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Maxi-Cosi Axiss Toddler Swivel Car Seat @ Amazon £119.99
TODAYTODAYFound 7 h, 14 m agoFound 7 h, 14 m ago
Been in the market for one of these for a while, checked on camelcamelcamel and it’s the cheapest it’s been! The Maxi-Cosi Axiss is suitable for toddler from 9 -18 kg (approximate… Read more

adac do independent testing though you may need Google translate. This age group are safer rear facing though rear facing. Some rear facing seats do swivel


My son has been in this since 10 months. The ease of getting him in and out with the swivel function is amazing!!It fits really tight too with the seat belt as it doesnt just clip in it also has a device to remove any slack out of the seat belt. We also have the pearl isofix in my partners car which is much smaller and so much harder to put my son whos 3 in.


I get that swivel is easy though I much prefer safe. Rear facing is significantly safer.


Second the Joie 360, picked ours up a few weeks ago from boots, using the 10% code and extra boots points, worked out at £130 per seat (bought 2), ticks all the boxes, isofix, spins,rear facing option to 4 years. Check it out


I had these for my twins and the rotating is a godsend, BUT the ratchet system is used to secure the seat ruined my rear seat belts. And they weigh a ton. The Joie 360 is a much better alternative.

Maxi-Cosi i-Size 2wayFix Car Seat Base at John Lewis & Partners - £152.15
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
I hope this helps someone, couldn't find it by the search. RRP 199.99, the Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix provides protection and safety for children, enabling rearward-facing travel up to ap… Read more

This (range of) product is a absolute con. I bought the previous version of this, being a cautious new father. Complete and utter waste of cash, once we'd taken it back for the 3rd time because it was repeatedly indicating the seat was securely in place - when the seat wasn't even in the car - I gave up and took the batteries out. Our other car had no isofix and the seats belted into the car very securely for only slightly more hassle anyway. This product is basically about making an absolute bomb out of people that are (rightly) scared for the safety of their children, and on that basis, this might be a deal for this product, but this product is certainly not any kind of deal.


Thanks OP these bases are really rugged and there are second hand ones that look like new and are a LOT cheaper. Yes buy a new seat/carrier but the bases are so well made they last for decades.




I have this base in my car. Definitely recommend it. I’ve used the Pebble Plus and now the 2way Pearl. Great price :)


3 WAY base is on its way ..

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Britax Römer KIDFIX SL Group 2-3 Isofix seat
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
looks very good price for a group 2-3 isofix seat

Yes it would, but you’ve got to remember that the function of a high backed booster is simply to lift your child up so that the seatbelt can restrain them correctly in the event of a collision. A high backed booster doesn’t have to fit solidly in a car with little or no movement like a seat for a younger child does.


So a non SL isofix would be sturdier? As for us it would not be used in another car.


We have two of these seat and I’d definitely recommend. Fab price, heat!


The SL part of the name stands for Soft Latch - this photo is a Kidfix SL (which I paid £76 for a couple of years ago and thought was a good deal, it was the cheapest I could find at the time) and you can see the isofix points are on a strap. They are not a rigid part of the seat. They can be pulled in completely so that you can use the seat in any car.


This uses ISOFIT which is a variation on isofix

Britax Römer ADVENTURE Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat - Cosmos Black at Amazon for £29.75
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Intuitively positioned seat belt guides for straightforward installation every time. Machine washable seat cover that can easily be removed, so you can clean up quick and get on yo… Read more

Whilst the Adventure doesn’t score particularly highly, the Britax Kid (like the Kidfix range just without the isofix!) scores better than all the fancy Britax isofix high backed boosters (even the ones with side impact cushions and pads for the seatbelt). The Cybex ones seem to be rated the same for the non-isofix versions of their isofix boosters.


Not sure I'd completely agree with your sentiments regarding isofix. Look at some of the ADAC (German version of AA) crash tests on youtube or others, you'll soon see that's simply not the case.


The main function of isofix on a high backed booster is to secure the empty seat in the car when your child isn’t in it. With this seat you have to remember to fasten the seatbelt over it if you are driving without your child in it, having isofix wouldn’t make it any safer. If you want to pay more the Britax Discovery SL is an identical-shaped seat with a better cover and soft latch isofix connectors. SL (or Soft Latch) just means the isofix connectors are on straps rather than being a rigid part of the seat. Like this....


Lol no not arguing either, just the fact I had no choice but to use a seatbelt version. Absolutely fine if you install correctly


True, not arguing just stating. Presumably isofix is safer, though.

Graco SnugRide i-Size Infant Car Seat including Isofix base (Group 0+) £69.99 - Amazon deal of the day
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
The Graco SnugRide i-Size Infant Car Seat lets infants ride safer, rear facing for longer, up to 18 months. It offers a 7-position adjustable base as well as a removeable newborn b… Read more
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Does seem to drop to this price every 2 weeks or so, decided to get now as you never know it might just stop fluctuating. Got the pram from Tesco eBay which takes the seat for £41 So for a full travel system at £111 all in seems like a great deal.


No, the base is only for this infant carrier seat.


This drops down pretty much every week to this price. It is a great price for both though if you are in the market for one


can it be used after 18th months i.e buy a bigger seat and still use ISO FIX base?


Lowest *£59.96 Feb 11, 2018

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Britax Römer HOLIDAY Pushchair (6 months - 15 kg|3 years ) - Steel Grey
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Britax Römer HOLIDAY Pushchair (6 months - 15 kg|3 years ) - Steel Grey
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Yes you may get more use out of it for other days trips(non abroad)


My little girl will be 18 months by the time we go away but is still quite tiny and i was worried it wouldn’t be supportive enough so thank you for your advice. I will just go for a silver cross or cosatto instead and wait for it when the luggage comes out at the airport 😃


I think its very unsupportive maybe a child around 18months plus but thats just my opinion Very lightweight however and airy


I love the idea of this but when i looked at one in a store it seemed very flimsy. Does anyone recommend it?

Trillo Shield Car Seat Ember (Joie) groups 1 2 & 3 isofix connectors - £90 @ Lesters-Nurseryworld (Cyber discount applied @ checkout)
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Seems like a great deal. £120 at Argos etc. Discounted to £90 at check out Which? verdictGood value, multi-group seat with decent protection Joie's Trillo Shield car seat is a mul… Read more

Have a look at crash tests for impact shield seats... I had one before I'd seen the rollover videos :(


Here you go: Which? verdictA solution for heavier toddlers If you have a toddler too young to use a high-backed booster, but too heavy for a Group 1 seat, what do you do? That's where the Joie Bold steps in. This multi-group child car seat can be used with a harness up to 25kg (around seven years old). Joie child car seats have been hit and miss in our crash tests, so find out how this one did in our full review.Can use a harness up to 25kg,multigroups seat, well-padded seat, lots of adjustment options Difficult to install, lots of different modes give a high risk of misuse Overall, this seat gets an average or satisfactory three-star score for safety. The crash-test results for each mode are between three and four stars, but as we see with many multi-group seats, the scores are lowered due to the difficulty of installing the seats in the correct mode. However, this is a good-quality seat that could be an option if you have a heavier toddler who's outgrown a normal Group 1 seat, as you can use the harness up to 25kg (around seven years old) on this model. What is it? The Joie bold is a multi-group 1/2/3, forward-facing child car seat that is approved for use with babies from 9kg (around 12 months) up to 36kg (around 12 years old). There are multiple ways to use and install this car seat in your car: As a Group 1 seat using the harness. As Group 1/2 harnessed seat, from 9- 25kg forward facing, your child is held in place with a harness while the seat is attached using Isofix connectors, a top-tether strap and the car's adult seatbelt. As a Group 2 seat, installed using Isofix and a top tether, and you have the choice to use either the harness or the seatbelt to keep your child in place. If using the harness, you still need to use the seatbelt to attach the car seat. As a Group 2/3 seat (15-36kg) installed using Isofix and a top tether, with your child held in place with the car's adult seatbelt. You can also use the seat from 25kg- 36kg in this way, too. There are three recline positons and it comes with a removable cup holder. How safe is it? For each seat we test, we use state-of-the-art dummies that record the forces of the crash on key parts of their bodies. We crash test each seat several times in the different formats it can be used in. The Joie Bold gets a total test score of 50% and an average or satisfactory three stars overall for safety. As we tend to see with multi-group seats, or those using a top tether, the overall safety score is lowered because of the higher risk of misuse, due to the multiple configurations and different ways to install this seat. As a Group 1/2 seat is gets an overall score of 54%, with a satisfactory three-star safety rating. It gets an average three-star rating for forward-facing crash protection and a good four-star side-impact protection rating. In Group 2/3 mode it gets an overall score of 46%, but with a good four-star overall safety rating. It gets an average or satisfactory three-star rating for forward-facing crash protection and a good four-star side-impact protection rating. The overall test score is lowered in this configuration due to how complicated it is install and the risk of getting it wrong. However, if you're in the position where you have a toddler who exceeds the 18kg upper limit of a Group 1 seat, but isn't old enough to use the car's adult belt, the actual crash-test ratings are satisfactory and good, so this seat could be a solution here. Is it easy to fit? Our installation and fitting checks are carried out by car seat experts with many years of experience. They carry out more than 500 fitting and installation checks each year on all the car seats we test. Plus, we use parents and children, which help our experts identify the potential risks that parents may have when trying to fit a child car seat. The instructions and warnings easy to understand, which is good, because this seat is awkward to install, and there's an increased risk of doing this incorrectly. Read the instruction manual, not just the quick-reference guide on the side of the seat. We also recommend watching the installation videos on the manufacturer website. It's also a very heavy seat, which makes fitting it a little bit tricky. We'd always recommend getting a car seat fitted to your car by a trained expert before you buy. This way you can see if it actually fits your car or if there are any problems, such as angled seats or seatbelts that don't fit properly. You'll be able to see if the front passenger seats, or any other seats, are affected by the position of the car seat, and if you're upgrading a car seat, you'll be able to see if your child finds the new one comfortable. Is the seat comfortable? Yes, there's a large amount of padding and good support for little legs, however the actual seat isn't the most spacious. The headrest adjusts to 11 different heights, which helps to provide a better fit as your child grows. The harness automatically adjusts as you pull the headrest up, so there's no fiddly rethreading of the harness to change it. Despite being a multi-group seat, it doesn't take up a huge amount of space in the back of the car, unlike other models we've tested. Our testing includes an ergonomic assessment of each seat to make sure your child will be in the best position when travelling, and this seat gets a good rating. Buckling your child into the car seat can be fiddly. Once you no longer wish to use the harness, it can be stowed away inside the seat. There's also a removable insert to use with younger babies. Is there anything I should watch out for? We're continually evolving our tests to help influence the car seat standards, and help to keep babies and children safer. We changed our test programme in 2011 and 2015, so results aren't directly comparable between changes. For more information, visit our How we test car seats page. Please remember that car seats don't always fit in all cars, so it's vital you check how well this model fits in all the vehicles you'll be using before you buy. Either check the car seat manufacturer fitting list or contact your car manufacturer for specific information. Is there anything else I should know? It's easy to remove the seat cover and it's machine washable. Should I buy it? If you're in the position where you have a toddler who exceeds the 18kg upper limit of a Group 1, but isn't old enough to be restrained by the car's adult seatbelt, the actual crash-test ratings are acceptable, so this could be a good solution. The overall test score is lower because of how complicated it is to install. Some other multigroup seats we've tested, such as the Diono Radian 5and the Joie Every Stage, have also been marked down due to being complicated to install, but they also had poor crash-test results in Group 1 mode, whereas this seat gets a satisfactory rating.


Ho does Joie Bold compare with this?


My LO is 4 now though I always used rear facing . This looks like front only, certainly wouldn't put a baby in a front facing.


Another great deal ontheqt that's why I follow your deals

Joie Every Stage car seat Group 0+/1/2/3 only £119.69 with 10% voucher code
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
This car seat is suitable from birth to age 12. It is over £130 everywhere else. Boots have a 10% discount for the colours Pumice and Ladybird, making it just £119.69. That's the … Read more
Read More

Just bought one plus 2000 boots points today only which is £20 in my boots card. So the car seat actually cost £99.


I'd save the extra £30 and go with Stages over Every Stage anyway as it has a deeper seat so more legroom. If you need to use it ff in harnessed mode the Every Stage didn't get good safety reviews compared to the Stages. Plus when the time comes to use as a hbb both seats are bulky and hard to plug in compared to a dedicated hbb so, although useful as a spare/occasional seat, not great to use on a day to day basis and much better to spend that £30 on a dedicated hbb.


I think that's Joie Stages, which doesn't have the ability for Group 3. See link: They currently do not have the Every Stage in Halfords.


Got a link?


Under £90 in Halfords.

Hanging Car Seat Storage Bag £4.01 @ Geekbuying
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 29th NovFound 29th Nov
I thought this looked like a really good idea - especially for the price, just something for the kids to put their drinks and phones etc into for long trips. Comes in a few differe… Read more

Product Size(L x W x H): 55.00 x 39.00 x 0.20 cm Errrrmmm, that picture is deceiving.

KinderKraft Comfort Up Group 1,2,3 Car Seat - £34.95 @ Bounty Parenting Club
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
KinderKraft Comfort Up Group 1,2,3 Car Seat Lots of colours available £34.95 was £105 Free delivery !

did you manage to get free delivery?


Same here.. :)


meets the minimum safety requirements. should provide adequate protection in a 30mph forward collision and 20mph rear collision and no side impact testing required at all. It's value for money if your usual routes are within 30mph areas. For a young child it doesn't recline and sits low in the car so little one may not have a view out the window. If that's important depends on your little personality and if you mind their head falling forward when they sleep in it. For stage 1 though it is a bigger seat than toddler group 1 seats the harness is only suitable to 18kg same as most group 1 seat. its value for money if it suits your needs.


how did you get free delivery


Yes I’ve ordered one for that reason ! :)

Graco SnugRide i-Size Infant Car Seat including Isofix base £69.99 @ Amazon
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Amazon lightning deal brings this down to 69.99. Currently £325 in mothercare. Looks like it’s dropped to this price recently but still a great discount on the usual price.
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Definitely! Thank you!


This was on offer a last week, it's a great buy and I bought it when on offer last. Unfortunately I have to return it because it is so big I have to have my passenger seat far forward which makes it uncomfortable for even short passengers. I have a small family car (Renault modus) just thought I'd let you guys know who are thinking of buying. Also as pp said it is very heavy without a baby in.




Good deal but over 8kg in weight


Thanks looks like a good deal - ordered. Most of them are sold now.

Maxi Cosi easyfix isofix car seat base - £74.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Maxi-Cosi Easyfix Car Seat Base, ISOFIX or Belted Installation for CabrioFix, 0-12 m, 0-13 kg
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Agreed, could have been in an accident or whatever. For similar reasons I'd always advise people against buying 'part worn' tyres for their car (though, of course, that's what you'll get x4 on a used car)! (shock)


Of course - I borrowed a Cabriofix and a belated base for it from a friend for our third baby, obviously that was from a trusted source. But I would never have bought that seat or base from a stranger.


Unless you know the provenance is good.


You shouldn’t ever buy a second hand base, for the same reasons you should never buy a second hand seat.


Lol. Get you

Maxi-Cosi Rodi AirProtect Child Car Seat, Lightweight Highback Booster, 3.5 - 12 Years, 15-36 kg, other colours too £73.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Child car seat, suitable from 3.5 to 12 years (15 - 36 kg) Easily install this safe car seat with a 3-point seat belt and attach the anchorage point in the head rest through your … Read more
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No isofix connectors would make it easier to transfer but has the downside of remembering to strap it in on every journey when it's unused.


I got one on 26/9/18 from Amazon for £69.99 in the Black colourway (currently £87.05), really happy with it. Was worried the lack of isofix would make transferring from vehicles a little harder. I could not have been more wrong, fitting this is a doddle. (y)


Bought 2 of these for around the £95 Mark. They're very good. Great deal.

Joie Traver Shield Child Seat - isofix Group 1,2 and 3 £122
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Group 1, 2, 3 car seat with isofix. Which Best Buy 74%. Price is with delivery in UK pounds. Pink only. Amazon is temp out of stock but can be ordered. Good all-round Best Buy mul… Read more

Doesn't deliver to the UK does it?


Agree. I preferred to follow the Swedish tests and bought Swedish ERF seats


I am a member, that’s how I know their child seat reviews are not that helpful!


Ask which


Join which? And see for yourself

Hauck Shopper SLX Trio Set Lightweight Travel System, from Birth, Grey (Car Seat, Carrycot and Raincover) £119.90 @ Amazon
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Bought it for £149 on 14th November. Gutted!
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Thanks again xx


Our 3 are all summer babies so we didn't really need one (bought one for eldest but only used for first few weeks and then for naps in the house)... I think if I had a baby born when it was chillier I could see it getting more use though.


Thanks for the detailed reply, much needed guidance, we are having a second one after 8yrs gap so pretty clueless what to go for, we also had a Britax with the first one, still going strong but want a new one now. Do you recommend carrycot or do they grow out of it too quick?


I bought similar when pregnant with my first... took it out of box, had a look and returned it. I found it really flimsy - you definitely get what you pay for in this instance! Plus after researching a bit more into car seats I wouldn't have been happy putting my baby in such a basic car seat. We went with cabriofix and oyster travel system in the end (then britax bdual and then baby jogger city mini for number 3!). Choose the car seat you want and get a pushchair that works with it. Mothercare have got some great money saving bundles at the moment.


Is this good?

Maxi cosi rodifix air protect I do fix car seat @amazon
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Been looking for a isofix car seat. Got great reviews. From ages 3-12 years max.

Already posted earlier...


Great price I bought four at £115 a month ago and thought that was good


Good deal and a great seat. Bought 2 recently from mothercare/mamas and papas for 120 when they were reduced from 180. Can’t fault!

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