Kwik Fit discount codes

Kwik Fit Discount Codes

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Kwik Fit is a market leader in the UK when it comes to MOT testing, car servicing and repair. The company regularly publishes online discounts and promotional codes in order to save its customers money on a range of products and services. At HotUKDeals, we collect and display the best of these deals on our dedicated Kwik Fit page. How to redeem Kwik Fit vouchers

All Kwik Fit Voucher & Promo Codes for June 2019

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Free Express Fitting with Purchases of 1 Or More Tyres with code @ Kwik Fit
T&Cs: The discount applies only to the express fitting charge and this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.… Read more

Yeehaw Send in the cowboys.

£5 off MOT bookings at Kwik Fit
Just booked my annual MOT and found this code. Unsure if it has an expiry date but if it helps someone, then use away. Quick update: my car passed with only two advisories so it j… Read more

I didn't say that. I said "I'm 100% certain than if Kwik Fit no longer had an MOT license, customers would go elsewhere for their compulsory MOT"


You said "I'm 100% certain than if Kwik Fit no longer had an MOT license" but I had one done the other day so they do...




well I had an MOT today so that's not right


Quick update: my car passed with only two advisories so it just goes to show that not all of them are out to fleece their customers

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10% Off Pirelli Tyres (Minimum Purchase of 2) at Kwik Fit
Kwik Fit are having a one day sale on all Pirelli tyres. Use this code at checkout to get 10% off your tyre purchase. Online Only. A 205/55/16/H Cinturato P7 comes out at £63.85

They put price up by more than 10% since my last check.


Even at discounted price you can get them way cheaper elsewhere. Just first serch: And don't let your car out of sight at their garages.. ;)


Go in for a couple of tyres and come out with all new suspension and balljoints!

10% off Goodyear, Pirelli & Michelin Tyres (When Purchasing 2 or More)
Whilst it's not as good as the 20% off from November 2018, but it’s still a saving if you're about to buy some tyres imminently.

They have been like that for decades, nothing has changed you will get the same stories in every kwikfit thread and any forum. They once tried to tell a family member they needed a new cat, theirs was faulty car didn’t even have a cat and they were dog people as well :)


Had that once having a car service with them. Received a call from them saying my brake pads are worn and needs replacing. Funny thing was that I replaced the pads literally the week before the service, when I told him that, he just said it's ok then.


I wouldn’t let anyone at Kwikfit near my car


Went to one in Reading for “discounted” MOT. Everything was fine, except for (guess what?) Tyres. The chap did me a “favour” by not failing my car as long as I agree to change the tyres immediately while it’s up there. Said that way it won’t show up on my MOT history. little did I know about the scam and agreed. They changed it with the most expensive tyres as I did not know better. Most costly tyre change I ever had. Now that I have a few white hair and know a lot more about cars, I can’t believe I fell for it. Never going to KwikFit ever again. There is no such thing as a discount with them. They will find out a hundred other ways to make up for it


It’s like all garages everywhere, though. I use the one in Northallerton and they’re spot on, they have a great work ethic and will take you out to the car to show you any issues they’ve found. They take pride in their service and never force me to buy anything at all. I’d rather they found stuff that needs work so I can make an informed decision to keep my car running. It’s unfortunate you’ve had issues with the one near you, though.

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10% off service at Kwikfit
Just booked my service and the code took it down from £180 to £162.

Rather service it myself


10% off but we'll try and push you into having an extra 50% of work done that was never actually required


I had trouble with wheel balance and vibration on one of my cars. They told me it was the shock absorbers as balancing the wheels didn't fix the problem. I took it to another place and the wheel balance was miles out. They hadn't even taken the old weights off the wheels before checking the balance. Only interested in picking fault with your car and charging extra. Ask around locally for a good independent garage and stick with them.


Mechanics at my local KF have assessed my car and advised me on what to do on so many occassions.. FOR FREE. I appreciate that some branches try to sell as many products as they can, this is legal but not so morally correct. 10% off service is reasonable good until someone comes to us with a 15% discount code. None of the cold voters told us what the alternative to KW would be. Thanks to all voters!


Another company Im surprised still not Closed and gone into Receivership... Would not use these Clowns even if it was 90% Discount....

20% off premium tyres at Kwik-Fit when you buy 4, 10% (BFKF10) when you buy 2.
20% off premium tyres at Kwik-Fit when you buy 4, 10% (BFKF10) when you buy 2. Haven't seen more than 10% on tyres for over an year on any retailer. Other offers too.

Kwik-Fit worked out to be a fraction cheaper - by 11 quid (including free brake check and Hunter will alignment check). However, it depends what tyre size you need - give it a go and compare the end prices


Are the prices higher than tyresonthedrive?


Yes on quidco.


ahh bummer, that in the T&C for kwik fit purchases?


Just a caution, Quidco may not pay as voucher has been used.

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10% off 2 or more pirelli tyres plus 8% quidco @ Kwik Fit
18% off pirelli tyres until midnight tonight

Drops the mike


I'm a pedant that knows better than to give KwikFit any more of my money. While not being enough of a braggart to try show my earnings off. Ignoring the error in your maths, cashback is never guaranteed. £40k a year tax free income, that's not easy to come by. Normally requires, tax free residence somewhere, a lottery win for life, cash in hand income or benefits. Don't worry you don't need to spoil us. You've done so much already.


Fair play but they have to pay Voucher10% off two or more Pirelli tyres (includes mobile tyre fitting) + up to 8% cashback Voucher terms and conditions | Expires in 2 hours


I spent over 400 quid on tyres at quick (poo) and they never paid out on quidco never again cold for me.


10% off with a further ‘possible’ 8% is not an 18% saving. It is a guaranteed 10% with a possible 8% off the 90% after the 10% End result you could save Upto 17.2%

10% off MOT and service at Kwik Fit
Found in groupon 10% off a combined MOT. And service at Kwik Fit

Been in the motor trade for 20 years now, and there is one thing that EVERYONE needs to know, NEVER trust Kwikfit with your car, they will do the job properly, but also tell you that things need doing that really don't, their MO is usually ripped off OAPs and women customers who don't necessarily know what they are looking at. To work at that place you need to be a crook to be able to sleep at night knowing that you sold someone stuff they really didnt need just to earn a bit of extra cash in commission.


Tell them they don't need discount code to advertise, just be honest with MOT and service and they will win customers


Just to show the discount does work

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£5 Off MOT Bookings (possible MOT for £20) - Kwik Fit
Use this promo code at Kwik Fit to get £5 off MOT bookings. i have booked mine for £20! PLEASE NOTE: this is a MOT voucher code! YES Kwik-Fit will charge you £150 for a new set… Read more

Agree. Bad experience with a similar offer at Kwik fit. They wanted £400 for extra work. Refused, took to a local garage who passed the car without issues.


I have to go along with everybody, wouldn’t trust my car with Kwik Fit, I now go to my local garage after being ripped off by this company.


About 20 years ago I took my old Astra to a Hyundai dealer where the NHS Hospital I worked at had an account. Failed on three shock absorbers but they said best to do all four and bring it any day the next week - obviously got no work on that week. I asked the cost and totted it up mentally to over £300 without VAT. A mechanic friend took it to Dagenham Motors next day and it sailed through and the Ford tester said they were a bit soft but not an MOT failure. It cost £20 for the mechanic friend and another MOT Test fee but It passed for the next 4 years before it got stolen and burnt out. I asked at Kwik Fit and they would do all four shocks for £100 with 3 years warranty on them. I'm not a Kwik Fit fan but it's not just them who are at it.


agree, biggest con artist around.


Went there once. Saw a guy squirting oil on to front suspension from a can as I walked past workshop. Guess what they failed it on? Never, ever, again.

£5 Off MOT Service at Kwik Fit
£5 Off MOT Service at Kwik Fit

They once asked for £27 for a headlight bulb replacement, other side it wouldn't pass the mot. Luckily, I happened to know the manager and he told me to grab one from the petrol station across the road and fitted for free. Their sales pitch is plainly to ask for the maximum (extortionate) price and when the client says no, then they offer a lesser extortionate price thinking to they've had a good price. I was in waiting in the room listening to the garbage that they were coming out with other customers.


failed because of bulbs ( my fault!!) once , and nearly failed because of emissions ( wife car wasn't used much and there was a lot o built in crap in the engine!), the other 6 or 7 times no issues.


now now .... you understand that this is a MOT voucher code, that probably will give you MOT check for £20. Regardless if miss Britney from you local Kwik Fit wants to charge you £500 to change your broken bulbs, that failed your MOT, and £1500 for a set of 4 new tyres, because they under the legal limit..... the MOT check still £20 !!! :p


Wouldn't touch them.


did your car always pass? or did it need tyres every time lol good luck

5% off MOT/ Service Combined From Monday 9th till 15th with voucher @ Kwik Fit
Enter the code at the checkout from monday

Suppose like everything here it's subjective. I personally have experienced driving out of KwikFit with a 1/2 price failed MOT driven straight to council test centre and passed. Taken to my own mechanic for follow up and the part they failed was fine. They are told to try to find things. End of the day the MOST certificate costs them the full price. They offer the half in the hope of making money on the other work. If you know you've no chance of failure it's worth a punt but wouldn't risk it myself.


Totally agree. i have today been to KF and can't complain at all . everything was done within good time and only cost me £25 for MOT. excellent job done. free coffe too. i am one happy customer


MOTed my fiancee Fiat 500 at Kwik fit last week couldn't complain at all. Very prompt and very good value. Not sure what you are on about.


The list of things they will say you need will far out weigh the 5% saving. Best place for an MOT is your council testing station. They only care about vehicle safety not parts Vs profit.


5% is ok but your paying for a bad MOT, ive seen cars come from MOT's/services from kwik fit and theyres still parts hanging off, so if they dont give you a dodgy ticket they will screw you over for something else, be aware.

MOT in Kwikfit for £20 with code
INSTRUCTIONS: Did my MOT in Kwikfit for 20£ last week. They are running half price MOT in their website for 27£. Use the code 5MOTFEB2 for 5£ off. Use topcashback for further 2£… Read more



​Lol the sensor needs cleaned as it keeps going on and off, had to replace one of the sensors last year, get new tyres every year for mot these ones have had less than 5k on them


​ or blackcircle the cheapest you can find on the Internet, I bought mine 235 40 18 r ( not a cheap tyre) for 40 quid each, landsail, a good brand, B wet grip B in consumption and 68 db noise...


You wont get better than a Kwikfit fitter, there the boys to trust! ....


Dodgy brakes and worn tyres, glad you don't live anywhere near me. :)

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More Info
10% off Combined Service and MOT Bookings at Kwik Fit
INSTRUCTIONS: Ends Sunday 8th January. Terms and Conditions Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer One per person. APPLIES TO: Service & MOT

Absolutely despise this. I really hope they were being honest and not just trying to make a quick buck. Thanks for the info though, it's worth noting! I don't use them myself, I just thought this deal would be handy for others.


Have always found Kwik Fit to find extra work when I've gone to them for an MOT. a favourite of theirs seems to be headlight alignment. Something they can easily do and charge an extra £19.99 for to carry out there and then. Might just be unlucky, but have had this twice with the over the years,

10% off MOT using voucher code @ Kwikfit
INSTRUCTIONS: Use code @ Checkout

Also don't forget Quidco £1.94 cash back on top. Used it and got no hassle from Kwikfit to buy anything else.

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Free Bluetooth SpeakerSave at Kwik Fit with Free Bluetooth Speaker with 2 or More Pirelli Tyre Orders30/06/2019
% offFree Express Fitting with Purchases of 1 Or More Tyres with code @ Kwik Fit22/05/2019
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10%10% Off Pirelli Tyres (Minimum Purchase of 2) at Kwik Fit14/03/2019