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10% off Basket Value for Saturday PM appointments @ATS Euromaster’s
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
ATS Euromaster’s is offering 10% off Basket Value for Saturday PM appointments, they are offering a 10% discount for all online appointments booked in on Saturday afternoons. The d… Read more

I took my car into ATS for the aircon recharge deal that was posted on here a while back. It ended up costing me over twice as much to fix my car after they killed it. Hopefully not all branches are understaffed and overworked like my local one is. Just saying they are 'cheap' for a reason.





Not on tyres as far as I'm aware


Student discount 10% too

Michelin tyres all seasons £54.72 each / £109.44 for 2 @ ATS Euromaster
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
All seasons Michelin tyres 185 /60 /14. Please give alternative or better prices if possible.
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It says right there, it's a Summer tyre.


I chose 2 tyres but not sure if it’s all season can someone confirm please MICHELIN ENERGY SAVER+ 195 / 50 R15 82 T SUMMER summer


I've always gone Michelin my entire driving life, until my Mondeo needed new tyres and I wanted all seasons - surprisingly Michelin don't do Cross Climate in my tyre size - 235/50/17. I wound up getting Goodyear Vectors instead which Costco had on offer at the time. I recall my first car's tyres cost £25 fitted each, now I'm paying £160... (shock)


14” on my Fiat 500! Good find op, may just get these and not have to swap to winter wheels/tyres (y)


Great find. I paid £120 per tyre 6 months ago & that was the cheapest then with extensive online searching. With this offer it costs £110 per tyre same Michelin primacy 3 brand. Thanks for the heads up

UP TO 60% OFF TYRES Tyre Clearance Deals at ATS Euromaster
LocalLocalFound 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
All of our clearance tyres are new tyres. How can we offer such value for money? At ATS Euromaster we’re able to offer cheap prices on clearance tyres as a result of unfulfilled bo… Read more
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How come their website still says so then? Making customers fools? (mad)


Those data are not up to date. I tried few last week and they told me they don't have anything on sale

ATS Euromaster MOT £29.99 Class 4 and Class 7
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
MOT - CLASS 4 A Class 4 MOT is the most common type of test, suitable for: cars, small vans and motor caravans (up to 3,000kg). **MOT Testing is available at selected centres. £… Read more
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Malice19 £17.99 if your local ATS is listed.


Fair enough, I only posted on the off chance it might help someone else, they cant all be bad afterall.


I think it very much depends on the branch staff. My local is terrible.


They have better service here in my opinion and this is a deal as it is cheaper than the usual price, therefore it meets the definition of a deal, but thanks for your input mate ;)


Same price as Halfords, £4.99 more expensive than quickfit and £10 more than can be found by simply typing "cheap mot" into google... Where is the deal?

Pirelli 195x65x15 Tyre offer 4 for £183.96 or 2 for £91.98  (£45.99 each) at ATS Fully Fitted
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
ATS Euromaster currently have an offer on buy 4 Pirelli Tyres get £50.00 off buy 2 Pirelli Tyres get £25.00 off If you were to buy 4 x Pirelli 195 x 65 r15 at £58.49 each the tot… Read more
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PIRELLI CINTURATO P7 205 / 55 R16 91 V SUMMER x2 worth £105???


Nice, these good quality? Seems good on


Just got them done today


15" is a super large pizza


Wish it was there last year. Pshh. Still need 2 more though

4 x Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde 185/60R14 82H - Fully Fitted + 5.2% TCB (Deal available on all Pirelli tyre sizes) £187.96 (£178.09 after cashback) @ ATS Autocentre
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Save £25 when buying 2 x Pirelli tyres or £50 when buying 4 x Pirelli tyres! Tyre reviews: Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde Tyre Blurb £187.96 + 5.2% Topcashback (£9.87 successfu… Read more
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£255.96 for 4 x PIRELLI summer tyres + TCB


185/55/15 x 4 = £363


Till you are able to understand logic. Scroll through the thread. Says the disseminator of misinformation! Priceless! The question remains unanswered. Curious. As is the previously unanswered question for evidence: Very curious indeed.


Round and round you go, so keep going "Here's a question for you (which was previously asked to you by another member and ignored): Have you ever driven a car on CrossClimate+ tyres?" Where was I asked that? You're making it up as you go along.


I have. Plenty of people still do that today. They still doit in countries where it is mandatory to drive on winter tyres in winter months. I live in the South and in Europe. You do not know at all whether I have "little experience of driving in the snow". As I previously said, CrossClimate+ are suited to driving in colder temperatures, by which I mean, 2-5c, which is common in the South in winter. You're still obsessed with snow and as a result, freezing temperatures. You can remind me as many times as you want: your statement is factually incorrect. CrossClimates+ is not a snow tyre - it's an all-season tyre. So you keep saying. With no evidence of this experience, we'll need to take your word for it. I know what a car body being lifted by snow is, thanks. The problem with that example is that if your tyres have lost traction, then how were you able to reverse the car without assistance? If you so... More of that vivid imagination again. Here's a question for you (which was previously asked to you by another member and ignored): Have you ever driven a car on CrossClimate+ tyres?

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Air con recharge £19.99 @ ATS Boston
LocalLocalFound 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Air con recharge till 28th Feb. Managers special at Boston ATS (London Road/ A16). Not sure if national, but also came up as an optional extra when buying tyres online. Might help… Read more

Doubt it would work if you've left it for 3 years.


I've dealt with him. Not a nice bloke. If you need car work done go to the A6 MOT and Service Centre near there instead.


May actually get mine done....needed doing for 3 years but never bothered, only a few miles from me.....HOT


If you live near the West Houghton branch of ATS it's worth popping in to see Karl Pilkington in there. He's one of the managers there and is as miserable and dumber then the real one. Wouldn't get any work done there though as they offer a terrible service, mainly due to the Karl Pilkington clone.


Good price. watch out for the expensive add-on of a "filter" at £12.99 or whatever. Usually just clean the debris out of the old one (nerd)

FREE FITTING When You Buy 2 or More Pirelli Tyres at ATS Euromaster
Found 8th Sep 2017Found 8th Sep 2017
FREE FITTING When You Buy 2 or More Pirelli Tyres 04 off 205/55/R16 fully fitted for £195

Most garages charge you for Valve Balance and the disposal of the tyre if you look, and that can cost anywhere from £10-£20. ATS are offering this for free which means you can get Pirelli for the price of some budget and middle of the road tyres. Try and find a cheaper Pirelli somewhere else. I got my two Pirelli for £30 cheaper than Black Circles, Halfords or Kwik Fit. Absolute bargain. Check the full price and you will see!


... but that was not the deal you posted, your claim was that the free fitting bit was a good deal (which it is not particularly). ATS is a perfectly good vendor, but this particular deal is not a hot one - if you just post any old thing it will probably get voted down (unless it is made by Apple Computers).


they push the nitrogen filling option.


I don't think anyone find cheaper pirelli tyres elsewhere.


Already posted Was voted cold last time aswell, but when you actally compare the prices, it is a good deal.

Air Conditioning Recharge at ATS for £28.79
Found 12th Apr 2017Found 12th Apr 2017
40% off, nationwide. Print wed page or book online using code AIRCON40 This offer is valid on an Air Conditioning Recharge purchase made in a single transaction online or in cent… Read more
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Just had it done in Bow, was easy and straightforward. Thanks for posting this.


Interestingly the T&Cs don't have this paragraph in it anymore. They now specifically say that the discount code does not apply to the anti-bacterial treatment, and that it is chargeable at the full rate of £19.99. That would be why the discount code doesn't work on it when you add it to your cart...


Can anyone confirm whether or not this does include the anti-bacterial thing? The offer link specifically mentions that it is extra in the T&Cs... Incidentally the offer URL also says that the offer runs until 30th April, so not sure where the 31st May deadline on here has come from... edit: By confirm I guess I'm asking whether or not they got given the anti-bac thing for free by mistake, or whatever, having only paid for the regas per this deal.


How you did that, mine cost £20, so total price is almost £50?


Cheers, will give them a call.

ATS Euromaster MOT £20.00 with any standard service
LocalLocalFound 28th Jul 2016Found 28th Jul 2016
ATS Euromaster MOT Voucher expires 31/08/16 £20

ATS damaged my bonnet and they told me to get lost. Never again


And queue the "its cheap because they will rip you off comments.". To follow..


these, halfords and kwik fit are stay away from garages :(


Not sure about 'free mots'. I had one with nationwide. Too my old escort there and was given a list with over 20 items to repair. And a estimate of £900. They completely made up stuff like "Rear bumper replacement" the rear bumper had scratched paint work and nothing else Took to the local garage next door. They passed with within 20 mins and all I needed was the headlight reset.


MOT £20.00 with an annual service good deal HOT

Dunlop sport bluresponse tyres 195 65 r15 91H fitted at ATS when buying 2 or more
Found 7th Oct 2015Found 7th Oct 2015
Dunlop sport bluresponse tyres 195 65 r15 91H fitted at ATS for a net price of £39.52 Buy 2 online at £51.99 and get a £10 discount, (works for 4 as well £20 discount) Use TCB to g… Read more
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Good price. Need a couple on my v50. Think these are the size I need so good find op


includes valve , balance and old tyre disposal,


Does fully fitted not include disposal of old tyre, balance or new valve?



Above price cannot include all these discounts - especially gift vouchers !

Air con regas £25 @ ATS
LocalLocalFound 3rd Sep 2015Found 3rd Sep 2015
ATS on Aqueduct Street near Preston city centre is offering air con regas for £25 which is £20 cheaper than what they usually charge. Phone up your local ATS they might be willing … Read more

use code welcome with Groupon for £10 off


if you go through Groupon you get the full bacterial clean and re gas for £22.95 at any ats


I am a month late, will call up 2moro to see if my local branch will still honour this deal


If the compressor hadn't been running for 5 years it's probably seized. the pag oil in the compressor is hydroscopic, with the oil exposed to the atmosphere for so long its no different to soaking the compressor in water. you definitely need to replace the oil and hope the corrosion inside the compressor isn't too bad.


Wouldn't touch with a barge pole had to go through their social media team to get s refund

ATS Air Conditioning Recharge for £29.99
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
I was looking about for a decent company for Aircon and no deals apparent at the moment, only because I'm struggling to get a decent response from a good independant aircon near me… Read more
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Well done for that price Yep good point mate, I have now been educated the difference is chalk and cheese between a proper aircon service - so I'm glad in hindsight I haven't done the ATS. I have a printout confirming the differences etc, my car was getting low on lubricant and did need gas. Highly impressed with the guys I talked about above (Bee Cool) and the knowledge demonstrated about how the aircon works though, I'd happily pay the difference for knowing I'm taking my service to a master tech. I don't mind paying extra as building bridges like that can really count when you need beyond a service (repair) and don't want to be ripped off. I realise now its like having a second engine in the car, you don't disregard your engine every year hopefully, so why let your aircon be treated second rate ? I had a bit of a slight squeak or something audible only on low airflow on max cold, its now gone due to the extra lubricant, probably reached the compressors parts that other aircon service doesn't reach !


Well contrary to my previous post, f1autocentres won't price match ATS. The reason is because f1autocentres fully evacuate, remove all moisture, clean and then refill the system, whereas ATS (for the £29.99 deal) just top it back up to the specified level. Also f1autocentres also say it will be entirely FREE if, after they have done all the necessary work, no improvement in performance can be measured. (but I think that can be very easily done) So f1autocentres will do all that bee cool charge £45 for, for just £39 But for me, they knocked another fiver off that too, so just £34 using discount code COMPA2013 Well pleased with the result.


Well thanks for the advice guys, well in contradiction to my own post, I spent proper money but at a very well recommended place by a very knowledgeable staff. Just down the road from me and wouldn't hesitate to use again, offers aren't everything, sometimes paying money for a good service is worthy and apparently they refer business from places like QF who actually don't really understand A/C and have customers they can't help I had originally planned to try and get it in at Coolcar but didn't manage to get in. These guys I managed to just drive in and have it done following a call to chat what they could do, very impressed.


That doesn't sound right at all. Before recharging, the automatic machine does a vaccuum check. If it can't hold a vaccum, it won't refill (with a material that damages the environment if allowed to escape). You cannot manually force a fill with the automated machines ATS (and most other places) use. If you've lost the refridgerant in just a few weeks, you have a significant issue. ATS are not able to repair faulty Air-Con systems - their website recommends you take your car to the franschised dealer for repair.


Ask f1autocenters to price match if you don't want to use ATS :) (actually I think f1autocentres will even beat the competitors price by a further 10%)

ATS Tyres - Mitchelin 25% off 4 tyres and up to another £100 in fuel vouchers
Found 17th Nov 2014Found 17th Nov 2014
Following my service where I needed 2 new tyres on the front and the 2 on the rear were close I went searching and found this deal If buying 4 Michelin tyres you get 25% off the t… Read more

Well my £70 gift card arrived today, its a Mastercard chip and pin card. Not sure why this went cold, it beat any decent tyre prices for 225 40 18's I had seen on here or anywhere else by about £50 all up.


or... maybe just a maybe. don't use the thieving cowboys of ATS and save pounds.


Had tyres fitted last friday, best to go in store as they always beat online prices but be warned that prices do fluctuate between centres, I have found prices 10% cheaper between two ATS garages 5 miles apart so best speak to manager and they normally come up with the goods


Well it saved me £190 in total and that was Saturday and voucher approved today


Tried ats the other day,waste of time. 2michelins 215/65/16 xl £255 fitted. Kwik fit price £228. Asked about the ats price match they claim to honour. Guess what they wouldnt do it and said go to kwik fit as they couldnt get near the price. Of course buying them online and fitting would have cost a lot less than kwik fit but that wasnt an option at the time for me.

Found 27th Mar 2014Found 27th Mar 2014
MOT £20 Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I went to Kwik Fit last year with a voucher expecting them to fail me. I have a 55 plate KA with rust patches. I had a voucher for a £25 MOT. Not only did it pass with no advisories, it should have failed on the beam angle of the passenger side headlight, but they spent 10 minutes fixing it (for free) and it passed. Some of the rust could have been used as an excuse to fail it by other garages, but they were refreshingly honest.


its at the aldridge branch. noticed it as i was driving past. its always a gamble taking your car for an MOT to anywhere as ive used council sites and they've failed me on really silly things.


Having tried to complain about an MOT before, it's not as easy as just contacting VOSA. They have to inspect the car, which means you cannot drive it until they do. (not because of the failed MOT but because if you use the vehicle then VOSA can't prove you haven't modified the vehicle after the test). Gave up trying to complain about Humphries (part of Quickfit) because it meant not having car for 2 weeks.


I think most people are wary of tyre centres doing mots so many have just popped in for tyres and then been told that their shocks or brake discs/pads are near wearing out and need immediately changing when really there is loads of miles left in them!


Price on website is £35,where did you see £20 ?

Winter special Air-con regas £29.99 @ ATS (normally £44.99)
Found 7th Jan 2014Found 7th Jan 2014
If your unsure if you air con system works you can get a free check done at ats just book yourself in Heres the sales pitch from ATS... Demist your windscreen on cold winter morn… Read more

I'm not correcting you ;) but I thought the same as you, if you look into it a car air-con is slightly different to a fridge. That is a fridge is a sealed unit with solid pipes & no movement/vibration. A car air-con has flexible pipes, rubber seals & is reported to lose up to 10% per year? Having said that there are many who have never had to "top up" there air-con but if you do this is a decent price & as far as I'm aware they can't cock it up as it is the machine that does it, unless they programme the wrong info in? :)


don't take it personally, years ago when I drove a peugeot 106 I'd constantly get "quotes" during services/MOTs for well over the value of the car. The best was an imaginary gasket and as if that wasnt enough, an imaginary oil sump on top, but hey, a discount if they replaced both of the parts that weren't even faulty. Another local garage tested both at length and only charged me for wasted time thankfully. Of course neither had any faults. And this was the main dealer! Oh, and then there was ATS, their best one was £480 for a rear brake cylinder that was leaking, funny enough it stopped leaking and had never been leaking straight afterward. Oh, and the repair should have been £85 too. I'm not sure whether I look stupid or whether they take bets on who can "score the most", but either way, I got sick of it..thankfully eventually found a good garage, albeit a slightly grumpy mechanic but an honest one...


i agree, i feel very vulnerable at any garage ,i prefer to do the work myself but having the stamp and recepts for the work carried out from the stealers does help when coming to sell the car... i find it hard to build trust because they all seem the same and over price everything :( it doesnt help by me bringing in high perfomance and prestige vehicles in everytime lol i am a sitting target for these guys


30 squid is cheap so just go ats they carnt foook it up its plug n play


if not here then could someone recommend a place i can get my ac regassed?im in the walsall area so anywhere around walsall, willenhall, wolverhampton, great barr area...

Air Con recharge £29.99 at ATS Euromaster (£24.99 with voucher)
Found 5th Nov 2013Found 5th Nov 2013
Demist your windscreen on cold winter mornings with no fuss by using your car Air Conditioning system. Here comes the winter and it’s time to make sure your car’s Air Conditioning … Read more
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seems like the voucher has expired , i just come back from ats and they never heard of this deal they said if its on the website book it


Hi Has the voucher expired now? only vouchers for brakes and wheels when i looked



Hi killabyte, be very wary of garages when they say that it will cost *** amount to repair. If its only a pipe that is broken you can usually find part number on pipe and try to source one on the net. You may get away without needing to pay for a genuine part, depending on your model of vehicle. Most time is spent by mechanics removing bumpers, grilles etc and this is time consuming hence the price is plucked from thin air me thinks. You may not need to pay too much if they can access pipe without removing other parts of your car. However if its a broken condenser then you will get hit with a shock!! Hope this helps good luck


I can only go by my own experience with ATS. Took car in for free air con check. Guy hooked up machine but within a few minutes he came over to me in customer waiting area to advise that air con was not holding charge and that there was a leak. As it was a then advertised free air con check i did not need to pay. However ATS informed me that as they only carry out air con checks and recharge of air con systems. I would need to source any repair from alternative qualified air con repair specialist. On another note people should be made aware that if your vehicle is fiitted with air con you should use it regularly every week. I know some people will disagree with me no doubt, But if it is not used regularly then that is when problems can arise with your air con system. My own leak was detected in front of vehicle behind grill. Very expensive things to repair. Again hope this helps thanks

Found 14th Apr 2013Found 14th Apr 2013
ATS CURRENTLY HAVE B1G1HP ( BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE ) on all pirelli and avon tyres. I got 2 x 185/65/15R 88H P6 for £150. looked on black circles and a few other websites and… Read more

on the face of it looks like a good deal. but, the prices in store are much higher than the web prices. So the saving, compared to what you pay online, is small


instore only


Is this instore only as I can't see anything about it online?