Unfortunately, this deal has expired 22 June 2023.
Posted 6 June 2023

iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G 512GB Refurbished Like New - £849 (£10 Goodybag For New Customer) @ Giffgaff

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giffgaff refurbished peace of mind:

  • 24-month warranty
  • A more sustainable option
  • 30-point phone health check
  • 80% battery health, or better

Why choose giffgaff?
  • 21-days no quibble returns
  • Unlocked to any network
  • Spread the cost with interest free Klarna
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  1. Youngflyer16's avatar
    I bought refurb iPhone 13 Pro direct from Apple online for same price (256gb) with all that comes covered with Apple and new battery. Commenting only for the purpose of comparison as battery health is always a lottery with these refurb companies. If storage is your thing then guess not bad deal for the price
    MX5.Matt's avatar
    Would you recommend this option to others? I can’t justify £1100+ for a brand new one, so refurb from Apple might be the way I go. Cheers
  2. bargainbin's avatar
    Good deal and I like many others received a brand new phone with the 1tb deal
  3. Jagmanx1's avatar
    TopCashback have £42 back on Giffgaff phones by the way (obvs not guaranteed)
  4. SugarBear's avatar
    ⭐️ Any suggestions where to buy refurb iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB? Thanks ⭐️
    damien_slattery's avatar
    Probably best to wait until the iPhone 15 is released in September and people trade in their old phones... unlikely you will find many on the market until then.
  5. EightBitBebop's avatar
    anyone buy one and recieved today? interested to know of condition
    NavMeisterM's avatar
    Got the blue one in 512gb. It came in a generic box and had been previously activated at the end of February, so it’s got 9 months Apple cover remaining. Phone is in perfect condition but not brand new as some people have been receiving.
  6. grantdickson's avatar
    I just bought the green 1TB refurb like new from GiffGaff last week offered at the same price - it was a brand new phone, not opened. Had to break the Apple seals
    EightBitBebop's avatar
    Congrats on the win!! Gutted I hesitated now, as I wanted one haha
  7. EMGPORT01's avatar
    I bought the 1TB version last week at £849 and £50 Quidco - it was brand new sealed in Apple box
  8. loomax's avatar
    Last week same price was for 1TB but now 849 for 512 so not sure this is a good deal.
    bargainbin's avatar
    It is a good deal even for 512gb. Just the 1tb was a insane deal
  9. digitaljunior's avatar
    I received a brand new Apple sealed iPhone 13 pro max 1tb as well
  10. helal94's avatar
    They need to hurry and start deals for the 14 pro!
  11. gold682's avatar
    I got the blue one from giffgaff. It came brand new. A refurb 1tb from apple is £1329
  12. Dddd89's avatar
    Brought this when it came out, 18 months in still one of the best phones I’ve ever owned. Battery life is great and also the screen is top notch 
    whathaveidonenow's avatar
    Top notch. Hilarious.
  13. only1fabry's avatar
    This is the ‘almost new’ I’ve got from giffgaff
    Spam_Shopping's avatar
    Is that scuffed or just hair from static? If it’s scratched did you send it back?
  14. Manny50's avatar
    Did anyone else receive one with a screen protector already on? Not a apple screen protector though
  15. loomax's avatar
    Got mine today
    Not in original box. Came in cardboard box, Looked fine externally. Need to set it up to check battery and warranty. No SIM card in package despite ordering £10 sim??
    whathaveidonenow's avatar
    How was it?
  16. Mehul_Bharatlal's avatar
    Got 1tb last week.brand new and in original packaging.. (edited)
  17. OoCheif18oO's avatar
    Do you just cancel the SIM as soon as you get it if you already have an active SIM elsewhere?
    Spam_Shopping's avatar
    Yes. You remove your payment method from your account so the sim runs for 30 days then stops
  18. drumdam's avatar
    1tb for 512gb money, that’s a stonking deal.
    I must check hot uk deals more regular, hopefully the deal will return
  19. za_jarro's avatar
    It’s a lottery and if it’s not what you want just send it back
  20. Alicantesquirrel's avatar
    Dilemma - just got the last (for now) green one - brown box, out of Apple warranty as registered April 2022, but 100% battery and I can’t see a mark on it…. Thoughts?
    Spam_Shopping's avatar
    Just received mine. 100% battery and perfect condition. Was actually surprised when I checked Apples website and found out it's 11 months old.
  21. Spam_Shopping's avatar
    After saying mine was perfect I checked the charge count with the Shortcut.

    389 charge cycles in 11 months! Plus in the log files it reckons the battery is actually on 89%. As the settings show 100% it must mean the battery had a capacity higher than spec to start. I think I'm going to be sending it back...
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