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Protyre is an award-winning tyre, MOT and vehicle servicing company - selling more tyres each year than almost any other brand. Always expanding in size (over 157 centres) but never compromising on service, Protyre sells tyres (and other vehicle products) to suit all vehicles and budgets and can often offer same-day appointments for tyre fittings as well as for MOTs and services. Its MOT test centres are fully certified and competitively priced, especially when you book online. Pay for your car, van or motorcycle service as it falls due or set up a service plan to save you money every year. Browse the merchant pages at hotukdeals and keeping your vehicle safely on the road becomes even cheaper. Pick up a Protyre voucher code for discounted tyres or check your car is roadworthy with a Protyre MOT discount code. How to redeem Protyre vouchers
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Car MOT £22.95 @ Protyre
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Posted 20th Dec 2020Posted 20th Dec 2020
Car MOT £22.95 @ Protyre£22.95
£29.95 to start with, then use MOTCLOUD7 discount code to get £7 off. If you click through TopCashBack - you are also getting 8.5% off that MOT booking - that's additional £1.17 of… Read more

For a tyre company they should at least make an advisory of this especially at winter time or if decent the very minimal give you a heads up, sounds like to me the tester needs his eyes checking. I bet he must love looking at the good old Mazdax-5's with huge rust holes I anticipate pass just surface corrosion ( hole that you can fist pump into👊✊) (excited)


In case anyone is interested, I've just had my second car MOT'd at Protyre Slough using this double discounted deal - less than £22 (TCB + discount code). No problem whatsoever and I was expecting my very near the limit front tyres to be at least an advisory (at this tyre shop mind you!), but no - no upselling at all and no advisories (5 years old car in a good condition). Either I got lucky twice or possibly the Slough branch is actually pretty decent.


The old dears car is 4 year's old with 3000 miles, virtually brand new. I'm tempted to use this, id love them to find something wrong with that car!


Yeah, I'm so sceptical nowadays of this. Luckily I live near a council MOT centre where I feel more confident I won't be ripped off for unnecessary repairs


Well your car passed the MOT at Kwikfit in 2019. The fact you didn't get advisories this time could have happen because of many reasons - anything from indeed a "self repair" (not that uncommon for minor oil leaks) to difference of opinion between inspectors to just your local indy not wanting to waste time and effort to type the advisories into the system. In my 30 odd years of getting my and family members' cars through repairs and MOTs (must be around 100 times) I find chains and dealers as reliable/unreliable as most of my local independent garages. I found 2 consistently reliable places - where key staff has not changed for many, many years, but even then I was often disappointed as some repairs have not been done (I wasn't charched though) or my light interior got dirty with grease or there was mud inside and rotting leaves in my cabin air intake as the car was left under trees in the late autumn for a week. I often come to conclusion that if I want a job done properly end-to-end, I better do it myself. And a higher price does not automatically guarantee receiving better quality of services.

Car Wheel tracking - £24.50 @ Protyre
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Posted 14th Nov 2020Posted 14th Nov 2020LocalLocal
Car Wheel tracking - £24.50 @ Protyre£24.50… Read more

I'm sure the deal is fine. I've just had issues previously with ProTyre. Personally, the better/cheaper garages are the independent local ones (always best to ask around to see people's experiences in the area)


Yes but I’m not too sure what your getting at though I typed wheel alignment in on hot uk deals search bar and all deals were expired so are you saying to not use this site and just use google?


You misunderstand this site. Despite the name, it is a popularity contest. Certain things, whatever the price, get voted cold. Fifa, COD, Joy-Cons, wheel alignment...


Have you heard of a search bar? Type "wheel alignment" into it and see what happens.


Ah ok isn’t this site about helping people save money why not post it! I made a mistake by posting a deal which I thought was good and might help people but now deleted as you know of a better deal why not share it with everyone I don’t get it?

£13 off 2 / £20 off 4 tyres. Up to £80 gift voucher on Goodyear + 11.5% cashback using code @ Protyre
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Posted 1st Nov 2020Posted 1st Nov 2020
£13 off 2 / £20 off 4 tyres. Up to £80 gift voucher on Goodyear + 11.5% cashback using code @ Protyre
Use code SAVOO5 for £20 off 4 tyres or MAWEBTYRE3 for £13 off 2 tyres. Code is listed on topcashback so won't affect the cashback payout. Goodyear tyres of all sizes give a gift … Read more

Greenflag don't. They act as a middleman, taking a cut from the provider. In much the same way that the RAC provides car insurance. And no, it wasn't aimed at you. Just getting bored of people who just expect everything to be laid out for them. Sometimes I expect them to ask for an op to pay for and deliver it as well.


Me too. I suspect we are both TCB Classic members.


I'm hoping, since I wasn't quoted, that that wasn't aimed at me btw. Sadly greenflag only 50p a corner cheaper for my sizes. But thank you, I didn't know they did tyres.


snapped just now


11.5% potential cashback with topcashback ? showing as 5.95%

Protyre Pirelli promotion: 2 Pirelli’s you can get £10 off if under 17” or £20 back if over 18” plus the chance to win an ipad
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Posted 7th Feb 2020Posted 7th Feb 2020
Protyre Pirelli promotion: 2 Pirelli’s you can get £10 off if under 17” or £20 back if over 18” plus the chance to win an ipad
Was shopping for 2 tyres and found that Protyre have a deal if you buy 2 Pirelli’s you can get £10 off if under 17” or £20 back if over 18” plus the chance to win an ipad Theres a… Read more

It is amazing cracker deal code to get £15 off on 2 tyres is MACATYRE15. Please see screenshot. Further more you will get 11.02 Cashback via topcashback, please see picture below: Plus you will get £20 vouchers for Love2Shop which can be spend in 20,000 UK stores like boots and other popular Last but not least don't forget chance to win ipad so amazing deal, thanks to poster :)


Could someone please point me in the right direction for the discount codes op mentions in the post. Did a search but nothing showed. Thanks


6% cash back from Quidco with ProTyre.


I forgot this site was troll central If you buy 2 Pirelli tyres any size 17” or under you can claim the £10 voucher 2 Pirelli tyres 18” or over(any size) you can claim the £20 voucher Im afraid I’ve never seen 17.5” tyres so maybe not for you Hope that’s clearer for you..


Don’t mean to be rude but I don’t think I can fit 18” tyres on my 19” rims ;) The deal he has found for those specific tyres suits his car, not everyone’s car.

2 x GOODYEAR Efficientgrip Performance 205 / 55 R16 91V Fully Fitted 104.98 at ProTyre
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Posted 8th Dec 2019Posted 8th Dec 2019
2 x GOODYEAR Efficientgrip Performance 205 / 55 R16 91V Fully Fitted 104.98 at ProTyre£104.98£119.9813% off
£15 off Any 2 Tyres at Protyre. Found these Goodyears for a good price Rated A in the wet. Other tyres available. Discount code MACATYRE15

Got all 4 tyres changed today at my regular tyre guy who charge £10 per corner, though my rims are just 15". Other tyre places were £15-18 a corner. Goodyears in the rear and Falkens at the front. Nothing to report and only driven a few miles. Although as originals size were a tiny 175/65/15 to now 185/60/15, feel it has better stability and cornering now than before (of course). Hated the old profiles, car manufacturer start that small for my hybrid so the headline MPG is higher. I wanted to go 195/60/15 but already had 2 185s in the shed.


45k that is crazy. Guess it's a hard compound so it not good for braking and wet grip, but still I don't know how u manage to do for 45k with not good braking and wet grip lol. The best I have done was 30k on continentals where it has about 2mm left, having rotated back to front once.


I done 45 on asda tyres haha although very poor bereaking and wet grip


Just for comparison, recently I bought 2x falken tyres with the eBay 20% offer. I have 2x Goodyear EGP XL in the shed bought 4 years ago, the Goodyear feels lighter than the falken. I prefer the weight of the falken more. Will be putting the Goodyear on the back and falken on the front when I visit the tyre man to change all 4.


Run these on a golf (different size). Do 25k per year and really like them, good in wet and dry and I found them to wear slowly (def last circa 25k). Drive mostly country 60mph roads with little town driving and some towing. Would have bought for Mrs car but horrendously priced for her car.

x2 GOODYEAR EfficientGrip Performance [195 / 65 R15 91H] £98.50 fitted w/code @ ProTyre
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Posted 16th Jul 2018Posted 16th Jul 2018
x2 GOODYEAR EfficientGrip Performance [195 / 65 R15 91H] £98.50 fitted w/code @ ProTyre£98.50
Get £13 Off 2 Tyres : Promo Code: MAWEBTYRE3 The WearControl Technology with two different tread compounds offers an optimal balance of low rolling resistance and high grip at wet… Read more



Barum Bravuris - good middle range tyre for £46 at National with DV412 code. You can use this code for other tyres as well. F1 autocentres will be the cheapest for premium brands - like Bridgestones T005 for £51 or Dunlop BlueResponse for £53 after COMPA2015 code


Yeah.. I need 4 x 205/55/17 decent ish tyres please. Many Thanks


Pavel the tyre deal king! You can find me some for 205/55/r16


Ease boy... you can buy Bridgestones T005 for £47 after DV412 code at National - surely close to you

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x2 Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance Tyres 195/65/15 H. £98.84 FITTED +6%tcb + Love2Shop @Protyre
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Posted 4th Mar 2018Posted 4th Mar 2018
x2 Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance Tyres 195/65/15 H. £98.84 FITTED +6%tcb + Love2Shop @Protyre£98.84
2x Goodyear efficientgrip performance tyres 195/65/15 H Fully fitted £98.84 Use code MAWEBTYRE3 Code is £13 off 2 tyres but its taking off £13.50. Add 4 tyres to the basket an… Read more

Received my Love2Shop voucher today. I had forgotten about it so it was an unexpected suprise.


Thanks for this. (highfive) Ordered two Michelin PS4, saving £20-30 (plus any tcb) on the prices available elsewhere and a massive 2p cheaper than I bought a pair for last year. :D


Great, but fitting garages few and far between for me in SE London. Nearest is 16 miles away and over the Dartford Bridge, too far for such a small (relatively) savibng




What's the dB rating? Some of the noise off some tyres is horrendously bad

Goodyear - Efficientgrip Performance - 205/55R16 91W - Summer Tyre (Car) - B/A/68 2 tyres fitted £106.90 @ Pro Tyre
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Posted 16th May 2016Posted 16th May 2016
Goodyear - Efficientgrip Performance - 205/55R16 91W - Summer Tyre (Car) - B/A/68 2 tyres fitted £106.90 @ Pro Tyre£106.90
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 205/55/16 91W - Width: 205, Profile: 55, Rim: 16 - Speed: W, Load: 91 Price included £13.00 discount use this code MAWEBTYRE3

Finally ditched these soft-sided 16" for some 225x45x17 extra load tyres for Mazda 6. A big improvement to body roll / tyre flex. Was sweating a little after having the 225's fitted if they went on but they are fine without spacers. £58.00 each for Avon ZV7's.


6% Quidco as well. Of course using the code may invalidate the cashback but what's to lose?


my old (56 plate) Passat estate was the 2.0 tfsi 205bhp model , I found the Hankook Ventus evo 2 k120 to be a very good tyre with plenty of grip and longevity , that said it was the sport variant with sports suspension so maybe that helped ? . I did suffer badly from wheel spinning but that was partly down to me having the ecu upgraded to 250bhp and of course the fact that it was front wheel drive and my right foot is made of lead !


Confirm the very soft side walls. My passat estate bounces like on a trampoline, but they grip very well in wet and dry. Not good for heavy, estate cars


I have tried both the Dunlop and Goodyear. Dunlop give better grip and handling in the dry. Both excellent grip in the wet. Goodyears seem to have very soft sidewalls and give more body roll but last longer. Just got a set of Avons ZV7 extra load for £62.00 to put on the 17" wheels I have so will see how they fair.

Free fitting on Michelin motorcycle tyres
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Posted 8th Apr 2015Posted 8th Apr 2015
Free fitting on Michelin motorcycle tyres
Purchase various Michelin Polot, Anakee, Commander and other tyres and get a free fitting. See picture for more details. Ends 30th April 2015 Shared Via The HUKD App For Andro… Read more

Looks good. Heated


Not bad, op. Might be worth trying - I always buy my loose motorcycle tyres from them as the price comes down the longer you're prepared to wait. They're usually here within a few days anyway.


This is more of a deal rather than a freebie. Yes, you get something in return, but you would need to buy the tyres from them

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