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With over 600 stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Kwik Fit is one of the market leaders in car servicing and repair. Specialising in brakes, exhausts, tyres, windscreen repair, MOT testing and more, Kwik Fit is an instantly recognisable name and a one stop shop for auto repair. At HotUKDeals, we collect great online deals, promo codes and discount vouchers to spend at Kwik Fit on our dedicated page. Read more

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'Free' dashcam with 4 Pirelli & Michelin crossclimate tyres @ Kwik fit
LocalLocalFound 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Seen in local Kwik Fit. Not sure if it's national!

(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


That may be a joke but a family member was told their car needed a new Cat years ago. Car didn’t have one to start with and they were dog people.


Only speaking from experience, they tried to sell me two new front tyres on my Robin Reliant...disgusting.


Username checks out (flirt)


Jumping on the Kwik Fleece bashing bandwagon - Anyone that doesn’t know/doesn’t care for cars would see Kwik Fleece as the ‘go-to’, unfortunately there are millions of people in that demographic which is where Kwik Fleece found their market.

MOT for £25 @ Kwik Fit + possible quidco cash back of 8%
Found 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
MOT for £25 @ Kwik Fit + possible quidco cash back of 8%
£25£29.9917%Kwik Fit Deals
Just found MOT for £25 and Quidco offer an 8% cashback if you have a quidco account or open a account

Wrecked our wheel rim , guys excuse was that they were run flat tyres and you can't take them off without scratching the rim lol, total joke of a company.


It's bs did one today cost 39.99


It’s not so much the repairs it’s the oh you’ve got a bubble in the tyre wall, baffles in the exhaust loose, wipers are smearing, brake piston is slow/ seized, leaking cv joint, movement in your bushes... the list goes on and when put on the spot that you need your car and can’t really check a lot of the issues mentioned. People just pay, with a sigh go on then. belief yes that their car is safe on the road again.


One of my colleagues was dealt with by kwik fit, she was ripped off, but to make matters worse. Whilst driving home one of her front wheels sheared off. The lad responsible was sacked immediately. Bad company beware.


Also, Kwik Fit don’t do much in the way of repairs so I don’t see what they’ve really got to gain in failing your MOT.

Claim A Lifestyle Voucher up to £80 When You Buy 2 or more Continental Tyres @ Kwik Fit
Found 12th Aug 2018Found 12th Aug 2018
Claim A Lifestyle Voucher up to £80 When You Buy 2 or more Continental Tyres @ Kwik Fit
e.g., Continental Premium Contact 5 205/55V16 (91) - £55.99 (after voucher) £70.99 * 4 = £283.96 - £60 (Lifestyle voucher) = £223.96 / 4 = £55.99 Don't forget 3.25% Quidco . If … Read more

I’ve no idea what a lifestyle voucher is so I’ll pass


I was ready to be snarky, but the ones I checked were as cheap as anywhere else fitted, without including the voucher. Still, F fuel rating? Halfords have slightly less money rewarded in Amazon vouchers for Dunlop tyres, probably more suitable for most people. The tyres are roughly the same price.


Poor offer..


Would rather have the money off the tyres.

Half price on ALL tyres at Kwik Fit Taunton 7am-9am today
LocalLocalFound 19th May 2018Found 19th May 2018
Half price on ALL tyres at Kwik Fit Taunton 7am-9am today
To celebrate Taunton Kwik Fit having a refit, they’re offering 50% off all tyres for today between 7am & 9am or 35% off from 9am onwards. Just sent hubby down to get some Miche… Read more
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They don’t check for punctures you do also know that the test only confirms that the car is road legal at the time you have it tested a minute later and something goes and the police pulls you up you can have a defective car. Yours passed it’s MOT but reality is you could have drove it away and killed your self or others if the tyre had blown because you knew it was faulty. Go and get it changed today. :( tyres can can blow at any time but punctures and other weakness make them more liable to go, plus it can cause poor handling etc all dangerous things. from today Sunday a underdeflated tyre is now an MOT failure.


It passed its MoT last month. I was told the tyres were good for at least 3-6 months on my low mileage per week.


What a fool!


And we are lucky you are still alive to post this deal, would have been good if the tyre had burst and you would have killed yourself or someone else. Tyres need to be looked after they are the last thing that keep you on the road, imagine what would have happened if you had had a tyre blow out at 70, and you knew the tyre was defective. Two things on a car you should never scrimp on tyres and brakes.


To be fair, one of my tyres had a slow puncture for months - every time I went to check my air pressure it was 10-15psi instead of 31, so that’s probably shredded the tyre!

20% off car Aircon recharge at Kwik Fit (with code) - £47.96
Found 10th May 2018Found 10th May 2018
20% off car Aircon recharge at Kwik Fit (with code) - £47.96
Been looking for a deal for this as my car definitely needs it's aircon recharged. Tried independents first but was getting quotes around £70 so have reluctantly gone with this de… Read more

How did you find out about that?


don't know whether it helps but I used to work in a garage and normally when changing brake pads you have to push the plungers back so you open the bonnet to access the brake filler cap and put a rag round it to catch the brake fluid if it overflows, then when you have put the new pads in you may have to top up the brake fluid, this is probably why they needed to go under the bonnet :D


sadly many companies don't get on to Hotukdeals because they lack credibility, are to small etc and yet there are certain companies who get on here with out issues funny that.


Won't use them ever again for airconnn they only set machine to fill up 2/3 of what manufacturers recommend. Completely conned from the Con artists.


I just open my windows! I am too tight to use the AC as affects the fuel consumption.

MOT for £22.50 using code @ Kwik Fit
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
MOT for £22.50 using code @ Kwik Fit
MOT on offer for £25! Get further 10% discount making it £22.50 with code: 10MOTGRO4548 (cheeky)

Try 5MOTVCL2745 for £5 off...


They fail your car mot for dirty headlight. (lol)


Says code not recognised?


Took my car to quick fit where they quoted £350 for work. Took to an alternative MOT centre the same day for a second opinion. It passed without any issues. I'd never use them myself.


it is real...

Kwik Fit 25% off car and van batteries offer ends Dec 2017
Found 28th Oct 2017Found 28th Oct 2017
Kwik Fit 25% off car and van batteries offer ends Dec 2017
Ideal preparation for winter. Even do hybrid auxiliary batteries. Fitting £9 Disposal of old battery £1.75

Agree 100%


Sticking up for quick fit or Halfords at least they can swop your battery with out losing keys codes, such as your radio and saving you the trouble of getting a stuck holding clamp off. I have bought batteries off Amazon and they are less, but however carefully I am with jump leads, I always lose the key codes and have to reprogram. There is a gadget you can buy to keep the codes, but always check your manual for the radio code before you disconnect the battery.


When its easy to do yourself why resort to these cowboys.


Ribena? What if he wants orange juice? I guess you could lay in a few soft drinks just in case he's a bit difficult. Milk, an afterthought.


If you have AA or RAC etc. Buy battery call them out. When they tell you your battery’s had it ,pull out the new one and ask if they will fit it. once fitted Give the fitter a drink and everyone happy. This worked with AA,RAC,KWIK FIT AND START RESCUE and GREENFLAG so far. Not just them but all the contractors they have sent

Service your car and pay for next one in 10 monthly installments, get free 12 months warranty @ Kwik-fit
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
Service your car and pay for next one in 10 monthly installments, get free 12 months warranty @ Kwik-fit
This might go cold. still i thought it was worth posting because car which is just coming to an end of manufacturers warranty this might be worth it. I know lot of people out there… Read more
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Cold from me


After my experiences of this crowd of shysters. I’d rather shave my scrotum with a rusty machete, rinse off in a bucket of alcohol and wipe dry with nettle leaves.




I'd rather let class 5 at my daughters school service it!!


you can't get thicker than a Kwik-Fit fitter please take your car to a local garage better be safe than sorry

Free Love2Shop vouchers at Kwikfit when you buy Goodyear. Tyres online
Found 2nd Jun 2017Found 2nd Jun 2017
Free Love2Shop vouchers at Kwikfit when you buy Goodyear. Tyres online
Get free love2shop vouchers from Kwikfit when you buy Goodyear. Tyres online. Up to £100 Love2Shop Voucher When You Buy Goodyear Tyres Buy two or more Goodyear tyres at www.kwik… Read more

I do love2shop on hukd

Kwik Fit Air-Conditioning Recharge £39.20 with code
Found 5th Apr 2017Found 5th Apr 2017
£49 minus 20% using voucher code 20AIRAPR09
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never go to kwik fit i work for a company that is part of kwik fit///// go to a local garage that has been recommended by someone you know enough said


Then I would tell them..... "that's nice, now have you finished my air con?"


Probably local, it's up to the manager to get people through the door, and if business is a bit slow for that particular branch no sense in having the employees doing very little, at the end of the day they will still need paying.


phoned bnpt local it seems, I just phoned both my own locals and they confirmed £47.99 £19.99 is a bargain, top up if you haven't already within the past 12months


​no idea. This place is up the road from me. Boston, lincs.

KwikFit MoT testing £27
Found 25th Jan 2017Found 25th Jan 2017
KwikFit MoT testing £27
A few weeks ago someone posted a deal for MoT testing at local authority test centres at £45-£55, and claimed it would somehow be a better test than using a commercial garage. I co… Read more

So get off the fence and say what you mean, do you like KwikFit or not? :-)


Just how bad the service you can get from Kwikfit is is beyond most people's comprehension. They offered to beat the best price I could find on a set of tyres once, that saving ended up costing me £400 having the damage they did to my alloys repaired. Damage they and their area manager insisted was stone chips. Amazing how chips managed to gouge 3 approximately equally spaced holes the side of all 4 alloys since the last time I looked at them. I wouldn't let my car anywhere near Kwikfit even if they were that last garage in the world and giving away free MOT tests.


-242C for something that saves £28, that is well beyond my understanding...


For all those Kwik fit supporters there is a reason it's so cold in here.


The great Kwik Fit fit-up: How Britain’s biggest garage firm charged for unneeded alignment of car wheels, claimed they'd changed spark plugs when they hadn’t and used scare tactics to sell a new wheel bearing Our reporter was charged £49.95 for a wheel-alignment adjustment Reporter was told her wheel might come off if she didn't spend £151.60 A one-year-old Mini was allowed to be driven away with a leaking oil filter Screen-wash container did not contain sufficient anti-freeze additive

MOT for £24.30 at Kwik Fit & get 8.8% TopCashBack
Found 8th Jan 2017Found 8th Jan 2017
MOT for £24.30 at Kwik Fit & get 8.8% TopCashBack
Get an MOT at KwikFit for £24.30 at selected appointment times. Use code 10OFFMOT30 to get 10% off the original price of £27 at checkout. Also, go through Top Cashback to get 8.8% … Read more
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Was going to post a £5 off a mot but you lot would slate the deal no problem as car passed no dramas anybody want the code its 5MOTAUG20


One which charges the normal fee and don't sell Tyres, Batteries, Shocks, Brakes etc.!! MOT only places are the best ..... no vested interests or targets to hit. Failing that, turn up in an oily overall with a FORD Badge on and look like you know your track rod from your bell end ...... or be prepared to be bent over and sorted out ......


So which service centre would you suggest then?


I dont know about cashback........but you will certainly get your perfectly good brake disks and pads back along with 2 tyres and your full exhaust system and windscreen wipers placed in a nice cardboard box...................................


Passed with flying colours. Thanks for all the negative comments. Knew it would pass, 2013 Audi A3 so only its second MOT. I wouldn't take an older car here either. (_;)

Buy 2 or more Continental EcoContact tyres at Kwik fit get Restaurant gift card worth upto £60
Found 4th Nov 2016Found 4th Nov 2016
Buy 2 or more Continental EcoContact tyres at Kwik fit get Restaurant gift card worth upto £60
Geat price for these tyres including fitting at your home and office. 8% cashback available at quidco and buy two or more Continental tyres at throughout October &… Read more

215/60 R17 96H


Width and profile for tyre priced at £98.50 ?




What size for that price ?


That is why it says upto.

Book your MOT online for £24.30 with code @ Kwikfit
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
Book your MOT online for £24.30 with code @ Kwikfit
MOT test - £24.30 on using the 10% discount code - MOT102PW

I went to get 2 new front tyres at Kwik fit but they refused to do them unless I also had the rears replaced as they were the incorrect speed rating for the car. Apparently my current ones were only rated to 130mph, yet my car's top book speed of 131mph meant I must have the next rating up! I walked away.


I think it depends on the area, I've never had an issue with the one near by, the MOT tester is a good honest guy who knows his stuff. I do all the work on my cars so I use them for a cheap MOT as I know it will pass. If you are getting a service at a main dealer at the same time then always ask for a discount on the MOT.


Nobody rips you off quicker than a Kwikfit fitter.


I should next time


Many main dealers have offers when you have it tested with them, surprised you didn't just have them do it while it was in.

Up to £80 Sainsbury's Gift Card When You Buy Goodyear Tyres @ Kwik Fit
Found 29th Aug 2016Found 29th Aug 2016
Up to £80 Sainsbury's Gift Card When You Buy Goodyear Tyres @ Kwik Fit
Kwikfit deal.. Basically buy ANY four 19'' tyres and get a free £80 giftcard from Sainsubury. Some budget brands are around £60 per corner (inc fitting), so after two tyres, this… Read more
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Yeah they're good.. Probably better quality in terms of build. Been having some issues with the box recently.. Common fault I heard..


Naaa , prefer my BMWs older if I'm honest E28 , E34 etc


It's quite an old 2011 model.. Auto.. Very heavy on fuel and stuff.. You got one too?


Firstofficer What year and model is your m5 out of interest


Kwik fit, never again.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmertric 3 225/40Y18 (92)  Fitted = £80.50 (£67.88 each after cashback & sainsburys voucher)
Found 5th Aug 2016Found 5th Aug 2016
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmertric 3 225/40Y18 (92) Fitted = £80.50 (£67.88 each after cashback & sainsburys voucher)
I'm in the market for two of these tyres and kwik fit seem to offer the cheapest at £80.50 each. With a £20 sainsburys … Read more
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Expired :-(


Only the stupid would pay over 800 for tyres. Use Blackcircles! I have the same tyres on my Golf and when i last had the same rubber put on it cost me £199 so less than £100 a corner.


​and tried to make out that wanting it centred was petty.


I mean they un centred it while tracking and after 3 attempts to fix it I gave up on them


Brilliant Tyres. Excellent wet grip. Better than Continentals for wet grip driving in the UK. Police vehicles now use Goodyears because of the performance/wet grip.

Free brake Check Kwik Fit
Found 19th May 2016Found 19th May 2016
Free brake Check Kwik Fit
Free Brake Check Kwik Fit free brake examination includes the digital measurement of wear on brake pads, shoes, brake discs and drums against the manufacturer’s specifications. Th… Read more

trust me, go here and you will need new brakes. no matter how good yours are. From experience you'll get poor service and poor workmanship.


Kwik fit should be the last place you go for anything...... Ever!


The answer was for Kwik fit. New pads shoes tyres and air con will be far more than £200!


I sense avoidance is mandatory.


Might be free but they'll either tell you your car has a load of problems it doesn't just to get money out of you or tell you everything is fine when it's not

Free Winter Car Check @ Kwik-Fit
Found 5th Nov 2015Found 5th Nov 2015
Free Winter Car Check @ Kwik-Fit
Free Winter Car check at Kwik Fit. What is included within our free winter safety check? To keep you moving this winter we’ll check your car's: Tyres - We will check the overal… Read more

A garage is only as good as the technicians who work there... Good techs are not generally found working at kwikfit or halfords etc.


Even years ago, my nan used my local Kwik-Fit and they tried to rip her off then too! Never use a Kwik-Fit-Fitter!




After Kwik Fit told my wife she needed a new catalytic converter on her car because of a corroded heatshield which was rattling I would never go near them again stainless steel jubilee clip to hold the heat shield & 5 passed MOT's issues with the catalyst at all


Once got my brakes checked there, imagine my shock when they told me they didn't need changing as they had a good few thousand miles worth of driving left on them. Must have been a friday afternoon or something :)

Breakdown Cover from only £12.86 for 12 months + TCB / Quidco @ Kwik-Fit Insurance Services
Found 12th Jul 2015Found 12th Jul 2015
Breakdown Cover from only £12.86 for 12 months + TCB / Quidco @ Kwik-Fit Insurance Services
Breakdown Cover from only £12.86* for 12 months at Kwik-Fit Insurance Services which is a great price if your car is less than 5 years old with the option of pay monthly as well. … Read more
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​I bet that you can't say all that in one breath!!


​Partly agree but last time I took a tyre in for puncture repair they charged me £17. I suppose that I had got used to them doing free repairs for all those years. Such is progress


Any takers for a 15 year old car?


​Its always risky relying on cashback to get a cheaper deal you should remember that it's only a bonus if the cashback is paid ;)

Free fuel card when you buy 2 or more Michelin tyres in June / July @ Kwik-Fit
Found 6th Jun 2015Found 6th Jun 2015
Free fuel card when you buy 2 or more Michelin tyres in June / July @ Kwik-Fit
Buy two or more and get a free fuel card , value dependant upon purchase ie no of tyres and size of tyres. Worth a punt if you need new ones.

Check camskill or amazon for tyres and get a local independent to fit them. There can be deals on those sites.


Good Offer but my Michelin tyres for a 2013 polo are not available on line ! The Process To be eligible for the Fuel Gift Card from Michelin, you must: Have bought 2 or more Michelin tyres online at (unfortunately, this offer is not available for in centre purchases) Have your tyres fitted at a Kwik Fit centre within 1 month of purchase After tyre fitting, enter your details and submit the form below, including a valid order reference number The Fuel Gift Card will be sent within 60 days of receipt of the claim form If you have any problems regarding the Fuel Card promotion, please call 0844 875 1111


Nice, would like 2 Pilot Sport 3s for my Golf as my Goodyear Eagles haven't lasted very long!


subscribed, popcorn time