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Posted 12 April 2024

2 year Surfshark VPN starter pack + 2 months free -£46.54 / Surfshark One - £59.54 + 70% Quidco Cashback (40% TopCashback)

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Two months free
Topcashback offering 40% cashback, but quidco offers 70%
TCB will match the rate.


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30-day money-back guarantee for all pricing plans


Surfshark VPN features that work for you

We offer all the key VPN features, such as auto-connect, kill switch, split tunneling, & more. But we're not stopping here. With Surfshark, every part of your digital world is safe and sound. From hiding your IP to securing your computer — we got you covered.

Online security that travels with you
Travel the virtual (and literal) world with peace of mind! Surfshark lets you explore the online world and access websites safely as if you were at home. Whether using home or public Wi-Fi, with server locations all over the world, you can browse seamlessly, ad- and cookie-free.

Defend your digital devices
Our Antivirus will turn your devices into well-protected fortresses and you into a web-savvy warrior! Whether you’re browsing from home, abroad, in a cozy café, or using that finicky free Wi-Fi at the airport, it’ll keep your devices virus- and hacker-free at no additional cost!

In full control of your personal deets
Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to let you know if your info was part of a hacked database? With Surfshark Alert, that's possible! We'll monitor your email, credit card, and ID to notify you as soon as it's been compromised so that you can take immediate action.

We’ll help remove your info from databases
Power to the people! Our Incogni team of experts will contact companies and ask them to remove your info from their databases, freeing you from marketing tactics and targeted ads.

Help & Information

SurfShark VPN More details at
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  1. lukechilds9's avatar
    I did this last year and TCB wouldn’t pay out. Spent months of back and forth, still no joy
  2. CiupaSs's avatar
    Take PiA with topcashback instead of it.
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Pia is owned by Kape Technologies. You need to look at the history of the company and its top employees. Spying for Israel was a job for one. Kape own many VPN, and spy on the usage of its customers
  3. nwo's avatar
    52569073-QsFyn.jpg20% VAT on top.
    kappaz187's avatar
    Change the location to Jersey/Isle of Man should wipe it
  4. OperateOnMe's avatar
    had it for 3 months with 3 devices and despite hardly using it was told I was over-using and cancelled without a refund for the remainign 2 years. No complaints process

    windscribe is probably the best avilable (edited)
  5. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    This or Nord?

    Anyone got any advise. Thanks.

    I tried Windscribe & it didn't go well for me.
    ogeran's avatar
    All I can say that might be useful is surfshark had a fake GPS setting. I'm not sure if windscribe has it? Basically you have to go to developer mode to enable it. Once it's on and you must physically turn your gps on too: then even with Google maps you're now on whichever place you've picked. I used it in anger s few weeks ago when abroad and it opened up websites that the normal GPS doesn't. It's hit and miss. For example one USA setting puts you in the American Virgin Islands. Having said that, it's quite an improvement and well worth using a free trial to see if it works for you. I'm an android/Chromebook guy so no idea if or how it is with apple hardware
    Edit, I too, also used windscribe for a while. It's aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. For basic GPS uses I guess it's fine but I personally find surfshark is often quicker, especially from far places like India/ Brazil etc (edited)
  6. jasonwood999's avatar
    Does anyone know how good Google VPN is - they're releasing it with their basic google cloud packages and so I'm debating renewing Surfshark or using Googles VPN...as I already pay for that.
    ClotBot's avatar
    Google Google VPN rumour are it is going to stop
  7. quakerphil's avatar
    Just for information. Windscribe is currently £15 for a years subscription.
    Jack_James's avatar
    No where near as good from my experience using both
  8. letsgettaco_'s avatar
    Does anyone know if F1 TV Pro works with this?
    bharathomes's avatar
    Nope stick with windscribe
  9. olarean.adrian's avatar
    Does anyone know if HBO Max work with this ? Thx.
  10. ClotBot's avatar
    Will this work if I already have an account? When I look I get £71 including VAT (edited)
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    No. But a new email for SS solves the problem. Done it twice already
  11. BIG_DAVID_UK's avatar
    Easily the best VPN I’ve ever used.. and TopCashback paid , but it took 2 months.. Surfshark is much better than Nord
    james.pondBzo's avatar

    Surfshark uses some FAKE VPN servers.
  12. jp007_uk's avatar
    Quidco showing 52.5% and TopCashBack 34%.
    Where did you get 70% from?
    sajidtg's avatar
    Premium member rate for me
  13. rossybearr's avatar
    Had this for 6 years it’s awesome apps everywhere, can work on as many devices as needed and they now have alt ID so you can sign up for stuff with a fake email name and address and it’ll fwd to your account address
  14. duggie1982's avatar
    Awww man, just got the 1 year windscibe deal for like £16, this would have been better if cashback pay
    Vbhuk's avatar
    Could you share the link thanks
  15. 2ToneGuy's avatar
    Slow speeds 👎🏻
  16. Thackers's avatar
    Is the One worth the extra to the basic
  17. Jifcat's avatar
    Recently changed from Surfshark to NordVPN, almost all their standard VPN server IPs are blacklisted for IPTV and want to charge another £30+ on top of the normal subscription price for a "personnal IP". No issues since changing.
    Thackers's avatar
    Nord or surf shark blacklisted?
  18. Tyrone_H_'s avatar
    Can anyone explain how these differ from proton vpn? It's free one I i use for wonky firestick don't seem to have any issues, what would this benefit me ? Better quality etc or ?
  19. Komiko's avatar
    After how much time should I expect a refund on Qudico?
's avatar