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RAC are known for their breakdown service primarily. They also offer various other services such as insurance. Founded in 1897 they have a proud history in the motoring industry. Attending around 2.5m breakdowns a year they offer vouchercodes and discounts on their range of services with packages to cater for all.
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-30% Discount
-30% Discount
30% off car data checks using voucher code @ RAC (starts 4th Nov)
Car data checks are normally £20 per check at various websites. RAC is usually only £15.50 per check but with code RACCDC30 you get an extra 30% off as well (or 3 checks for £18.1… Read more

Expired 2013


code not working (4th Nov 7:30 am)


You can authenticate mileage at MOT for free at dvla.com. You need to know the reg no of the car and either the V5C number or the MOT number. This is a further check against outstanding finance, previous crashes, theft, police check etc


Can they check mileage authenticate it etc


What do they check

-40% Discount
-40% Discount
40% off breackdown cover using voucher code @ RAC
I am not sure which category to put this deal, as it is a car deal Get 40% off RAC breakdown cover Quote code TESCAS

Hi, Did the RAC give you the discount, even though you were an old customer?




It may be better to call RAC directly to join, then give them the code before the final bill I am already an existing cutomer of RAC and they sent me a renewal notice for £55, to start on 12th march I got this code from tesco and called RAC and told them that before I can renew, I would like to apply my 40% discount code, which was done over the phone and I would now pay £33 to renew. Say for new customers, but work for me as an old customer It says coupon expires 31/12/12 call RAC on 0800 092 7219 to redeem your coupon


Only for new customers. :(


Just applied online and there is no where to type in code! so telephoned and RAC said that I cannot put voucher codes in when purchasing online as the web price is already discounted at a different rate. So not sure whether the offer is really an offer or whether you dont need to put in a code as already discounted online. Hope you get what I mean :) Anyway, went through Quidco so that could be why....

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
RAC breakdown cover with free £20 shopping voucher

Yeah this deal is more for people who want a guaranteed £20 return and / or don't use cashback sites. Still, you can earn £20 for RAC at ]Top CashBack which is better than Quidco if you want Roadside, solution 1 or 2.


Oh I was planning on going through Quidco! In which case a £21/£40 Quisco would be a much better value.


You don't need to enter any promotional code, just visit http://www.rac.co.uk/web/uk-breakdown/?affinity_name=FS0012 The promotional codes quoted were only if you were ringing for cover.


Where in the application process would you enter the promotion code? I just can't see any space to put the code in.


just what i need,brill find thanx flyingflea

Best RAC deals from our community

50% off Personal Breakdown Cover / EG: 10 mile tow - £5.50 per month for 12 months or £55 for 12 months paid upfront @ RAC
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
50% off Personal Breakdown Cover / EG: 10 mile tow - £5.50 per month for 12 months or £55 for 12 months paid upfront @ RAC£55
10 mile tow - £5.50 per month for 12 months or £55 for 12 months paid upfront. National tow, 2 days alternative transport - £7.50 per month for 12 months or £75 for 12 months paid… Read more

CBC comparebreakdowncover.co.uk/g-uk.aspx?a_aid=ADWORDS&gclid=Cj0KCQjw-LOEBhDCARIsABrC0Tn2NfzvyQK0yNpcQEDJD-6o9z3Xy_CUWojOXPMufdUKgZ6TezXI8OAaAoIEEALw_wcB


Go on MSE do comparison first one that came up for me just got the works for 30 quid


CBC? Who are they or a link please?


I took out the £25 cover that covers everything through CBC for my son, Auto Aid I think it was through CBC. He has a flat battery last week on the drive, we didn't know it was that as it was saying airbag, Someone was with him in 20 minutes, The call centre called after he was sorted to check all was now ok. For £25 it covered everything, home, onward, overnight


10 mile tow?

Flash Sale - 40% Off RAC Personal Breakdown Cover - £42 a Year @ RAC
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Flash Sale - 40% Off RAC Personal Breakdown Cover - £42 a Year @ RAC£42£7040% off
Usually £70 for a years cover, get it for £42 a year saving 40% but hurry as this offer ends at 7am on 30th April! Please vote on the deal and not the service!



Nationwide Flex Plus is £13/month (£156/year) for unlimited breakdown cover including outside your house - with LV - plus mobile phone and worldwide travel insurance. If a joint account it also covers spouse and their car / mobile. Far better vfm for some, even if you are unlikely to need the travel cover (sob)


Compare the market is £120


I think you can get this a bit cheaper if you go via MSE https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/insurance/breakdown-cover/ AutoAid are very spammy though if you decide to leave them. I was getting called every day when my membership lapsed. I had to block their number in the end.


You get what you pay for with RAC who are the cheaper provider, so the best thing to do is haggle with The AA and stay with them for years. If you keep haggling for years the real benefits kick in that they don't tell you about that cost them money like key care, which is key insurance and it is shocking how much new car keys cost. As a new member with The AA you get an App that not only tracks the mechanic to you but also the app acts like a Membership card giving money off restaurants, pubs and service stations as well as discounts things like half-price MOT's. But like I say it is best to stay with them forever and just haggle to get the good stuff. It look like The AA also have a sale on that runs out in 2 days but it is worth visiting them direct for the offers.

Breakdown Cover 50% Off - Standard Cover From just £5 a month for 12 months or £50 for 12 months upfront @ RAC
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Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Breakdown Cover 50% Off - Standard Cover From just £5 a month for 12 months or £50 for 12 months upfront @ RAC£50
Ends 07/04/21, 7am.

RAC are useless today. there’s a reason why they are doing these SALES. because the existing customers they let down have left!


I wouldn't go back to the RAC in a month of Sundays!... But that's just me😁


Yes got one last year can't remember how much for me and the wife but somewhere around 100 to maybe 110 for personal cover


It’s just 1 of the many discount deals they have,think about 4 different deals running at the moment just depends what suits and of course in 12 months will go full price so don’t Auto renew.


Cheers! Looks like 40% off personal cover. Where is this from?

Vehicle Breakdown - 50% off Single Vehicle Cover - From £5pm x 12 months - £60 - New Customers @ RAC
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Vehicle Breakdown - 50% off Single Vehicle Cover - From £5pm x 12 months - £60 - New Customers @ RAC£60
For anyone looking to change or renew car breakdown cover, RAC currently have a 50% off single vehicle based cover offer available. Standard cover down from £10 to £5 Advanced co… Read more

Ok, thanks. Haven't done anything with it yet as wanted to compare. Happy for you to post as a new deal, as you recognised it as such, I'm just clicking links XD


@Monaco.Blue the RAC discount that is current ongoing is 50% off for personal cover whereas this deal was 50% per vehicle. Feel free to create a new post and ensure you mention cashback with Quidco


Seems to still be live. Thanks OP.


They can't as the world is always changing. Too many factors and anyone who believes they can make it in whatever time with no SLA in place is dreaming.


I expect them to stick to the time they say over the phone. It is a shame they never do.

RAC 50% off (Invite 28th/For All 29th till 4th of Feb) - from £45 per Year or £4.50 per month (12 months - £54)
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Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
RAC 50% off (Invite 28th/For All 29th till 4th of Feb) - from £45 per Year or £4.50 per month (12 months - £54)£45
Sign up link https://www.facebook.com/40699066369/posts/10157848673521370/ RAC Early Bird Offer How to get access to Early Bird Offer: To gain early access to our sale, you ar… Read more

Same here. Cancelled AA cover and planning to buy RAC cover. At the moment personal cover price is reduced by 50%. If unlimited tow is included, does it cover all passengers travelling with policy holder?


Just cancelled my AA cover, which was £18 for roadside cover. Now got RAC Ultimate for £10 a month. Happy with that.


Sorry had to delete my comment as HDUK stopped me from listing the deal and mentioning the merchant.


Thanks. Get 40% off with top cashback as well.


Hi this does not work for me. I just get the rac t and c landing page from both links and from clicking the sign up bottom on Facebook. Not sure why it's so difficult to access

Half Price Break Down Cover from £45 per Year or £4.50 per month (12 months - £54) @ RAC
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Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Half Price Break Down Cover from £45 per Year or £4.50 per month (12 months - £54) @ RAC£45
You can get half price monthly breakdown cover on their site. You can pick whether you want the basic cover for £4.50 per month or the advanced for £7.50 both covers half price.

Sorry I meant no annual contract so it won't auto renew at the end of 12 months and more flexible for payments. So you know when the price goes up it won't auto renew.


Are you 100% sure you can cancel it anytime and don't have to pay the remaining 12 months charge? I've searched but can seem to find any rules. What about if you made a claim, I assume you would definitely need to pay remaining 12 months then?


Thanks heat added, covered my 15 year old car for £7.50 per month no contract. (y)


111 pounds Advance cover for 2 cars /15 months/ . Thanks


£45 would be for the whole year upfront :) On the packages page at the top you can switch from monthly to annual. You should then have the option for £45 (ninja)

RAC Breakdown Personal Cover £50/year or £5/month
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Posted 31st Dec 2020Posted 31st Dec 2020
RAC Breakdown Personal Cover £50/year or £5/month£50
RAC Breakdown Personal Cover £50/year or £5/month This is for the standard package. The advanced is also worth it at £80/year or £8/month You can add extra drivers for £36 extr… Read more

What’s the person in the picture located in the description doing?


Battery cover is £36 extra. Given a significant number of faults are electrical Please bear this in mind


True, they and their contractor left me stranded 60 miles from home for a couple of days after my car was wiped out by a flood, good job i was at my sisters so had a bed to sleep in.


Be aware that they have no complaints process - the one person is judge and jury. RAC will refer you to Financial Ombudsman but they fully know that it only covers financial not the breakdown part of RAC RAC are a law onto themselves and there is no escalation or independent body with regards their complaints. - tried FO and even the Motor Ombudsman and none covers breakdown complaints.


Great deal thanks.

RAC Half Price Break Down Cover from £45 per Year / £4.50 per month
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Posted 18th Dec 2020Posted 18th Dec 2020
RAC Half Price Break Down Cover from £45 per Year / £4.50 per month£45
RAC Break Down Cover from £45 per Year / £4.50 per month Not sure if its any better than than the recent AA Breakdown Cover deal on here!

Yeh. I'm aware of some horror stories, as well as good ones. I only took out RAC for the sake of family/young children. Otherwise I hate paying for nothing. Especially fraud concepts like insurance


It's £45 annually.


Already done....They do not realy care...you are paying for NOTHING, pal...


Damn. Bunch of crooks. Leave a trust pilot review. I'm with RAVC, but haven't used them


Broke down 80mi away from home. Called RAC, chap came in 70 minutes (thats quick enough tbh) Connected scanner and told me - injector fault. His own words `good news: local garage (RAC Approved) can fix it straight away and you will be back on a road. Bad news - £412(!) Seriously?? I thought I need to speak to that garage, so I drove there (he was driving behind me) as it was 3mi away. The guy in garage said £512, not £412 to fix this (!!!) they were chatting like best friends. Thats very suspicious. The brand new injector cost £250 max in the shop... My local garage charged £45 for labour. sooo.... Told him to take my car home. His face has changed dramatically, as he did not want to tow my car 80mi..... for sure. Do you think this is the end? Oh no.... I had 3 passengers so was told that due to COVID19 he can not carry passengers so I had to call RAC to organise something. They said they will call taxi and Despatch team will be in touch with me shortly. So we stayed there and waited. 1.5hrs later I rang for an update and was told that the car was dispatched 30 min ago and I need to wait for a call. 1hr later I have received a call from the chap asking where is my car.... When I told him that my car is on the way to my home, and he just need to take 4 people home, he said he cam just to collect my car(!) not people and said that he is busy somewhere else and put the phone down. When I rang the office again, they said I need to wait. So I rang my sister and asked her to pick us up. Taxi from RAC never came!!!!! What I am paying for, my dear RAC Team?!?!?!

3 month free RAC breakdown cover for Shell Go+ Customers - offer requires you to make 12 consecutive payments at full price (total 15mths)
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Posted 3rd Dec 2020Posted 3rd Dec 2020
3 month free RAC breakdown cover for Shell Go+ Customers - offer requires you to make 12 consecutive payments at full price (total 15mths)
Terms and conditions 1. 3 months free available on all cover levels including breakdown extras. 2. Offer ends 31.12.20. 3. You must purchase RAC breakdown cover online direct from … Read more

suggestions are appreciated


I'm sure they can do better than this, and maybe they will will. If no, there are alternatives.

RAC Sale - From £4.50pm (Roadside + home 3 callouts £54) / £7.50pm advanced (Unlimited callouts £90) With annual payments of £45/£75/£110
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Posted 26th Nov 2020Posted 26th Nov 2020
RAC Sale - From £4.50pm (Roadside + home 3 callouts £54) / £7.50pm advanced (Unlimited callouts £90) With annual payments of £45/£75/£110£90
RAC black Friday sale! Yes might not be for everyone but pretty decent deal Savings if paid annually.. To say most insurance use it and same level of cover cost you £100 for unli… Read more

Probably not because I was looking at RAC Breakdown on the clubcard site recently and it only offered Personal Cover for someone driving any vehicle whereas this offer covers a specific named vehicle.


Anyone know if you can you combine these deals with clubcard vouchers?


Yearly costs

Newest RAC Discount Codes:

DiscountRAC Discount DetailsExpires
% off20% off voucher at RACShop.co.uk10/12/2018
10%10% off RAC Travel Insurance24/07/2016
30%30% off car data checks using voucher code @ RAC (starts 4th Nov)14/11/2014
£35Free £35 Amazon Voucher with RAC Personal Breakdown Cover using voucher code @ RAC2/09/2014
30%30% discount on RAC membership using telephone voucher code2/08/2012