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Posted 4 May 2024

Home Vida 5 Tier Layer Shelf Storage Shelving Rack Heavy Duty Kitchen Garage Racking Unit 875 Kgs Capacity, Standard, Blue

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Product Colour: Blue
Product Size: H 150 x W 70 x D 30 Cm Approx.
Product Material: Steel & MDF
Product Brand: Home Vida
Product Cleaning Instructions: Wipe With A Dry Cloth
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  1. naski666's avatar
    I've had something similar from Amazon before, my advice is to paint the shelves with a decent paint / wood protector. The shelves will warp and turn to mush if they get wet and this will protect from that. It'll be thin metal, and you'll likely cut yourself and swear at it while putting it up, but once up they're solid enough. Make my garage look almost tidy!l (edited)
    lewis.braithwaite's avatar
    I bought one similar recently and can confirm, even a few drops of water will warp the wood. I wanted them for my shed but fear I may need to paint them as you say.

    Other than that they're fantastic for the price. I'm really pleased.

    Do I need any specific paint?

    Thanks (edited)
  2. dealsmaster17's avatar
    Just a reminder that the shelves are great, but the mdf does attract mould. If you’re looking for lightweight storage plastic shelves don’t go mouldy.
  3. LadyEleanor's avatar
    Almost small enough for the dolls house. Joking aside, the £29 Halfords one is well over double in size. (edited)
    Orange_swan's avatar
  4. FrostyGlovez's avatar
    No point in garage or shed they rot within 3months
    rincage's avatar
    Garage is fine as long as not damp. We've had ours in the garage for the last 7 years without issue.
  5. asoft4dex's avatar
    mine went moldy very bad, even those i have painted
    polygonjames's avatar
    What did you paint them with?
  6. 5Rivers79's avatar
    Was looking for something like this..shame the shelves are only 30cm depth instead of 40cm
    deleted392719's avatar
    I have all metal ones the same depth and it's easy to have them 2 deep as well as in a row making it a far more useable space. They can then be strapped/braced together and attached to a wall.
  7. mkm01's avatar
    Brought one of these and the MDF shelves went totally mouldy within a year in the shed. Today installed £30 worth of treated 6x1 wood for the shelves just under 3 per shelf to make the width. Works well and much more sturdy.
    exsert's avatar
    Where'd you get them from, my shelves went mouldy and finding something that fits is a nightmare. All the wood was going to work out at like £60+ might as well just buy new shelves for that price
  8. J_KW's avatar
    No longer £20.99
  9. Social_Solutions's avatar
    Re: painting of MDF, I'd prefer to replace with something sturdy/long lasting.

    B&Q do I think 4 cuts for free, then something like 50p each after that.

    Would ply be a strong enough substitute? I imagine wood is still silly money though...
  10. deleted392719's avatar
    Kitchen rack?

    nadiala's avatar
    Yes. In a few months of sitting in the kitchen, the mdf gets covered in lovely dark green colour powdery mould. Quite pretty but extremely unhealthy. Seal the mdf parts. That’s what happened to mine.
  11. J_James's avatar
    I purchased a set of 2 recently from another deal for slightly more. They transformed the workshop area and everything is now accessible and has it's place. I did paint the shelves too.
  12. Met-Cast's avatar
    Any better options?
  13. matt99man's avatar
    Can these be split in two? So two smaller shelves
  14. allan.oconnor's avatar
    Price has increased with all the attention!
  15. Yoshi123's avatar
    Just replace that mdf crap straight away
  16. EnaHia's avatar
    Back to £20.99 again.
  17. bargaincrazy123's avatar
    our shelfs started getting mold on them
    so i put black binliners on them and that helped keep the mold away.!
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