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National Tyres and Autocare is one of the country’s leading independent tyre and autocare specialist. Visit the online store to know more about the special deals, 2 for 1 offers and discounts you can use to buy tyres online. Simply enter your registration number, car make and model or search by tyre brand. The store not only offers access to tyres for cars, vans, 4x4, exhausts, batteries and more, but also to over a 1000 tyre fitters and 22 tyre centres.

All National Tyres and Autocare Voucher & Promo Codes for September 2020

National Tyres and Autocare - Front Wheel Alignment 50% off (£15 final unbeatable price)
Hi, just wanted to share with you National Tyres and Autocare - Front Wheel Alignment 50% off (£15 final unbeatable price) voucher as I used it yesterday after small suspension rep… Read more

I hope you gave the silly sod a right ear bashing


Just took my car for front wheel alignment, Guy came to me looking very worried and said you have only 2-3 mm left on your Front and rear tyres, You need all four new tyres. it is illegal. you will get three points, shall I order new tyres :D :o (popcorn) He looked unimpressed with my flat face look (nerd) . Car Just had proper MOT and all four premium tyres have plenty left. Mercedes normally require alignment frequently but already feeling this was waste of money.


Oh hell no! Or kiwik fit or ATS.......


Did you work in my local Halfords mate?


Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! TERROR Please be aware. They don't have a clue what they are doing. Very bad service. Stay away guys

50% Off - Front Wheel Alignment only £15 using code @ National Tyres and Autocare
Usually £30 but only £15 with this code. If your car wants to pull anything other than straight its worth it because for the tyre replacement savings and its just all round nicer t… Read more

you after becarefull with national tyres and kwik fit i heard stories where they lie about stuff need doing thats why i stick to known side garages that have decent reviews unless if i got the correct tools to do the work myself


Something like that.


Audi or something? (lol)


Went for my alignment this morning and got a refund because they said they can't do the front wheel alignment on my car and it has to be all 4 wheels. On top of that, they said the front arms have to be replaced before they are able to do the alignment. Also advised to replace rear tyres. Total cost would be over £1600. My car is worth about £1300. Lol


Tesco car park (well, some of them are flat...)

50% Off Front Wheel Alignment Bookings at National Tyres and Autocare
enter code - DVHPWA.

Just took my car for front wheel alignment, Guy came to me looking very worried and said you have only 2-3 mm left on your Front and rear tyres, You need all four new tyres. it is illegal you will get three points, shall I order new tyres :D :o (popcorn) He looked unimpressed with my flat face look (nerd) . Car Just had proper MOT and all four premium tyres have plenty left. Mercedes normally go require alignment frequently but already feeling this was waste of money.


Done about 6 months ago, everything was fine with no other issues. On bmw 4 series which just had health check from bmw few days ago. So cant be all bad


So if you hit a pothole every week, you are going to get the alignment done every week? If so, you're in for very expensive motoring my friend. Sure if it's such a deep and obvious pothole that you think you need to get it done feel free to spend your money. Depending on where you live, most potholes are not that bad and if you watch the road you can avoid a lot. I rarely need to get it done outside of the annual MOT.


Oh yeah all you need is to hit pothole week after MOT that changes camber/toe setup and then what? Waiting for next year's Mot...?


A tip. When you are getting your MOT done, get a wheel alignment done then. You will be fine for the rest of the year.

1/2 price MOT (£27.42) @ National Tyre & Autocentres
Voucher code to get 50% off nationally, use DV382 at checkout to get the discount Topcashback Tracks at £1.05 also :)

For the 'emissions' issue, you should warm up your vehicle and run on motorway at least 20 min before MOT test.


my experience, I always bought halford auto free MOT voucher or half price £17 in the past. free MOT £0! My golf and vw passat both are 10 years old with good service. very smoothly pass without any problem. I understand this business model will try best to find out any possible issue during MOT test, but your car is good, they can not say it is bad. Because any MOT test is a legal file, you can appeal if they make mistake. I enjoy this business model, because they will test my car with the highest standard. That is safe for me and other road user, save MOT test money for me as well.


Not so in the first case, as it's a garage I used all the time who usually had my business, I was simply trying to save £25 by putting the car through an MOT I thought it would pass. I was told "the lads will try and help a car through by warming it up first, give it some revs to clear any crud from the system, and in the case of a sticking brake, pump them to see if it frees it off". She did however suggest I could do this myself to try and aid the cause, so I did. Their opinion was that where they would try and coax a car through MOT on borderline emissions or suchlike, many MOT test stations would simply put the reader in the exhaust and take the readings with the car ticking over. As receptionist (and joint owner/wife of the boss mechanic) she has been there for years so I have no reason to doubt this. But yes, on things like lights, brake pads/discs, exhaust, tyres etc you'd have a fail anyway. The issue I've seen a few times though is stuff being made advisory, and over egged as needing doing, that another garage has looked at and said "you are fine for a good few thousand miles, and on your mileage you should be good to the next MOT".


I take your point but please appreciate in both cases these were genuine MOT fails though... the remediation is a different story but regardless of what garage you take it to it these would have failed on first pass. Also the fact you went to a competing garage after failing an MOT meant you got preferential treatment since they were trying to show the garage up and win over your long term business. If you went to your local garage first and then Halfords or National I expect you would get exactly the same thing People see it the way they want to see it which takes me back to my original statement (angel)


Two examples. 1. I took my car to Halfords as had voucher for cheap MOT. They failed it on several things including emissions - "could be lambda sensor, could be several things... If we examine it it's a £50 charge to diagnose what it is". Told also a brake binding. Took to usual local garage, explained what had happened. They told me to give it a good run around the bypass and pump the brakes a bit. Result? Emissions fine and no binding brake. 2. Friend took his to National last week for this offer. Failed on a £20 rubber boot but told it could end up as a £200-250 job as a pig to get off and could need new track rod end. Lots of sucking of teeth. Took for second opinion, decent local garage, said should just be able to change, but worst case was a lower quote by £50.

Front wheel Alignment 50% Off £15 at National Tyres and Autocare
Front wheel Alignment 50% 15£

Clicked the link and very simple to book and pay for ..tyres and alignment on Saturday.🤞 Turned up at 8.30 and the team was very prompt and quick and very pleased with the service . Would recommend


Got it last time, useless at Bournemouth branch, had to go somewhere else to do it again, don't waste your money if you are in Bournemouth area


Have a horror story about the Cambridge branch, but the Peterborough lot are fine. All the work I've had done there has been solid.


Agree with comments. They did mine years ago and car went through a pair of Michellin's within 13 months (usually 18-24 months). Completely off centre when I had it re-aligned the next year and definitely wasn't down to kerbs or pot holes.


I won’t use them anymore. Wheel never on centre when they finish. The voucher has been on the website for years.

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5% off ALL tyres @ National Tyres
Why not

Just to let you guys know that RT5ALL still works! (19/8/20)


TYRE5 working (4/8/2020) to give 5%


Just worked for me 5% off total 27/7/20


Seems to be working now. Cheers!



10% OFF all Bridgestone, Pirelli and Sailun tyres with voucher Code @ National Tyres and Autocare
Enter the code at the checkout Valid from: Today Expires: Sunday 1st December
50% Off - Front Wheel Alignment only £15 using code @ National Tyres and Autocare
50% off front wheel alignment making it £15!

Still valid 22/2/2020


Gah, a hot GB deal, we don't have them in N. Ireland 😞


Good deal. The front wheel alignment service should also straighten out the steering wheel so its level when going in a straight line.


I'm at kwik-fit now and price for adjustment is 74.99£. National tyres are next door and they will do for 15£


Don't forget Kwak Fit will also tell you things that they found dangerous and wrong with your car then offer to replace them for you be it tyres, coil springs or the fact that your shock absorbers are leaking WD40...allegedly.

50% Off Front Wheel Aligment @ National Tyres
Had some tyres fitted at Kwik Fit and they suggested that I should get my alignment done and would cost £40, checked online and found this from National Tyres for a fraction at £15… Read more

I agree with the rest of the negative comments about their wheel alignment service, a few years ago I took my car in for an alignment after a new steering rack had been fit by a local garage, it left the alignment a right mess and they didn't have the equipment to put it right. Kwik fit wanted £50 for the job which I thought was steep so I took it to national tyres since they quoted £20. Their mechanic did improve the alignment greatly as if I recall I was holding the wheel 45 degree off center to steer straight, but after multiple attempts they couldn't get it right, ended up being around 10 degree out which was much better but still wound up taking it to kwik fit for it to be done correctly.


A lot of their sites only offer four wheel alignment now and they won't do two wheel only for some reason.


Do yourself a favour, save your money and book into somewhere else. I had a problem with my tracking to the point i took it back three times after they had done it. Said there was nothing else they could do. Took it to Tanvic and they sorted it, simply by doing it properly. I avoid national at all costs.


Had this done TWICE on my car as they cocked the first time up. I only had it done as a precaution after new tyres! The car still pulls to one side AFTER they aligned it... Was fine before!


Thanks for posting (y)

10% off tyres at National Tyres
Voucher codes gives 10% off any tyres at National Tyres.

Code invalid - new code DV492 for 5% off


Heat added (y)


They’re good if you’re skint and want to spread the payments though


One bad experience doesn’t make all of them bad, the one I use always give first class service show me before and after tracking readings always offer me the old parts they replace so just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean you should label them all cowboys


Look ppl , tyres are simple . Blackcircles and camskills Google both compare price uni royal rain sports 3 (run flat optional ) . Get them fitted at local garage for small cost . (Should get your tacking checked at this point as well )

5% off all tyres @ national tyres
Found an old code from 2018 that's still working, use TYRE5 in the promo code box at checkout

Still working!


Must be a 10% or 15% code out there for tyres?


TYRE5 working for me. I've compared a few online and National are cheaper than the others. That is before the 5% discount and Quidco. Thanks OP Also DV127 works if you need your front tracking done for half price £14.95.


Wasn't it 10% off a few weeks back.


You can get some really good prices coupled with 3 interest free payments can make them unbeatable!

10% off tyres for private cars when you buy online @ National
Enter the code at checkout to get 10% off all tyres at National Tyres and Autocare. Says on the card Valid until 28/02/13, but I just tried and it still works!

Yeah just seen it's expired, damn, should have bought mine in advance


used it on monday, got it fitted today, turns out I also need another tyre, code now expired :-(


Wonder if they've put the prices up. I've been monitoring four new Avons for my MR2 and I'm sure it's been at the £260 mark (with the 5% off code on their site). Admittedly haven't looked since late Nov. Using this 10% one, it works out as near as damnit £260.


thats good to know. i just ordered 2 autogreens for the front. £136 for 2 runflats with the discount it was £125 for the both fitted. was in national auto earlier and they said the cheapest runflats for my car was £125/tyre.. hmmm i dont think so! these ones were b rating for wet tho not a


I'd like to recommend Autogreen tyres along with this offer. Not a sexy name but dirt cheap and fantastic performance. I got a full set for my Merc, fitted at home for £140 - 'a' rating for wet and very quiet at 68db.

Festive Holiday Savings at National Tyres and Autocare. Extra 10% OFF selected tyres
10% OFF Avon, Bridgestone, Pirelli and Sailun tyres exclusive to online purchases. Use code JINGLE10 at checkout. HURRY! Offer ends MIDNIGHT Monday 31st December 2018.

Because Blackcircles and TyreShopper are better and cheaper. The 10% offer only covers about 3 brands of tyres most are not interested in.


Good find. (y) 🏻


feeling cold!


Shame Michelin wasn't included...need a new front tyre 225 55 17 Y soon...


Not sure why this is Freezing National are a quality firm good prices and sound knowledge unlike kwikfit which are full of Muppets (stay clear if you have tpms on your car)

20 % off brake repairs @ National Tyres and Autocare
20% off brake repairs at national tyres.

Rear Brake pads and discs plus sensor =£330 - 20% = £250.40p, done same say as check and all dealt with well. I knew they needed doing. I'd say that was a good price as compared to dealer.


Used the Wembley branch a few times in past few years and good service. Used the one in Ealing several years ago for oil change. The mechanic forgot to tighten sump plug nut and when confronted said this was caused by vibration when another garage changed the tyres. That idiot mechanic left and were replaced by good staff who knew their stuff. The company is ok. As usual it's just the minority that let it down.


Shocking company, very surprised they are still in business!!


I 've used them a few times in great yarmouth they have great service, friendly,quick, convenient, great prices although these vouchers are always available to print off online. Each branch will probably give different service quality, depends on the employees.


Took my car there. Done a great job! It wasn't their fault (apparently) that they forgot to tighten-up the calliper retaining bolt! So when I went through a puddle it pushed the calliper off the disk and the bolt was no longer there!!! Therefore, the brakes I wanted fixing only had 50% stopping power at best. If you enjoy your driving, family, and life in general, you may want to avoid this company!

National Tyres 5% off all tyres.
Had an email this morning with 5% off any tyres included. Helpful as usually they only have codes for the premium brands.

Cheapest deal for my chariot. Cheers


Thankyou (y)

10% off national tyres and autocentre
10% off at national tyres and autocentre. Courtesy of yellow pages See picture in one of the posts below for potential 15% discount code.



Saved £17. Thank you !!!


Wow thanks guys just used code DV412 to take £11 off a tyre that I needed - they were already the cheapest place going and it includes their accidental damage for free being a Bridgestone. Result :)


Just what I'm looking for.


Many thanks ordered last month and got 15% off, now i need to order again and unfortunately they dropped it to 10%, also change the code to DV272 EDIT: scrap that seems DV412 still works and gives over 10% but only works in Chrome, in Opera shows only 10% off, what a weird bug. Thanks OP you saved me a bunch.

Half price MOT at National Tyres and Auto are. Works out at £27.42 using code DV273. Valid until 31st August.
As per title, £27.42 for an MOT using code DV273. Used them last year, and barring pointing out a chunk missing in the side of my tyre (which I knew about) they didn't flag any iss… Read more

VOSA set a maximum MOT test fee. Then garages can choose to charge less. The chains all are suspect in their methods for MOTs. It is always a case of buyer beware.


Half price? I paid £30 at my local garage for a m.o.t


This company has a reputation for failing cars unnecessarily but I suspect that some branches are worse than others. If those that have had a bad experience name the branch, it could make this offer a lot more useful.


I used them twice both times I had issues , I always check everything works and record it before taking it in on both occasions they tried to rip me off for headlight bulbs . Which brought the cost up to a normal m o t price . There’s a whole list of fails you can do yourself and they must retest the next day free. List below Taking it back for a retest the next working day You won’t have to pay again if you take it back to the same test centre before the end of the next working day for a partial retest on one or more of these items: Taking it back for a retest the next working day From access panels battery bonnet bootlid brake pedal antislip break glass hammer (class 5 vehicles only) doors (including hinges, catches and pillars) door open warning device (class 5 vehicles only) dropsides electrical wiring emergency exits and signs (class 5 vehicles only) entrance door remote control (class 5 vehicles only) entrance/exit steps (class 5 vehicles only) fuel filler cap headlamp cleaning or levelling devices (that doesn’t need a headlamp aim check) horn lamps (excluding headlamp aim) loading door main beam ‘tell-tale’ mirrors rear reflectors registration plates seatbelts (but not anchorages), seatbelt load limiter and seatbelt pre-tensioner seats sharp edges or projections stairs (class 5 vehicles only) steering wheel tailboard tailgate trailer electrical sockets towbars (excluding body around anchorage points) tyre pressure monitoring system vehicle identification number (VIN) windscreen glass, wipers and washers wheels and tyres (excluding motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecar)

50% Off Front Wheel Alignment at National Tyres and Autocare
Haven't used it yet myself... but am going to try, web price is £30 so it should be £15
billyboyjones Purchase wheel alignment online and add DV127 to the coupon voucher box ... Simples!!! 8)


I've always used my local branch and never had any issues. Had two tyres fitted at Kwik-Fit recently so always go to National with me voucher code or buy it online. Still only £14.50 online, nobody is cheaper! (y)


I was going to get my wheels alignment done at National Tyres How did yours go?


I'm now paying £14.50 for mine. Purchase online and add DV127 to the coupon voucher box ;-)


Server Message:Please wait. An operator will be with you shortly. 4:45:38 PMServer Message:One moment please... 4:45:48 PMkhris B said:Hello Anthony. My name is khris B how can I help you? 4:45:52 PMYou said:Hi, how much is wheel alignment ? 4:46:06 PMkhris B said:£29 Sir 4:46:28 PMYou said:Ok Khris, I also have a voucher for discount 50%, can I offset this? 4:46:54 PMkhris B said:£14.50 with the voucher. 4:47:10 PMYou said:Thank you. 4:47:20 PMkhris B said:No problem Sir 4:47:35 PM

10% Off Bridgestone Tyres At National Tyres Using Code BRG10
Using the code BRG10 you should be able to get 10% off Bridgestone tyres. The code worked for me on their website. You can also use the code BRG5 too for 5% off but I tried BRG10… Read more

Sorry should've clarified it's for Bridgestone tyres,I've amended the ad accordingly :)


Ordered thanks


Never tire of these deals


This code only applies to Bridgestone tyres.


Didn't work for me

MOT for £27.42 at National Tyres Autocentre
INSTRUCTIONS: You can put your MOT due date in online and they send you a reminder when it's due, also a code for what they say a half price MOT, but it's £27.50 you can book it… Read more

How was your experience with them?

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50%50% off MOT Bookings with this voucher @ National Tyres19/11/2020
50%Get Extra 50% off MOT Bookings at National Tyres19/11/2020
10£Get £10 off Batteries with this Discount Code @ National Tyres19/11/2020
50%National Tyres and Autocare - Front Wheel Alignment 50% off (£15 final unbeatable price)31/12/2020
£1550% Off - Front Wheel Alignment only £15 using code @ National Tyres and Autocare24/03/2020