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Posted 17 May 2024

10 nights 4* Maldives All Inclusive Hondaafushi Island - Deluxe Beach Bungalow + Plane & Boat T'fers + Rtn Flights LHR w/ 23kg bags £1805pp

£3,610£4,202.1514% off
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All inclusive 4* Luxury holiday for 10 nights Maldives (12 days inc travel) for 2 people staying at Hondaafushi Island resort. Includes an upgraded deluxe beach bungalow with breakfast, lunch and evening meal with a selection of snacks and drinks, return flights to Male from LHR (Etihad with 23kg bags), return domestic flights and boat transfers and a few extras such as free fishing trip and free snorkelling trip. Prices from £1805 per person - with lead price based on June 15th departure, flying from Heathrow (other airports possible but pricing is slightly higher). Option to pay 30% deposit and pay the remainder of the balance at a later date. Average temp of 31 degrees June but expect more rain at that time of year. Next best price based on Destination2 offer.

Sample date from LHR - June 2024

  • £1805pp (£3610 total) - 10 nights (12 days) - 15th June to 27th June

4.7/5 Google reviews

4/5 Tripadvisor


4* Maldives All Inclusive Hondaafushi Island - Based on 2 people

Sparkling white sands and leafy jungle combine to create the perfect backdrop to your tropical island retreat at Hondaafushi Island Resort 4*. The resort is situated inHaa Dhaalu Atoll, one of the most pristine atolls in the Maldives. It is set on 59 hectares of tropical landscape and can be reached only by domestic flight and speedboat, adding to the exclusive feel. Enjoy a paradise like no other, with the hotel's swimming pool looking directly onto the sea - you can swim in the warm turquoise lagoon and enjoy the privacy of your very own beach bungalow.

  • Upgraded Deluxe Beach Bungalow
  • All inclusive - breakfast, lunch and evening meal with a selection of snacks and drinks.
  • Service charge and green taxes included (except on complimentary night)
  • One complimentary snorkelling and one sunrise or sunset fishing trip per person per stay
  • Return domestic flights and complimentary speedboat transfers
  • Return flights including 23kg luggage each, 1 hand luggage choice of airports, lowest price from London Heathrow (airline coming up is Etihad)
  • For stays of 10, 11 or 12 nights: 1 complimentary night
  • For stays of 13 or 14 nights: 2 complimentary nights
  • For stays of 16 nights or more: 3 complimentary nights
  • £1805pp (£3610 total) - 10 nights (12 days) - 15th June to 27th June - from LHR






All inclusive package:

1. Main restaurant:

  • Breakfast: 8:00 - 10:00
  • Lunch: 12:30 - 14.30
  • Dinner: 19:30 - 21:30

2. Thila Bar:

  • Afternoon tea is available from 16:00 - 18:00 and includes tea, coffee and snacks.
  • All-inclusive services are available from 10:00 to 00:00 midnight. Drinks ordered after midnight will be charged at normal bar rates.
  • Water and drinks are served by the glass (including soft drinks, cocktails, beer, house wine and poured spirits**).

3. Drinks:

  • Draught beer
  • House wines: Red, white and rosé wine
  • Selected spirits: Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Brandy, Tequila, Rum, Arrack, Martini
  • Selected cocktails and mocktails
  • Soft drinks and water minibar (refilled once a day)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: Regular tea and Nescafé coffee, mineral water, tonic water, sparkling water, selection of soft drinks


  • Fitness centre
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Shop
  • Spa
  • Bike rental

Weather Madlives


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Voyage Prive More details at

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  1. Panthera's avatar
    How much is this kind of thing normally? How much of a deal is this?
    Chanchi32's avatar
    It's £600+ cheaper than other providers such as Destination2 who also have offers on this package and specialise in Maldives holidays

    In terms of normal price, would be nearer to £6k if not on offer

    - 10 nights all inclusive accommodation in June in a deluxe beach bungalow for 2 people is £3826 on booking.com
    - Rtn flights from LHR Etihad are around £655pp (so £1310 for two people)
    - Plane transfers and boat transfers are £710
  2. habz94's avatar
    It's this price because it's their wet season. Prices go considerably higher during their dry season depending on your package
    Mentos's avatar
    If you look at the weather averages you’d be extremely unlucky to have your holiday ruined going off peak in the Maldives.  It’s not like Mumbai or parts of Thailand where you take a big risk of a washout.

    Ambient temp/sea temps remain pretty consistent. The best months for rainfall are Feb/March, but the other months it’s still relatively low when you consider how quickly it falls and also some of it will fall in the night.

    Been several times peak and offpeak, actually prefer off peak, not just for the prices but also lower tourist density (had island to ourselves a few times) and bit of cloud cover which is a god send.
  3. rossmcgowan123's avatar
    You can get just as nice in Thailand for half the prices. I would only ever stay in the Maldives if it was a water bungalow. At that price anyway.
    _-102369853312249950023's avatar
    Got nothing on the Maldives only loads of bars
  4. JustaSingh's avatar
    Make sure you really really like the idea of being stuck with the other person on an island for 10 days.

    When I went to to the Maldives there were always a few couples who looked like ❄️ and 🌩️ after a bit
    jpmont's avatar
    no problem, you always there has posibility switch to someone:))) just invite new friends for glass of champagne, anyway they have similar problem
  5. toonsquirel's avatar
    Anyone know if leaving a 3,8 and 14 year old with a 17 year old and not telling them until the day we go is fine?
    Set-Phasers-To-Stun's avatar
    Absolutely. Just leave out a pile of pizzas and make sure they can charge their phones and they won’t notice you’re not there.
  6. aviva's avatar
    We were regular visitors to the Maldives. After the 2023 regime change, the government has become FAR more aggressive and intolerant. It's not what I would consider a pleasant environment at all now (very sadly).

    I would recommend Seychelles or Mauritius over the Maldives till things calm down and the regime changes back to a friendly one.
    D963's avatar
    What are you even talking about? You go straight from the airport to your island.
    The only way you'll find any trouble is if you go camp outside the government buildings in the capital
  7. 1988dave's avatar
    People seem to mention thailand alot, but lets me honest, philippines is far better than thailand
    zeroquai's avatar
    Depends what you’re there for- Philippines is hundreds of islands so you can have very different experiences based on where you go.
    They do almost universally speak English though, as many of the regions have their own language- so English is a common language for the different islands.

    Having spent over a month in each, I would choose thailand, but you really can’t make a wrong decision here.
  8. siddu's avatar
    Not worth , so many incidents , avoid
  9. Modric86's avatar
    I paid for another place for 6500 for two , overwater villa , all inclusive. I’ll let you know if it’s worth it Place looks nice, but who knows. I’m only going as I never thought it would be possible to go in my life, but I prefer Thailand.
  10. stevieshoes's avatar
    What does adding two kids do to the price? (Need to join to access it!)
    missslc's avatar
    £6780 with 2 children x
  11. yodijov955's avatar
    Go Thailand or Bali instead. This is boring and you're gonna be disappointed.
    AncientYouth's avatar
    funnily enough ive been 6 x to 4 different islands and loved it everytime as a
    3 x as a couple and 3 x with our kid...

    don't assume everyone sees the world and experiences it the same as you
  12. NamzSantos's avatar
    Awful resort.. no medical centre on site so definitely do no get ill or have an injury as ot will cost you over £600 of your money to get to and from the nearest hospital by boat as we had to. Food selection was OK but very bland however the chefs were amazing and could make things a la carte when requested. Reception staff were not well trained in first aid and were definitely not filled with any urgency when our 6 month old dislocated his shoulder 2 years ago!

    All in all the resort is beautiful but be very cautious.. staff are very very nice and friendly but this hotel has really poor management who are holding this place back!

    No investment into the island but I would urge whoever is silly enough to go during the wet season to definitely take up their dinner on the beach (on a dry night) as it was the most amazing experience ever!
    AncientYouth's avatar
    who would take a 6 month old to the Maldives?
  13. flamethrower's avatar
    Cheaper to visit a country like Sri Lanka / Thailand for much cheaper with similar hotels, beaches etc.
    Hunkerdown's avatar
    If this was true I would have saved myself a fortune over the years. There are very few places in the world where your on a small secluded island, can snorkel straight off the beach and see so many fish.

    Hotels fair enough you can find better for less money else where. But not the actual location and what it has to offer.
  14. AncientYouth's avatar
    Came in expecting Maldives misery guts comments and yep all there and accounted for

    pretty much everyone knows what the Maldives is about if its not your cup of tea then go wherever you want , but it gets pretty tedious reading the same old claptrap everytime one is posted
  15. vladdy's avatar
    June is not a great time to be there
    mattsole's avatar
    Have you been? I went in June and we had one bad weather day out of 10. Don’t believe the people who drone on about wet season/dry season. Christmas and New Year last year it rained all day for almost a week… supposedly dry season and the most expensive time to travel.

    Armchair travel experts who don’t go further than Bognor.
  16. ses6jwg's avatar
    Good deal for Deano and Chelsea. Will need someone to look after Luna the Frenchie.
  17. backhouse21's avatar
    I went to this island last year - fantastic place!
    Mentos's avatar
    How was the food and drinks? Were the drinks on AI good or the premixed stuff :/

    Also did you explore the reef? Was it easy to get out to? Much recovery from bleaching events?

    This island seems to be on offer quite a bit at the moment, so considering a couple of weeks in Aug if flights stay cheap. Just trying to decide which island.
  18. JennyD's avatar
    Dream holiday! One day ….
  19. Tedman's avatar
    Very good deal. These islands are the closest to paradise on earth! Try to avoid the rainy season though. But even then you get a bit of rain then sun the next.  (edited)
  20. john_william's avatar
    Beautiful. One day I'll get there
  21. JustaSingh's avatar
    First time I went...early 2000s the folks on the island who worked there told me about their experience during the Thai Tsunami. Sounded well awesome, spent rest of the time thinking what I'd do, given a similar situation. The islands are quite low level, so just putting this out there just in case

    But then again now I spend too much time thinking about what I'd do in a Zombie apocalypse.
  22. AncientYouth's avatar
    The Maldives are a unique location, there is a reason why people pay big money to go there compared to other places

    without a demand there would be no Tourism for the prices charged
  23. S_S12's avatar
    Unfortunately it’s not a good as they making it sound.
  24. The3dge's avatar
    Thailand or Bali is a better option
  25. jimboo54's avatar
    Criccieth is nice. Had a BBQ on the beach at the weekend and saw some dolphins. Stayed at friends for free so much cheaper than any of these options.
  26. R0B's avatar
    I mean the Lakes are nice in July.
  27. Dealss8's avatar
    How do I go about moving there
    tomtomasz's avatar
    Think you're too late, all land is prolly snatched up by hotels or millionaires at this point
  28. BlackAdam's avatar
    Good price, risky timing
  29. SPLE22's avatar
    Depression isn't something I want. So I'll go there and then on the 11/12th night be back in England.
  30. lilslicky123's avatar
    I went to the Riu Atoll - I miss it everyday!!!
  31. crazywolf's avatar
    Not a patch on vietnam
    ZionWood's avatar
    Depends what for. Vietnam has a really bad reputation for beaches for a reason.
  32. Norcino's avatar
    Nice! I wonder, when you need to travel with two kids, can you get something which is not just twice as much? Maybe it depends on the accomodation..
's avatar