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Posted 15 March 2023

Log Cabin House DARLA (44+44 mm + Insulation PLUS, BRF), 180 m² (5 Bed, 3 Bath) - £119,374 @ Quick Garden

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Free delivery in 6-8 weeks.
Delivery time may vary depending on item availability, manufacturing, and logistics. Contact us for an estimate.

The price includes double glazing, flooring, delivery, offloading, hardware kit & VAT.

Model Highlights• 5 bedrooms, which will help you and your friends feel comfortable and provide you with common and separate living spaces.
• A storage for keeping your appliances and other items in order.
• An open plan living room and kitchen area, which creates more space for interesting interior design ideas.
• A covered entrance for your safety and convenience.
• A terrace that extends your living space by 30 m².DARLA is a spacious wooden house that can easily welcome your family and friends for temporary or permanent stays. There's plenty of space for everyone to share their meals and bond in the living room area, and then have a good night's sleep in separate bedrooms. You will want to admire the beautiful design of this classic building in the terrace, which adds even more ways to enjoy your peaceful retreat. If you'd like a residence that can help you relax and feel comfortable hosting dinner parties, DARLA is our recommendation.Thermal Insulation / BRF (Building Regulation Friendly)This prefabricated wooden house features a residential-grade thermal insulation. Due to the 175 mm thickness polyurethane boards used for roof insulation, insulated floors (200 mm) and walls (120 mm), utmost level of residential comfort is ensured. This BRF house also features white PVC windows and doors, which are included in the price. Whether you are coming for a brief stay or will use your house as a primary residence, you will feel warm and cosy all year long.

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  1. MattyJ1985's avatar
    Do you need planning permission for these ?
    Smiill95's avatar
    Planning permission is NOT required if:
    • You are building a single-storey outbuilding in your premises (e.g., your backyard).
    • Your selected building does not feature a balcony, platform (raised more than 300 mm from the ground) or veranda. We have ensured that our wooden structures featuring veranda are not raised more than 300 mm from the ground.
    • The roof of the building is up to 4 m in height (double-pitched) or up to 3 m in height (single-pitched). The eaves must be up to 2.5 m in height.
    • The ridge height is up to 2.5 m (if the house is built within 2 m of the boundary) or 4 m (if the house is built more than 2 m from any boundary).
    • The newly built structure will be used for non-residential purposes only (e.g., lounging, storage, or remote working).

    If you answered “yes” to all the statements above, you will likely not require Planning Permission for your building. However, in each individual case, we recommend double-checking with your Local Planning Authorities. For your convenience, we have uploaded an application letter sample for your Local Planning Authorities (download here). Regarding the planning rules related to the location of the building, please refer here.

    Found that on their FAQ.
  2. mocmocamoc's avatar
    Used to live in something not dissimilar in the Falkland Islands, perfectly decent.
    turtles1's avatar
  3. Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    Probably a stupid question, but is the roof included?

    None of the descriptions mention the roof (they mention flooring and doors/windows) and the roof options on the page are extra on top of the price.
    AD77VK's avatar
    Roof20 mm Tongue and Groove roof boards + 9 mm roof construction + 175 mm insulation
  4. 5Rivers79's avatar
    American homes are timber so why wouldn’t this last?
    PsychoSonny's avatar
    It has to be treated for a start and then maintained. It will also need to be well insulated and well vented. You will also need appropriate foundations, etc, etc. With the right setup it should last 40 years if maintained right. Any longer is a bonus
  5. dale7's avatar
    Do you have to be in for this or would they leave it in the porch do you think?
    joedix88's avatar
    I'm just wondering how Evri could lose it
  6. AncientYouth's avatar
    is that Minecraft?
    AD77VK's avatar
    I guess Minecraft is your favourite game.
  7. deleted188690's avatar
    Installation service (Starting from £27332 + VAT, payable on completion)
    oliver_staunton's avatar
    I'll do it for 26k pm me
  8. namGB's avatar
    Imagine the maintenance cost just too treat the wood, it’ll have too be a good wood treatment as well.. it’s optional also  (edited)
    andiron87's avatar
    Once every decade, one coat of Ronseal
  9. strawhat's avatar
    we live in an era where you can get a house delivered to you
    EndemicAlarm's avatar

    Sears Modern Homes were homes sold primarily through mail order catalog by Sears, Roebuck and Co., an American retailer. From 1908 to 1942, Sears sold more than 70,000 of these houses in North America, by the company's count.

    Be even further amazed.

    I believe their houses were well respected, and there's no shortage of them still standing today.
  10. deleted2744918's avatar
    This flat pack ?
    alasrati's avatar
    Nah it's a house pack.
  11. donny1266's avatar
    Most sturdy American home
    skull66de's avatar
    I live in a pebbledashed concrete bunker that was made in the 60's as part of the overflow towns project, never intended to be used this long (IIRC approx 10-15 year life), to make it look better from the outside all the drains etc are internal which absolutely astounds me, and the council just keeps on finding ways to keep using them. To me this kit home would be the height of luxury.
  12. Meteoor's avatar
    Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    Install an open log fire, what could go wrong?
  13. Benny.Hills.Love.Child's avatar
    Was quoted more than this price for a small extension. Heat added.
    Jaffveyda's avatar
    I jut got quoted 62k for 3x3m kitchen extension ....
  14. leeharvey2000's avatar
    I’m waiting for it to drop to £119,000.
    Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    Black Friday
  15. luwpergwin's avatar
    So to have it installed £32,798, metal roof £11,481, guttering £2924 already £166k into it and that's without services & connection, concrete pad, landscaping etc. It doesn't mention kitchen or bathroom fitted, is it first fixed even? Mohoney yes you're right it would be getting on for £250k.

    It's a lovely idea but even if you got permission to have one would it make sense? You'd be hard pushed to get a mortgage as it's not of standard construction so you'd have to fork out your own cash, and you'd have a job ever selling it because the buyer would struggle with funding, and would it even appreciate like bricks and mortar? I doubt it, I'd think it would be more like a park home or a new car, it would depreciate.
    There must be a market for it or they wouldn't be selling them. Im struggling to think who that market would be??
    KingAwKings's avatar
    People who rent them out as a holiday get away and charge 1200 for a week self catering. 5 years it's paid for itself.
  16. Bargainhunter_13's avatar
    Think the finished cost would be close to 350k.
    Land, footing/slab, drainage, gas, electric, phone, fencing, plumbing, electrics.
    Absolutely no point in this structure.
  17. steve.james's avatar
    These look great and many options but the biggest problem is planning permission as they work slower than snails would if they could !container-housing.co.uk/con…tml
    abigsmurf's avatar
    The planning permission is always the killer. There's no shortage of companies that offer pre-fab houses with turnkey finished where you can get an incredible modern, well insulated house built and filled with appliances for around £200K.

    The problem is that land without planning permission where the chance of getting planning permission is uncertain costs £20K. Land where planning permission has been granted costs £150K+ . It's utterly insane how difficult it is for the average person to build a new house on a bare piece of land.
  18. ebury's avatar
    And spend another £90k doing it up🙈 decor from the 80s looks good though!!
  19. Matrixmax's avatar
    Getting 6 to stick on eBay!
  20. ADT's avatar
    Sorry am I stupid to think or is it a full prefabricated house that can be planted in your backyard (big enough) or an empty piece of land?
    Jonwillis's avatar
    Basically yes, it's more like a flat pack house, think IKEA expert level. So you need to build it, including the base/foundations and adding facilities like plumbing and electric so that will add probably £30k or more to the cost.
    Then you'll need to pay for planning permission as well as buy the land of you don't have a plot already for it.

    I wouldn't say it was a prefabricated house. They can look more like normal houses and they just arrive on site and drop the walls, floor and room in place by a crane, taking just a couple of days. (edited)
  21. JustinScot's avatar
    A little off topic...has the price of building materials started to come down?
    rrr99gp's avatar
    Nope. They’re due to go up again in the next few months thanks to wood shortages.
  22. antsgame's avatar
  23. keyster's avatar
    How much would a joiner/carpenter charge to fully erect this? :/
    AD77VK's avatar
    Installation service (Starting from £27332 + VAT, payable on completion)
  24. MRGRINGO's avatar
    Looks great but off load only. I love a project but I bet there's a million phone calls involved chasing up missing parts.
    big.k's avatar
    Thought you only needed an allen key for it?
  25. thunkpad's avatar
    Even the house looks a bit shocked.

    alppatuk's avatar
    Only came here for the comments. Did not disappoint.
  26. SK__'s avatar
    Trying to think of a carpentry pun that woodwork. Think I nailed it.
    JoShmo's avatar
    You've got a screw loose.
  27. sm9690's avatar
    Free delivery in 6-8 weeks
    And 6-8 years for planning permission
    Yasioo's avatar
    It's obviously a shed
  28. slo_moshun's avatar
    This or a 2 man Aldi tent for summer back yard adventures...
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    I'd prefer 1 man 1 woman, but if that's what the instructions say...
  29. issynazar's avatar
    Might slot nicely on the concrete slab where my 20 x 8ft garage used to live
    AD77VK's avatar
    Perfect, half job done.
  30. lucas's avatar
    John Marston’s house
    Retro89's avatar
  31. edgeone's avatar
    Ordered for Glasto
    phillgardner's avatar
    Hahahha aren't a comedian
  32. suzy18's avatar
    Can’t really hide this from your partner like you can when your Amazon parcels come 🤦🏼‍♀️
  33. nutty2701's avatar
    I’ve just found £119k down back of sofa in change funnily enough so il go ahead and buy ……
    AD77VK's avatar
    Rare Coins worth fortune
  34. JessieTheDog's avatar
    I've got voucher that'll take £10 off at the checkout if anyone's interested?
  35. Asimahmad's avatar
    Iv got enough space to build the sideways... ordered 2.
    phillgardner's avatar
    Sent you funny ahahhahahahahaha
  36. memyselfmash's avatar
    These new sets are getting quite realistic... but christ, its expensive for Lego
    AD77VK's avatar
    Lego is always expensive.
  37. antspam's avatar
    That reallyis6
    J_Staunton's avatar

    Wait, what?
  38. Rbaj's avatar
    Hmmm need to sort out where I am going to put this, any land deals on HuKD?
    JoShmo's avatar
    Build a raft.
    Land is overrated.
  39. deleted1926918's avatar
    Anyone know how many litres of ronseal I need to cover this?
  40. muon's avatar
    Don't need... Ordered 2. Damn hukd!
's avatar