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National Tyres and Autocare is one of the country’s leading independent tyre and autocare specialist. Visit the online store to know more about the special deals, 2 for 1 offers and discounts you can use to buy tyres online. Simply enter your registration number, car make and model or search by tyre brand. The store not only offers access to tyres for cars, vans, 4x4, exhausts, batteries and more, but also to over a 1000 tyre fitters and 22 tyre centres.

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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off all tyres with code at National Tyres and Autocare
Voucher code still seems toworks 10% off all tyres, no minimum buy

Code for 5% off Avon tyres AV-NTA5


Expired not working




Not working now


Thanks i have saved some money so have some heat !

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% discount on oil and filter change @ National Tyres and Autocare
Here is an example when using this voucher. 3.4% topcashback as well

Had oil change (Express Service) on my Polo done by National Tyres Woking. Checked the oil they were using was correct viscosity and Mann branded filter. Can't fault them, also topped up the windscreen washer. Cost with a coupon discount was under £50.


avoid at all cost, the one at sheffield city centre is a cowboy. Metal parts felt off from my car right after the repair on the road.


£71 for me, after discount


It's a shame this 15% discount doesn't apply to tyres...since the lockdown this year, tyre prices have gone up by 15% at least...I wonder why??


When it was £19.99 VW were charging £99, now VW charge ......from £184 and National Tyres around £50.

£15 Discount
£15 Discount
50% Off - Front Wheel Alignment only £15 using code @ National Tyres and Autocare
Usually £30 but only £15 with this code. If your car wants to pull anything other than straight its worth it because for the tyre replacement savings and its just all round nicer t… Read more

you after becarefull with national tyres and kwik fit i heard stories where they lie about stuff need doing thats why i stick to known side garages that have decent reviews unless if i got the correct tools to do the work myself


Something like that.


Audi or something? (lol)


Went for my alignment this morning and got a refund because they said they can't do the front wheel alignment on my car and it has to be all 4 wheels. On top of that, they said the front arms have to be replaced before they are able to do the alignment. Also advised to replace rear tyres. Total cost would be over £1600. My car is worth about £1300. Lol


Tesco car park (well, some of them are flat...)

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
National Tyres and Autocare - Front Wheel Alignment 50% off (£15 final unbeatable price)
Hi, just wanted to share with you National Tyres and Autocare - Front Wheel Alignment 50% off (£15 final unbeatable price) voucher as I used it yesterday after small suspension rep… Read more

That's why I always sit in the waiting area. My local depot has a very good reputation & I am on first name terms with the lads there. I recently purchased 4 x Uniroyal RainSport 5 tyres on eBay from Demon Tweeks with 20% discount. I then had National fit them for £60 including balancing. We also had a £10 voucher which then took it down to £50 because we left them a positive review online. If you go along there hands up Billy, just like any other business I'd hazard a guess they'd try and make a few extra quid out of you. I'm also ex trade myself having workshop & car sales experience. (y)


I hope you gave the silly sod a right ear bashing


Just took my car for front wheel alignment, Guy came to me looking very worried and said you have only 2-3 mm left on your Front and rear tyres, You need all four new tyres. it is illegal. you will get three points, shall I order new tyres :D :o (popcorn) He looked unimpressed with my flat face look (nerd) . Car Just had proper MOT and all four premium tyres have plenty left. Mercedes normally require alignment frequently but already feeling this was waste of money.


Oh hell no! Or kiwik fit or ATS.......


Did you work in my local Halfords mate?

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% Off Front Wheel Alignment Bookings at National Tyres and Autocare
enter code - DVHPWA.

Just took my car for front wheel alignment, Guy came to me looking very worried and said you have only 2-3 mm left on your Front and rear tyres, You need all four new tyres. it is illegal you will get three points, shall I order new tyres :D :o (popcorn) He looked unimpressed with my flat face look (nerd) . Car Just had proper MOT and all four premium tyres have plenty left. Mercedes normally go require alignment frequently but already feeling this was waste of money.


Done about 6 months ago, everything was fine with no other issues. On bmw 4 series which just had health check from bmw few days ago. So cant be all bad


So if you hit a pothole every week, you are going to get the alignment done every week? If so, you're in for very expensive motoring my friend. Sure if it's such a deep and obvious pothole that you think you need to get it done feel free to spend your money. Depending on where you live, most potholes are not that bad and if you watch the road you can avoid a lot. I rarely need to get it done outside of the annual MOT.


Oh yeah all you need is to hit pothole week after MOT that changes camber/toe setup and then what? Waiting for next year's Mot...?


A tip. When you are getting your MOT done, get a wheel alignment done then. You will be fine for the rest of the year.

£27.42 Discount
£27.42 Discount
1/2 price MOT (£27.42) @ National Tyre & Autocentres
Voucher code to get 50% off nationally, use DV382 at checkout to get the discount Topcashback Tracks at £1.05 also :)

For the 'emissions' issue, you should warm up your vehicle and run on motorway at least 20 min before MOT test.


my experience, I always bought halford auto free MOT voucher or half price £17 in the past. free MOT £0! My golf and vw passat both are 10 years old with good service. very smoothly pass without any problem. I understand this business model will try best to find out any possible issue during MOT test, but your car is good, they can not say it is bad. Because any MOT test is a legal file, you can appeal if they make mistake. I enjoy this business model, because they will test my car with the highest standard. That is safe for me and other road user, save MOT test money for me as well.


Not so in the first case, as it's a garage I used all the time who usually had my business, I was simply trying to save £25 by putting the car through an MOT I thought it would pass. I was told "the lads will try and help a car through by warming it up first, give it some revs to clear any crud from the system, and in the case of a sticking brake, pump them to see if it frees it off". She did however suggest I could do this myself to try and aid the cause, so I did. Their opinion was that where they would try and coax a car through MOT on borderline emissions or suchlike, many MOT test stations would simply put the reader in the exhaust and take the readings with the car ticking over. As receptionist (and joint owner/wife of the boss mechanic) she has been there for years so I have no reason to doubt this. But yes, on things like lights, brake pads/discs, exhaust, tyres etc you'd have a fail anyway. The issue I've seen a few times though is stuff being made advisory, and over egged as needing doing, that another garage has looked at and said "you are fine for a good few thousand miles, and on your mileage you should be good to the next MOT".


I take your point but please appreciate in both cases these were genuine MOT fails though... the remediation is a different story but regardless of what garage you take it to it these would have failed on first pass. Also the fact you went to a competing garage after failing an MOT meant you got preferential treatment since they were trying to show the garage up and win over your long term business. If you went to your local garage first and then Halfords or National I expect you would get exactly the same thing People see it the way they want to see it which takes me back to my original statement (angel)


Two examples. 1. I took my car to Halfords as had voucher for cheap MOT. They failed it on several things including emissions - "could be lambda sensor, could be several things... If we examine it it's a £50 charge to diagnose what it is". Told also a brake binding. Took to usual local garage, explained what had happened. They told me to give it a good run around the bypass and pump the brakes a bit. Result? Emissions fine and no binding brake. 2. Friend took his to National last week for this offer. Failed on a £20 rubber boot but told it could end up as a £200-250 job as a pig to get off and could need new track rod end. Lots of sucking of teeth. Took for second opinion, decent local garage, said should just be able to change, but worst case was a lower quote by £50.

Best National Tyres and Autocare deals from our community

Front Wheel Alignment for Half Price - £15 using code at National Tyres and Autocare
463° Expired
Front Wheel Alignment for Half Price - £15 using code at National Tyres and Autocare£15£3050% off
Only the Front two wheels, Wheel Alignment for Half Price at Nationals with code DVHPWA (y)

they didn't do it right for me as well.... they messed up and charged more ... later has to get it done through Kwik fit Hawk System .. national tyres use lazer or light system not zoning hawk.


Set it


Search amazon for “car wheel alignment” and it’s the second item. Also trakt make a good one but expensive


You got a link for that?


The price is hot 🔥 But comments burning hot

MOT test for £27.42 @ National Tyres and Autocare
241° Expired
MOT test for £27.42 @ National Tyres and Autocare£27.42£3522% off
National offer MOT's for £27.42 (£7.58 off - they call it "50%" but that's only compared to the DVLA recommended price). Well regarded on Trustpilot, so less likely to sting you w… Read more

LOL now we know they have been trained to give such failures. Some have good experiences with MOT from the likes of these lots. I will just never go with these offers, pay the going rate of £50 for a non repair MOT only place. Once my car did fail due to a CV joint leaking, tester directed me to a great mechanic who is honest and good rates. I then use that mechanic for many years until my job changed and had new company cars.


Christ knows... but I know where I threatened to shove it (lol)


Um.... where did he put the exhaust probe?


Young lad at national once failed the wife’s car on an emissions test... I was naturally quite angry as it’s a Nissan Leaf


I used this deal today and the was processed within an hour. No faults found. Very happy. I suspect when there is a fault, the cost of repair is higher compared to the local independent garage.

MOT for £27.42 when you sign up to MOT Reminder Service @ National Tyres and Autocare
-13° Expired
MOT for £27.42 when you sign up to MOT Reminder Service @ National Tyres and Autocare£27.42
From the website- We are still offering MOT slots for the discounted price of £35 (normal DVSA rate is £54.85). As an additional incentive to those signing up to our MOT reminder s… Read more

Same here. I have had four done at ATS using Groupon in the past year. Never any issues with them.


I normally use ATS via groupon which gets an MOT for about £19. Never had any issues in the past 3 years. I do check all the simple things before taking it in and I look after my car which is now 15 years old.


For anyone in Stoke on Trent, Scotia Road garage do MOTs for £24.95 no promotion just standard price (y)


USE code DVMOTHP to get mot at £27.42 (may help signing up for spam) ;-)


25 point Service from £49.95 - includes oil and filter change and reset service light @ National Tyres and Autocare
196° Expired
25 point Service from £49.95 - includes oil and filter change and reset service light @ National Tyres and Autocare£49.95
I know there will be people who say wouldn't go there, etc but I've used National many times and never had a problem. This is a 25 point service and prices are from £49.95 dependa… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Fair. Not everyone is as savvy as you tho mate, a lot of people feel pressured


Which you can simply ignore if you want to. As long as I'm getting the oil and filter change and a few other basic checks, I'm happy.


Lollllllll They will find Everything wrong with your car (lol) (lol)


Yeah, personally I wouldn't take the risk there. It's a grey area.


"genuine" i.e. OEM parts are not required as far as I understand as long as they are of sufficient quality (hard to define but any recognised branded part should be fine)

Autogreen tyre Super Sport Chaser SSC5 XL £50.14 @ National tyres and Autocare
73° Expired
Autogreen tyre Super Sport Chaser SSC5 XL £50.14 @ National tyres and Autocare£50.14
Fitted price includes VAT, fitting, new valve, electronic balancing & environmental tyre disposal. Please click on the fitment symbols to display more info.

It’s ok but very basic. Good if you have no suspension issues. If your front tyres wear on the edges National tracking should work ok. But when it happens on the rear tyres you need the more advanced tracking. This is just my own personal experience. Until 5 years ago I did 30 - 40 thousand miles a year and was using 12 or 14 tyres a year. I had hunter alignment and using the same cheap brand of tyres used only 8 each year. So £60 alignment saved me 6 tyres at £330. The £270 saving paid a years Road tax and 2 tanks of diesel. I sold the car to my mate and it’s Now done 90,000 miles since it was tracked, and it’s still not wearing the tyres unevenly or at the edges.


Is nationaltyre alignment not good?


I personally would only ever use Align my car. I think the machine is called a Hunter It costs £60 -£70 to get their 4 wheel alignment. I had it done on my vectra estate 1.9 CDTI, it drove in straight line at a 140 mph on the autobahn no drifting from side to side at all. Plus in 80000 miles it never wore the tyres on the edges. Well worth the money.


Click on link and print off voucher.


Is there a code for 50% off wheel alignment?

Free Puncture Repair @ National Tyres & Autocare (Charge will be made for valve and balance)
1451° Expired
Free Puncture Repair @ National Tyres & Autocare (Charge will be made for valve and balance)
A charge will be made for valve and balance.
Get deal*Get deal*

Any local tyre repair garage will usually only charge no more than £10 for a puncture repair. Avoid the big chains


They get arsey if you do that. The local garages don't like head office promotions and basically there is politics between the two. I had the manager openly curse head office when I was over there and say to me "don't be cheap, get a tyre mate". WTF


I tend to use a nitrogen/oxygen mix, I find it works very well! ;)


Gutted I found out about this offer the day after paying £50 to have two punctures fixed! :(


Not if you buy one of these. Much better idea Bought one and its suprisingly accurate!

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£10 off £50 spend at National Tyres and Autocare
243° Expired
£10 off £50 spend at National Tyres and Autocare£10
£10 off when you spend £50 or more. Can't be used online and says you need to print the voucher but if you need something doing, nice saving. Can always check prices online before … Read more

Got the oil & filter changed today for less than 43£ for my car with 5£ off code and unticked oil disposal. They didn't quote anything to be done.


Just to add if anyone go for an oil & filter change booking online, unticked the box where it adds cost for disposal of old oil. I have done it numerous times and no problem. They are not going to make u dispose the oil. It goes into their oil collection equipment when they carry out this change! Think I will go for an oil change this month as I was planning to sell my current car but now decides to keep it for another year at least. I am also going to replace all 4 tyres as going for 10mm wider. eBay demon tweeks & JJC are doing a 20% off discount for their automobile stuff.


^^^ pretty bad that. I only ever use them for oil & filter change. As well I'm never tempted to use any half price mot from any outfits. Always pay full price at the Mot only place, which charge £50 now. They don't do repairs, Mot only.


Can confirm this lot are frauds. Took up their "half price mot offer" Failed my car MOT on a minor, and then when I had it checked elsewhere was told they missed the real major fail which made it uneconomical to repair. Clearly prepared to put a dodgy motor back on the road for cost of getting a bit of work out of me for the minor issue.


Anybody wanting tyres from here, check tyreshopper (same company) but prices usually cheaper. Also use cashback sites. We use these regularly and always get great service.

National Tyres (Bridgestone : 225/50 W 17 : Turanza T005 XL P (Rim Protector fitment) - £385.89
-27° Expired
National Tyres (Bridgestone : 225/50 W 17 : Turanza T005 XL P (Rim Protector fitment) - £385.89£385.89£425.889% off
Possibly Quidco. Bridgestone 225/50 R17 98W tyres of £385.89 with Free front wheel alignment (worth £29) and Free Lifetime Tyre guarantee (Worth about £30). There is a voucher… Read more

For this size there is a premium I've noticed. The above is a good deal, I've just spent £380 for 4x Goodyear efficient grip performance tyres today at F1 autocenters which I'm pleased with too. £72.50 for 4 wheel alignment though ???


The THANKS voucher has expired :-(


Have to agree with Sam. I had two front tyres replaced and later they said that my tracking was off. However when questioned about how off.? They couldn't give an honest answer. They also charge extra for valve, which most places are included as standard. I would rather go Kwik Fit (I wouldn't but just an example how bad they both are) then go back to them.


These don't fit my car but two pirelli all season tyres for my Kuga come out at £105 each with the discount which is pretty good including a wheel alignment. Cheaper than anywhere else. If anyone finds 235/50/18 cheaper than £105 for a premium tyre can they post please. Has to be a premium brand preferably as I won't buy budget tyres. Had Toyo Proxes on my last car and they weren't too bad for a mid range tyre but sidewalls went soft quick and made car understeer and roll on Mazda 6.


If you’re running a car needing this spec rubbers, I’m sure skimping on poor spec ones like this isn’t gonna happen...

FREE visual safety inspection @ National Tyres And Autocare
-101° Expired
FREE visual safety inspection @ National Tyres And AutocareFREE£0.01
I would not use this for my car but if you are looking at buying a used car, take it here as part of the "test drive" for the free check to find out what they find wrong as a barga… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Used this free inspection the other day and they picked up a couple of things that needed work that I hadn't noticed. Gave me a price that was reasonable and cheaper than 2 local garages I asked at. They're not all trying to fleece you.


all true in what you say


just a heads up but you should already know keep away from places like this they always try to do work you don't need how they are still going is beyond me,i used to by mot fauliers and some of the fail sheets these guys wrote out were criminal


Agreed, I have expired now


No need. NTA threads are always good for a laugh.

Half price front wheel alignment £14.50 with code, National Tyres
330° Expired
Half price front wheel alignment £14.50 with code, National Tyres£14.50£2950% off
Half price for the front wheel alignment. Use the code DV127 online or print the voucher to present at the centre. Price £14.5

Used today. Saved £14. Thanks OP


Expensive original price I can get the tracking done for £30 at my local alfa romeo main dealer by trained technicians instead of nationals trained chimpanzees


sorry, tyrecity fixed the issue :P about £60 for 2-wheel tracking though which was ridiculous


This offer is national tyres :/ :/ :/


Don't bother my local didn't even do the locking nuts up correctly had to go back and the steering wheel is off more than it was before!

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