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Posted 1 April 2023

Lyca Mobile 30 Day SIM, No Contract - 3GB for 1p p/m // 5GB for 80p p/m // 6GB for 85p p/m - Price for the first 6 months @ Lyca Mobile

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  1. jprasad's avatar
    Just a heads up. Pixel and iPhone users don't get 5G on Lyca. (edited)
    Winklexx's avatar
    iPhone users do with the IOS 16.4 update
  2. mutley1's avatar
    this is a decent deal if you don't mind taking a risk. in my opinion, they are only good for porting out of lebara and back again, and even then you are taking a big risk that you may lose your number in the process!!

    heat added nonetheless as the deal may work for some people.
    nigelbutler's avatar
    Porting to Lyca risks losing your number imo. Don't risk it for the sake of a few quid and untold hassle ,& time lost.

    Too many bad reviews

    Lyca is fine for a second SIM but I would not trust them switching a number to them

    Lebara on the other hand was great when I switched from BT to Lebara. PAC given to Lebara Monday morning & on Lebara at 7am Tuesday. Brilliant (edited)
  3. hoggs's avatar
    Top tip:
    When ordering, keep the email. There is a table of information on that email and you'll need it when registering your plan.

    It's the "Activation PIN code" column and the number in there is what you'll need.
    mutley1's avatar
    They have got rid of the PIN activation now. Works automatically when you insert the SIM and download the app. Does take about 20 minutes for the MSE plan to load. (edited)
  4. youngchap's avatar
    Does anyone know how to migrate to esim? The scanning of the code of your esim doesn't take u anywhere. No help from lyca

    Cheap price but expect no help from Lyca for anything at all. They pick up the call pretty quickly but then just say oh please restart the phone or we'll refresh your sim etc and ring back. You just have to keep ringing them back for every next step.

    They've been pretty useless

    Blocked my sim saying I overused it so not unlimited minutes actually.
    Don't think I used a lot either (edited)
    usenetz's avatar
    Just to confirm this SIM swap works fine as I’ve just done it and it’s easy, quick and smooth.

    Here’s the 2-part procedure in which you will order a new eSIM then do a SIM Swap.

    Part 1 is to get a Lycamobile eSIM:

    1. Go to Lycamobile
    2. Follow link to ‘Order SIM’ or ‘Get PAYG SIM’
    3. Select eSIM (remove £5 top-up if you don’t want it)
    4. Click to proceed.

    Job done! You will receive an email within seconds with details of your new eSIM including QR code to use to load eSIM on your phone.

    Part 2 is to do the SIM Swap:

    1. Login to your Lycamobile account online or use the Lycamobile app
    2. On website tap-on Menu (three horizontal lines) | My account | SIM Swap
    or on app Menu (three horizontal lines) | My account | Self Care | SIM Swap
    3. Select SIM type (this refers to existing SIM so Physical SIM)
    4. Select ‘Replace existing SIM with a new eSIM‘
    5. Follow instructions to enter required details

    Both existing SIM and eSIM will disconnect from network for a minute while your account is moved to the eSIM - it happens very quickly.

    All done!
  5. Accy_Chap's avatar
    Intended to try this after my Lebara 1p 6 months deal finished but the sim never arrived. I took this as a sign not to bother with them as they seem to have poor reviews on the whole so just ported out to talkmobile for some cashback then back to Lebara for another 6 months
    efc_4ever's avatar
    1p with Lebara. How you manage that and what price plan is it may I ask sir
  6. afn's avatar
    Signed up to the 1p a month deal and they took 1p when I activated and 1p a month later now they want to take 49p as per the updated offer. Anyone else had this happen? (edited)
    afn's avatar
    Even though I got a SMS to say they are taking 49p and the active plan shows incorrect details in my account they took 1p off my card which is correct so think everything is ok. Phew! (edited)
  7. humdan424's avatar
    Be mind international minutes is for only certain countries USA+Europe +China. Not like 40 countries they usually do.
    BK99's avatar
    Do you know whether the MSE 3 deal below includes the 100 minutes to 40 countries? It's not under the terms and conditions on this link and only specifies '100 international minutes' as opposed to 'to Europe+USA+ China' on the 1p sim. Thanks

  8. shug119's avatar
    How long before you can activate, I have just activated a Lebara 3 month sim, Can I cancel Lebara after 1 month and then activate this one ?
    Peter674235's avatar
    120 day for Lyca, 90 days for Lebara
  9. assosimzim's avatar
    Lyca will send you SPAM. (Even after unsubscribing and no initial Opt-In)

    49897088_1.jpg (edited)
    Kush.V's avatar
    You have to reply STOP to 3232, not from the 5555 number they are sending it to you from
  10. garbage456's avatar
    tried lyca and lebara.

    lyca was every bit as bad, as lebara was good.

    personally i would avoid lyca.

    basic email received
    no description of tariff when it arrived.
    PAC was a nightmare it wanted the big long microscopic printed number from both sim cards.

    poor signal, but that could be where i live obviously others may have better signal. (edited)
    youngchap's avatar
    Customer service is sooo poor man. I. Already fedup with them and been with them like a month
  11. Steve_B213's avatar
    Cold as the signal is awful with o2
    Winklexx's avatar
    Guess it depends on area as O2 has the best signal where we live.
  12. Midge's avatar
    Sim arrived today, popped it in and it worked perfectly.

    Its offering faster 4G than my o2 sim.

    I'm gonna run this as a backup sim for a while and its the 0.94p for 15GB for 6 months, then £7.75

    So I have registered it and I'm in my account, what should I do next?

    How do I set-up payment and/or Auto Renew, will it debit my card or do I need to pay up front?

    Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.
    Peter674235's avatar
    The card you paid with should already be set for auto renewal. Download the app and also register online and check the autorenewal settings.
  13. Junesama's avatar
    1p but at what cost? I'm getting spam calls every day and I've not even given my number to anyone. Dual sim and all the spam calls are to the Lyca sim... 49945673-7fH34.jpg

    49945673-KC1Cw.jpg (edited)
    mutley1's avatar
    i ported my number over soon after getting the lyca sim so i didn't use their number but i did get spam calls on the lyca number before it was ported. just one call in a 3 day period. but i was concerned when i had another spam call when my number had been ported over from lebara so i was worried that my number had been compromised, but luckily it has only been one call and when i googled the phone number, it was from the sex trade.
  14. BK99's avatar
    I ordered another one of these SIM cards for my mother. Activated it and her phone came up with a call forwarding warning. Someone has set up this sim to forward all phone calls to a number which is showing up as a scam number on google. Can't find a way to disable this so I have promptly deleted my card details from the account. Has anyone else come across this before?

    Edit: actually it might be a voicemail service? 07404000130 (edited)
    mutley1's avatar
    yeah, i get this when i make a call. the number is lyca. i am not happy with it as i have not set voicemail so it shouldn't have a forward number anywhere!
  15. parishilton1's avatar
    Tried to order twice and after payment processing window it diverts to the "Pay & Top up Online" page? Nothing to indicate that payment has gone through and no confirmation email, nothing to indicate that payment failed either. I don't want to keep trying in case a bunch of sim cards turn up in the post, but I would like to at least know if I have ordered one
    Peter674235's avatar
    Do you have popups blocked or trackers blocked (Brave, DuckDuckGo etc.)? That's the problem I had. (edited)
  16. StudentGrant's avatar
    Lyca was nothing but PAIN for me. App is rubbish, online just as bad, switching difficult, billing and ensuring your promised offer is actually applied is impossible - and customer service is cxxp - they never responded to me.

    Wish that was not the case because Lyca now do e-sim as payg, which I need to use 4g watch with my android phone - but guess I'll have to wait for another provider (#Lebara) to bite the bullet 😩
    usenetz's avatar
    I would agree with every word you say based on my experience of Lyca last year but when they launched eSIM and had a great 1p/month offer I thought I’d give them another try.

    My experience with eSIM and using the website has been very good; in fact the eSIM experience was far easier and straightforward than my O2 eSIM where you have to call them and they insist on sending you a leaflet which has a printed QR code or visit an O2 shop.

    I actually ordered and activated the Lyca eSIM while I was in Spain and all went well, then when I got back home I had the physical SIM from the 1p offer so I used SIM Swap to move that number and plan onto the eSIM in seconds.
  17. Midge's avatar
    Have my first Lyca sim nearly 4 weeks, how do I top it up?

    Has it stored my card details or is this something I need to do before my new month starts?
    afn's avatar
    Your card details should be stored from initial purchase and as long as you have auto renew on, your plan and payment should renew automatically. (edited)
  18. adam_2004's avatar
    I ordered this a week ago and its still not arrived, apparently Evri have the package according to the tracking. Has anyone else experienced this long a wait ? I'm still hoping I can activate it with the 94p deal for 6 months.
    JamesB83's avatar
    Yeah ordered one ages ago and hadn't arrived. Was about to get onto customer service. You usually have 4 months to activate it don't worry (edited)
  19. MontBelzoni's avatar
    Anyone else with this issue? I took up the 3gb 1p a month for 6 months offer but lyca are now wanting to charging 49p a month for the remaining 3 months? Saw no mention of that when signing up.
    afn's avatar
    See my post below mate
  20. ArchBants's avatar
    This is perfect when ported to an eSIM which Lyca launched last month. I've not got a 1p Lyca eSIM and 1p Lebara physical sim in my Pixel 5 so getting the beat of both
  21. drspa44's avatar
    Been with Lyca for a few months. They send marketing SMS despite me not being opted in. Every time I have sent 'STOP' to the number they provide but this has done nothing. Ofcom recommend forwarding spam texts to 7726 - Lyca block texts to this number!

    Their web security is also a complete joke. I hope no-one in government uses them.
  22. deleted2904274's avatar
    I have my phone on Lyca for the last two months on the 90p for 15gb deal. The porting over bit is a bit complicated but its been good so far, signal is strong enough where I am. I also have a relatives phone on the 1p deal also. I've not had to make any contact with them.
  23. afn's avatar
    Got £4.25 TopCashback from the 1p deal so will be £4.19 up to the 6 months
  24. Ulti's avatar
    I'm not a fan of O2 as their signal seems to be the weakest (Lyca use O2) and I've had pretty good signal with Lebara (they use Vodafone).

    However, I was charged the full price instead of the 5p 3GB deal with Lebara. They've still not refunded me after 3 weeks so I have no choice but to leave Lebara as I'm not paying a fiver per month for 3GB, and it's not worth the hassle of chasing for a refund every month.

    It's a shame but I guess I'll just use a Lyca SIM until there's another Lebara deal and then I'll try again.
    queenied's avatar
    This issue seems to have been prevalent this time round. I was also charged full price instead of 5p, even though I asked them beforehand to confirm that I would be charged the offer price (because my account said otherwise) and they assured me that I would. I did get a refund when requested, and they raised the issue internally to correct my plan.

    Well, I got an email 2 weeks later saying they'd corrected it and my account will now show the right amount. The account still shows the full price. I'll be chasing it up again before my next DD, but I'm not sure why they can't just fix the issue.
  25. rdh424's avatar
    when Lebara
    t3r4's avatar
    Probably never, I think they've realised at this point they're just better than Lyca so probably don't need to go as cheap
  26. MITZZZ999's avatar
    Got these as back up Sims for myself and the family and it's paid off. My sister had a issue with her main number and used this Lyca SIM in the second SIM slot for important calls, text WhatsApp etc till the issue was resolved.
    Tuta's avatar
    Likewise having a second SIM has been useful to me too. I heavily depend on my EE unlimited SIM which has been a rock solid performer (I tested all 4 networks and this was by far the best)

    However one week last year the local EE mast went down and I could only connect to masts hundreds of feet away which offered barely any signal to make calls let alone internet connectivity

    Hotspotting from a spare phone and Lebara SIM to my primary phone to use the internet and WiFi calling

    It's hardly necessary most of the time but for that one occasion... Super useful

    Also useful for one time purposes like selling items or listing stuff online and you don't want your details out there for anyone to have (edited)
  27. Ricky650's avatar
    Shocking customer service.
    Don't touch
  28. t1redmonkey's avatar
    I was also one of the people who did the 1p Lebara one last year and then switched to Lyca about a month ago when the Lebara one ran out. I was kind of tentative to do this since Lyca seem to have a terrible rep, but my number did switch over to them without any issues, and have been billed correctly for the first and second month so far. Signal has been fine for me too but obviously you need to do your own research on signal coverage first since that’s going to vary by area. Anyway, no issues so far but still will hopefully be more providers offering deals like this to choose from when my 6 months with them are up
  29. andrewmaclennan2's avatar
    Stay away….terrible company
    Yasioo's avatar
    But still may be worth it... 1p..
  30. redjas71's avatar
    Awful signal. No idea how this can be using o2 network as I moved from o2 to Lyca last week and the signal is awful in comparison… slow, or often 3G where I previously had 4G
  31. Metalhead33's avatar
    Just ordered 2 of these sims. No issues with payment. They will power my security camera's for 6 months just fine. Many thanks to the OP for finding this deal. One more thing...i used a revolut card with a spending cap activated so they can't take more than the 1p. :-) (edited)
  32. mutley1's avatar
    having signed up to lyca over the last couple of weeks, it started out well but it has gone down hill so i am going back to lebara. data signal wasn't bad in surrey, but it was very poor in london.

    i have had problems with calls both in surrey and london. particularly when i call landline numbers. lebara on the other hand, had no problem with calls and data speed wasn't too bad in london.
  33. afn's avatar
    Got the 1p deal and received my physical SIM today and activated. Ordered a free eSIM online and scanned in the QR code sent via email. Logged onto my account and did a SIM swap. Number changed over in minutes. Speed pretty shocking where I live but that’s down to O2. Happy to keep it as a backup SIM for 1p a month.
  34. XP200's avatar
    This mob seem to have good deals as long as you stick with the number that comes with the sim, but if you want to port your old number with you, then get plenty of green tea to keep your blood pressure down and a united nations interpreter, and no disrespect to those in the call center who are just earning a crust. lol
  35. deleted2813822's avatar
    I bought a Lebara and Lyca deal last September 1p a month each, registered the numbers with TPS to filter out the junk calls, ported my existing number to the Lebara last year. This month I bought 2 of these Lyca sims, ported my existing Lebara number to one of these and have had NO issues whatsoever. (edited)
  36. chigger1's avatar
    This seems to be a Money Saving Expert deal (MSE), however it's not showing on the sim only deals? ....Lebara deals does show though
    Winklexx's avatar
    All the MSE ones still work. I ordered the 94p for 6 months one Thursday and it was delivered today. 5G to even on iPhone with latest IOS update.

    15GB Data for 94p per month for first 6 months, £7.75 thereafter.Unlimited National Mins & SMS100 International MinsEU RoamingNo ContractNo Credit Check
  37. Kieran_Wildsmith's avatar
    Bought a lycamobile sim by impulse then I read some stuff on here on how rubbish they are.. I quickly went to live chat and requested a refund but they haven't sent me an email confirmation. I'm a bit skeptical now, it only cost £2.00 but it's principal.
  38. EdWasHere's avatar
    How many can you buy per account? 4? I'll just get them for my Chase round-up, easy 99p profit each
    mikeyjai's avatar
    99p for earning 5% interest?
  39. sully01's avatar
  40. Peter674235's avatar
    As I commented on another post, it's not showing on the MSE site, but the old links are still working.
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