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Posted 29 June 2023

Book A Free 1 Hour Slot In The Virgin Media Gamepad, With Up To 5 Guests + Snacks, Drinks & WIFI Whilst You Play @ O2 Priority

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  • Book access any day of the week for you and up to five guests for up to 60 minutes
  • Includes complimentary drink, snacks and Wi-Fi whilst you play
  • A huge range of games and exclusive content to play and enjoy

About the offer
Virgin Media Gamepad has landed, bringing the ultimate gaming experience to The O2. And as a Priority member, you’re on our VIP list. This Reward allows you to bag exclusive entry, any day of the week, to 'The Cave' at The O2.

You’ve got an open invite to our exclusive gaming lounge just for you and your squad to game your digits off. There’s only space for one crew at a time, so to avoid missing out, secure your spot in advance on the Priority app.

What do you need to do?
Simply book a time slot in advance and show your confirmation email to a member of staff at The Gamepad to gain access, but be sure to get in early; spaces are limited and in high demand.

On the day:
To access 'The Cave' on arrival, you'll need to display your confirmation email, which will be automatically sent to you once you have chosen and successfully booked a Gamepad time slot.

Both the Gamepad and 'The Cave' lounge is open from 12pm – 8pm, Monday – Saturday and 11am – 7pm Sunday.

Please note: Opening times however may vary based on factors and variables outside of our control. You will be able to book gaming slots for The Cave at the Gamepad at The O2 up to six weeks in advance.

Why you'll love Virgin Media Gamepad at The O2Only the best tech in the house
We’ve teamed up with Digital Foundry to kit out the space with the very best from the gaming world, including the most powerful consoles from Xbox. All powered by our lightning-fast broadband.

It’s always playtime in The Playground
We’ve packed our entire top floor with 16 gaming pods and Xbox Series X consoles, so everyone can raid, race, battle and play like a boss. Just rock up, grab a seat and enjoy.

Terms & Conditions

Eligibility Criteria: The promotion is open to members of Priority who are UK residents age 16+.

Reward Start and End Dates: Reward is valid monthly. One-hour slots in The Cave at the Gamepad subject to availability, and are first-come, first-served.

Redemption Instructions: To redeem, tap ‘USE NOW’ and you will be directed to the booking site for Virgin Media Gamepad at The O2, London. Select your date and time, enter your details and paste or enter your unique code to reserve your one hour time slot. Selecting a time slot entitles entry for that hour only. All booking slots are subject to availability. The Reward is non-transferable, non-refundable and non-changeable.

Please note: once booked, you'll need to be at the Gamepad at The O2 at least five minutes before your booked timeslot in order to take advantage of this Reward. Your slot will be forfeit and become available to walk-in customers, if you are 15 or more minutes late to the start of your booking.

Reward T&Cs: This Reward entitles you to book a one-hour slot in The Cave lounge within the Gamepad at The O2 for you and up to five guests. Access for you, and up to five guests for up to 60 minutes between 12pm - 8pm, Monday – Saturday and 11am - 7pm Sunday, every week. Priority Members can claim one, 60-minute booking slot every month.

Please note: the slots between 12pm - 1pm and 3pm - 4pm each day can not be booked in advance and are only available on a walk-in basis.

To ensure compliance with age restrictions, our Virgin Media Crew will kindly request ID before entering The Cave for those interested in playing games rated for ages 18 and above. Please note that if any member of your group is under 18, these particular game selections will not be available during the hour.

Use and accessibility to the Gamepad is subject to the terms of use which will be outlined in the confirmation email you receive once you’ve successfully booked a slot.

A few bits of admin:
• Personal controllers, USB sticks, or any other form of personal technology shall be strictly prohibited inside The Cave
• When gaming in The Cave, you must sign in on our console as a guest and will not be permitted to log into any personal accounts
• We kindly request that all games played within The Cave are completed within the hour time slot you have been allocated
• To ensure a smooth exit, we ask that you return all controllers to the Virgin Media Crew staff member assigned to The Cave at the end of your gaming hour
• We are committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for our staff. If any misconduct occurs, we will kindly ask that you leave the venue promptly
• The O2 events team reserved the right to deny access to any party or individual to the Gamepad

Need to bring your own controller or adaptive equipment to Gamepad? Please arrange this with us in advance. Any questions – ping an email to gamepad@virginmediao2.co.uk

Please note that The Cave lounge at the Gamepad, will where possible, accept walk-ins appointments if there are available slots during the course of each day. If therefore, you attend but have not booked in advance you may be placed on a waiting list, and then notified by email when a slot becomes available. All gaming slots are subject to availability and cancellation.


These terms and claim instructions incorporate and apply in addition to the Priority App Terms and Conditions, which can be found under Settings in your Priority App.

O2’s decision as to offer allocation is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Applications not complying with these terms and conditions will be invalid. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid by any law, rule, order or regulation of any government, or by the final determination of any court of a competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provisions not held to be invalid.

O2 reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend this promotion and/or review and revise these terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice and by continuing to take part in the promotion subsequent to any revision of these terms and conditions, participants shall be deemed to have agreed to any such new or amended terms.
O2 Priority More details at
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  1. copperspock's avatar
    Nice. I'd bring some hygiene wipes for the controllers though, just in case.
    johnsmith1997's avatar
    I remember as a kid playing arcade games in the 80s. Hygiene wipes didn't exist then and people just played them. Imagine a room filled with arcade machines, crowded with people, some smoking, no social distancing and I'm still alive I think. (edited)
  2. jamie15's avatar
    This is what replaced Sky Backstage at the O2 - usually Sky Backstage would have a massive queue, but nobody bothered going in here when I was there last week. Not surprised Virgin Media have turfed Sky out and removed the lounge seeing as all VMO2 customers have access to O2 Blueroom instead.

    Free snacks/drinks and a private room for an hour seems great before an event, even if you don't use the console (can watch a streaming service for an hour on the Xbox)! (edited)
  3. Monkeyface's avatar
    Can't think of anything I'd rather do than relax and play games with friends on greasy controllers with a 1 hour cut-off (whether you've finished the match/level or not) and you can't save so all your progress is lost.
    herrbz's avatar
    Not sure you're supposed to be playing your 300 hour Skyrim save on it, just having a bit of fun before a gig.
  4. MKP365's avatar
    Hopefully it’s not a virgin router running the wifi
  5. mystogan12's avatar
    If 6 of us get together using this code each…we could have 6 hours of games, free drinks and snacks 👀
    Lucy8186's avatar
    Can I come or is it boys only?
  6. Orryy's avatar
    Big emphasis on Virgin here
    Messiah's avatar
    These days it's more likely that guy who doesn't know what video games are is the weirdo lol
  7. Darthballs's avatar
    very nice
  8. Bloss5's avatar
    Anyone want a code?
    Loubloula's avatar
    Yes pls, if you have a spare? X
  9. gordondr1980's avatar
    Or sit at home and play games
  10. Owlsnotwhattheyseem's avatar
    All booked up now!
  11. default12's avatar
    What's the location?
    avidmuffin's avatar
  12. ali2330's avatar
    Anyone want a code ?
    gio_pi's avatar
    i’d like one please
  13. angelus120's avatar
    Ah, none left for Saturday! Would have been fun before wrestling!
  14. iCoxyyyy's avatar
    Any code going spare please?
    northrider's avatar
  15. JP84's avatar
    Will they give free beer?
  16. UXA16's avatar
    Will provide codes in exchange for Caffè Nero fully stamped cards
    ashleytroy1's avatar
    Sure! DM
  17. Stevinho's avatar
    Free code here if anyone needs it, drop us a DM
  18. toni12's avatar
    Will trade code for cafe Nero fully stamped card. DM me
    Halfaudio's avatar
  19. Rozkurwiacz's avatar
    Its working actually for 6 not 5 persons, what I’m missing?

    I’ve got a confirmation. Are the terms different?
    princemk's avatar
    Maybe it's the person who books it plus 5 guests they can bring along
  20. Stevie_mower's avatar
    Is this just playing on an Xbox for an hour?
    Not even including VR?
    yubious's avatar
    Yeh I'm struggling to see the appeal, just sit in the bar for an hour instead
  21. PaulDixon001's avatar

    Code if anyone wants it
  22. TurbinePanda's avatar
    Will trade for cafe. Ero fully stamped card DM me
    Halfaudio's avatar
    Is this some sort os scam going around now?
  23. LeonJamesBrookes's avatar
    Happy to swap for Caffe Nero or Costa coffee stamped card
    Rayhaan_Patel's avatar
  24. p19yor's avatar
  25. Messiah's avatar

  26. P-7's avatar
    If anyone has a spare code and wants to DM me I would appreciate it
    lina352's avatar
    Could you please write to me? I couldn’t dm to you

    Done. (edited)
  27. JeremyJames's avatar
    I have a code available to swap - am looking for 2x sainsburys codes on vodafone or a fully stamped Nero
  28. happi's avatar
    Code if anyone wants it.
  29. Certinfy's avatar
    Anyone else not being able to pick any date?
  30. orlovekat's avatar
    Any spare codes pls
  31. russellanam's avatar
    Has anyone been? How is it in reality?
    Priya_P's avatar
    Wondering the same, would love some feedback to decide if it's worth the trip or not
  32. Priya_P's avatar
    I have a spare Friday slot if anyone is interested! Drop me a message.
  33. Shanaz18's avatar
    Happy to trade this for a Greggs code
    toni12's avatar
    I'm interested
's avatar