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Posted 12 February 2024

Microsoft 365 Family 6 People 12 months (+ 3 mths free) & McAfee / 6 TB cloud storage (1TB pp) = £44.99 w/ signup code (c+c or digital)

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Update 1
13/02 - The digital version is now also available at same price so no need to click and collect and free digital delivery - link argos.co.uk/pro…360
15 Months Microsoft 365 Family 6 people for £44.99 using the £5 off marketing signup code. (12 months + claim 3 months from Microsoft). Reduced to £49.99 and apply £5 signup code. Each person can have 1TB of Cloud Storage plus Microsoft Office Suite. Claim Extra 3 Months Microsoft 365 Family: m365promo.microsoft.com/ (h…om/. Free collection to store or the digital version now available

A Microsoft 12-month subscription for up to 6 people that includes powerful productivity and security apps, premium features, extra cloud storage, and advanced security for your family's digital and physical safety. McAfee Total Protection for 5 devices is all-in-one online protection – award-winning antivirus, and online services to protect your security, identity, and privacy so you can live your life online freely & confidently.

  • Microsoft - For up to six people to use on 5 devices at the same time per person. Includes up to 6 TB of cloud storage (1 TB per person) and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint with offline access and premium features.
  • McAfee - Check the health of your online protection – our industry-first Protection Score will identify weak spots and guide you to improve your security.
  • Monitor the dark web for your personal info - we'll notify you if it's found so you can take action.
  • Bank and shop privately – McAfee's Secure VPN automatically turns on to protect your personal data and credit card info.
  • Secure your accounts - generate and store complex passwords with a password manager. Award-winning antivirus - rest easy knowing McAfee will notify you of risky websites and protect you from the latest threats.

General information:

  • Number of devices: 5.
  • Format: Product key card.
  • 5 user licence key.
  • Software licence activated for 1 year.

Minimum PC system requirements:

  • Windows 8 or later operating system.
  • OS X 10.12 or later operating system.
  • 1GHz processor speed.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • 1.3GB available hard disk space.
  • EAN: 4251972996228
  • EAN 4255663332418

Claim Extra 3 Months Microsoft 365 Family

  • Once you have the 25 character code from Argos visit: m365promo.microsoft.com/ (https://m365promo.microsoft.com/)
  • Fill in the form submitting your Argos "Order Confirmed" email screenshot as proof.
  • The "Qualifying Device" in the form is "Subscription software minimum term 1 year". Wait some time (few minutes to a few days) and Microsoft will email you another 25 character code which, when redeemed, will extend the subscription for a 3 further months.
  • You can claim the additional 3 months with each new purchase of Microsoft 365 Family up to 10 times, so you can stack up purchases of 15 months.

Useful links

£5 marketing signup code

Returns Argos

Delivery Argos
Argos More details at

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  1. knobbly's avatar
    I guess it's whatever fits your use case. Personally I don't use cloud storage, preferring to keep live copies on a NAS (8TB) and storing backup copies of my data away from my house. My stuff is too valuable to me to be trusted to corporates . Also, I find that subscription services eat away at my hard earned cash - have you seen the recent backlash against Ring Door Bells?

    For those that think likewise (and I know it's not everyone's cup-of-tea, but I respect all points of view), I use a single-payment lifetime licensed copy of MS Office 21 Pro Plus.
    Cheap as chips if you hunt around. Most recent copy I purchased - yesterday- was £4.36 from Gamers-Outlet.net.

    Works a treat.
    Now, battening down the hatches for the software key haters (even though they are validated by Microsoft). (edited)
    turnma's avatar
    I don’t disagree with you on subscriptions, but your 8TB NAS has electricity running costs, the cost of the NAS itself, plus replacement disks when they fail. That cost isn’t insignificant, so this offer for 6TB for £50 per year isn’t horrendous.
  2. greentiger's avatar
    Obligatory reminder to immediately bin the McAfee code
    arfster's avatar
    Better burn it, just to be sure.
  3. Snake0047's avatar
    So if I wanted to stack up 5 years at this price I assume the £5 sign up code can only be claimed once per email address. Would it still work if I made 4 individual purchases on seperate emails? Or does anyone know if I can claim the code 4 times on the same email address? Thanks in advance
    Ridg's avatar
    they stack on the email associated with your Microsoft account let's say snake0047@hukd.com you create snake0048 to get £5 off from argos and place an order, you then create snake0049 and so you and end up with X codes from argos, these you then redeem against your main email snake0047 and stack them.

    The code from Argos isn't linked to an email as it's literally just a code

    You've also got the option to sell the mcafee codes
  4. Chanchi32's avatar
    Digital version now available, no need to click and collect

  5. tommyknocker1982's avatar
    Is it possible to stack these codes, if I'm already a Microsoft 365 subscriber?
    chrisuk1's avatar
    Yes, up to 5yers (edited)
  6. UberPark's avatar
    Use Google workspace it's free, Microsoft subscription not worth it for one year, and Macfee is a waste of your space and hardware (edited)
    tomby's avatar
    the value in the deal is for the 6 x 1tb cloud storage
  7. StrongbadRules's avatar
    Anyone else unable to checkout? I get this error:52201124-EhPHt.jpgI've tried a few different stores.
    macweegie's avatar
    The hardcopy has sold out in all stores near you. Go for the digital download 398/1360
  8. spock1958's avatar
    As a former MS Office user from the early days of Windows 3.1, I am not really understanding the appeal of paying for all this. All the office products are available free from LibreOffice which does everything MS office does and is updated regularly. Cloud storage is not a particularly important deal for many, and a good multi user 'total security' package can be purchased for much less. So even at this seemingly low price, it is not attractive to me. But it must be to many people, so why is this?
    gtabuyer's avatar
    > Cloud storage is not a particularly important deal for many

    That's where you're wrong, that's the main selling point. A single subscription to cover an entire family, with each person getting 1000gb, for roughly £4 per month? The Office suite is just a cherry on top imo. (edited)
  9. Bunnster's avatar
    Also Nectar Points, TCB, and Airtime Rewards
  10. Roygroyg's avatar
    Thanks been waiting on this as almost expired. Nearly bit on the dearer Amazon deal but glad I procrastinated long enough for this one to come back.
  11. clsss's avatar
    im still using a one time purchase of office 2007 and it does everything, including email…. why do you need a yearly subscription to write a letter or do a spreadsheet all in the name of calling it “new”….
    naski666's avatar
    Whereas I would normally agree with you, the 1Tb OneDrive per family justifies my purchase. That's enough to back up all the family photos including taking them off my phone. I'm not disciplined enough to use a NAS or other solutions.
  12. k6chris's avatar
    Thanks OP
  13. dannyboiz's avatar
    I'd be interested to know how people get on with claiming the additional 3 months from MS. In the past some (me included) have had mixed results, with the claim often rejected.

    Edit: I think the issue was with purchasing MS 365 Family with McAfee/Norton included FREE - rejected due to not 'purchasing' the second product. Hopefully not the case this time.

    Edit #2: claim accepted last night, couple of hours after submitting! (edited)
    faustino's avatar
    Got a quick positive reply to this deal last time around. Same when bought couple years ago.
  14. ddg93's avatar
    I get Office free through work, and yet I still feel the need to purchase this because of the cloud storage. Absolute steal for me + 1, cheaper than the alternatives!
  15. Chad_'s avatar
    Thank you OP, about to expire in June, so great timing!
  16. explorers's avatar
    Great deal. Purchased the download version using marketing sign up email.  Waiting for the order email to arrive. 

  17. RoivaZ's avatar
    Heat - I last did this in June 2022 at Argos for the exact same price so nice it hasn't increased in the meantime AND you can now do digital vs in store pickup.

    I'm paid up through January 2026 but may get this and extend for another year
    18nine04's avatar
    April 2028 here. I had FOMO so went for for another 15 months.
  18. carlos777uk's avatar
    What's the downside to just pressing CTRL, WINDOWS, ALT, SHIFT?

    Is that version without storage or something other limitation? Dunno, I've still got a paid version of 2021 when they still did Home Use Program but having seen this shortcut tip yesterday, I didn't see much wrong.
    Uridium's avatar
    Iirc it's £80 direct from MS?
  19. S555's avatar
    Jdotr247's avatar
    I'd say this is a very good price xD less than %

    Per month . The problem us, they want you to use the MS eco system
  20. MrKrabs's avatar
    Nice. Got scammed on that £35 wowcher deal last week and they won't give a refund, knew I should have waited
    beans_0n_toast's avatar
    Was it a known scam ?
  21. MrDealionio's avatar
    What is massgravel?
  22. silencesanctuary's avatar
    Great deal if you don't care about the McAfee software.

    The Norton version is available on Amazon for 5 quids more. Norton is a vastly superior security solution with password management, free unlimited VPN, and an incredible virus-free guarantee. I highly recommend Norton Private Browser for the complete experience.
    ozk's avatar
    Mcafee has all of this and has just had a speed overhaul.
  23. nelutu292002's avatar
    Can i stack the code in one go or do I need to wait 1 Year?
    adil171's avatar
    No issue in stacking them
  24. MrDealionio's avatar
    Microsoft office is free
    fapb48's avatar
    Only if you’re a student and it’s a personal 365 subscription. Not a family one. (edited)
  25. BloodDiamond's avatar
    Convert Personal To Family, e.g. stacking Personal and switching to Family.

    Previously, one could have a series of stacked Personal Subscriptions (currently £43.99 on Amazon, 15 months, with Norton), pretend/hypothetically with 3 years remaining, AND THEN by Adding a single Family Subscription, could ADD the Family Subscription WHILST Upgrading those 3 years of Personal to Family at same time.  

    Thus, ending up with 3 years + 15 months, of (now) Family Subscription - after starting with 3 years of Personal.

    In the past, I understood, swapping/upgrading from a Personal Subscription to Family Subscription, gave you ALL Remaining Time from the Personal Subscription, upgraded to the Family Subscription.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft NOW talks about an 85% Adjustment to remaining time, perhaps suggesting the remaining time of personal subscription is reduced by 15%.

    Any ideas, how it now works?  Has it changed?

    MS Knowledge support.microsoft.com/en-…36b
  26. brian.macgiollabhride's avatar
    I know professional one drive has been reduced to 100GB is this the same?
    ddg93's avatar
    Nope, this is 1TB per user account (max 6)
  27. Oppable's avatar
    phox's avatar
    You're not missing out on anything, McAfee will just slow your machine down
  28. jp007_uk's avatar
    I have this package from last year with both about to expire in couple of weeks, so good timing.

    Can i use the new McAfee code to extended the existing service? they tried to charge me £95.99 for 12-month renewal!
  29. Richard_Mathews's avatar
    how does this work if you have a sub that is for 5 users and this is now 6? (edited)
  30. helpmedisappear's avatar
    Cheers. Stacked for the next 2 years and got it delivered digitally.
  31. Jobbo45's avatar
    Order failing for me.
  32. explorers's avatar
    I have ordered digital version and when completing 3 month promo, I have been rejected: a qualifying device cannot be found. Any ideas?
    explorers's avatar
    I attached email with product code from Argos, rather than the actual Order Confirmed email. 
  33. lmc87's avatar
    Did anyone else purchase the Wowcher version and get shafted with them basically reselling a business account? I wanted to apply it to my existing Microsoft account and can’t. I want a refund but might have to fight it out with Paypal. Going to buy this instead and apply it to my existing outlook account.
    kbfanclub's avatar
    I got the Wowcher 365 offer a while ago for a friend and it appears to be ok.

    What is the issue with them?

    Just checked and they're still selling them.

  34. superleeds27's avatar
    I'm good until May. Will probably grab one of these over the next day or so.

    Cheers for posting
    barnehurst's avatar
  35. WhiteTurtle's avatar
    In order to claim an additional three months from Microsoft more than once, do I need to purchase multiple subscriptions from Argos, or will a single purchase be sufficient? I was able to successfully claim the additional three months once, but when I attempt to use the same code from the purchased subscription, I receive an error message stating, "A reward has already been claimed for this 5x5 code." Could you please clarify if I am following the correct procedure or if there is something I may have missed? Thanks
  36. Smoothedit's avatar
    Legend. Thanks OP. Would anyone like my McAfee code?
  37. Hotlike95Fahrenheit's avatar
    Cheers, just had the renewal email this morning so this was timely.
  38. macweegie's avatar
    Thank you OP! Perfect timing, due to expire in March, ordered online for collection. Thought I'd order a second, everywhere local had sold out, saw your update about the digital download. Worked a treat! Download much easier as it's just a cut n paste from the email instead of the physical product key card... what a waste of packaging. Got the £5 discount and extra 3 months both times.
  39. josh971's avatar
    How long do the 3 months claims normally take(and do you really need to take a picture of a device for the claim)?!!

    Edit: it took 5 minutes, and no (edited)
    dannyboiz's avatar
    Mine took couple of hours. I entered the second 'qualifying purchase' of McAfee (even though part of the package) as a computer based annual software purchase (or similar - can't remember exactly)
's avatar