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Tenda Nova MW5s-2 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System £56.09 Using 15% Voucher @ Amazon
18/10/2021Expires on 18/10/2021Posted 1 h, 43 m agoPosted 1 h, 43 m ago
About this item FLEXIBILITY LOW COST & HIGH CAPACITY: There is a Primary Node that comes with a Gigabit WAN/LAN port which means that you can connect it to a high speed broadb… Read more
Tenda Nova MW5s - 3 pack whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system - £66.71 (Using 30% voucher) @ Amazon
Posted 11th OctPosted 11th Oct
Tenda Nova MW5s - 3 pack whole home mesh Wi-Fi system. £66.71 with 30% promotional discount. Cheapest ever on Amazon according to the three camels. About this item Flexibilit… Read more

I will be installing it at my mum's over the weekend. Did anyone test it with Vodafone Home Broadband? :)


Got my set today. Super easy to set up, didn't have to tinker with my VM router. Just hooked up the primary node's WAN port to one of the ethernet ports on the router, went through the app set up including hopping onto the new network, plugging in the other nodes, 'forgetting' the original WiFi credentials on all my devices and that was it. Great, stable coverage across the house. Not getting full speeds at the most distal node (50-60Mb/s from my 100Mb/s connection) but more than good enough.


Gotcha, thanks bud


It may not have changed at all. It may also be on the hub itself on a sticker, or will be in your setup instructions, or will be on their website under instructions for that model.


Cheers for that as I had actually completely forgotten and a superhub 3 is exactly what I have.

Pack of 3 Tenda Nova MW6 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System, £89.59 with code at boxdeals / eBay
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Posted 9th OctPosted 9th Oct
Good offer. Tenda nova MW6 is powered with true Mesh technology, a set of three units cover home up to 6,000 sq.ft with strong Wi-Fi signals. Smart Auto-path Selection Technology… Read more

Is this the best from the £100 range? BT Whole Home Mesh system and the TP S4 is also on for the same price.


Excellent price. I do have some problems where after clearing my cache in app, I can't control nova now.


Thank you


Unless you have pretty light usage, I wouldn’t consider any mesh system unless it has a dedicated wireless back haul. Ethernet backhaul is obviously preferred, but most don’t want to run wires.


Was looking at these, now considering the MW12 instead. I have three neighbours with range extenders using all the channels and need to batter their EM radiation into submission. My BT WiFi is flaky even with 2 extra discs.

TP-Link AC1900 Gigabit Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender/Wi-Fi Booster/Wi-Fi Repeater £39.99 @ Amazon
Posted 8th OctPosted 8th Oct
Extend Wi-Fi coverage by up to 1,115 m2(12,000sq. ft), with Intelligent Signal Light can help to find the best location for optimal Wi-Fi coverage by showing the signal strength A… Read more

It is only working as an extender. When did I say otherwise? The person asked about mesh so I answered.


As a pure 'dumb' extender, I'm not sure if it's a great price given a proper basic mesh with 3 nodes such as the Nova MW3-3 regularly comes on Amazon for under £50 and will provide better coverage for a larger property than this + the AX82u router combo. I know someone who uses the MW3-3 on a property with 4 levels (basement +3 floors) and gets good speeds everywhere after trying some premium routers with extenders. I'm not sure if he had ever tried the AX82u though.


I doubt you're getting the mesh functionality with an Asus router - TPLink have a very strict compatibility list for using these as a part of a mesh ('OneMesh') network and only certain models of their Archer routers are included. https://www.tp-link.com/uk/onemesh/product-list/ I suspect it's working only as an extender, but given the superlative capabilities of the AX82u, the latter is delivering a high strength signal to the repeater that itself then broadcasts a decent signal.


I use this exact one (not as a mesh), price is decent for the extender without Mesh features. Can you link to a cheaper one? What I have stated is correct.


Actually, you can change the SSID to match your current network on both mesh capable and 'dumb' extenders. A dumb extender repeats the WiFi packets from the router, thus with these devices you'd typically double the latency and in most cases halve the bandwidth. A mesh system replaces your router and acts as a series of nodes dotted around the property, there's no repetition of packets. https://uk.pcmag.com/how-to/117310/wi-fi-range-extender-vs-mesh-network-whats-the-difference As someone has already commented, TPLink do a range of these, all similar looking, and in both mesh and non-mesh versions and one should take care the correct version is received. This particular device is the RE550 v1, and to create a mesh system, you also need to have one of several TPLink Archer router models in the compatibility list below - this creates a 'OneMesh' network as TPLink like to call their own proprietary mesh solution. Don't buy this to use with other routers unless you don't mind having a dumb repeater/ extender only - at this price, I'd say that's a tad too expensive. https://www.tp-link.com/uk/onemesh/product-list/

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Tenda MW12-3 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Tri-band, Pack of 3 - £156.33 @ Amazon
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Posted 7th OctPosted 7th Oct
£20 voucher applied at checkout brings price down to £156.33 Tenda MW12-3 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Tri-band, 3 Gigabit Ports, 6000sq² Wi-Fi Coverage, Easy Set Up, Work with … Read more

Oh, sorry must of all sold at that price. I'll expire the deal


Hi. Where can I get this price? It is showing as 202 minus the 20 pounds. Thanks


Decent price for a tri band well reviewed AC system


BT Whole Home Wi-Fi Trio 3 pk Ac2600 refurbished £99.99 + £3.49 delivery at BT Shop
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Posted 7th OctPosted 7th Oct
BT Refurbished Whole Home Wi-Fi Trio back in stock again showing 44 units at time of posting. Was looking for these after getting Vodafone fttp 500 mbits installed this week, alr… Read more

Another dumb question, so ive just bought a Tenda nova AC1200 for £60. It’s decent, but now I’m thinking if I should have forked out the extra £45 and bought this, because it’s AC2600. But what I’m trying to work out is the difference between AC1200 and AC2600, will the AC2600 provide me with faster speeds? Total newbie question


The S4 has 2 antennas and this has 4. The S4 is AC1200 I believe whereas this is AC2600.


Hi all, quite new to mesh networks, wondering if this is better than the DECO S4? My internet service provider is Sky.. any help would be appreciated


I bought this last time it was on offer. Excellent bit of kit.It helped massively when I lived in a shared accommodation. I had one of this plugged the main router, then the other two in the hall and bedroom. It essentially gave me direct access to the router bypassing all the other network traffic from other housemates. Wouldn't be without it now. Great price.


True up to a point, but mesh access points, especially those with a separate backhaul channel, are different from simple repeater/extenders. Many of my devices (including NAS) are still wired, but switching to these (two of them wired) to cover the rest of the house without the cables to old access points (and one pair of powerline network adaptors) I used to have has definitely been an improvement. I could have bought better wired access points and improved the cabling instead, but this was easier.