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Posted 25 September 2023

Free bottle of Coca Cola Zero / Zero Cherry [voucher]

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Free 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola Zero or Coca-Cola Zero Cherry. You get a free voucher with their official Taste A Coke AR game.

You can choose a voucher with any one of the following supermarkets:


Follow the Get offer button below and play the AR game. When the AR game starts, you just have to make a palm with your hand and bottle of Coke will appear in it, you can then tap the button at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Tap here for your free bottle’ and it’ll give you the free Coke voucher for using at the supermarket of your choice.

If the AR game doesn’t work you can just tap skip and tap the ‘Tap here for your free bottle’ button at the bottom of the page to get your free Coke voucher.

You’ll have 24 hours to use the voucher/barcode once it’s been generated.

Coca-Cola More details at
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  1. tcotpatpwtcot's avatar
    Heat added. But is that the dreaded moving barcode?
    coolukdude's avatar
    nope, adds a static barcode to Google Wallet or Apple Pay.

    Used it today no issues!! (edited)
  2. LegoTrooper's avatar
    Just got my coke zero at tesco.. Took 3 cashiers 10 minutes to process it as barcode wouldn't scan.. Not sure it was worth the hassle and glares from customers behind me!
    premierfella's avatar
    Sounds like we need an HUKD user who works at Tesco and knows what they are doing to post instructions we can give the cashiers!!!
  3. adamdvd's avatar
    This code is being generated for Tesco
  4. Renshy's avatar
    Will this take £1.75 off a meal deal at Tesco? 🙃
    aabedin's avatar
    Worked for me
    Paid £1.65 only (Tesco Express- Camden)
  5. Max_power-3d3e8.10244's avatar
    Can anyone verify if screenshot of the barcode works? making it stable and not a moving code. I too don't want to embarrass myself over a bottle of coke. If someone has tried this please report back. Also screenshot 2 variations of the code: left one and when it moves to the right. Possibly screen record and pause the video. Yeah let us know people? (edited)
    APopat's avatar
    Just keep the tab open and scan when you’re there? No issues
  6. Plent_E_O_Toole's avatar
    Worked ok at the self checkout in Tesco. Thanks OP!
    CarloRivera's avatar
    Brilliant, thanks for letting us know! Going to try this tomorrow!
  7. minifig290's avatar
    Also for anyone wondering, does not take £1.75 off q Tesco meal deal sadly, shows as an offer is already applied. Was able to use same code separately afterwards and did work on a bottle by itself.
  8. dazzlingstar's avatar
    Screenshot doesn’t work at Tesco only live moving barcode (edited)
  9. Muig1972's avatar
    Does anyone know if the code can be scanned successfully at a self-checkout?
    SN2011's avatar
    I've tried in tesco, it asks for a paper coupon to be inserted. Works no problem if you go to the person.
  10. e_aussie's avatar
    I don't get why they ask to put coupon inside the coupon slot. It's a digital code!!
    romanburasc449a's avatar
    Grab old receipt and put it in there. It works.
    What do you expect from tesco? Logical thinking? (edited)
  11. roystafivefive's avatar
    Tis a 1 hour code now instead of 24 hours.
  12. ecurb77's avatar
    Asks to share your location - said no, won't load page. Just another scam to harvest your personal data. Cold.
    tekk's avatar
    Unfortunately, many companies sell or share your data anyway, whether you like it or not. At least this time, Coca cola will give you something back for it
  13. APopat's avatar
    It’s a moving barcode for me, not static 
    BeefyMcWhatNow's avatar
    grab a screenshot?
  14. jp0202's avatar
    Does this work at Tesco express or only big huge Tesco's?
    JustBringIt's avatar
    I’d like to know too…
  15. just4u90's avatar
    Dont bother as I tried to redeem at Tesco but barcode not working. Embarrassed and wasted time. :/
    sparky_'s avatar
    I don't know why they can't be old fashioned and send out paper coupons like they used to do years ago...
  16. Gregory_Nikitas's avatar
    It seems this deal only expires on the 25th of October as in their terms and conditions.
    Worth re-activating OP?
    sparky_'s avatar
    Aww thanks I will do I didn't see the end date

    Activated thank you

  17. nmg078's avatar
    I used today at Tesco Express, on self scan. It needs to be a gift voucher not coupon. Then when it asks for the paper voucher to be loaded in, just hit ask for assistance they come and clear it.
    minifig290's avatar
    Or insert slightly your Clubcard and take it back out when it registers it.

    Or place a random bit of scrap paper down there. As long as the sensor in the slot senses something it'll work without assistance of a worker.

    Did get weird looks in one store doing that, three times
  18. chaymation's avatar
    In the terms and conditions, it now says the last day for activation is 14/10
    so not sure if they've changed it because it was being used so much!
  19. derektaylor84's avatar


    Thank you for this code, saves so much time trying to scan the moving barcode.
    valuehunter2021's avatar
    does this code work for everyone?
  20. Deal_searcher's avatar
    Heat added but bear in mind that as it is a moving barcode it does take a little bit of time to be able to lock properly and some stores won't want to scan it. I just went to my local Tesco at customer services. The representative said no we don't take these vouchers. I proceed to show them the T&Cs and tell them it should scan. The representative refused to scan and said this is a scam. I asked for their manager. Manager came and said have you tried scanning the code. The representative goes to scan and tells me it won't work it is a moving barcode and tells me see nothing happens and then next second the barcode shows and it goes through. The representative tells me I am lucky, I have never seen these vouchers before and them working. No apology nothing. So if you are not thick skinned and persistent then these vouchers may not be for you. (edited)
    sparkeeh's avatar
    Just for balance, I went to my local Tesco express, they scanned it in a few seconds and it deducted the whole cost of the bottle. YMMV
  21. AncientYouth's avatar
    Cherry coke has always tasted like medicine
    itchyone's avatar
    Won't drink any other coke. Always cherry for me. And none of that sugar free stuff.
  22. crazybargain's avatar
    They are getting desperate now, they know the new recipe tastes like garbage 🤮
  23. yogzilla's avatar
    My local Tesco express didn’t accept it and the barcode wasn’t scanning
    Super_Hanz's avatar
    Got the same, stood there for 3 minutes lol
  24. minifig290's avatar
    Definitely did not exploit this offer

    Cheers op for the post, saved me a lot of money, plus will donate a few of the regular ones to charity/ homeless.

    36 bottles from 12 Tesco stores (expresses and superstores)

    51068257-mhN3i.jpg (edited)
    sdzak's avatar
    How many tesco do you have nearby
  25. mbg77's avatar
    My son's just come home with 4 free bottles. Done all the shops in a 5 min walk (edited)
    sparky_'s avatar
    Well done lad

    You should do another mission tomorrow
  26. MS0409's avatar
    Yes, it does work. I can confirm
    minifig290's avatar
    So how many then, beat my record?

    Got 43 so far
  27. helen.odare's avatar
    Couldnt get it to work gave up
  28. bilal91's avatar
    page just keeps loading forever after i click on go to map
    raich333's avatar
    Same with me! Android samsung phone.
  29. minifig290's avatar
    Worked at all my local Tescos, 12 bottles total so far

    No luck at any Londis, Premier or Budgens though
    FrankieThePanda's avatar
    Do you have 12 phones?
  30. Norwichlad's avatar
    Picked up my free cherry coke from Tesco express this afternoon! Thanks op
    sparky_'s avatar
    You're welcome 🙏
  31. RichHuish's avatar
    Couldn't even pay me to drink sugar/aspartame water! (edited)
    mbg77's avatar
    Lucky these are sugar free then
  32. Grrrrrrrrrrr's avatar
    Brilliant! Thanks, OP!!. It only worked on my new phone, not my old one (which just produced the rotating white wheel of doom). The self checkout machine accepted it but failed to deliver a receipt. So I drank it, walking from Tescos to Morrisons. I didn't want the potential problem of explaining why I was walking around with an ice cold bottle of drink and no receipt. Paranoid? Nah, just fixated by Murphy's Law.

    Oh, it tasted... strange. Not as I remembered it. It's probably loaded me with enough caffeine to keep me awake for hours.

    But it was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Mustn't look at teeth (not with the problem getting an NHS dentist...).
    sparky_'s avatar
    Well I'm so happy that you enjoyed your drink 🍸 make sure you brush ya teeth before you hit the hay 😹

  33. valuehunter2021's avatar
    no problem using this at self check out in large Tesco (although staff member had to click approve coupon) and also at a checkout desk with a nice lady - used different vouchers each time though
  34. Jim789990's avatar
    Worked for me 80 bottles so far lol
    iKris's avatar
    From Tesco?
  35. talksr's avatar
    Total waste of time, 20 minutes to be exact, for me. 

    Followed the link, it identified my nearest Tesco, Tesco London Liverpool St. 

    Queued at the self service tills for five minutes to be told you have to go to a human till where cigarettes are sold. Queued where I was told to go for a further 15 minutes to be told, we only accept paper copies. You can’t print the voucher off as it changes every few seconds. I explained it says I need to use it specifically in Tesco and it has identified this one “yeah no it has to be paper”. Would have been quicker and more efficient to steal the bottle. Which coincidentally is what two women did with two bottles of Jack Daniel whilst I was in the queue and the security guard was playing on his phone
    valuehunter2021's avatar
    this was not correct information, should have asked to speak to a manger, it does work on self check out also
  36. djbarbee's avatar
    sparky_'s avatar
    No problem
  37. X_RHussain_X's avatar
    Thanks OP!
    sparky_'s avatar
    Your welcome 🙏 enjoy
  38. -hAnZ-'s avatar
    thanks OP!
    sparky_'s avatar
    Your welcome 🙏
  39. veedubjai's avatar
  40. bhaskarsa's avatar
    i will try it
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