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BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi, AC1200 Mesh Wi-fi Pack of 3 £99.99 Amazon
Posted 18th OctPosted 18th Oct
Fast, reliable Wi-Fi for every room. BT Mini whole home Wi-Fi eliminates dead spots, creating a mesh Wi-Fi network around your home. Dual-band AC1200 technology gives multiple user… Read more

Hmm, doing a bit of research I'm tempted the ubiquiti unifi ap-ac-pro (or the cheaper LR version). Only one AP but from what I can gather it is better even than 3 unit mesh systems.


Any deals on the standard complete Wi-Fi full size discs? Got two already but want another one or two


You can cover more areas (less blackspots) and they’ve come down in price a lot now.


Thanks, I'll take a look at them. I assume the 3 unit is more flexible so I'll look at them.


For a 3-unit/disc setup, probably this or the TP-Link Deco E4/M4? Maybe the Tenda TW3/6?

Linksys Velop Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi £274 @ Amazon
Posted 16th OctPosted 16th Oct
Latest mesh triband down to £274 Linksys Velop is the is the Tri-Band Wi-Fi system that works in perfect harmony to create a high-range mesh network. Unlike traditional routers wi… Read more
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It's Ac2200 per each Node, 867 backhaul, 867 + 400 x3 nodes. AC6600 in pack


We should start seeing a range of Wifi 6 mesh kits soon. With luck the PS5 and new Xbox will support it and kickstart adoption. There's one kit out but it's expensive: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-Multi-Story-Inter-Router-Connections-AiProtection/dp/B07RPN8LCH/


Definitely not AC6600 - believe that isn't even possible on AC? The tech specs on the UK site says it's AC2200 and even new WiFi 6 routers aren't 6600! This is a good system though, generally regarded to have one of the faster more consistent connections of current gen mesh systems, though according to a few reviews I read can be a bit fiddly to set up if you're not the most technically minded. Dedicated backhaul is ideal though - I'm not buying any mesh system that isn't triband!


Go for this if you have a larger property and want to position nodes further out - Orbi is not a true mesh system and all nodes report directly back to the main one at the router, not through each other.


I've had this Velop system for about a year and absolutely love it. No more worrying about dead spots, just perfect wifi everywhere for everything. I suppose it's about time I put all my redundant tp-link powerline adapters on eBay.

BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi, Pack of 3 Discs, Mesh Wi-Fi for Seamless, Speedy (AC1200) Connection for £79.99 delivered @ Hughes Direct eBay
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Posted 16th OctPosted 16th Oct
Cheaper offer for this new home mesh wifi setup from BT. Use code POPULAR20 at checkout for discounted price Other retailers are selling for £99.99+ Credit to @Chanchi32 F… Read more

You mean... Wouldn't this mesh with it? ;) (highfive)


Like others, set up was not as easy as it should be, but all good now. Simultaneous streaming of 4k and a couple of full HD streams no problem at all, connected to a 4g router. Range is similar to Tends MW3 they are replacing. Perhaps marginally less range, but trade off is a choice of channels and gigabit ethernet.


Oh, I didn't even see that they did these! Apologies fellow HUKD and thank you pc5020 for pointing this out. I do indeed have the older (bigger) version.


So last night I set mine up, nothing went to plan. I never once got a successful message on screen when trying to pair with the WPS button and green flashing light. I eventually got them to pair using an Ethernet connection into them from the router, one by one. Although the WPS failed I restarted the app to find it was there and connected, and then moved where required in the house. For a few hours they were intermittent but thismorning they seem fine and working a treat. One thing I’ve learned is once up and running, leave the app alone. It often shows discs disconnected and saying your general connection is offline but the discs all show blue and devices are using them no problem. Summary....clunky to set up, take a good while to settle down, ignore the app and hopefully enjoy the results. Also ring the help team, I haven’t needed to but seems they have great support if you’re struggling before you give up.


Mine are being returned. Bought 2 sets. After setting all three up the app then 'reset' and I had to do all of them again. Then tryinh again I setup all 6 and after renaming th sId I was seeing dropped connections followed by another reset. Trying it again I got it all setup again and made no changes to sid but it was losing connections to the discs and on this attempt one disc refused to connect (so I'd setup 5) In the end, I'm glad I did this now, within the return period. Will go netgear orbi which is what I had initially intended until this offer was too good to pass up.

Tenda MW3 Nova Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh Router System - 3 Pack (FREE Tenda Nova MW6) - £70.39 with code @ Ebuyer / eBay
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Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
Members reported to receive a free MW6 unit from previous deal Click for more details :D Tenda MW3 Nova Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh Router System - 3 Pack- Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi … Read more

(horror) Glad I read that before I clicked the "Buy it now" button. That's the most congested band in this neighbourhood (plus we have Huawei's). Deal breaker for me, but cheers for the info! Hot otherwise!


Hi, got a set of these delivered today and all set up fine until TVNOW Smart Stick rebooted It was initially working fine but after reboot was frozen with no remote working. Having shut the mesh down I realised that the TVNOW stick had connected to the old router on 5G but the Tenda on 2.4G after reboot. Shutting the router and rebooting the Tenda it then joined on 5G and the remote operates fine. I searched for TVNOW remote connection problems and found this https://help.nowtv.com/article/remote-control-troubleshooting . I have not confirmed that the "hidden" pairing button, that I had certainly never noticed in over a year, solves the whole problem but thought I''d share ASAP. Hope it helps, I will post on other Tenda deal as well.


As previously mentioned, if you have a honor or huawei phone, Bluetooth will completely hinder performance until you turn it off. Other than that, they are great. I have 3 x mw6 and coverage is rock solid. Just turned on bridge mode, fast roaming, turned off WiFi on router and set the ssid and password the same as was on router. That was all devices automatically connected to the new network


Serious question, is there any reason not to go for these?


All set up and working. Needed to updated firmware on MW6 to get the MW3’s to connect. Also remember to reboot (switch off / switch on) for update firmware to take effect. All four units playing nicely together.

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TP-Link Deco E4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Pack of 3, £83.47 delivered at Ebuyer
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Posted 11th OctPosted 11th Oct
Good price and quality mesh system. Earlier post here KEY FEATURES 2x 10/100 Mbps ports Wi-Fi dead-zone killer 11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology Parental controls limits time o… Read more

No gigabit is a killer of this deal. Cold.


Yeah I bought these first up and was puzzled why I was only getting 85Mb from a 360 connection. Then read the spec at 100Mb port, didn't really consider it would be a thing nowadays.


I have the M4 version. I can also recommend that. It's like this one but with gigabyte socket


Bargain, just bought the bt mini for £115. This word have been just as good for less. Heat added :)


Decent coverage but no good if you've anything over 100Mb connection. Can recommend the M5 for that.

Tenda MW3 Mesh System (3 Pack) with Free Tenda MW6 (1 Pack) £80.46 Delivered @ Ebuyer
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Posted 11th OctPosted 11th Oct
Free MW6 Gigabit single worth £59.99 with the MW3 - 3 Pack . Use the MW6 as the master node this will allow the MW3 to work with all broadband speeds. While Stocks last...
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Hi, got a set of these delivered today and all set up fine until TVNOW Smart Stick rebooted.It was initially working fine but after reboot was frozen with no remote working. Having shut the mesh down I realised that the TVNOW stick had connected to the old router on 5G but the Tenda on 2.4G after reboot. Shutting the router and rebooting the Tenda it then joined on 5G and the remote operates fine. I searched for TVNOW remote connection problems and found this https://help.nowtv.com/article/remote-control-troubleshooting . I have not confirmed that the "hidden" pairing button, that I had certainly never noticed in over a year, solves the whole problem but thought I''d share ASAP. Hope it helps, I will post on other Tenda deal as well.


If you have a long cable from your ubiquiti set up just try the wired backhaul very crudely. That will at least tell you that it's definitely the backhaul causing the problems. I'm not sure how it works but a single wired backhaul might be enough to spread the WiFi backhaul issue out, you can plug it in to the switch if that helps at all. It is weird that you've got such difference performance between the MW6 and MW3 set ups. The 100Mb ports on the MW3s should in theory give you worse performance than the gigabit feed on the MW6. My pair of MW6's was coping with 10 devices at 200Mb before I got the wired backhaul working properly.


Thanks for the response. Tenda app says 17 devices in total connected but 7 of them are via my gigabit switch plugged into the MW6. Also confusing is that MW3 set faster than MW3 plus MW6 setup. Running cables is not an easy option and one of the reasons I switch from Ubiquity APs. Might have to just cough up and pay for a triband system but rather dissapointing as I expected this system to cope to the low number of devices I have.


I'm not certain on this but these use the 5ghz WiFi band for the backhaul, so the more nodes and devices the more conjested the frequency is and slower the performance. High end mesh networks have a separate frequency for the backhaul to alleviate this but they also cost hundreds more. One solution if you can is to run a cable to some of the nodes, the wired backhaul these let you have frees up some of the wireless signal. It could be worth a test if you have an ethernet cable laying about to see if this helps the issue. Just make sure you connect the Lan port on the primary to the Lan port on the secondaries otherwise it doesn't work. I have 2 MW6's set up this way and they work really well.


Have tried and failed to connect the MW3 to primary MW6. Tried resetting, updating firmware, uninstalling app, placing units an inch apart, nothing works. Gonna send back unless anyone has a bright idea?

Linksys MR8300 AC2200 Tri Band Mesh WiFi Router, Works with Velop Whole Home WiFi System,  USB 3.0 Port £99.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 9th OctPosted 9th Oct
Entertainment Powerhouse: Streaming, online gaming and smart home devices always have superfast Wi-Fi throughout your home Future-proof Wi-Fi: Add additional coverage by simply ad… Read more

The Asus AC86 line is decent (especially if you can get it when it's discounted to about 120 quid). Slap Merlin on it and you're good for most common usage scenarios.


could you recommend a top vpn router? best bang for buck


This thing has a 716Mhz quad core proc and 512MB Ram. More than capable of running an OpenVPN UDP client and handling a reasonable amount of traffic. If you are experiencing problems I suspect they are not router capacity related. Easy way to tell by opening up the diagnostics UI interface or logs and examining resource usage. I'd be amazed if the CPU is bottlenecking unless you are trying to stream multiple 4k movies.


But not on THIS router !


Agreeing. I can run an OpenVPN client on my router and have 5 devices simultaneously streaming and it still doesn't really tax the processor.

Tenda Nova MW3 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System Pack of 4 £78.99 @ Box
Posted 6th OctPosted 6th Oct
Deal went live for a 3 pack for 69.99 so for £10 more you can get an additional 1

All ready wasted many hours, will be going back Monday.


Sorry but never got that far with your problem. Maybe tenda support would help better by connecting remotely to solve issue


Yeah it connects fine independently, when I add the MW6, and add node, it connects and fails. Sometimes it shows that it's added but shows offline. This is after I've disconnected it all minus the primary node showing online, everything else is offline.


Can you connect to each node WiFi when the lan is in, one by one ?


Did u delete all from main menu so it should be like below once deleted and connected mw6

Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System, White, Single Pack £68.98 Dispatched from and sold by Yoltso
Posted 5th OctPosted 5th Oct
Mesh wifi system. Cheapest I've seen for a single pack. 47% saving. Worth considering if your broadband struggles or if your current google mesh isn't quick reaching all the right … Read more

I’d put the ubiquiti unify and netgear Orbi ahead of this. Or if you’re into home automation and smart tech I’d go with the Samsung smartthings mesh


Just a note that there aren’t many Ethernet ports


It's the best mesh networking home system available.


Any good?


Cheaper and better to buy directly from amazon for around £65.

TP-Link DECO M5 AC1300 Whole-Home Wi-Fi System (2 Pack) £103.48 delivered @ Ebuyer
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
TP-Link DECO M5 AC1300 Whole-Home Wi-Fi System (2 Pack) £ 83.32 ex. vat + Super save delivery @ £2.91 Product DescriptionTechnical SpecificationProduct ReviewsAsk an Owner Back t… Read more

I've had the complete opposite at my house. Got 3 of these and I get 50mb in the living room where the main one is and 40mb in my office half way down the garden.


Tried these but sent them back. They are good for extending range - as long you don't have to go through any thick walls. Will get you a signal all around the house but after the first wall it was down to about 10% of original speed.

TP-Link Deco M5 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (3-Pack) £149.99 at Amazon
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
Seamless Wi-Fi in every room: Covers up to 5500 sq ft with high performance mesh Wi-Fi, get rid of Wi-Fi boosters or extenders and keep 100+ devices connected at the same time. Ope… Read more

I bought these a couple of days ago and setup today and like others had issues with the speed. The coverage is fantastic full reception all over the house, but I was getting the near on full 80meg download and normally bang on 20 ping, but with these installed I never got above 60meg (usually 35meg-45meg) and the ping was always around 35. Have packed them up and will be returning (have installed the old router and it's good again - although only issue why I tried them was I have purchased a new CCTV camera for the front of the house and the signal keeps cutting out). When I had a look on a WiFi monitoring app both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz seemed to setup for the most congested frequencies and I could not see anyway where to change this?


Expired. Now showing up for £167.99 instead


Yes. They're a different beast to wifi extenders as they create a single wifi network across your house without the need to connect to the nearest access point. It's basically like a dose of steroids for your wifi router, but it they have a lot more controls built in - e.g. being able to allocate devices to certain users and then control access on a user basis. Ideal for me as I can switch the kids' wifi off at a certain point so they can't spend every evening staring into a phone or tablet.


Do these work? My parents have tried the plugin wifi extenders and they are pants


I have exactly the same setup and three kids in the house all using streaming, gaming etc. and we never have any issues either. Been rock solid since day one.

Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System, White, Pack of 2 £141.55 using voucher @ Amazon
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Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
Collect the £7.45 voucher under the item picture Features & details Enjoy fast and reliable Wi-Fi in every room - each Google Wifi point acts as a router Automatic securit… Read more

@y_am_I_buying_this seems your comment got pulled (confused)


Won't that cost a fair bit more though?


Thank you (y)


Yes, one to the router then 2nd further away where you are having slow wifi issues -- https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tp-link-deco-m5-whole-home-mesh-wi-fi-system-3-pack-14999-at-amazon-3304553 is probably better deal tbh, purely cost of branding. Or would wait for the triple pack bt whole home (original) to go on sale again


Does one of these have to be connected by ethernet cable to your router?

Google Whole Home WiFi Triple Pack £199 John Lewis & Partners
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
John Lewis have dropped the price of the triple pack of the google WiFi after dropping the price of the single pack yesterday. Was £329.
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All I know is that found a static WiFi device connected to a point 30 meters away and not a point 2 meters away! Grr. :)


Apparently this has 'network assist technology'which should transisition you to the best wifi point. I am assuming that it only switches if it drops below a certain threshold, otherwise it would be switching constantly...


Sadly not ... and this is a bone of contention ... rebooting all the routers via the app normally gets them to connect to a better point. The Google Wifi/App is aware of the signal strength from each device and it's beyond me why it doesn't flip it to a better point.


Do these have a way to ensure your device connects to the strongest signal, rather than sticking with the first one it encounters ?


i am interested in the gigabit backbone comment, can you effectively choose whether each unit uses wifi or ethernet as its backbone? would love to get decent coverage in the garden doing this

Google Wifi routers - 3 pack £189.50 @ Amazon (At checkout)
Posted 3rd OctPosted 3rd Oct
Cracking price for a 2 and 3 pack. Lowest on amazon for a while according to the camels. (2 pack for £149) https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Google-GA00158-UK-Wi-Fi-Whole-System/pr… Read more

Interesting. I wonder if this was a firmware change along the way as it definitely wasn’t the case in 2016/2017. Baffled the sheeeet out of me


Not strictly true, if you make UK unit the primary one attached to your modem/router, the US units will take on the appropriate configuration and behave as they were UK ones. We initally had a US import 3-unit bundle setup and then added a UK one afterwards. Couldn't get the UK unit linked properly to the rest initially. Had to make the UK unit the primary one and added the rest to that as additional access points in the mesh. Had to factory reset etc but has been working fine since.


200mb Will depend on where you put them


What is your Virgin package? I'm on 350mb using powerline adapters and get nowhere near 100mb lol. Will these get me close to 350mb?


It works as I'm with Virgin. Just disable WiFi on the virgin hub, plug one of these into the hub and your good to go. I have three of these... One in the living room, one in the conservatory and one in the master bedroom. I use to get around 40mb/s WiFi in my bedroom but now get 110mb so it's definitely improved coverage for me.

Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System, White, Single Pack £65.55 Amazon
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Posted 3rd OctPosted 3rd Oct
£69 but a further reduction of £3.45 at checkout. Buy 3 for £196.65
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It takes 40mbit to stream a 4K Movie, add in some cloud CCTV, someone gaming. You'll soon consume 150mbit+..


I know, but that's the Virgin Media hub. I swapped mine out for a fairly decent router (think it was still only £80 or something on a deal a few years ago, but a hell of a lot better than the Virgin hub). Just wondring what you need 350meg for as I only pay for the 80meg in our house, but always get the full 80meg and there are 4 of us that sometimes are streaming at once with no issues (no buffering)?


Virtually any router is better than that POS they supply - a mid-range TP-Link from Argos is better for example, but if you have a big office or house think about a mesh network with backhaul ethernet.


The Virgin Media Hub 3 is terrible, I get no/weak signal in various parts of the house. Certainly no where near the 350Mb speed I get via ethernet.


I have virgin business router the signal is very bad wha can you recommend thanks

Google Whole Home Wi-Fi System £69 John Lewis & Partners - 2 year guarantee
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Posted 3rd OctPosted 3rd Oct
Price drop on the google wifi single pack. £69 Google Whole Home Wi-Fi System allows you to enjoy consistent Wi-Fi coverage in your home – on all your devices. It's a home Wi-Fi e… Read more
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I was talking about the AmpliFi HD mesh system which is way superior to the Google one you are talking about.


https://support.google.com/wifi/answer/6240987?hl=en Quote Google: Does Google Wifi support Bridge mode? Yes, but it will only work if you’re using a single Wifi point. If you’re creating a mesh network with multiple Wifi points, your Primary Wifi point cannot be in Bridge mode. https://support.google.com/wifi/thread/325972?hl=en https://www.change.org/p/google-inc-google-wifi-allow-mesh-in-bridge-mode


You are wrong mate. I have two of these set in two different locations. Both of the Amplifi routers are in bridge mode (with the parent ISP router's WiFi radio completely turned off). The amplifi kit (router and mesh points) all work in perfect sync as a complete mesh system. I am not sure if you misunderstood my setup.


This is not true, if you set them to bridge mode you cannot use the mesh function. If you leave them in standard mode you get a new NAT that cant talk to anything on the old NAT (hardwired into router). So these essentially give you two choices: Standard mode: Two networks that cant talk to each other so you need to try and migrate everything onto the Google Network. Bridge mode: One network where everything talks but NO mesh.


Hi I just read it's confirmed new Google WiFi on 15th October. It said they slashed prices for upcoming release including the pixel 3 as new one is coming out. Mine is being delivered tomorrow so I will wait till the reviews come out for the new one. Just over a week, I could wait, waited for this to go down for a year or so went for tenda nova because it took to long lol

Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System - Single Pack £69 Argos
Posted 3rd OctPosted 3rd Oct
Google Wifi is a scalable solution so that you can enjoy consistent Wi-Fi coverage in your home, on your devices. It's a home Wi-Fi solution that works with your modem and Internet… Read more
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Google WiFi app gives you nice usage stats as well, viewable per device if you want to see which devices are hogging all the bandwidth. I've just picked up one of these Standalone packs from Argos to increase my count to 3, should give me a little more reach to the outbuildings.


I have the same connection, that's good to know. I would have to sit on top of my Virgin Media Hub 3 to get that speed.


AC1200 is fast enough for anyone with a BB connection under 1Gbps....I see my 350Mbps virgin connection maxed through Wi-Fi on my Google Home mesh in most places in home


That broadband package gives me decent upload speeds, lower packages offer less. I also have a lot of devices on my wireless network, currently have 3 of these google WiFi units and ordered a 4th to boost it out to the garage/shed where I have gym equipment and currently have to tether my phone to use zwift. The 3 in my house run everything from CCTV to the many tablets, phones, tv’s etc. Have large detached house which is why I need so many units.


Ah 1st world problems. Cant be getting stuttering on that 4k content... makes sense 😁

Tenda Nova MW3 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System Pack of 3 £69.99 at Amazon
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Posted 1st OctPosted 1st Oct
Already got these but got a price alert that they're down to £69.99 which is a great price for next day delivery on prime
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Now £79.99


How do these compare to the BT mesh system?


I'm the same, so simple to setup (not that it'd both me as I work heavily in IT across the board) but was really impressed and the signal covered is great!


Can't recommend these enough, see previous posts. By no means the all singing all dancing mega bucks alternatives, but these and the MW6 - used in Bridge mode have completely wiped out all my home wifi issues - end of. Numerous other friends/family issues too using Tenda Mesh setups. I can hand on heart say if the network goes down in our home - it will not be the mesh network. It will always be something else! There simple, and very reliable, and hassle free.


In my opinion the Box 4 pack deal for £79 delivered is better: BOX but voted hot if you really want 3.

Tenda NOVA (MW3) Whole Home Wi-Fi Kit (4 PACK) for £76.49 With Code Delivered @ BOX/Ebay
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Posted 27th SepPosted 27th Sep
Use the code at check out. Remember 3 redemption only. Use it wisely. Next base Price is Box's Main website. Features Blanket your house in reliable Wi-Fi AC1200 Whole Home Mes… Read more

Do they have to be connected with ethernet cable or will the work fine on wifi themselves?


Bought a 3 pack a few months ago for a similar price and they've been rock solid. Heat from me.


Parents pub needed an upgrade to the WiFi, it's a huge pub with beer garden. I got them the 3 pack during a sale on Amazon over a year ago, I've not heard a single complaint yet and my father barely knows how to use Facebook. I've been there a few times over that time and had to restart the DSL router a few times for them but the Tendas were all working away fine.


I use these. Been great for me.


Great price for the 4 pack...Have some heat OP. Still patiently waiting for the MW6.

TENDA Nova MW3 Whole Home WiFi System - Triple Pack - £62.99 delivered @ Currys eBay
293° Expired
Posted 27th SepPosted 27th Sep
Top features: - Connection strength to all of your devices - Huge coverage eliminates dead spots - Plug and play, with the units already paired to each other - Tenda Wi-Fi… Read more


Please post the screenshot of the error


Works perfectly. Ends at midnight tonight.


Code not working?


if its anything like mine i got from box they came is 2 box's of 2 so can be used as 2 systems or using the app you can add the other 2 to the first system, easy to do just click add and hey presto

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