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2 x GOODYEAR 215/60/R17 96H Efficientgrip Performance 2 + £50 John Lewis gift card £184.30 @ Just Tyres
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Posted 10th Mar 2020Posted 10th Mar 2020
2 x GOODYEAR 215/60/R17 96H Efficientgrip Performance 2 + £50 John Lewis gift card £184.30 @ Just Tyres£184.30
Purchase 2+ Goodyear Tyres and choose your free gift either NOW TV pass, £50 John Lewis gift card or a Road Angel Dashcam

Isn't the PS5 coming out later this year




You need the code GYSPRING2020


Just tried it and it just knocked 5% off , no free gift


PS4s 100+ in this size plus you will get free gift

NEXEN NBLUE HD PLUS 215/60 R17 £54.07 fitted @ Justtyres.co.uk
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Posted 8th Feb 2020Posted 8th Feb 2020
NEXEN NBLUE HD PLUS 215/60 R17 £54.07 fitted @ Justtyres.co.uk£54.07
Mid-range Tyres C for fuel efficiency, B for wet grip use code JTOL5 for this price

Priced at £80.44 now and the code JTOL5 no longer works. Got the Nexen N Fera SU4 on one of the cars and they've been great, reviews are good on tyrereviews.co.uk. I'd happily buy Nexen again & recommend them.


Must say I think different tyres act differently on different cars. I've had premium ones in the past with excellent reviews that felt like I was driving on an ice rink!


I have had the same brand before and they felt dangerous, they may have improved recently but I would never have them again.


Why would you say that? Most reviews are good, and I bought 4 16 month ago, just replaced the front two after 18k, and the car has been solid with them on.


You should not read too much into the EU tyre ratings. Remember the test is only on three factors , and only when the tyre is brand new. Noise rating is totally pointless - as its exterior noise , not the noise passed through into the cabin. So totally ignore that. Wet grip rating is straight line. So it could be A rated but terrible at cornering ( aquaplaning) Also remember that "D" is not used , so the difference between C and E rating could be negligible. The only good thing about the ratings is that all the really terrible performing tyres are no longer here . Even most of the budget tyres are pretty good now ( there are plenty of them around with ratings above C , that match or beat the ratings of mid-range brands)

Free hat, scarf and glove set when you buy 2 Michelin Cross Climate tyres from Just Tyres
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Posted 15th Jan 2020Posted 15th Jan 2020
Free hat, scarf and glove set when you buy 2 Michelin Cross Climate tyres from Just Tyres£126
Must buy 2 Michelin cross climate tyres to get the free hat,scarf and glove set purchased online or in store from just tyres. you have to claim them when purchasing tyres. Had this… Read more

Any advise on the best all terrain tyres to get? I'm after a set for my outlander. Cheers


Almost £600 down the drain....I'll be going back to mid range from now on,never had that problem with cheaper mid range tyres and I have 5 cars atm.


Over the moon with my Michelin Pilot Sport 4's one of the best tyres I've used in every way. Don't write off the whole brand (annoyed)


Disappointed with my Michelin Latitudes,approx 2 years old,15000 miles and all 4 are showing signs of minor cracking on the walls....won't be buying them again.I have cheap NanKangs on one of my other cars,8 or 9 years old with no signs of cracks at all.


Stands to reason, they're so busy they don't need to.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 225/45/17 - £78.85 each @ Just Tyres + £30 Vouchers
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Posted 29th Mar 2019Posted 29th Mar 2019
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 225/45/17 - £78.85 each @ Just Tyres + £30 Vouchers£78.85£86.459% off
The successor to the highly reviewed and rated Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. The Asymmetric 5 has only been released for a month or so. This deal is for 225/45/17, however I'm sure other… Read more

Just replaced mine for £369 fitted Southall tyres. 225/45 17 on the front and 245/40 17 on the rear. Asymmetric 3 though not 5


I i found out that the side wall is super thin even for extra load more like a baloon type tyre. That tells me it won't corner as stable as the old ones and it will be far easier to damage them....why on earth engineers keep pushing the" limits " out of tyre efficiency when they had an amazing tyre and now keep making it worse i am looking for different brand and tyres next year and it probably won't be goodyear anymore. I hate that two tyre buy just to sample/test it..


I read somewhere that it was something to do with the number 4 being had luck across Asia. The assy 5 is really only just now being introduced. I got assy 3's on the rear at the end of Feb as it was only a couple of retailers that had the 5's in stock with no ratings/spec for them. It seems that within the last month pretty much everywhere is stocking them now. Supposedly they're an improvement in the wet over the 3's.


Assymetric 2 tyres were amazing damn you good year.. Assymetric 3 not so good in wet anymore but last a bit longer then a year. Now wtf is assymetric 5? When did that happen? I literally just fitted the 3rd ones again after long thinking and dreaming about 2gen one ehh miss them. How do these compare with the previous ones? And where did the 4th ones go? Why the jump?


No. It's only Just Tyres, F1 Autocentres, and HiQ I think, plus a few independent garages.

195 65 15 budget tyres fitted and balanced £34.75 @ Just tyres
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Posted 10th Jun 2018Posted 10th Jun 2018LocalLocal
195 65 15 budget tyres fitted and balanced £34.75 @ Just tyres£34.75
Brand new tyres from Just tyres fully fitted and balanced for just £34.75

OK all tyres have 75% less grip in the wet, so? That doesn't mean anything other than in the wet all tyres lose the same amount of grip AS A PERCENTAGE. Unless you're implying that all tyres have the same amount of grip to begin with? They don't! Then you have other variables such as tyre pressure and amount of wear, tyre age.


All tyres have only about a quarter of dry grip in the wet. Only motorcyclists seem to know this. Not many get close to sliding in the dry - the Stig ? I haven't noticed many cars spinning wheels lately - except me ! Why are they likely to go down ?




Don't you just love cut and paste (lol)


There are decent budget tyres and there are ropey ones. ime when the deal doesn't state the brand you'll be getting the cheapest no name chinese rubbish they have in stock. If you care that little then this is just an average price for the size so cold from me.

Bridgestone Potenza S001  225/40 R18 92Y - Fully Fitted  £70.81  Just Tyres
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Posted 30th Apr 2017Posted 30th Apr 2017
Bridgestone Potenza S001 225/40 R18 92Y - Fully Fitted £70.81 Just Tyres£70.81
Great price for these tyres !

Only a petrol typeS, but they were great tyres. Currently running Michelin PS3 and agree even in winter I've had decent grip (although the coldest it's been is 3 degrees round here really!


I have 4 x RE050A 235/35 R19 with 2k miles use sat in the shed from my Golf R, they're truly atrocious on a performance Golf, but on Michelin PSS even in Winter the car is totally unflappable. Find it hard to imagine them being so good on a Civic (Performance model?). Maybe there's a performance threshold beyond which you suffer serious tramping in 2WD?


On a civic the S001 and re050a were literally like putting the car on rails, on a B road the amount of grip I had was incredible.


Could you provide link for these £65 Sessantas please ?


Sessanta's are about £65 each in this size (225/40/18), I meant that I am saving £40 a tyre (corner) compared to the Pirelli's and Bridgestone RE070's I was buying before and in my opinion the Vredestien's are a better tyre allround.

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