Posted 29 January 2024

Best Budget Garmin Watch for Gym / Cycling

After a budget friendly Garmin mainly for cycling and gym activities. I would also appreciate a sleep tracker- Highly! I do not run nor hike so no need for maps. Support for Spotify would be nice but can do without. There are so many options that I am a bit lost. Any recommendations from fellow HUKD members? Thanks in advance
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    Never post in discussion but feel like I can add my thoughts on this one!

    I have an Apple iPhone and have over the last few years really started to get more physcially active. I ended up buying an iWatch 7 for approx £280. In all honesty I did not use it that much. It was a good watch but felt it was overhyped for what I wanted it to do. Sold it as it was not cost effective.

    I did then feel I wanted an activity tracker and accidentally ended up buying the Garmin Instinct Solar for £125 at CEX. If I was being honest it was in impulse buy as I was going on holiday and wanted to track the fitness activity I did whilst abroad. It has been the best thing! The watch is low profile and does not have a multi coloured screen. Battery lasts forever (sometimes 2 weeks) and I have to say the Garmin apps are great for integration.

    It does everything I want a smartwatch to do. Cannot recommend it enough.
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    Thanks for your input. I too am an iPhone user and have had similar experiences with the Apple Watch. To ask about your Garmin, I am guessing it doesn’t track your sleep?
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    I swapped from Apple Watch to Garmin about a year ago, use a Garmin edge for my bike so was already up to speed with the app, I also changed as I wanted better sleep tracking and longer battery. I went for the fenix 7S which wasn't a cheap option but knew I’d use it. Amazon do refurbished ones that might be worth looking for. The Vivosmart track sleep and can be used for cycling (had the original pre Apple Watch)
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    We both have garmin instinct 2 solar, they are brilliant.  Last 10 days on constant sp02 and 20 days with that on only during sleep, longer if you only check as and when you want.    Those lengths are without really any sunshine so expect longer when the watch actually gets some solar power.

    Its easy to navigate, watch face is easy to read at glance and has a backlight if you want it.   

    I have found that like all step trackers it does over read but they all do.        
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    I will look into this model. Sounds like it could tick all the boxes. Thanks(y)
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    Ended up snatching the Fenix 5s from eBay at £100 which upon further research ticks all the boxes for me(y) Ordered today so will report back once delivered and set-up. Looking forward to the watch8)
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