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4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - 225/40/18 Fitted Tyres £341.80 (£271.80 net after Michelin £70 promo)  @ F1 Autocentres
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Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Looks a good price factoring in the Michelin promo. 4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 -225/40 R18 fitted tyres for £341.80 using code MCH225 , but works out at £271.80 after £70 back fro… Read more

No idea kicked off with them today and they dont want to know, it seems its done by some marketing type place on behalf of michelin, ill be making a formal complaint tomorrow.


Why? They do those type of promos all the time.


Warning for anyone looking back at this, i did everything correct but michelin are refusing to pay out, be warned.


For all people that are struggling to start the claim, enter the code SM1 instead of MIH19!. Then enter the first half of the postcode to find your tyre place and continue.


No it hasnt, iv just checked.

4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Fitted  / 225/40/18 for £363.84 with codes / £313.84 after Michelin rebate at f1autocentres.co.uk
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Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Fitted / 225/40/18 for £363.84 with codes / £313.84 after Michelin rebate at f1autocentres.co.uk
2.5% Quidco available too for another £9.09 off, making it under £305. Use code MCH13 during checkout. Get the tyres fitted, go to the Michelin Offers site and use code SP9, up… Read more

Looks like the MCH13 code has expired.


Just had 2 fitted for £159 yesterday at Costco. Great tyre and great prices.


Nope, fitting and basic balancing. They didn't even try upsell me. I'll get a full geometric alignment somewhere else if I ever need it 😄


I hope that’s the case for me too, did you do you’re alignment too?


All paid up. I didn't even need to take out the wallet during my visit

235/35/19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Car Tyres £105.35 @ F1 Autocentres
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Refreshed 21st MarRefreshed 21st Mar
235/35/19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - One of the best tyres currently on the market. With the voucher code MCH13 it comes down to £260.70 for 2 tyres or £521.39 for 4 tyres to sta… Read more

Stilll waiting...like the rest of us it seems (other than 1)!


Nope, nothing :(


Cashback received in the bank account. No letters or emails so check your bank account.


Not heard a dicky bird off them. Didn't even get a confirmation email


Has anyone had cashback from Michelin yet?

All Michelin Tyres - Up to £100 Cashback - IE..4 x 19" Pilot Sport 4s - £505.80
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
*EDIT* Using Formula one Link URL as they are one of the vendors for the offer!! Search the tyre on there site and you will see the offer below the tyre** EDIT 2 *Updated the Link… Read more

Found it.


Anybody claimed? The link to the claim site is dead and I'm bugged if I can find another way to claim.


I never said I was buying new tyres lol, they still have plenty of tread.


Goodyear eagle f1’s I buy most times, cracking tyres and price without these deals. Shame I can’t get 275 30 r21 in them they stop at 20 inch.


I wouldn’t be buying them again if they lasted 8 months unless you do stupid miles

Yokohama Adv Sport 105F 225/40 R18 92W XL - Fully Fitted Tyre £62.30  F1autocentres
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Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
Yokohama Adv Sport 105F 225/40 R18 92W XL - Fully Fitted Tyre £62.30 F1autocentres
Another cracking deal for Yokohama tyres from f1...

Not really, normally is that they do the alignment and after a month they do the bolt check. (like on lug-nuts on wheel when you replace the tyres they advise you to check if they are tight after 50 miles)


Interesting thread this one. I don't have an F1 depot anywhere near me so should I vote cold because I can't use the offer. Seems reasonable as I do have a car and need tyres. Personally would never use kwik-fit which must go back 25 years when I pulled into one of their depots with a puncture and waited for an hour and a half to get it fixed and had no other cars in front of me. ATS on the other hand in our city is a brilliant garage but I think that's more to do with the manager being a trained mechanic who ensures the work gets done properly and he doesn't employ red-necks as the americans would call them. Any deals on 235/50/18 anybody. F1 are expensive on my size, cheaper at National Tyres.


Massive apologies to the op by the way....this has got a bit sidetracked.


Oh Marcus you are quite comical. It's a 2012, by the way (lol)


I don’t believe for 1 second you have a GT-R, unless it is an older 2009/2010 one.

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Yokohama ES32 205/55 R16 91V Tyre - Fully Fitted  £45.96  F1 Autocentres
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Refreshed 8th FebRefreshed 8th Feb
Yokohama ES32 205/55 R16 91V Tyre - Fully Fitted £45.96 F1 Autocentres
Great price for fully fitted excellent tyre ! As mentioned by other members this tyre is available at same price at ATS Euromaster witk YOKOFEB code https://www.atseuromaster.co.… Read more

Got 2 yokohamas fitted for £83 inc balancing and tyre disposal which is not a bad deal. However, they charged me £15 extra to change the rear wheels and fit the new tyres in the front


I just called them up to check stock and they guy offered me 2 x tyres for £100 fitted including balancing and tyre disposal.


Couldn't find them yesterday, ttried today and they were 49.50 until I added ot the basket at which point they were £59.50 - seems like sharp practice to advertise one price on the website search result and then increase it when you add to the basket :(




20% price difference

Dunlop BluResponse 195/55HR15 £67.45 each Fully fitted price by formula 1 autocentre
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Dunlop BluResponse 195/55HR15 £67.45 each Fully fitted price by formula 1 autocentre
it sounds expensive but for this size of wheel, it is probably the cheapest decent brand you can find ATM. dont forget top cash back.
MICHELIN CrossClimate+ 205/55HR16 buy 4 and receive £40 prepaid Visa (£60.90 fully fitted) or Primacy 4 205/55VR16 (£51.40) @ F1 Autocentre
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Posted 5th Nov 2018Posted 5th Nov 2018
MICHELIN CrossClimate+ 205/55HR16 buy 4 and receive £40 prepaid Visa (£60.90 fully fitted) or Primacy 4 205/55VR16 (£51.40) @ F1 Autocentre
Michelin Cross Climate + 91H (All Season) Size: 205/55HR16, fully fitted price £72.90, receive £15/£40 prepaid Visa if you buy 2/4 tyres. On top of that you can use code COMPA2005 … Read more

I know, it didnt occur to me until i rang kwik fit who had a 25% discount on michelin tyres, and they quoted me £730 for a set of four tyres, including 25% off!


Lol at least you have a garage :p I picked them up off eBay after looking for months, they typically turned up the week I was going to buy the cross climates


Jammy git, only things I ever find in my garage are out of date tins of paint, junk and spiders!! :D


Ahh sorry I was looking for four but managed to find a spare set of alloys with winters on in the end.


AHHHH...thanks...that's the one..

Free MOT with a master service @ F1autocentres
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Posted 1st Sep 2018Posted 1st Sep 2018
Free MOT with a master service @ F1autocentres
Got an email and thought it was a decent offer. Checked my car and a fiesta for pricing. Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost - £125 for a master service Mazda 6 2.2 diesel - £165 for a master se… Read more

Paying for a not is no guarantee, you can only go by other people's experiences and not just assumptions.


They will spend longer telling you about the type of oil they claim to use than actually doing the service. Then charge you extra to dispose of your old oil if you believe they even changed it in the first place. And the MOT will require new brakes or exhaust or tyres etc etc.


I just told you what the standard of work is. Rear tires should have been 34 PSI but inflated to 44psi. You want to let them service your car?


I don't know what the standard of work is like, but if it's ok then this is an absolute bargain at this price. Voted hot.


Go to a no pass no fee MOT place, there's one in Canning Town E13

MOT for £20 - £2 Cashback @ F1 Auto Centres
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Posted 19th Jul 2018Posted 19th Jul 2018
MOT for £20 - £2 Cashback @ F1 Auto Centres
hey guys, found this - just booked my MOT for this Saturday.. got confirmation of £2 cashback Tracked. hope it helps.

I never service mine at F1 but I use them for MOTs. Never had a problem. Hot from me.


My local F1 always passes mine with all sorts of issues so always use them for MOTs. Wouldn't use them for anything else though!!


F1 are terrible, they don't have a clue and will rip you off.


So glad they’ve cheap mots come round so often, nearly failed on my blinker fluid being dangerously low last time


Congratulations on your first post! There are some great deals to be had here. I feel that I must warn you that garages which discount MOT's are generally very very picky whilst carrying out the test. Then, when they have failed your vehicle (on what could have been an advisory), they will expect you to patronise the them for any repairs. The best MOT centers to use are your local council garages. They are governed and as such cannot achieve any deceptive financial gain. :) I

Pirelli Cinturato P7 205/55 R16 91V - Fully Fitted  £50.45 with code @ f1autocentres
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Posted 19th May 2018Posted 19th May 2018
Pirelli Cinturato P7 205/55 R16 91V - Fully Fitted £50.45 with code @ f1autocentres
Great price for fully fitted Pirelli tyres in very popular size

Not even half fitted!


these are my goodyear efficient grip performance with 5mm tread still left, this happened to BOTH tyres which were fitted at the same time!! DO NOT BUY THESE TYRES. https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZUWoB7ZMnr7qjrCkBS6lL9o8whI6f9yBsgX


Thanks, think i'll get another BluResponse!


No complaints here. 30k miles on the rear of a RWD BMW and still going. Can't believe they're still £50-55 each when budget brands are at least £45


Had some Dunlop’s on my golf from day one got about 25k out of a set on the front.

Dunlop Sport BluResponse 205/55 R16 91V - Fully Fitted  £56.75  F1autocentres
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Posted 9th Mar 2018Posted 9th Mar 2018
Dunlop Sport BluResponse 205/55 R16 91V - Fully Fitted £56.75 F1autocentres
Great price for fully fitted Dunlop in this size COMPA2015 code for £2 off

I agree 100%. Its an embarrassment that it’s allowed to be sold at all. (lol) nobody rags a Ford Fiesta diesel! It’s far too pedestrian for that! I’m so turned off budget tires. I’ll always pick the best rated tyres for whatever car I drive. Much prefer an **** that doesn’t ache at the end of a long drive on British roads and a more efficient car.


It's a false economy indeed, the cheapest rubber is generally completely dangerous muck. Still, you'll not wear your transmission as much if you can't load it down due to lighting up wheels (excited) Yokohamas are decent for budget tyres, they don't melt on the track neither 8)


I bet some don't even rotate their front and rear wheels nor have new tyres put to the rear of their vehicle :{


Mohawk are dreadful. Never did I think I’d look forward for the tread to run out on my front tires. Awful ride, poor fuel economy compared to my stock continentals and lacking in grip. Not worth the savings in money.


Nice to see all the tyre experts out in force today 🤔. Those taking about "ditch finders" are almost certainly the save people who think they're F1 drivers in the road in their 1.4 Corsas...

2 uniroyal rainsport 3 tyres £150. 225/40/r18 @ F1 autocenters
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Posted 12th Feb 2018Posted 12th Feb 2018
2 uniroyal rainsport 3 tyres £150. 225/40/r18 @ F1 autocenters
2 new Uniroyal rain sport 3 tyres (225/40/r18) for £150 tyre price- £77.15 discount code- compa2015 (£2 off each tyre) total- £150 including all the standard stuff like delivery… Read more

Mine are on my Audi S4 which make 480bhp. I've done 12k on this set so far, swapped the wheels front to rear during the last service to even out the wear. Fairly confident I'll get 20k out of them, although I'm taking it to the Nurburgring in May . . . so they may need replacing by the time I get back! lol


Got this on my bmw with 550nm and can't see any quicker wear than from contis that i used before...


great saving voted hot


Spend a bit more and get a better tyre. These wear very quickly


A pair on Camskill's website is £130.50 delivered (www.camskill.co.uk) I can thouroughtly recommend these tyres. I've put them of a few cars and they've been great. Good grip in the dry, fantastic grip in the wet and good wear rate too.

Cheap MOT  - book ahead for next 6 months - £19.40 @ F1 Autocentres
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Posted 29th Dec 2017Posted 29th Dec 2017
Cheap MOT - book ahead for next 6 months - £19.40 @ F1 Autocentres
Formula One Autocentres have a 'New Year Sale' which reduces £29.50 MOT price by £5 to £ 24.50. Book before end of December & use code 'DECMOT10' which takes £2.95 (10% off… Read more

Paid £25 for the last 3 years and had no problems or advisories


Fair play if you’re getting mugged for £50 odd at other places. Thankfully my local centre does them for £25 no hassle or invented issues.


I have an mot test voucher for national tyres £15 if anyone would like to buy it :)


Surely no one is stupid enough to think you can pay £20 for an MOT and not get ripped off on the work that 'needs' doing


Think Arthur Daley crossbred with corrupt bankers...

MOT at Formula One Autocentre £15
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Posted 19th Sep 2017Posted 19th Sep 2017
MOT at Formula One Autocentre £15
Book online at Rainham branch and get MOT for £15. Also use 10% voucher code SEPMOT10 to get it down to £13.50. Don't forget 10.1% TopCashBack on top of that. £15 might be availa… Read more

Just wanted to say that I did my MOT in the Rainham branch today for £13.50 (plus TopCashback) and passed with no issues. I even had a tyre that was damaged (pointed out by 2 other garages during a precheck) and so they could have failed me but didn't. Also, I should highlight that their T&Cs state that if MOT failed the repair can be done at another garage. If car is bought back before the end of next working day then the retest is free. Bought back within 7 days then the retest is £14.75. After that it will be the full retest fee. So what's the risk?


Bit pointless if they purposely fail you, you’re sick with no mot and will have to pay elsewhere for another one.


Take your car to your local Council run testing station. These jokers will spend more time quoting for parts and boring you to tears about the oil they use than actually testing your car.


https://good-garage-guide.honestjohn.co.uk/ Try here


Masters of the upsell, from what I heard tabhanging on a telephone conversation to a customer. As previous poster advised - if you choose to use them for an MOT make sure you STAY AND WATCH.

Formula One Autocentres Master Service and MOT (up to 1300cc ) £125 (other engine sizes similar deals ) using voucher code.
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Posted 23rd Aug 2017Posted 23rd Aug 2017
Formula One Autocentres Master Service and MOT (up to 1300cc ) £125 (other engine sizes similar deals ) using voucher code.
Already a great price at £140 , use voucher code COMPA2015 to get a further £15 off . Have tried it on a few dummy bookings and appears to give £5 off services and £15 off service/… Read more

Deal sounds dodgy to me, as though the OP works for Formula 1. PS: What's an MOT?

Price match & credit vouchers on tyres @ F1 Autocentres
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Posted 19th Aug 2017Posted 19th Aug 2017
Price match & credit vouchers on tyres @ F1 Autocentres
I needed four new tyres and Merityre have got a promotion on until 2nd September 2017 where you get £20 in Sainsburys vouchers per pair of Bridgestone tyres fitted http://www.mer… Read more

went in to spend the £40 vouchers on having all four wheels aligned & becuase it was only a minor adjustment they only went and done it for free ! Thankfully the vouchers don't have an expiry date so they will get used...eventually!

F1 Autocentre - Air Conditioning recharge £40 with code
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Posted 5th Apr 2017Posted 5th Apr 2017
F1 Autocentre - Air Conditioning recharge £40 with code
Kwik fit deal for £39.20 shared, then there's F1 Autocentre if more convenient. £40 using vouchercode 5OFFACDM15

Not the point. Avoid lining the pockets of any company out to rip you off when offering these cheap deals. Will never visit these con merchants or Concorde ever again. Had my aircon regarded last month at Concorde and according to them my brakes and tyres were dangerously defective. Funny that as it had passed the mot a week before without a single advisory.


it's always worth checking Groupon for aircon regassing.


Had a couple of MOTs with these guys - always the brakes nned changing. Last time the "brake balance was out" although they could provide no data to support it.


Presumably you can say NO.


F1 will try and change your brakes and tyres during the air con service. And the exhaust etc.

205/60VR15 Dunlop BluResponse 91V fitted + balance £66.90 at F1 auto centres
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Posted 7th Feb 2017Posted 7th Feb 2017
205/60VR15 Dunlop BluResponse 91V fitted + balance £66.90 at F1 auto centres
Well have been looking for good tyres for my skoda, F1 auto centres selling dunlop blueresponse at good price for 205/60VR15 Dunlop BluResponse 91V Rated A for grip and B for fuel … Read more

I have got them fitted today good service from centre in Peterborough the manager was very cooperative would definitely recommend


Good price, good tyre shame it's F1 I personally would never use this company ever again.


Literally just paid £180 two days ago from kwikfit for a set of these. Seem very good so far..


​Got good reviews on them good grip in wet conditions which you want from a summer tyre since it rains a lot during our summers :p


Look like decent enough tyres. Never had dunlop, but I always try and go for grip rating A. I find that tyres perform differently on different cars anyway, so for me its trial and error even when the specs are good. Definately worth a try.