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Posted 23 August 2023

Get TomTom GO Navigation for free for a year (new car plan subscribers only)

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Well, TomTom is a bigger player in this field. Thanks for the heads-up

Get TomTom GO Navigation for free for a year, worth £19.99*
For new car plan subscribers only. The first year is free, after that the subscription is automatically renewed for another year.

Offer valid until September 4, 2023

Follow the steps below to redeem this offer
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Step 2

Download the app from the iOS or Android app store

Step 3

Sign in to the app with your TomTom account. For instructions click here.
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  1. chellrosey's avatar
    But is it really better than Waze or Google Maps? I use Waze and don't have much problem with it.
    I do about 30k pa all over the country. (edited)
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    I just added my 2 pence worth; I'm an installer who travels the UK, covering 30k miles a year. I've not found one perfect sat nav, as they all have niggles. My biggest complaint as a van user is there is no ability by any satnav provider to route find to suit my van; travelling through London especially is troublesome, as Rotherhithe Tunnel is unavailable to me, but satnavs insist on using it, and no ability to "avoid".

    I found TomTom GO to be the best interface and voice instructions; the lane guides are handy, but my biggest issue is it's awful at getting me to the "final destination" and has a habit of finding routes via inaccessible roads - I find myself spending too much time manually search for where I am supposed to be. Because of this I just can't rely on it - however, I keep it handy for occasions where I have no reception, as maps are downloaded onto the phone.

    TomTom also has "AmiGO" which has the same "report" function as Waze; however, it loses many of the functions found on the Go app, and has the same issues noted above; The reporting feature seems to to have a very small collection of users as found myself reporting most things before anyone else (unlike with Waze where it's 99% been reported already)

    Google Maps is the best route-finding, but it lacks reporting (or at least not present on Android Auto - it mentioned that it is available via the app), and I find myself in and approaching traffic that Google shows but does nothing about because it does not quite sure if it needs to be addressed (i.e. light orange line will turn red whilst sitting in traffic - waze and tomtom would have diverted me long beforehand)

    My default choice is Waze; its most significant asset for me is the live reporting by users, and the large user base means issues are reported quickly and long before any others. I like the mundane alerts (caution - car on hard shoulder; hazard on the road), as small nudges keep me alert when travelling long distances. However, I have a love-hate relationship with Waze; it loves small roads, and route-finding seems to be a "straight line." Sometimes, this borders on the ridiculous, so it might take you down 5 miles of the single-track road because it is more direct than the 7-mile dual carriageway. Road closures work on large main roads but not on smaller ones, which is strange as waze collects all road closures, as seen on their map editor, but doesn't seem to translate to their app at all.

    My perfect Navigation app would be the interface of Tomtom, the Routefinding of Google Maps and Reporting of Waze. What best suits you is what you are willing to leave out. (edited)
  2. andy1405's avatar
    Works well on Android Auto, the route bar is a nice touch. Graphics are smooth and more attractive IMHO than Google/Waze. I like the way it flags when you are coming to a point on journey where you can take an alternative route to avoid traffic. Has speed cameras and traffic seems as accurate as you could reasonably expect. Only uses a little data with downloaded maps which could be handy for driving in Europe. Definitely worth a try.
  3. 9w43's avatar
    For privacy conscious, while Google and Waze are free but your data is mined, not with tomtom
    mattashhall's avatar
    FYI, TomTom do sell anonymous data for travel time, speeds and OD.
  4. Blasphemous's avatar
    When looking to cancel the subscription, I see the following:

    Does that mean if I cancel I lose updates etc or lose the whole app?
    charlesmcg's avatar
    I did this immediately after getting the subscription when the deal came last time around. You won't lose anything; they mean you won't have TomTom Go anymore AFTER the 12 months, it's poor wording.
  5. deleted2919055's avatar
    Anonymous User
    I presume you can cancel before the renewal ?
    craigbelperbrown's avatar
    Cancelled mine already.
  6. dapsycool's avatar
    So far, it looks 10x better than google maps on my android auto.
    hurltd's avatar
    Same, looks so much better and professional, it's very well laid out and clear making it safer, works with Google assistant to say out the address
  7. steve252's avatar
    Are there any apps (or devices?) that provide a warning when your actual speed is greater than the speed limit of the section of road you are on?
    jimyu's avatar
    Waze does this
  8. OhTheMajesty's avatar
    Ordered and then cancelled straight away to prevent the renewal. But it’s unclear if I can still use this for the next year or if the service is cancelled :/
    Gru_Official's avatar
    Open TomTom app and navigate to Menu > Settings > Subscriptions to check
  9. AllTheUnknown's avatar
    Off to France tomorrow so going to give this a go. I normally use Waze/Gmaps on Android Auto but it's lane/junction instructions are crap.
    john757's avatar
    TomTom on android is all I use in France. Find it so much better than Google and Waze.
  10. Dave._W.'s avatar
    Thanks has worked thanks for the clear instructions. How do you cancel though have a year to find out?
    Sully1's avatar
    You go to subscriptions under your account. You can actually cancel it as soon as you sign up.
  11. adzg91's avatar
    I’m probably being silly here but restore purchases on iOS only allows me to use my iCloud login?
  12. ADT's avatar
    I'm using TomTom from the previous deal offer. Has the best navigation UI & clear as well as well planned turn by turn guidance & lane suggestion. However the data is outdated and it doesn't have many businesses / establishments listed also the speed limit on roads are also not good. Even the post code detection is also not accurate. Use it only for driving home and gone back to Waze for outward journeys.
  13. -Will-'s avatar
    Anyone know of a way to get the HGV version any cheaper?
    imran_sami's avatar
    same question
  14. Raydar81's avatar
    I've been testing this TomTom AmiGo

    Uses data and looks to be improving

    It's FREE

  15. Smoggy1970's avatar
    Good for free but would never dream of paying for it when you can use Google Maps/Waze etc..
    TTT6's avatar
    Which one is the best?
  16. -hAnZ-'s avatar
    thanks OP!
  17. gjhukd's avatar
    Nice find , ordered and cancelled!
  18. Jim.N's avatar
    oldsystem's avatar
    Waze what
  19. leelukehope's avatar
    Find myself using Apple Maps 90% of the time, the other 10% being Waze and google maps. Will be interesting to see how TomTom compares to Apple Maps…
  20. veedubjai's avatar
  21. craigbelperbrown's avatar
  22. Renoir64's avatar
    Ordered thank you
  23. Sully1's avatar
    I always liked tomtom, just didn't like their subsciption model.
  24. wolvesinwales's avatar
    Thanks will give it a try
  25. sully01's avatar
  26. Krutik_Quiran's avatar
    So downloaded it but says 7 days free trial only and I’ll be charged on 30th Aug 2023?
  27. ses6jwg's avatar
    Can you alter it for caravans/ trailers?
    9w43's avatar
  28. txw311um's avatar
    For anyone driving in US, personally tomtom is better than google and waze. No clue about here, just do not have a car here
    Smoggy1970's avatar
    Why is it better?
  29. Ktam's avatar
    Thanks just got it
  30. Blasphemous's avatar
    Great deal
  31. SavvyTraveler's avatar
    The subscription can be canceled as soon as the order is completed, without losing the 12 free months
  32. assim's avatar
    Its amazing, it became so a few years ago when the AA and BMW started Implementing it in all vehicles
  33. sudhimalla's avatar
    Is there any feature on the navigation app to locate a friends car on the map when travelling to the same destination?
  34. Chopin_bm's avatar
    Google maps never notifies me about motorway closure. Several times I have had to take out the old TomTom from the glove box and ask it to take me home across the country.
    I mainly use AmiGo with android auto but the old TomTom always sits in the glove box, as a last resort.
  35. LeeWorrall's avatar
    Worth noting Google maps is better on android than iPhone.
  36. sjo1993's avatar
    How do you restore if the email is different to your Apple ID on iOS ?
    Gru_Official's avatar
    Login to your TomTom account in the app
  37. kraven's avatar
    Does anyone pay for SatNav anymore ?

    Most people I know with new cars and builtin satnav, end up using Carplay / Google Maps / Apple Maps / Waze / etc... as they find the traffic routing better.
  38. milko's avatar
    Does this have TomTom’s live feature?
    wacko_jacko's avatar
    It does but I tried it yesterday when I was driving through London centre and it didn't see the roadworks that Waze had on a map. I think I'll give it a go once again in the future, but after that I'm coming back to Waze.

  39. Riyaad12's avatar
    I love it!

  40. Lola22's avatar
    Unable to open it on ios 17 beta version
    Anyone else is having issues with installing it on IOS?
    Asking to login but then it freezes

    smudgelab's avatar
    I'm on IOS beta 17.7 and it installed fine on my phone (Iphone 14 pro 256).
's avatar