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Windscribe PRO VPN - 12 months for £15 with new code

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Windscribe pro for $19 (Circa £15) per year. Enter code from your account under ‘claim voucher’ or under pricing, then ‘Have a promo code?’

Working perfectly as of posting with no glitches this time!
Windscribe More details at
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Windscribe is a company that provides you with tools (mainly a VPN) to help secure your internet activity, disguise your browsing habits online and spoof your location to make you appear in different parts of the world.

Windscribe was founded, built and continues to be operated by a team of charming rapscallions to ensure that people could use the internet the way it was meant to be used - without blocks, censorship, or 3rd parties tracking you and bombarding you with ads.

We saw that there was and still is a rising demand for individual internet privacy so we built a suite of tools for this exact purpose without any sort of catch to screw you over in the end.

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  1. turtles1's avatar
    Garbage speeds. 900mb connection and get 40mb through this lol.
    AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    Just tried it, am on 1000 mbps tariff (Ethernet wired on laptop) I get Circa 800 mbps on there with Windscribe on , and over 530 mbps on my phone with just WiFi , and I’m upstairs away from the router. Speeds are absolutely fine.

    52557572_1.jpg (edited)
  2. Essendel's avatar
    Some free vouchers for try, good luck!
    This is a 30GB of free monthly data voucher code for 1-year
    The offer is free for 1-year

    Voucher code #1: LONGDICK
    Voucher code #2: YIHAKURI
    Voucher code #3: ISRA2023
    Voucher code #4: SYRI2023
    Voucher code #5: LEBA2023
    Voucher code #6: IRAN2023
    Voucher code #7: PALE2023
    jools78's avatar
    Voucher code 1?
  3. miket2001's avatar
    I bought it last time it was on offer. I am very disappointed with the speeds. I have 1000mb wired connection which is about 900 without Windscribe and only around 26 with it on. It also drops off often and takes a while to re connect. They were very friendly and efficient with replying to help but never managed to increase the speeds.
    Alex_Clifford's avatar
    Try different servers. Some can be at or over capacity, especially those abroad.

    Alternatively I can recommend PIA as a VPN on a firestick. I got 90%+ of our max speed via the Southampton servers.

    If you do it through quidco or top cashback you get 95% cashback so its basically free for the first two years. Just turn off the autorenww after
  4. DCollector's avatar
    Can I watch the masters with this? 😁
    Curlyman83's avatar

    I do every year. Full coverage (unlike Sky), uninterrupted (no adverts every 30 seconds like Sky) and knowledgable commentary (unlike Sky)

    I pay for Windscribe every year with this in mind. American/Canadian/Japanese Netflix is just a bonus.
  5. mark_'s avatar
    Does anyone know if this auto-renews at he same price after your year is up?
    ScoobyZ's avatar
    I just had this via PayPal:

    Next payment due
    11 April 2025
    Next payment amount
    $19.00 USD
  6. Solee's avatar
    Torrenting on Windscribe isn't the fastest, It's all over the place regardless of torrent.
    bozo007's avatar
    My friend says they don't see any noticeable speed reduction.
  7. ScoobyZ's avatar
    Thanks works a treat on android and PC for me.

    PC (Toob 900mbps):

  8. ELNIN09's avatar
    Windscribe is great for accessing Peacock TV via my firestick. Highly recommend 👌
    samspud's avatar
    Same here👌🏻
  9. GrabbaBargain's avatar
    How's this compare to the likes of Nord/Surfshark/Proton for features/security if ignore the cost?

    Can one use this to pretend to be in different countries for accessing geoblocked services, or to get cheaper deals offered to other regions?
    AamirQuazi's avatar
    I’ve had Nord for 4 years now - switched earlier this year and no regrets.

    Nord i was stuck using openvpn on anything but their software… now i can use Wireguard and much better customer support.
  10. SnoopZ's avatar
    I can't recommend this VPN, I took this deal last month as I wanted to signup to F1TV to watch the lives races via USA because it isn't available in the UK thanks to Sky, and this VPN didn't work in my usage case so I got a refund.

    I switched to NordVPN and I have zero issues, this costs me around £3.33 a month. (edited)
  11. dee1ite's avatar
    Thanks, I needed a new VPN as Nord subscription is due to end.

    I followed instructions, and received an email stating that I had now purchased this VPN. Then I received another email straight away, stating thanks for upgrading to unlimited? I didn't click on upgrade or even the green box which would have given me a free 10gb for confirming my email address.

    The price was £15:82...which is still cheaper than Nord, but maybe this is due to the upgrade which I didn't request. I haven't confirmed my email address as yet.
    polar111's avatar
    i ha d the same until I confirmed my email. Then when you look at your account you'll see you have the Pro Plan which is unlimited.
  12. AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    Bitofanerd's avatar
    Thank you so much for this!

    I had an alert set as I didn't know when the next video would be out as youtube subscriptions are broken!

    Can confirm this works just got this for my partner. There's only one more video coming out so I was worried I'd never get one of these codes as I think they're done for good with the next video
  13. Dillz_'s avatar
    Should have this as an advert on YouTube rather than Nord VPN 24/7
    johnsquire334's avatar
    Prices would go up if they did this. Currently the only marketing for this VPN is word of mouth. If you start adding in sponsor slots and affiliates it starts adding up quickly.

    So no this should definitely not be a YouTube advert. (edited)
  14. igrift's avatar
    Decent feature set (R.O.B.E.R.T system, for example can block ads, or custom rules such as blocking specific domains; e.g. tiktok). Speeds are good, and you can P2P fine.

    Note, google search is still a pain in the butt, annoying captchas. Some websites won't work either as they suspect suspicious activity.
    DCollector's avatar
    I get that with other VPNs too
  15. Yolofknell's avatar
    Can you use this on any device and on more than one, namely android an Windows?
    MCCCJK's avatar
    Yeah I use it on multiple devices with no restrictions.
    Only one I could think of was if you used the wireguard protocol it'll kick off the oldest connection (probably the only limitation with windscribe)
  16. NazR-Med's avatar
    Could I use this to create those 'turkey price Netflix accounts'
    L33TL33's avatar
  17. K1664's avatar
    Not for me as it automatically renews after a year if using PayPal.
    sully01's avatar
    You can cancel automatic payments in paypal.
    Log in click on wheel (top right)
    Then go into payments and cancel.
  18. john160153's avatar
    I live in Ireland have been using this to watch fubo tv canada never had a blip with it
  19. olospo's avatar
    Always worth checking out reviews on Restore Privacy before going with a VPN. You’re trusting them with your data after all.

  20. polar111's avatar
    Thanks. I've been waiting about a week for this in the hope I can grab it before my Nord expires. And here it is and now bought.
  21. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    They r churning out lots of deals which is weary
  22. fulabeer's avatar
    If you are not getting decent throughput, keep trying different servers.
    For some weird reason, Saturday around 3pm seems the worse!!!
    I've never needed to go into the settings.
    I was lucky to buy the lifetime pro account for $35 (£28) years back!
    bozo007's avatar
    I got the same subscription
  23. pavthebeast's avatar
    Any date for Apple TV release?? (edited)
  24. BILL517's avatar
  25. anthony69's avatar
    Just out of curiousity...

    Do people leave their VPN's switched on now permanently?

    Back in the day I never used to leave a VPN switched on because they were always so intermittent, sometimes they worked, but more than often not they did not.

    But they are so reliable now so I do leave it switched on 24/7 on my phone and my PC's.

    Just wondering if others do the same?. (edited)
    kazkdp's avatar
    I have Goole VPN and I have it on all the time. You set it so that internet disconnect if your VPN goes down.

    Although you can't set the country on Google VPN it gives me the full speed of my internet connection and I only use it to download.
  26. sully01's avatar
  27. Matthew_AlexanderBCT's avatar
    Anyone use this on firestick?
    1616french's avatar
    For IPTV?
    Yeah, I'd like to know too.
    Does it actually do anything? (edited)
  28. Lorenz's avatar
    Thanks. Ordered
  29. shb367's avatar
    Thanks OP ordered
  30. incas_.'s avatar
    Thanks 🏼
  31. NomiHK786's avatar
    Thanks OP 🔥
  32. The_Kurgan's avatar
    Other than the benefits of a VPN is this worth getting for Netflix content alone? I watch UK Netflix but wondered just how different the US content actually is.
    AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    I use their windflix a fair bit. It can vary for sure but there are defo different content for USA and Canada , so it’s worth it in my opinion just to see different options. Esp at £15 for a year , £1.25 a month (edited)
  33. Alan1973's avatar
    Many thanks for this. Anyone have tips to use VPN to watch footy for free? I think the US broadcast of Champions League is with Paramount+ and has a subscription fee. 
  34. WorkingPanda's avatar
  35. Rhakio's avatar
    Oo great 😁 work for ps plus on turkey thanks
  36. Bitofanerd's avatar
    Works for me at 19:15
    Galaxier's avatar
    Yes, working again
  37. ThisCharmingMan's avatar
    Can you add it to a BT Smart Hub to cover the whole home WiFi?
  38. Tony_K's avatar
    Ordered. And masters golf app on the way
  39. kissbang's avatar
    Works! Thank you
  40. Blasphemous's avatar
    Very nice deal, houwt.
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