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CarParts4Less is an online store devoted to car and van parts. The store offers a wide range of quality vehicle parts for a wide range of vehicle makes and models at highly competitive prices. With over 100,000 products available on the shop inventory, buyers can find what they need and get it shipped to their doorstep quickly and easily. The store functions online and is able to reduce overhead costs so that much of the savings can be passed on to buyers.
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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off Carparts4less
Bank holiday discount code for selected parts. Plus potential 3.2% Quidco cashback.

That's definitely good in your situation. For my personal situation I had 2 advisories for both ball joints but attached to lower arms and don't have the time or tools for knocking them out so I'm in no rush and that's why when I was searching I found Amazon. Was surprised but all good in the end for both of our situations.


I always end up spending more time researching prices than I do fitting the parts XD For what it's worth, I ordered discs and pads last night with free standard delivery and they turned up this morning. Must have been in stock in the local ECP.


I managed to find both front suspension arms for my Clio cheapest on Amazon of all places. QH branded and same were nearly £10 more on autodoc but that's why you should always do a like for like comparison across all outlets. Works for me. Plus if be inclined to pay a few quid extra and get faster delivery as most often the parts are needed for safety and don't have the car off the road for any great length of time. And lastly ecp and cp4l always have codes available and the prices at the end were always the right price. Only daft people pay without the codes. IMHO. Haha.


Just bought 3 Crossland filters Air, Oil and Cabin plus a wheel cleaning brush for a total of £17.31 delivered to my door for free. Great price and I have bought from them before, service is excellent. Yes they always have codes but on a BH they usually up the discount so it is a deal !


Almost every product is excluded so voucher no good.

20% off with code @ CarParts4Less
CarParts4Less 20% off with code excludes tools, accessories & performance parts

Guess it depends what you want as I found carparts4less cheaper than euro for droplinks and rear pads on a 2012 qashqai but went to auto doc because they were the same price for higher quality products


I've just compared price, Euro-Car-Parts are cheaper than CarParts4Less even after using above code.


Picture shows 17% but it is actually 20% as per op title . Just tried and works thanks (y)

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off car parts (with exceptions) - CarParts4less
XMAS SALE: 20% off car parts. Excludes: Performance parts, tools and accessories.

Eh it was another code to use, I'm aware they always have a code for something most weeks :P


Carpartsforless always offer around 15%/20% off mostly all year round. 40%/50% code would be hot.


guess that would be the same as eurocarparts 40% off for xmas? and 40% off because its a day ending in y XD

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% off code (can be used for any car part) @ CarParts4Less
Today, the only discount code on their website is "Brakes20", so only applies for brakes. Spoke to them on the phone, and the code FALL15 gave 15% off my new clutch cable, and see… Read more

Thanks for this as didn't know about those codes, could have saved me about another quid today. Will check those next time. Let's consider any heat here and attention from this deal for that approach.


Sales like DFS (y) 🤪


Pointless posting these as those who are interested get email alerts. Always jack prices just before. The price you pay was always the intended selling price point. Just like sofa sales and others that plague society.

liamions (y)


Yes... The 20% codes work on everything unlike their ‘specials’. Random reg as no clutches for any of my vehicles, code applies fine. Googling ‘carparts4less code’ brings up hundreds/thousands of 20%+ off codes.

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
Flash Sale 20% off car batteries via CarParts4Less
20% off of already discounted car batteries plus 3-5 day free delivery. I've been looking for a car battery for my Lexus, after doing a look around I got a Lion EFB 335 for £115.57… Read more

Sorry I can't be of further help my friend.


Yes I gave that a go too, it was still £50 cheaper with CP4L.


Try code batt50 on ecp. If it's cheaper to start with or just see what price it comes out at with the code I've just said. Or try 5ALXRW5 on ecp. Hopefully it gives you a better price. Good luck. Thumbs up if it gave you a better discount.


FYI Euro and Cp4l are the same company (y)


Shocking that they get away with this, it was only a few days ago i was looking for a battery on car parts 4 less and made a quick note of the prices, now with the discount the prices are £5 - £10 higher then a few days ago (mad)

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off Car Parts with code at carparts4less
27/06/2020 is a very similar site to Eurocarparts, however in 99% of cases I found carparts4less to be cheaper. Eurocarparts make out that they always have a high percenta… Read more

Now expired, code not valid


Thanks for posting and welcome to hotukdeals @yoza88 Heat added, not sure why cold


Despite this going cold, thanks for sharing @yoza88 (y)


As above, most of the time CP4L is cheaper than Euro. Like already mentioned above, they are the same company. Euro is handy if you need a part urgently if there is a store close by. I recently ordered from CP4L because with the discount codes at the time I saved another £16 on top of what I would at Euro. However it seems their orders are getting delayed at the moment as it took 2 weeks to arrive


Carparts4less and Eurocarparts are parts of the same company, hence the same websites, albeit with different branding. Like you say, Eurocarparts tends to have higher initial prices, but can also have higher discounts. I've found sometimes Eurocarparts is cheaper, sometimes Carparts4less depending upon what discounts etc are on offer at the time.

Best CarParts4Less deals from our community

Hand Sanitiser Gel 1L - £15.98 delivered @ CarParts4Less
Posted 4th Jul 2020Posted 4th Jul 2020
Hand Sanitiser Gel 1L - £15.98 delivered @ CarParts4Less£15.58 Free P&P Free
Hand Sanitiser Gel 1LNilco NSG011 Hand Sanitiser Antibacterial Hand Sanitising Gel 1L Nilco Hand Sanitiser is a 70% alcohol-based antibacterial soft gel designed to kill 99.9% of b… Read more

You should post it as deal, 300ml for £1 should go red hot




Search for the seller Klassyk07 (y)


5 litre in makro 4 £22+VAT


£1 sanitising gel 300ml was that in-store? Carex sanitiser gel on B&M website is £3.49 for 300ml, £1 ones are 50ml.

15 litre Trade Quality Martin Cox Black Bucket with Handle - £1.76 + Free DHL delivery. PayPal. 3.15% cashback(TCB)
Posted 8th Jul 2018Posted 8th Jul 2018
15 litre Trade Quality Martin Cox Black Bucket with Handle - £1.76 + Free DHL delivery. PayPal. 3.15% cashback(TCB)£1.76£3.1845% off
Trade Quality Martin Cox Black Bucket with Handle 15litre Black bucket with lip and handle to make transfering liquids easy
Get deal*Get deal*

Bought 11 for national team to stop them spill their tears around.


Yeah the same ones. I've never checked online but they're always a pound in my local Homebase. Try in store if you're after one. If you can't get it, you've always got this deal.


I prefer the Wickes one, it saves water.


Yep, gave up looking for screenwash / screen wash / wash / screen. I've no idea how people find these deals!


Yeah, found the same thing the other day - it's worse than atrocious. More like non-existent - e.g. search for bucket comes up with nothing;: Search tips they give... Make sure your spelling was correctSearch again, but this time with different or fewer wordsLook for more general search terms

Carlube Radiator Sealer - 300ml. Free DHL delivery. PayPal. 3.15% potential cash back TCB £1.17 at Carparts4less
Posted 8th Jul 2018Posted 8th Jul 2018
Carlube Radiator Sealer - 300ml. Free DHL delivery. PayPal. 3.15% potential cash back TCB £1.17 at Carparts4less£1.17£3.9470% off
Carlube Radiator Sealer - 300ml Repairs leaking radiators fast and stays active to seal future leaks. It will also mix with all types of anti freeze. Makes long lasting repair. Con… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Wow. Good info :) I never thought of adjusting the quantity. Useful if you want more than one


July12 worked for 3


I would call this stuff bodgit and legit


If you're scrapping it I will buy it for a tenner :) It's easy to swap out a radiator. Pick one up of eBay for peanuts. If it's your last hope watch some you tube Vids to have the best chance of success. There is a method :)


Grabbed a bottle, steel seal half fixed the job last time and hardly leaks now but if it gets worse I'll put this in. Cars 12 year old and been on borrowed time the last 2 years but it keeps on rolling (y)

Bosch spark plugs at a cheap price. Free delivery. PayPal. £1.80 @ CarParts4Less. Fits Nissan and Toyota but check on the link I've provided
Posted 7th Jul 2018Posted 7th Jul 2018
Bosch spark plugs at a cheap price. Free delivery. PayPal. £1.80 @ CarParts4Less. Fits Nissan and Toyota but check on the link I've provided£1.80
Bosch spark plugs

Wow - this post was only three years old .....


Even on BMWs NGK is the way to go. Sreten said so


Yes I did and I only ever had automated reply that someone would be in touch within 48 hours then another 3 days later asking me to let them know how good there customer service was, I never received a reply to that either lol. Whilst I never expected amazon speed delivery I would expect it within a couple of months especially when they still show the items as being in stock.




Except the 350z/370z and Infiniti's (Nissan equivalent of a Toyota Lexus) are still proper Japanese cars not the Renault (poo)

Sakura Neo Front Pair Black with grey pattern Inc Head Rest. Free delivery. Possible 3.15% cash back TCB. Good reviews at CarPartsForLess £8.21
Posted 7th Jul 2018Posted 7th Jul 2018
Sakura Neo Front Pair Black with grey pattern Inc Head Rest. Free delivery. Possible 3.15% cash back TCB. Good reviews at CarPartsForLess £8.21£8.21
Sakura Neo Front Pair Black with grey pattern Inc Head Rest Neo Front Pair Black with grey pattern inc headrest Front pair Complete with headrest covers Fits all cars

Ordered, good deal :)


Oh ok :o


Good point but this is Great for those who every time a new car deal is posted, claim they bought a 1985 Mercedes 10 years ago and never had a problem with it since.


Check with manufacture if safe to fit if you have side airbags (nerd)


Been waiting for it to drop a little, thanks OP!

Meguiars Water Magnet Drying Towel. Free delivery. Possible 3% cashback(TCB) - £9.29 @ CarParts4Less
Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
Meguiars Water Magnet Drying Towel. Free delivery. Possible 3% cashback(TCB) - £9.29 @ CarParts4Less£9.29
Meguiars Water Magnet Drying Towel Meguiars Water Magnet Drying Towel Gently reduces drying time with no streaks or spots. Saves time - holds more water and requires fewer wring o… Read more

Yeah, I've got one of them as well lol. I keep meaning to get a video up on my YouTube channel to review the Klin. But if your not very tall like me 5ft 6 you might be suited to the medium size, this large is bigger than my drying towel for the shower haha


I do rate Kent's though. But compared to meguiars they're well inferior


They didn't even review meguiars. I think they're paid reviewers


Best Auto Express microfibre cloths and car drying towels 2018 for what its worth......


would you rate it better than the Wooly Mammoth towel?

Autocare GB Sticker. Free delivery
Posted 5th Jul 2018Posted 5th Jul 2018
Autocare GB Sticker. Free delivery£0.53
Autocare GB Sticker Basic GB Sticker required by law when traveling to any EU country. Self adhesive, can be removed with warm soapy water

Lol (lol) If carlsberg did stickers :)


Nice to see a sticker without that sheety ring of yellow stars on a blue background ;)


It must be just me that fines it easy :)


I'm voting heat for the offer for the OP. however their website is an absolute shambles and appalling to use on a phone.


Possible 90% cashback from

Am-Tech 7pc - Car Trim & Body Moulding Removal Set & Free DHL delivery £5.49 CarParts4Less
Posted 5th Jul 2018Posted 5th Jul 2018
Am-Tech 7pc - Car Trim & Body Moulding Removal Set & Free DHL delivery £5.49 CarParts4Less£5.49
Am-Tech 7pc - Car Trim & Body Moulding Removal Set




I use trim panel tools practically every day (lol)


Really? Lol. You most likely use a television daily, much higher investment and littered with technical differences.


Off course it does :) Why doesn't it compare with the TV analogy?

TRIPLE QX Copper Grease 500G Antisieze. Free delivery. PayPal. Possible 3% cashback at Carparts for less £5.70
Posted 4th Jul 2018Posted 4th Jul 2018
TRIPLE QX Copper Grease 500G Antisieze. Free delivery. PayPal. Possible 3% cashback at Carparts for less £5.70£5.70
TRIPLE QX Copper Grease 500G Antisieze Triple QX Multi-Purpose Copper Anti-Seize Grease is a high melting point, lead free copper based assembly compound which forms a dense protec… Read more

Got a text last night saying the grease will be delivered on Friday (today)... That was quick!


Was just looking through my old orders but I may have used guest checkout at the time. It's also worth stocking up on the Normfest brake cleaner for under £1.50 when the right coupon code comes along. They want about a tenner for brake or carb cleaner in Halfrauds!


Give us a link?


I'm sure I bought some of that for under £3 previously


That code doesn't work. Maybe worth waiting til end of month though. They seem to give the "payday" code at the end of every month. That product isn't copper grease though?

Object Dual USB Adaptor. Free delivery. PayPal £2.02 @ Carparts4less
Posted 4th Jul 2018Posted 4th Jul 2018
Object Dual USB Adaptor. Free delivery. PayPal £2.02 @ Carparts4less£2.02
Object Dual USB Adaptor Uniquely small and smart Use for iPhone, iPad and other devices 2 charging ports

Happy days :) I've just got mine as well. Works good?


Result (y) (y) (y)


And mine, even better 2 in package, only bought one?


received mine this morning that was fast....... 8)


Oh boy :(

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