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Posted 23 April 2024

Garmin Epix (Gen 2) Black Silicone Strap Smartwatch

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  1. Gorskar's avatar
    I think its been at this price at H Samuel for some time now, and comes in and out of stock - however that's not to say its not a great deal - it is! I think this is still the all-time low price for this fantastic watch, so heat!
  2. McC-Dad's avatar
    There's no doubt this is a good watch, but it's a couple of years old now. I think the epix 3 is due this year? There's no more guaranteed updates either. I'm sat on the fence.
    OhTheMajesty's avatar
    Indeed, but this is nowhere near obsolete... Price for performance beats basically anything out there
  3. tubster76's avatar
    If you have perks at work you can buy H Samuel vouchers and get a percentage credit.
  4. pragnorok_vydex's avatar
    no loner half price its gone up to 749 now, dam was in the market at half price for this.
    Mikharper's avatar
    Still is, use code GARMIN and it'll get you back to that price, not sure how long that will last
  5. chewyx's avatar
    Great watch but a software update has broken mine and garmins customer service at trying to fix it is not very good. Freezes when going into or ending an activity and has to be reset. Can’t use the lap function. Garmin can’t tell me when they will be able to fix it either. Only had it 3 months ago
    sashforth's avatar
    That's bad luck. Are you on some sort of program for beta updates as I haven't experienced anything similar or read anything on the usual Garmin discussion sites.

    This deal has been posted many times over the last six months (some of us even managed to use a 10% code that we probably shouldn't have managed to) but it doesn't stop it being a fantastic price for a fantastic watch.

    I have owned a number of Garmin watches over the years including a few Forerunners, an Instinct a couple of Fenix but until you have experienced the Amoled screen on an Epix 2, you really don't know what you have been missing.

    And don't take any notice of the battery life scaremongers. Ok, so it doesn't last for the three or four weeks that I can squeeze out of my Instinct 2X solar, but it lasts several days which is more than can be said for a lot of other sports watches.

    If you have been thinking about a Fenix 7, don't. Get this instead.
  6. adriandocherty's avatar
    Tried the extra15 and the 10% new user codes but neither worked, fyi
    SeanRTK's avatar
    I'm sure on a previous deal someone got lucky and managed to get the 10% new user code to work in store.
  7. Howlin_Wolf's avatar
    The 'face it' addition on the app has been fantastic at creating custom screens. This was a picture of the moon that I took last night on a pixel 6 pro.

    I've owned the epix2 sapphire since launch. It's been fantastic. I only paid around £400 for it then but I'd be devastated if I had paid full price only to see what it's worth now.
  8. markefc69's avatar
    bought it last week,next level against the usual samsung,hauwei etc.
    pay the extra fiver for next day delivery,h samuel use royal mail 48 which took 96!
    Rob_Samsung's avatar
    RM48 isn't a guaranteed 48 hour delivery. Samuels should have used Special Delivery for that.

    Looks like they charge a fiver and hope for the best. Then blame RM.
  9. Godhatch's avatar
    This is my first sports watch and after researching for what feels like an eternity with constant doubting which one to buy. I took a chance at this one and I’m glad I did. The screen is great and very responsive with every function I need. The only thing that put me off was the lack of Multiband gps but I haven’t had any issues with connections or tracking so far so don’t think I’m missing much 👌🏼
  10. tank86's avatar
    Ordered this a few days ago using my work reward scheme for an extra £30 off!
  11. coly13's avatar
    Purchased this the other day to replace my Fenix 6 Pro.
    Not sure if it's going to be much if an upgrade but too late now
    Simon_Blay's avatar
    I did the same. Lovely watch, happy with my upgrade. Fenix 6 Pro also still worth something, got £180 for mine without the box
  12. lloydy187's avatar
    I bought one a few months ago when this deal was last on, Fantastic watch im really pleased it. For the price its a great watch. You can also use paypal credit if you want to spread the cost 🏻There is probably watches with a few extra bells and whistles but i think this is pretty decent bang for buck.
  13. little_landy's avatar
    How well would this work with iPhone ? Whatsap etc
    Godhatch's avatar
    It’s easy to connect to the iPhone and get notifications from WhatsApp etc. you can’t reply through the watch though
  14. Carlosthejakal's avatar
    I bought it from here about 2 weeks ago. Have to say it's awesome and a big upgrade from my fenix 6x Pro.
    Screen quality and touch screen really make the whole experience much more user friendly. Highly recommended.
    OhTheMajesty's avatar
    Yep, this is a huge improvement over the 6, even if just for the screen and maps... And for the ability to navigate the maps with the touchscreen as opposed to just the buttons on the 6 series
  15. b3nji's avatar
    Many thanks! I bought one. None of the site or new user promo codes worked with this for me.
  16. witus78's avatar
    Is this 47mm or 51mm ?
    Howlin_Wolf's avatar
  17. Ben.GT's avatar
    Anyone advise whether it’s worth an extra £150 for sapphire version?
    Evouk's avatar
    I guess it depends on whether your activities are city based with tall buildings where the multi band GPS would come in handy, but personally I don't think its a major win. Otherwise the only other benefit is an extra 16gb of storage (32gb total).
  18. Aemkai's avatar
    Thanks for this. Ended up ordering one this morning for delivery tomorrow. This will be my first Garmin watch going from Samsung galaxy watches previously.
    I was stuck between the Fenix and Epix, but for this price, plus employee rewards, I couldn't resist.
    UltraValue_Tech's avatar
    Samsung is way better lol...
    Garmin just has a good battery that's all , way over hyped brand thats stuck in year 2010
  19. Stuart_C's avatar
    Ordered last night. Hope it's an upgrade compared to my Fenix 6s and Instinct 2s. Be interesting to see how it looks on my skinny wrist too. Thanks to OP as always. (edited)
    Evouk's avatar
    From a 6s you'll definitely see and upgrade. Screen being one of them and if you use navigation features the maps are much better and easier to scroll around via the touchscreen. Plus there's a lot more stats if you're into that.
  20. gadger's avatar
    Mine arrived today, will have a play with it tomorrow as going to work, never had a Garmin or a smart watch
  21. McC-Dad's avatar
    Would people suggest this over the venu 3?
  22. cycleman's avatar
    Ended up returning mine, hr is crazy inaccurate compared to a chest strap which makes all the other data pretty pointless, disappointing.
    Evouk's avatar
    Seems some have this problem and others don't. Haven't had an issue regarding HR on mine. I do also use a chest strap on more intense runs/training and I'll agree it's more accurate but the optical HR isn't that far off.
  23. Warner27's avatar
    £280 through blue light for anyone with one
    RAH112's avatar
    I have a blue light account, can you tell me how because the codes only seem to apply to full price items?
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