. You do realise you have to click on each colour to find out what is available? i odered a 3 Tb this morning, if I'd have seen a 4, I would of course have ordered one then. I'm surprised there are still some 3s available. The larger sizes go quickly


It was on the same link as the other this morning, seems to have gone with all the others now?

MY PASSPORT X (RECERTIFIED) 2TB £44.99. Gaming Compatible @ Western Digital
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Works with Xbox One gaming system* or PC. Reformatting required depending on system used. The number of games you can store on this hard drive will vary based on the size of each g… Read more

Out of stock




Why does the website state Xbox all the time? Can this be used on a PS4


I have that turned off =)


If you have keep my games and apps updated switched on it will as it will start downloading and saving to the drive

MY PASSPORT (RECERTIFIED) 3Tb Red - £59.99 @ WD Store
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
White and Red now OOS. Possible 20% off if you have received an email offer. Capacity 4TB, 3TB, 2TB, 1TB Interface USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 compatible Additional Details … Read more

I bought a recertified My Cloud 2Tb off these it only lasted 3 weeks but they sent me a 3Tb replacement so can't complain. No problems with the new one


I think I read previously somewhere in a refurbished Dyson deal that it is a way for the manufacturer to discount excess stock and sell it by calling it refurbished or recertified. A lot of time the stock is brand spanking new but they need to do it this way so that they are not blatantly undercutting retailers who had bought new stock off them for resale. I suppose in their contract the manufacturer promises not to sell below a certain price.


I've bought several of these recertified drives from them but not for a few months. I just got an email saying 'we miss you! Come back and take 20% off' It said in the small print that it wasn't valid for recertified but tried it anyway and it worked!


Yes, I have the email 20% off ( expires 19th - Code is aejea3z6p ) sitting waiting for a deal but - - This offer is not valid on the WD Employee Store, WD Education Store, WD Partner Stores, WD Recertified or Outlet Products.


Hi. You can only really say this if you know how many they sell. If they’re selling 100 per week with 10 returned then you’d be on the money, but I suspect the ratio of returns is a lot healthier than that. I think 1 per 10,000 would be ok. Hard drives are complex and relatively delicate machines. Early bathtub failures are inevitable and higher risk that say solid state. How many iphones are refurbished and resold? WD is a reputable brand, so I think they’re unlikely to knowingly ship duff products. I’ve got a 2TB recert drive plugged into my TV. No issues at all. My opinion is for the money, give them a go. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Now back in stock. If you have purchased previously check your emails as I had an extra 20% off voucher from them!

thats correct i never said it "should be this price or that price" i was asking the question why they chose 6x less of a guarantee for a 2nd hand RECERTIFIED product that was half price and not 2x less of guarantee or 3x less of guarantee which would be more commensurate with their pricing of the product, i wasn't stating as you said i was that it SHOULD BE 18m guarantee or that it should be 1 year guarantee


I imagine you may say you didn't say it 'should be', however you gave it as a valid option, saying it would be equal with the price. Anyway, this is going round in circles - if you want a full guarantee to be reassured, then fair enough, buy one at the normal price.


where did i say it should be half because its half price ?


I would very, very much disagree with this. I know plenty of people who have bought OEM CPU's many times, I don't know anyone who has killed a CPU. In any case, modern chips have thermal throttling. I'm not saying the bell curve isn't real. What I am saying is that, if WD re-certify units to a high standard, with the bell curve being pretty similar to the 'brand new' units, it would make absolutely no marketing or business sense to sell them at half the cost but still with a similar warranty, as this would undermine their full price retail products.


Sorry, I did miss read your original post. OEM chips have lower warranties because they have the idea the buyers arent going to use the same standard of heatsink a mass system maker uses, or of their own "feeble" bundled heatsink, and because when people buy OEM,it is usually to replace a chip that has already been killed, so the chances of a warranty claim is significantly higher. However I stand by my stance, they only warranty these HDDs based on the number of failures they expect; and as an ex tech doing repairs across a wide range of electronic equipment for many years, the bell curve is a very real fact. A good number will fail in the first few hours* (hence burn in tests for many electronic devices), then failure rates drop to near zero for "x" years; then they peak, before returning to very low levels after "x+5" years or so, depending on the complexity of the device. *Gruesomely known as "Infant Mortality"

Recertified 2TB My Passort External HDD £45.99 Delivered @ Western Digital (A few colours to choose from)
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Not too shabby, available in blue, red, orange, yellow and white at this price. Will come formatted for W10/8/7 but will need re-formatting for other operating systems such as OSX … Read more

Perfect, been looking for a 1TB HD for my PS4!


Vouchers don't work on the recertified store, read the Ts&Cs.


did it work for you? as not working for me *code expired*


It should work.


doesnt work?

My Passport (Recertified) 3TB £59.99 @ Western Digital
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Back in Stock Blue and Red Promo Price £59.99 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING.

They give less warranty so as to have less overheads, allowing them to make the drives cheaper and make it more enticing to buy, it's absolutely nothing to-do with their expectation on the drives failing within three years :-) you can pay to extend the warranty through them, often altogether this is all cheaper than buying the product brand new with original warranty length.


No doesn't make any sense, why would they give only 6 months warranty vs 3 years and reduce the price of it if as you claim it was less likely to fail. It's more likely to fail and they know it so they reduce cost and warranty to catch customers willing to risk it.


True but in fairness there's the argument a recertified wd drive is less likely to fail against a new wd drive as it's issues have been sorted or it's been updated at firmware level etc.


Somewhat worrying the number of deals for recertified WD drives at the moment there must be allot of falling/returned drives which suggest a high fail rate/poor reliability.


Yes mate, it'll be fine (y)

MY BOOK (NEW) (RECERTIFIED) 6TB (£84.99) and 4TB (£59.99) - REFURB £84.99 @ WD
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Back in stock...just got the email. Not sure how many so be quick! FAQs They ship from Netherlands Normally 6 month warranty I *think* these normally come with blue drives...f… Read more

Yeah, it was a "we miss you" code. It did say in the T&Cs that it won't work on Recertified - this was wrong or they didn't change the voucher codes settings.


Ah nice! Did they just send you the code then? I've spent quite a bit on the site in the past few months...feel a bit cheated (lol)


Been checking these daily and missed again! Damn. now signed up for the email alerts


I ordered 2 6TB's within 2 minutes of getting the email, and managed to use a 20% discount code they sent me :D


That was quick!

WD recertified 2tb gaming hard drive - £45.99 @ Western Digital
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Found these whilst looking at the earlier 1tb deals. They look a lot better than the orange ones that were left on the website for the 1tb deal.
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Slightly changing nothing. USB powered. Mains powered. Two different things. I applaud you for sorting virus outbreaks, but indeed I build these and test these in my spare time. You can agree to disagree and keep buying up the usb powered hard drives then :) and I'll keep mines constantly powered by a plug in the wall while it's not in use ;)


No I didn't misunderstand anything. It's you who misunderstands. All you're doing here is slightly changing what you've previously said. This is my job and has been for the last 25 years. I'm not wrong. I've sorted virus outbreaks for massive enterprises, NHS, my mum, etc...


Hey, I've got one and it's excellent. They just take preowned drives and recondition them to be in as new condition. There's enough of a warranty to cover any obvious errors and realistically if you buy a newish drive type, you're pretty much safe as houses. Got an externally mains powered (not usb powered) drive myself, 3tb MyBook about a year ago now and its been running lovely. PS4 has powered down and corrupted a couple times and the drive is still humming along happily :)


Ok.. you lost that. The external hard drive here is usb powered. The one which I have has to be mains plugged for power. So yes, there is a difference :) External v internal does have a difference. I've experienced this. Internal drive got a virus, so I simply unplugged the external drive from the computer via the usb cable. Not the power. Since it had external mains power and wasn't usb powered, data loss was massively less likely to occur. Oh.. and my second point really covers the third. Maybe you mistranslated what I meant by usb powered and externally powered :/


Hmmm, few things wrong with that statement. 1) an external HDD needs external power, thus not mobile 2) internal vs external has absolutely no bearing on virus infection 3) power loss can and does affect drives regardless of whether internally or externally powered

WD My Book 3TB Recertified @ £54.99 (Free Shipping) @ Western Digital
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
WD My Book 3TB Recertified @ £54.99 (Free Shipping). Good price for gaming storage or other storage
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Well they just came back in stock and I bought one as I need a 4tb disk and I went looking for alternatives and the only thing I could find was the Seagate expansion drive at £100. Hoping warranty will be easy I bought directly from them. I know what you mean about OEM drives, I'm always really wary about the seller on Amazon and make sure to only buy from Amazon directly when it comes to stuff like this.


you only have to read the amazon reviews to realise that many of the people who post 1 star reviews are clueless - often the fault is not with the device but the usb cable , the PC or the user. I mainly read the 1 star reviews to get an idea of the product and my reading and experience suggests WD provide decent drives - certainly better than the alternative. Also you need to be aware that many of the drives people purchase are oem and unsupported drives, sold by unscrupulous sellers. WD digital will not provide any warranty for these drives as they are not intended for home users. Users need to check whether the drives will be supported by the supplier and if not then they should be returned if purchased through amazon.


i've had no problems with my recertified WD mycloud device and HDDs. If the option is WD or Seagate I would go for WD.


Same (nerd) no problems with the recerts in my experience

My Passport 1TB (Recertified ) Yellow/Orange/Red £29.99 OR Black/Blue/White £32.99 @ Western Digital
Refreshed 15th SepRefreshed 15th Sep
Free delivery and all colours in stock at time of posting. The My Passport portable drive is trusted to store the massive amounts of photos, videos and music you love. Available … Read more
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Was about a week and a half, It sat on the mainland for days but was shipped from the Netherlands to UK in a day.


Did it take a while? Waiting weeks for mine now!


With the right cable, yes.


same question. experts, please advice?


Will these work with USB-C for new macbooks