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Coors Lager 24 x 440ml cans at checkout

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Ok it’s not the greatest lager but this is a very good price for 24 cans.
Works out at £1.52 a litre or 67p a can
Amazon More details at

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  1. ClashInDevon's avatar
    For anyone who isn't aware, Tesco have packs of 15 cans of Coors for £10 on a clubcard deal for those in England. So the same price per can.
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Good to know.
    These are now OOS with a long wait. (edited)
  2. Pigsy.'s avatar
    I was going to post this earlier BUT, your own comment stopped me "Ok it’s not the greatest lager" and there is no "but" as it's nasty lol. Purchased last year when it was something silly like £13, none of us would touch it... Went to a good home = student, no idea if he drank it or not, was glad to have some space back in the beer fridge If you don' mind paying a bit more... worth checking out Brewdogs on Amazon, last time I checked, was under £1 for the large 440ml cans in 24 packs - vouchers and S+S - i have about 8 crates landing tomorrow.... along with cases of wine... Courier should count himself lucky that Amazon pulled the Branston Beans, would have been 20 crates of them!
    SixFeet's avatar
    Complaining about nasty lager, then buys Brewdog...
  3. H1.HWK's avatar
    Added a box to my basket as Mrs drinks this dishwater... Just couldn't pull the trigger to order it😄, next thing amazon will be recommending Madrid or cruzcampo to me.... Nope. Good price if you like it.
    gazzjenks's avatar
    Now Cruzcampo I actually like. Yes it’s weaker than the original Spanish version but it’s the best lower ish volume lager on the market in my opinion with a great taste 
  4. garywyn's avatar
    Heat from Wales
    Pigsy.'s avatar
    More like Rain...
  5. Poospoon's avatar
    Worst beer on the planet
    banshee3099's avatar
  6. ltdbax's avatar
    For an even cheaper option you can always piss in a Soda stream.
  7. WitchWitch's avatar
    I had this once and really screamed it was so terrible
  8. stevesmiff's avatar
    It says: "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months" on my checkout.
  9. Alex5454's avatar
    Been to Belgium a couple weeks ago. Just walked into a pub and said surprise me. They all taste awesome. I stopped by a Carrefour before leaving and I saw the man who is organising the beers section, I asked him which beers are his favourite. He showed me a couple of beers I had never heard of. I bought them all. Came home and tried them. Oh gosh they are top notch. I went to a local pub in my town last weekend and ordered a pint of Amstel, it literally tasted like fizzy piss. Left the glass after 1 sip. (edited)
    Headnogood's avatar
    Pro tip, watered down or not don’t drink it, it’s an urban myth that it’s good for you.

  10. leemg3's avatar
    Thanks ordered
  11. focux007's avatar
    Thanks op good deal
  12. Headnogood's avatar
    Heat for the price
  13. jamiew23's avatar
  14. dawny's avatar
  15. Peelerfart's avatar
    It's an ok beer at a great price, ordered and heat added, cheers OP
  16. dm79's avatar
    My brother in law works for Coors. It amazes me how it's cheaper to buy stuff from Amazon or Morrisons than at the staff shop!
    Tryp's avatar
    *So he tells you
  17. Bolt1983's avatar
    Decent price £32 for 48 cans and free delivery
  18. banshee3099's avatar
    You call this beer???
  19. d3fy's avatar
    Truly awful.
  20. dale86uk's avatar
    People who say they don't like Coors actively clicking onto a Coors deal.

    peakbear's avatar
    They obviously didn't realise, from the header, they were wasting their time ;-)
  21. ΔΡΞΧ's avatar
    Save this for when you have mates around!

    You drink your Blue Moon, Madri and Bierra Morretti and give them the Coors!... SORTED!
    Tatwamasi's avatar
    I'd take the Blue Moon, but I'd rather the Coors than the Moretti!
  22. IrishGreen147_'s avatar
    Ordered 🔥
  23. Mandaloooo's avatar
    :/ :/ :/ Hmmmm not worth it if you have to wait 1-2 months for delivery, I’d have died of thirst by then
  24. DigzDeals's avatar
    Shows as £24 for me?
    charlie182008's avatar
    £8 off at checkout
  25. werdas's avatar
    gazzjenks's avatar
  26. stevogums's avatar
    After Carling
  27. Matrixmax's avatar
    Do they give you the £16?
  28. mickwick2003's avatar
    Cheap enough, but think I’ll stick with Morrison’s for now with their 3x10 cans for £23 - a bit dearer per can but a better choice of lagers.
  29. shivato's avatar
    440s... baby cans lol
  30. leelee6781's avatar
    4% vol lol
    MattH1973's avatar
    Legally allowed to be between 3.5% and 4.5% due to weak laws. Whilst independent/small breweries struggle with accuracy of an abv, corporate breweries are extremely good and will purposely lower the outcome to be much lower than stated (at the bottom, but legally within the -/+ 0.5% range of course)
  31. Percy247's avatar
    Have you tasted it?
  32. SaturdayGigs's avatar
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