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National Tyres - 4-Wheel Alignment £34.99 with code @ National Tyres and Autocare
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
National tyres - When I tried the code online DV616 the price for full FOUR WHEEL ALIGNMENT reduced down to 34.99£. Went to the garage today and the wheel alignment was done! No issues, nic…

There are many more components in a cars suspension and even at the end of a tie rod there is a ball joint. Parts can move, wear and develop play as they age and whilst this doesn't mean they're at the end of their useful life, it does mean things can cause your alignment to fall out of spec.


So do National T&A branches use the Hunter laser system? As a side, National were recently bought out by Halfords and have subsequently put most of there servicing prices up significantly! Apparently, National were on the market to be bought out for many years, with under funding, hence many of their branch depots look so rundown!


How common is thatthough? The inner tie rods are fixed to the steering rack, and any adjustment at the TRE is on a threaded rod, with a locknut. If it often takes a blowtorch to first loosen the locknut, so the rod can be turned in or out, I just don’t see how a pothole would put the alignment out? If something bends or breaks, it’ll need replacing and then alignment makes sense. Obviously if you’ve got a newer car and it’s not bound in place, or you have adjustable camber/castor it might be a different matter, but I’m just querying the physics of the whole thing?


Winters aren't just for snow. If you run Goodyear F1's you won't need winter tyres.


Part worn tyres are usually not worth it. New tyres come with 8mm or tread, to be replaced at 2mm. That gives 6mm of usable tread.. and 5mm of tread left means it's down to half it's life. So once you add in the cost of fitting, which is typically £15, you end up spending far more than just buying new tyres. It's a false economy and they get away with it because people are so intent on saving a few quid that prices remain far too high for part worn tyres! You need 4 wheel alignment IF your car has adjustable rear suspension. Has nothing to do with FWD/AWD/RWD or type of suspension. I have a FWD with double wishbone and multi-link on the rear... but rears have toe adjustment meaning 4 wheel alignment. Torsion beam suspension which is usually fitted on the cheaper cars only usually requires 2 wheel adjustment but you need to check! Whether 2 or 4 wheel alignment, the front wheels are referenced from rears.

4 x Fully fitted Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 Tyres: 205/55 R16 91V - £254.97 - 15% off 4 tyres with code @ National Tyres
06/06/2022Expires on 06/06/2022Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Get 15% OFF when you buy 4 or 10% OFF when you buy 2 or 3 tyres at National Tyres & Autocare PLUS SAVE 50% on front or 4 wheel alignment when purchased with a minimum of 2 tyres Offer…

Efficient Grip... I have been waiting for a good deal on Super Sport or at least ok asymmetric 5.. But the way prices are going up on fossil fuel I think even these tyres will do soon... Not sure if this is true I have had Goodyears for the past 12 years and they came from Germany every single one a set each year except the last year..


I went to the local branch to get the exhaust fixed. It was OK, but after booking in I noticed that they are now owned by Halfrauds. Won't be going there again!


Me too I just need to replace all 4 of mine that's £1100 ish for the ones I'm after :(


I whisch tyres to my car cost only this amount of money....


Dunlop tyres are made by Goodyear now - if you're lucky you get German made ones, if not your Goodyears/Dunlops/Falkens can be from China or around 12 other factories scattered around the world.

MOT £27.42 With Voucher @ National Tyres and Autocare
50° Expired
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
300+ Locations :) Book your MOT onlineBook your car’s MOT test online at a test centre near youWith National, you can take the hass…

Mine was last week. Apparently they're having Halfords systems etc and they said the discount code for the coupon was no longer on the system when checking out.


Guess it depends on garage. (or maybe because mine was couple weeks ago and). I didn't mention voucher until I collected car. Showed them voucher and the guy typed in the code which reduce the price. £35 not bad anyway though.


Initially I was told voycher would be honoured when booking but on arrival different guy (manager?) said no and the next best offer was £35 as per Halfords systems. No issues with MOT or standard of service though.


No issue for me. No advisories. Friendly staff. Used about two weeks ago.


No longer being honoured.

Half Price MOT Test - £27.42 with code at National Tyres and Autocare
42° Expired
Posted 16th Apr 2021Posted 16th Apr 2021
Half Price MOT Test - £27.42 with code at National Tyres and Autocare£27.42
Half Price MOT at National Tyres Enter discount code when booking online on website

Cheers for sharing @ziz98 - good find :)


Didn’t charge for the retest sorry . I didn’t get the job done at NT as my mate is a mechanic sure it was about £100 for the job .. couldn’t swear to it though it was ages ago .


No charge fot the test?... how much was the track rod end job?


I’ve taken 2 cars over 10 times ,over the years to Nat tyres with this £27 deal . Only failed one car for a track rod end , which I had fixed elsewhere and they didn’t charge for the test. So before the urban myths abound and everyone who has never even been to Nat Tyres pipes up with horror stories , this is my experience of Nat tyres.


Mmmyeah you're gonna need some new tyres

Front Wheel Alignment for Half Price - £15 using code at National Tyres and Autocare
448° Expired
Posted 15th Apr 2021Posted 15th Apr 2021
Just booked myself. U may not need all four wheel aligned depending on your car . Call nationals to discuss if in doubt.

The local NT to me said they would do the £15 tracking but anything that required effort or “heat” applied would attract a surcharge of £50 or so . Haha scammers.


These clowns will find £500 worth of repairs even if nothing is wrong. Avoid


This offer has been running for years.


Your next step if still can be done is to write them another email and refused the area manager's offer and threaten to report them to trading standards or court action to get your full refund. I would take the online court route, pay £25 online and add compensation on top for your time. When they received this letter they will very quickly settle it.


I did my friend and the area manager called me back and said he will knock off £10 from the full price if I rebook. Shambles!

Front Wheel Alignment for Half Price - £15 using code at National Tyres and Autocare
463° Expired
Posted 14th Nov 2020Posted 14th Nov 2020
Front Wheel Alignment for Half Price - £15 using code at National Tyres and Autocare£15£3050% off
Only the Front two wheels, Wheel Alignment for Half Price at Nationals with code DVHPWA (y)

they didn't do it right for me as well.... they messed up and charged more ... later has to get it done through Kwik fit Hawk System .. national tyres use lazer or light system not zoning hawk.


Set it


Search amazon for “car wheel alignment” and it’s the second item. Also trakt make a good one but expensive


You got a link for that?


The price is hot 🔥 But comments burning hot

MOT test for £27.42 @ National Tyres and Autocare
241° Expired
Posted 25th Sep 2020Posted 25th Sep 2020
MOT test for £27.42 @ National Tyres and Autocare£27.42£3522% off
National offer MOT's for £27.42 (£7.58 off - they call it "50%" but that's only compared to the DVLA recommended price). Well regarded on Trustpilot, so less likely to sting you with the un…

LOL now we know they have been trained to give such failures. Some have good experiences with MOT from the likes of these lots. I will just never go with these offers, pay the going rate of £50 for a non repair MOT only place. Once my car did fail due to a CV joint leaking, tester directed me to a great mechanic who is honest and good rates. I then use that mechanic for many years until my job changed and had new company cars.


Christ knows... but I know where I threatened to shove it (lol)


Um.... where did he put the exhaust probe?


Young lad at national once failed the wife’s car on an emissions test... I was naturally quite angry as it’s a Nissan Leaf


I used this deal today and the was processed within an hour. No faults found. Very happy. I suspect when there is a fault, the cost of repair is higher compared to the local independent garage.

MOT for £27.42 when you sign up to MOT Reminder Service @ National Tyres and Autocare
-13° Expired
Posted 1st Sep 2020Posted 1st Sep 2020
MOT for £27.42 when you sign up to MOT Reminder Service @ National Tyres and Autocare£27.42
From the website- We are still offering MOT slots for the discounted price of £35 (normal DVSA rate is £54.85). As an additional incentive to those signing up to our MOT reminder service, we…

Same here. I have had four done at ATS using Groupon in the past year. Never any issues with them.


I normally use ATS via groupon which gets an MOT for about £19. Never had any issues in the past 3 years. I do check all the simple things before taking it in and I look after my car which is now 15 years old.


For anyone in Stoke on Trent, Scotia Road garage do MOTs for £24.95 no promotion just standard price (y)


USE code DVMOTHP to get mot at £27.42 (may help signing up for spam) ;-)


25 point Service from £49.95 - includes oil and filter change and reset service light @ National Tyres and Autocare
196° Expired
Posted 29th Feb 2020Posted 29th Feb 2020
25 point Service from £49.95 - includes oil and filter change and reset service light @ National Tyres and Autocare£49.95
I know there will be people who say wouldn't go there, etc but I've used National many times and never had a problem. This is a 25 point service and prices are from £49.95 dependant on engi…
Get deal*Get deal*

Fair. Not everyone is as savvy as you tho mate, a lot of people feel pressured


Which you can simply ignore if you want to. As long as I'm getting the oil and filter change and a few other basic checks, I'm happy.


Lollllllll They will find Everything wrong with your car (lol) (lol)


Yeah, personally I wouldn't take the risk there. It's a grey area.


"genuine" i.e. OEM parts are not required as far as I understand as long as they are of sufficient quality (hard to define but any recognised branded part should be fine)

Autogreen tyre Super Sport Chaser SSC5 XL £50.14 @ National tyres and Autocare
73° Expired
Posted 26th Jan 2020Posted 26th Jan 2020LocalLocal
Autogreen tyre Super Sport Chaser SSC5 XL £50.14 @ National tyres and Autocare£50.14
Fitted price includes VAT, fitting, new valve, electronic balancing & environmental tyre disposal. Please click on the fitment symbols to display more info.

It’s ok but very basic. Good if you have no suspension issues. If your front tyres wear on the edges National tracking should work ok. But when it happens on the rear tyres you need the more advanced tracking. This is just my own personal experience. Until 5 years ago I did 30 - 40 thousand miles a year and was using 12 or 14 tyres a year. I had hunter alignment and using the same cheap brand of tyres used only 8 each year. So £60 alignment saved me 6 tyres at £330. The £270 saving paid a years Road tax and 2 tanks of diesel. I sold the car to my mate and it’s Now done 90,000 miles since it was tracked, and it’s still not wearing the tyres unevenly or at the edges.


Is nationaltyre alignment not good?


I personally would only ever use Align my car. I think the machine is called a Hunter It costs £60 -£70 to get their 4 wheel alignment. I had it done on my vectra estate 1.9 CDTI, it drove in straight line at a 140 mph on the autobahn no drifting from side to side at all. Plus in 80000 miles it never wore the tyres on the edges. Well worth the money.


Click on link and print off voucher.


Is there a code for 50% off wheel alignment?

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