Anyone bought a bed from eBay or other online only retailers?

Posted 2nd Sep 2022
Went to view some beds today at the likes of Dreams, Benson's, DFS and the price of the frame were quite expensive compared to online. With the mattress planning to find we like and just find the cheapest seller and buy from them.

Regarding the frame, we are after those storage ottoman bed frame with gas lift mechanism so part of me wants the 5-10 year warranty the above retailers give but it's not something I'd use daily so is it worth paying double just for that?

Also saw FB marketplace full of these posts selling beds for cheap (similar to eBay prices) with cash on delivery option..wonder what's the deal with those?
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  1. RealOldMonk's avatar
    Avoid FB at all cost, there is no warranty or support once they get their money.
  2. Itsme2345's avatar
    Avoid the FB and cheap eBay ones unless you want a new one in a few weeks time. Costco is excellent they will take it back if you don’t like it. Don’t forget the trials from the bed in the box places, use them to get quick delivery if you are in a hurry. Local bed shops are also a good place to start.
  3. jase.2's avatar
    I def wouldn’t buy a mattress online unless you can do the nights of free sleep thing as I’ve been stung before with uncomfortable mattresses I couldn’t return

    in terms of frame I’ve only ever bought from Argos mainly so it was delivered
  4. EndlessWaves's avatar
    What about more budget retailers with shops? Mattressman do king sized ottomans for low two hundreds which isn't much more expensive than mystery meat off ebay. I put one together a few years ago and while it's not the highest quality of things, the fabric and mechanism have held up fine.
  5. hootz's avatar
    Only purchased on amazon or eBay and not had a problem but choose branded names if possible and check reviews
  6. nikkicrick's avatar
    I bought a double bed frame and mattress on Amazon, all good reviews, etc. They cancelled at 1.15am on day of delivery. Unfortunately, I'm disabled and had arranged (and paid for) the old bed to be dismantled and taken to the tip that day, as agreed delivery date 2 weeks beforehand.
    I ended up having to organise a same day delivery from Argos, a reasonable bed frame, but mattress crap. Building up a bed one handed at 9pm isn't ideal.
    I've since ordered a mattress from previous supplier, on Amazon, price dropped to a reasonable, but more expensive price; and now an order with Bensons for a bed frame due in a fortnight
  7. madridpaid_the_referee's avatar
    I bought an ottoman storage bed frame one on ebay, had it for a couple years now and had no issues with it. Make sure whoever you buy from has good reviews, as you can get quality at a cheaper price than retailers.
  8. Alexanderlocks's avatar
    Argos ottoman style bed lasted quite a few years. All I can say is avoid wayfair their prices are expensive but the quality doesn't match up.
  9. mrman007's avatar
    Hope this is of some help.
    I went and bout a simba mattress as they had great reviews. Bough a king. It offered no support and my back hurt. I though it was just the change in bed. It was not. I returned the simba and my nurse mate suggest I try a dreamcloud. I’d never heard of these but my goodness! I thought I’d gone to heaven. The bed is extremely well made and is a little bit of an old style but with all the mode cons inside! Excellent spring and memory foam! Very cool when needed! The support on the bed is just excellent and I can say hand on heart that I have not slept so well for years. They also offer a 365 day trial and a 0% 12 month finance deal! I cannot recommend this bed highly enough!
    with regards to the bed frame I got a fantastic deal on a grey gas bed. The head board was included and it was one of the tall ones with multi squares on it. I believe it came with a five year warranty. The bed also came into halves obviously but the bottoms of the bed were solid so if you packed it out cloths of boxes etc were not in contact with the floor. This came from the divan bed warehouse! Look out for discount codes on this site as they range from 10-20%!
    Again this is a very high build quality!
  10. Sprograt's avatar
    Avoid cheap mattresses on Facebook and eBay they are of a dreadful quality seen first hand as a neighbour bought one for £79.00 and to be honest I wouldn't let my dog sleep on one.
    You spend a third of your life asleep check out mattresses at a good quality bed/mattress retailer and choose a mattress and bed frame that suits your needs, your body and mind will thank you in the long run. (edited)
  11. yorkie12's avatar
    We have a few independent Bed / Furniture shops locally and these tend to be much cheaper than the big boys. I'm sure they'll be some in your area. Paid £350 for king size ottoman bed ( two singles bolted together) a couple of years back and very happy with it. (edited)
  12. jord_1992's avatar
    Frame your can get from ikea, even mattress which are affordable and comfortable, also Costco do mattresses which again affordable and comfortable, honestly depends what you like, I would recommend using dreams to try a mattress to determine whether you want soft medium or firm and go from there to give you an idea, but even still we got our spare mattress from dreams for £180 in the sale (double) and it is extremely comfortable
  13. aLV426's avatar
    I got my last one from Argos - it had a manufacturing defect and I got it swapped out (I got a lot of flack on here when I posted about it!) They had actually removed that line from stock as well so I had to pick a different one and ended up getting a more expensive one as that's all they had in stock - I don't recall having to pay the difference.
    I am on the look out for 4 singles - I keep hoping a deal will show up on here!
  14. bibekpd's avatar
    bibekpd Author
    Thanks all for your input. Definitely will avoid FB.
    Will try and see if there are any local independent retailers I can go to if not try eBay/online or go back to the big names depending on the saving.
  15. fisco2001's avatar
    I bought from Furniture 123 very good quality bed and delivery
  16. Johnny.Bravo's avatar
    Just bought a Zinus bed frame from Amazon, very easy to put together (if you have another person just to hold things steady) and very sturday, Didn't get the ottoman gas-lift type, just a standard frame, but just checked and they do those types as well so no reason to think they wouldn't be equally good.
  17. fiestasteve44's avatar
    We got a good Ottoman off Robert dyas with gas lift etc.
    Double was £185
    Great value for money. (edited)
  18. anouj's avatar
    DUSK is great value. Really modern designs for great prices and great reviews online.
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