National Tyres and Autocare discount codes

National Tyres and Autocare Discount Codes

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National Tyres and Autocare is one of the country’s leading independent tyre and autocare specialist. Visit the online store to know more about the special deals, 2 for 1 offers and discounts you can use to buy tyres online. Simply enter your registration number, car make and model or search by tyre brand. The store not only offers access to tyres for cars, vans, 4x4, exhausts, batteries and more, but also to over a 1000 tyre fitters and 22 tyre centres.

All National Tyres and Autocare Voucher & Promo Codes for December 2018

-50%50% off Front Wheel Alignment Bookings with this voucher @ National Tyres

Expires:Expires today

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

Get code & visit site
-5%Get Extra 5% off Bridgestone Tyres at National Tyres
Get code & visit site
-5%5% off Continental Tyres with this voucher @ National Tyres
Get code & visit site
-5%5% discount off Dunlop Tyres @ National Tyres
Get code & visit site
-5%5% discount off Barum Tyres @ National Tyres

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

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20% off
20% off 20 % off brake repairs @ National Tyres and Autocare
20% off brake repairs at national tyres.

Rear Brake pads and discs plus sensor =£330 - 20% = £250.40p, done same say as check and all dealt with well. I knew they needed doing. I'd say that was a good price as compared to dealer.


Used the Wembley branch a few times in past few years and good service. Used the one in Ealing several years ago for oil change. The mechanic forgot to tighten sump plug nut and when confronted said this was caused by vibration when another garage changed the tyres. That idiot mechanic left and were replaced by good staff who knew their stuff. The company is ok. As usual it's just the minority that let it down.


Shocking company, very surprised they are still in business!!


I 've used them a few times in great yarmouth they have great service, friendly,quick, convenient, great prices although these vouchers are always available to print off online. Each branch will probably give different service quality, depends on the employees.


Took my car there. Done a great job! It wasn't their fault (apparently) that they forgot to tighten-up the calliper retaining bolt! So when I went through a puddle it pushed the calliper off the disk and the bolt was no longer there!!! Therefore, the brakes I wanted fixing only had 50% stopping power at best. If you enjoy your driving, family, and life in general, you may want to avoid this company!

50% off
50% off 50% Off Front Wheel Alignment at National Tyres and Autocare
Haven't used it yet myself... but am going to try, web price is £30 so it should be £15
billyboyjones Purchase wheel alignment online and add DV127 to the coupon voucher box ... Simples!!! 8)


I've always used my local branch and never had any issues. Had two tyres fitted at Kwik-Fit recently so always go to National with me voucher code or buy it online. Still only £14.50 online, nobody is cheaper! (y)


I was going to get my wheels alignment done at National Tyres How did yours go?


I'm now paying £14.50 for mine. Purchase online and add DV127 to the coupon voucher box ;-)


Server Message:Please wait. An operator will be with you shortly. 4:45:38 PM Server Message:One moment please... 4:45:48 PM khris B said:Hello Anthony. My name is khris B how can I help you? 4:45:52 PM You said:Hi, how much is wheel alignment ? 4:46:06 PM khris B said:£29 Sir 4:46:28 PM You said:Ok Khris, I also have a voucher for discount 50%, can I offset this? 4:46:54 PM khris B said:£14.50 with the voucher. 4:47:10 PM You said:Thank you. 4:47:20 PM khris B said:No problem Sir 4:47:35 PM

10% off
10% off 10% off national tyres and autocentre
10% off at national tyres and autocentre. Courtesy of yellow pages See picture in one of the posts below for potential 15% discount code.



Saved £17. Thank you !!!


Wow thanks guys just used code DV412 to take £11 off a tyre that I needed - they were already the cheapest place going and it includes their accidental damage for free being a Bridgestone. Result :)


Just what I'm looking for.


Many thanks ordered last month and got 15% off, now i need to order again and unfortunately they dropped it to 10%, also change the code to DV272 EDIT: scrap that seems DV412 still works and gives over 10% but only works in Chrome, in Opera shows only 10% off, what a weird bug. Thanks OP you saved me a bunch.

£27.42 off
£27.42 off Half price MOT at National Tyres and Auto are. Works out at £27.42 using code DV273. Valid until 31st August.
As per title, £27.42 for an MOT using code DV273. Used them last year, and barring pointing out a chunk missing in the side of my tyre (which I knew about) they didn't flag any iss… Read more

VOSA set a maximum MOT test fee. Then garages can choose to charge less. The chains all are suspect in their methods for MOTs. It is always a case of buyer beware.


Half price? I paid £30 at my local garage for a m.o.t


This company has a reputation for failing cars unnecessarily but I suspect that some branches are worse than others. If those that have had a bad experience name the branch, it could make this offer a lot more useful.


I used them twice both times I had issues , I always check everything works and record it before taking it in on both occasions they tried to rip me off for headlight bulbs . Which brought the cost up to a normal m o t price . There’s a whole list of fails you can do yourself and they must retest the next day free. List below Taking it back for a retest the next working day You won’t have to pay again if you take it back to the same test centre before the end of the next working day for a partial retest on one or more of these items: Taking it back for a retest the next working day From access panels battery bonnet bootlid brake pedal antislip break glass hammer (class 5 vehicles only) doors (including hinges, catches and pillars) door open warning device (class 5 vehicles only) dropsides electrical wiring emergency exits and signs (class 5 vehicles only) entrance door remote control (class 5 vehicles only) entrance/exit steps (class 5 vehicles only) fuel filler cap headlamp cleaning or levelling devices (that doesn’t need a headlamp aim check) horn lamps (excluding headlamp aim) loading door main beam ‘tell-tale’ mirrors rear reflectors registration plates seatbelts (but not anchorages), seatbelt load limiter and seatbelt pre-tensioner seats sharp edges or projections stairs (class 5 vehicles only) steering wheel tailboard tailgate trailer electrical sockets towbars (excluding body around anchorage points) tyre pressure monitoring system vehicle identification number (VIN) windscreen glass, wipers and washers wheels and tyres (excluding motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecar)

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10% off
10% off 10% Off Bridgestone Tyres At National Tyres Using Code BRG10
Using the code BRG10 you should be able to get 10% off Bridgestone tyres. The code worked for me on their website. You can also use the code BRG5 too for 5% off but I tried BRG10… Read more

Sorry should've clarified it's for Bridgestone tyres,I've amended the ad accordingly :)


Ordered thanks


Never tire of these deals


This code only applies to Bridgestone tyres.


Didn't work for me

10% off
10% off 10% off Oil and Filter Change National Tyres and Autocare
INSTRUCTIONS: 10% off Oil and Filter Change at National Tyres and Autocare Online only. Remember to remove the optional charge for oil disposal for a further saving. Remember … Read more

This still works 14th may 2018


This still works 18/4/2018


This worked today for me


Thanks it worked today.


Booked, thanks op. Without checking the box for oil disposal, doesn't that mean you have to dispose it yourself?

£15 off
£15 off National service special-offers WHEEL ALIGNMENT for just 15 pounds
INSTRUCTIONS: National service special-offers MOT WHEEL ALIGNMENT just 15 pounds GOOD SERVICE VERY GOOD PRICE. Follow the link to access the vouchers.

will be the old spray on wheel alingment meaning... spray wd40 on the track rod ends and pretend its been adjustedoO


Quite true,certainly muppets everywhere :D


MUPPETS can work everywhere it depends how you lucky to find them. good luck


No mention of a mot and wheel alignment for £15 on the website! These muppets cant even fit tyre correctly and are liars...

£15 off
£15 off wheel tracking £15 valid till end of year @ National Tyres
INSTRUCTIONS: half price valid till year end print off the voucher and keep

try to get a alignment done for £15 yesterday. they checked my car out, and told me they can't do it because of worn bushes and damaged drop link/ stabiliser that need to be done or it will affect the alignment. in order to get the alignment done, i need to get all the problem fix first. fair enough i thought to my self, then they gave me a quote for two drop links (one on each side), almost £50 each, and 2 front lower wish bone, each costing £260. so it will cost me well over £600 to get this alignment done. i think i will repair the car myself before getting this alignment done. i've just ordered both side of the front wish bone from ebay, each costing £33.10 and i'm still looking for the drop link (probably around £15). if i'm sucessful, i'll save myself £500. for people not able to fix their car themself, they should get more than 2 quote, not just from national tyres. or you will get rip off.


Many places are free to check alignment but charge up to £50 to adjust it. 4 wheel alignment is better (when alignment can be adjusted on the rears or it can detect problems) but I've only ever owned one car where rear adjustment was possible. Although it wasn't noticed by the garage that checked it, I realised my rear axle was shot on my 106 when 4 wheel alignment was tested. Great deal if you suspect yours needs adjustment.


I'm going on Friday to see if they honour it .


scam i remember when this was not charged for in fact it did not exist!


10% off
10% off 10% OFF ALL TYRES at National Tyres
10% OFF ALL TYRES at National Tyres and Autocare use code XMAS10 - HURRY ends MIDNIGHT 31st Dec. Visit

so down to about 40% more than everyone else!


NOPE RIP OFF they charge £80 for budget tyre buy one get one free so £40 each then the 10% is the tyre only not the valve tyre removal blah blah blah COLD for me

50% off
50% off Wheel alignment for just £15 at National tyres

Luckily I was firm with them, and I didn't pay. One of them was a bit hostile, but I knew they were lying and wasn't going to be taken for a ride.


​there alot of garages that try to get more work out of you. some use different techniques. best to be firm and let them know your not intersted in any other work and if they refuse to carry out the wheel alignment then go elsewhere. ive had the same experience in the past but once you show them your not interested in having any more work done, they perfer to just do what youve asked rather than lose the sale altogether


Personal experience. Went for my half price wheel alignment, they tried to tell me my car had been crashed (not true as I'm the only owner) then said the springs needed replacing and the arb bushes needed doing and everything was so bad they couldn't do the alignment. They made adjustments, then gave up and sent me away with a car handling so bad it was dangerous. Went to my usual garage, and was all sorted in 20 minutes no problem.


I need my front ones doing.


Same price at formula 1 auto centres just take along national voucher and they will price match

10% off
10% off National tyres Oil+filter change 10% off with voucher code
INSTRUCTIONS: Book online your oil+filter change at National Tyres and put in the voucher code for 10% discount from your total cost. Works at £46 for 5w30+filter included for … Read more

Working in May 2018


Still works used it on 25/04/2017


Still works, just booked oil change, cheers

10% off
10% off 10% off any tyre on on offer using voucher code @ National Tyres & Autocare
INSTRUCTIONS: Add code to basket for 10% off any tyre not on offer. This code is generated by liking the facebook page, so code may be one use only.

Still works used today


I've just used this code this morning - saved me £30. Mods please unexpire.


Not sure why this has been marked as expired!


Still works fine.



Newest National Tyres and Autocare Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
50%50% off Front Wheel Alignment Bookings with this voucher @ National Tyres12/12/2018
5%Get Extra 5% off Bridgestone Tyres at National Tyres9/02/2019
5%5% off Continental Tyres with this voucher @ National Tyres9/02/2019
5%5% discount off Dunlop Tyres @ National Tyres9/02/2019
5%5% discount off Barum Tyres @ National Tyres9/02/2019