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Knauf 100mm Space Bottom Layer Loft Roll Insulation - 8.3m2 £18 @ Wickes Free click and collect
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Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Knauf 100mm Space Bottom Layer Loft Roll Insulation - 8.3m2 £18 @ Wickes Free click and collect£18Wickes Deals
Length: 7280 mm Thickness: 100 mm Width: 1140 mm Material: Glass Mineral Wool Usage: Loft insulation Coverage: 8.3 m2 Fire Retardant: RTF Euroclass A1 Thermal Conductivity: 0.044 W/mK Therma…
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Lots of talk about PIR... Rigid insulation will never fill the gaps meaning thermal bypass and cold spots PIR burns and releases toxic smoke. Do I really need me to remind people about the tall building fires lately? PIR suffers with thermal drift, it also loses performance when temperatures reach close to 0 when you will most likely need it to perform. Lambda values are measured in a lab not the real world, I'd pick dense mineral wool any day as it relies on trapped air (y) (y)


PIR is the thinnest you can get. Mineral rolls are a cheaper solution. You can also get rockwool slabs. Slabs are better for walls, don't gas, compress or burn. I would pick PIR or slabs personally. Also worth checking fire rating on PIR if you plan on using that.


Are we talking about joists in the attic/ceiling? Normally joists will be at least 100mm in height if not more so it should fit nicely in there otherwise I don't see how this product will benefit in your situation. Lay 100mm one way and 100mm over it the other way with out compacting it too much or leaving gaps and your rooms will be nice and toasty if that is what you have there anyway.. (embarrassed)


But this is significantly cheaper. Kingspan is roughly £35 for 1m2 This one is £2.6 per 1m2 Both 100mm thickness. It's for a garage in the garden. Will be used just for storage.


As thin as possible so I don’t have to build up the floor too much! I’m starting from scratch, existing insulation is old and has practically no depth to it so I’m going to replace it.

Grande FFP2 Sanding and Insulation Dust Masks - Pack of 10 for £1 (free click & collect) @ Wickes
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Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
Grande FFP2 Sanding and Insulation Dust Masks - Pack of 10 for £1 (free click & collect) @ Wickes£1Wickes Deals
Nice offer for some FFP2 dust masks. :) £1 Grande FFP2 Sanding and Insulation Dust Masks - Pack of 10 (TradePro members.- 90p) -- This FFP2 rated dust mask has been ergonomically desi…
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link doesn't work


I wouldn't trust any gp on anything they most of the time look things up on google including your symptoms, they're not trained to give advice on mask..


the operative word there is ebola even though some are now saying - 'Covid-19 More Deadly Than Ebola' - and rightly so, see here for the Forbes piece on this - because if it was say the Zaire Ebola virus with a fatality rate of 60 to 90% (thats 6 to 9 of every 10 infected dying) and death from 6 to 9 days from infection and with the infected showing visible horrible signs of infection ie bleeding from all orafices of their body, ppl will not mind living in the surgical operating theatre enviroment as you put it and wearing mask etc will be a life or death absolute and not subjective as it is now for covid. What many dont realise ebola like covid can become an epidemic here too, its just luck as some may call it why it hasnt happen yet.


Your talents are wasted on this crowd.


I guess its all a risk-reward based judgement that everyone unconsciously applies in their daily life. Living as if we were in a surgical operating theatre environment is just not practical versus the benefit against covid. Had this been like ebola, reactions would have been different. In the context of coronavirus, I've personally not seen real world evidence to support the way we have been mandated to use them. Would I wear one on a ram-packed tube? Yes. Do I feel the need to mask up in a supermarket? No.

Three Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 100mm thickness for £43.98 / Three Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 200mm for £54.99 click & collect @ Homebase
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Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
Three Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 100mm thickness for £43.98 / Three Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 200mm for £54.99 click & collect @ Homebase£43.98Homebase Deals
This offer is back again, three for two on the Knauf Earthwool loft insulation roll, either 100mm or 200mm, depending on your needs. The 100mm is £43.98 for three rolls with click & co…

If you have to do from below I would think some insulation netting would be probably be more effective and less frustrating than gaffer tape.


Question, I have a 6m long by 3m wide room to insulate before it gets plasterboarded, could I use three of the 100mm packs all on top of each other to get over the 270mm recommended height, as they are 7m long would fit nicely and 9 rolls should work well. And could I use like duck tape or string on something to hold it up in place before the plasterboard goes up??


Maybe there is a reason every insulation supplier clearly states the m2 per roll and Homebase does not.


These rolls are 3.4M long (200mm) or 7.28M (100mm) - (3.8SQM) - (£18.33 if you buy 3) makes them £4.82/SQM Wickes do a 5.61SQM roll for £25 (£22.50 for tradepro) this makes them £4.45/SQM £4.00/SQM if trade) So (I think) you get more for your money buying them at Wickes


I paid £390 delivered for 250m2 equivalent of 100mm earthwool (combination of 100 and 150mm thickness), same place would charge £434 now. On this deal the same area would cost £440 so I’d say it’s not a bad deal really particularly if you’re looking for a smaller quantity that would otherwise result in a high delivery charge. They being said, the 200mm in this deal seems disproportionately more expensive so the same might not be true with that.

SuperFOIL Insulation Wrap 0.6M x 7.5M £9.99 instore @ Aldi Bournemouth
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Posted 7th Nov 2021Posted 7th Nov 2021LocalLocal
SuperFOIL Insulation Wrap 0.6M x 7.5M £9.99 instore @ Aldi Bournemouth£9.99Aldi Deals
Features 3-in-1 reflective bubble foil insulation, vapour control and radiant barrier Lightweight, flexible and easy to install Helps reduce condensation and eliminate draughts Keeps …
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Three Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 100mm thickness for £43.98 / Three Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 200mm for £54.99 click & collect @ Homebase
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Posted 5th Nov 2021Posted 5th Nov 2021
Three for two on this Knauf Earthwool loft insulation roll, either 100mm or 200mm thick. The 100mm is £43.98 for three rolls with click & collect. The 200mm is £54.99 click & col…

Seems to be expired


this now expired or not working today, it was yesterday.....


You mean try and cut it horizontally? Another thing some DIYers have asked me is can they compress 200mm down between the roof joists so they can put a floor down, this is actually worse than using 100mm and pushes down on the plaster board and can pop the plasterboard nail heads down creating those hateful little craters you have to fill, sand and repaint. However the usual problem is blocking off ventilation or not adding more as extra insulation increases the problem of condensation due to the temperature differential, hence why here you are required to get building control to inspect it, it only costs about £60 here in Belfast.


But 200mm is twice as thick so to get the same u value using 100mm it would cost £53.02 if you actually only wanted 100mm you could always get the 200 and split it in half. Easy to do as I do it regular as a partitioner.


Making people hate climate protestors is surely not a good way to get your point across.

Knauf Eko Roll Loft insulation roll, (L)4.83m (W)1.14m (T)200mm - £24 / buy 3 for £18 each + free Click and Collect @ B&Q
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Posted 2nd Oct 2021Posted 2nd Oct 2021
Should apply to 100, 170 and 200mm version Features and benefits Eko Insulation is a new range of insulation available at B&Q. Specifically made for the thermal upgrade of loft spa…

Expired. Now £25. Prices inflated. Next year £25 we will call hot price?


Thanks! This was my logic when thinking ahead to when I get around to this horrible job.


I insulated over and around it. I think the light circuits have 6A breakers but the cables seem the same thickness as the ones in socket circuits which are 13A, so I think they are thick enough to be safely covered by the insulation. It was like this originally as well.


What did you do about the lighting wiring above the bedrooms? Cover it up with the insulation or do as I have read and leave exposed to stop overheating? Not easy if the wiring is routed tight and below the insulation top level.


Mine was exactly that...squashed, dirty, patchy and full of dust...took me and my wife 2 hours to bag it all up. The hoovering, taking it all to the skip and installing loft legs took a lot longer. Now happy with 100mm + 170mm perpendicular insulation in place. Also water tank taken out years ago so insulated that part too...