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Posted 6 September 2023

Get 3 months of Amazon Prime for £1 For Non Entertainment Plan, Vodafone Customers

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Get 3 months of Prime for £1, courtesy of Vodafone
Enjoy unlimited fast delivery and great entertainment
£1 for first 3 months then £8.99 per month. Terms and conditions apply

After the promotional period your Vodafone bill will include £8.99/ month for Prime.
Your Prime subscription continues until cancelled. Cancel anytime

Enjoy the convenience of one-day delivery and excellent entertainment from Prime Video, such as Clarkson's Farm, The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, and The Boys.

All new and existing customers who subscribe to Prime through our Charge to Bill service will get 3 months of Prime for £1 courtesy of Vodafone, thereafter £8.99 a month. Customers with Prime included in their Entertainment plan aren’t eligible.
Vodafone More details at
Vodafone has currently Get up to £50 in amazon vouchers for you and the referrer on Vodafone Broadband campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .
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This might be for selective customers bout I’ve just found it on my account.

Enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment, with three months of Amazon Prime for just £1, courtesy of Vodafone.

With Prime, you can enjoy a huge range of incredible perks, including:

Watch award-winning Amazon Originals, and your favourite TV shows and movies
12 months free of Deliveroo Plus Silver for Prime members
Free One-Day or Same-Day delivery on millions of items
Access to award-winning movies and TV shows with Prime Video
Ad-free podcasts and playlists with Amazon Music
More than 1,000 books and magazines with Prime Reading
Free in-game content and games with Prime Gaming
Grab three months of Prime for £1 today.

What you need to know

Three months of Amazon Prime for £1, courtesy of Vodafone
Excludes existing Prime customers and customers who have had an Prime free trial in the last 12 months

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  1. sjs31's avatar
    If anyone doesn't need their code would they be willing to share, please?
    I regularly give away cinema codes etc. without requiring trades or favours - please check my activity profile to confirm.
    Many thanks
    Kandy's avatar
    It's not a code you can share, it's a service added direct to your Vodafone bill.
  2. akustics's avatar
    Can we cancel after 3 month
    VxT's avatar
    You can cancel after 3 minutes and still get 3 months
  3. VxT's avatar
    Just an FYI you can cancel this instantly and still get a the 3 months for £1
    jimger's avatar
    You mean the amazon prime or you can cancel through vodafone so it doesn't auto-renew?
  4. Kandy's avatar
    Where did you find this? Can't see on the Vodafone account app or veryme rewards. Thanks
    Dan_82's avatar
    vodafone.co.uk/mob…ill i can see it here (may need to click discover more on page)

    50930770-RjHTD.jpg50930770-kjZXK.jpg (edited)
  5. Gary_Painter's avatar
    If its on Vodafone bill, do you need to cancel through Vodafone and is that easy?
    VxT's avatar
    Yeah, you'll need to cancel via the Vodafone site


    Then Manage Subscriptions > Cancel (edited)
  6. timetraveler_'s avatar
    Can you use your existing Amazon account?

    Also does anyone know when the offer end I couldn't see it anywhere.

    peassweet's avatar
    Offer end date 29/2/2024

    What you need to know

    Three months of Prime for £1, courtesy of Vodafone
    Excludes existing Prime customers and customers who have had an Prime free trial in the last 12 months
    Terms and Conditions
    Expand terms

    Offer Dates: 11 September 2023 at 09:00 to 29 February 2024 at 23:59.

    Offer Detail: The offer is three months access to Prime for £1 with Vodafone (the “Offer”). At the end of the three-month offer period, you will be automatically opted into a paid monthly subscription (currently priced at £8.99 per month and correct as of July 2023). You can cancel any time before the end of the offer period by selecting manage my subscriptions at Vodafone Entertainment (edited)
  7. LukeyWolf's avatar
    Not working, keeps showing "Oh dear"
    geoff3's avatar
    If it’s any help, I called Vodafone as I was having the same problem. The advisor didn’t know about the offer and looked into it for me. Informed me that the whole team is going to look into it as it only became available today and they will need to investigate any possible bugs. Said to give it 24 hours.
  8. John.Host's avatar
    Since becoming a customer through a 3rd party (CW) with cashback, I've noticed that when ever offers like this come up it never works and also I never win anything on the VeryMe as opposed to being a customer directly through Vodafone. Everything worked straight away and I always won something. Just an observation I've made. BTW, this isn't working for me just stalls on a " activating subscription" page. I gave up with it. (edited)
    peassweet's avatar
    I am Vodafone customer via 3rd party - overall I have not had problems claiming offers. I only once won a supermarket e gift card
  9. slipd's avatar
    Hmm, do you think it matters if I'm on a Prime Family sub currently? Seems like a great offer

    Heated OP!
    Loubou's avatar
    I'm in an Amazon Household with my mum and she's got Prime. I just managed to sign up for this Vodafone deal. Try it and see. It didn't work for me in Chrome. I had to use Safari browser.

    Also it was my mum who set up the original Prime from her Amazon account. So as long as the original Prime isn't in your name, it might work. (edited)
  10. hartleyhare2020's avatar
    Thanks op, just signed up.

    Incidentally, it didn't work through the Chrome browser, but worked fine though the Via browser, if anyone's having trouble.
    Wiggywoo9's avatar
    Tried that too, no luck
  11. JGiles's avatar
    been stuck on this for the last hour … Vodafone for you…. Hopefully goes through, heat for the heads up
    bb94's avatar
    Got this a few times yesterday after it got stuck Activating subscription. Tried in a private browsing window this morning and it worked. Either something changed on their end or it was an issue with me logged in to my Amazon account in my browser (edited)
  12. wah0007's avatar
    This didn't work for me, it kept giving me an error 'oh dear' when trying to activate the offer. After a lot of back and forth messages with Vodafone's social media team on X they say that Basics plan customers aren't eligible for the offer.

    FYI (edited)
    Ashe's avatar
    I'm a Basics customer, although it didn't work for the first few weeks, it worked when I activated it two months ago.
  13. HotUKDuncan's avatar
    New Takeshi’s castle worth £1 on its own.
  14. Wiggywoo9's avatar
    Update - through online chat, one advisor has said because I'm on a basic plan 12mb mobile contract, some extras are ineligible. Sounds like to me so complained but interested in others experience
    LisaW2023's avatar
    I had the 'oh dear' message. Tried everything they advised and then was told that I had to be a customer for 90 days. I asked them to send the bit in T&C's where it stated this claim. So far I haven't got a reply! Again probably 🐂
  15. Pigsy.'s avatar
    My order was delivered out of the blue over a month early and while I'm on holiday. Dumped on the doorstep (not even an attempt to notify - ring doorbell), load of grubbage melting to... Thievery... Prime... Shop local with cash or you'll buy crud you don't need and end up with numerous problems
  16. EndemicAlarm's avatar
    I'm assuming this can't be stacked or postponed...
  17. adamguest1985's avatar
    Also 6 months of Discovery+, 3 months of Spotify and 2 of YouTube Premium for 'free'.
  18. darren_hooker's avatar
    Very interesting.. Thanks OP.. Can you get this if you're only payg or do you have to be Vodafone contact member.. Tia
  19. liltman's avatar
    Damn we have broadband but not mobile lol
  20. MancLad93's avatar
    Does anyone know if this is only available for a certain amount of time? I've currently got 17 days left of my free trial and would prefer to do this at the end of that to benefit from it properly!
  21. kevincoull's avatar
    Didn't work for me or chome or firefox, keeps saying oh dear.
    sowotsdis's avatar
    same for me why is this happening
    and can you get it vis their CS?
  22. keyjpb's avatar
    Didn't work for me, kept taking me back to home page
  23. mb1's avatar
    Go via Amazon.pl (Poland) with your existing UK account login details and help from Google Translate and you can get it for about £9 for the the entire year.

    Please note this is pretty much just for Amazon Prime Video and Gaming, so no delivery etc (unless within Poland). Which was fine for me because I only wanted to watch the video content anyway. (edited)
    Jammer's avatar
    This sounds like the Adobe Cloud Lebanon scheme lol
  24. peassweet's avatar
    Thanks op

    Showing today on veryme app. Offer Start 11/9/23 till 29th Feb 2024 (edited)
  25. Ashe's avatar
    Still getting 'Oh dear' too.
    Wiggywoo9's avatar
    Same, even went through Vodafone customer service and they said they've had issues on some devices. No fix yet apparently
  26. Beanie1979's avatar
    is this mobile or broadband accounts
    casadous's avatar
    I think is only for mobile. Some might have entertainment included some can add-on.
  27. Dan_82's avatar
    Nice find, heat added
  28. Kandy's avatar
    Thanks for posting, great offer at this time of year and signing up was easy.
  29. Jammer's avatar
    Thanks OP!
  30. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    Cheers op just activated it
  31. faisalhusain's avatar
    New accounts only, I tried to add this but I have an ongoing subscription already
    ThePizzaBoxChef's avatar
    It's let me do it, though my Prime Subscription did end last month so I wasn't an active member. Seems like the only criteria is to not have an active Prime Subscription.
  32. ThePizzaBoxChef's avatar
    Thanks for the info, I let my Prime sub lapse a few weeks ago as I did the Year Membership before last year's price hike! If I'm honest this deal makes it worth using just for the free Twitch Prime Subscriptions
  33. mxer450's avatar
    Voxi customers???
  34. shillstomper's avatar
    6 months free of discovery+ is a good offer too
    hartleyhare2020's avatar
    I'd recommend their series Gunslingers.
  35. Notorious55's avatar
    Is this possible to add to existing contract and also to apply on existing Amazon account ?
  36. Mr.Frugal's avatar
    When is this offer on until?
  37. Stevie_mower's avatar
    8.99/ month is expensive afterwards no?
    Dannyefcfan1's avatar
    normal prime price. Just cancel it.

    I'm suck on a 'oh no' dead page when I try to do it.
  38. jitzz's avatar
    Many thanks OP!
  39. themachine2004's avatar
    Thanks OP!
  40. Zoea's avatar
    Fantastic, I was aware of Pay By Mobile Bill but Vodafone continue to impress. Can't really afford the 150GB though and someone nicked my Pixel 4XL which could tether last week (London,,,).
    deleted1949126's avatar
    Yep, that's London alright
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