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Millions of Brits rely on Microsoft Office Suite to manage their businesses, organize personal data and write papers for school. Providing excellent services, applications, and servers like word processor, database, spreadsheet and presentation, MS Office is a leading tool set across industries. HotUKDeals helps customers find the best deals on Microsoft Office and make sure everyone picks the right package.

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Genuine Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 - £4.25 @ jeffrey00919 ebay
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
I recently bought a new laptop and was looking for Microsoft Office. Purchased this on eBay and recieved a genuine, unused product key that was activated online providing genuine s… Read more

Is this the level you wanna stoop for a few hots, just being honest any one who kids themselves that they can buy something worth hundreds for a few quid is beyond saving, but please stop kidding yourself that this s legal.


Please provide one example of case law where MS have taken a consumer who has bought one of these to court or successfully recovered £600. And what offence has the consumer actually committed to be in criminal court? Scaremongering.


Ordered thanks. Worked perfectly for me. Cheers


Agree. It activates and assigns the licence to your account. Too many naysayers willing to pay extortionate prices.


i paid £3ish last year, i haven't checked to see if the key still works as i backed up the activation license, i restored it a few weeks ago and office is still working and updates are still downloadable

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 - Lifetime £89.25 @ Tesco Direct - Free C&C
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Seems a good price since its a lifetime subscription, no payments every year. 1 user. Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 is the multi-program package for creating, organising… Read more
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Do i have to be a student to use ir? I have office365 home and my license is abiut ti expire. Whats the difference betwern that and this Can i use this to renew my existing subsctiption?


How come this is a deal but the ones on amazon are not? I purchased two off amazon at £8 each and have had them over two years and not a problem? Is there something I’m missing?



I can get office business through work for £10, but I like all the features of Office 365: - 1 TB of OneDrive for every user - 60 mins to EU destinations per month - monthly release of office update - possible to install on PC and tablets (iPad or android) - all applications (including publisher, access and outlook) not just 4 applications


My lad has to use word for high school, but o refuse to pay ridiculous subscription prices; as such I will get online office or one of the others.

Outback Excel 2 burner BBQ £100 @ Homebase
Refreshed 24th MayRefreshed 24th May
Just found this deal at Homebase for the Outback Excel for £100. Available for delivery and click and collect. Been watching them for a while, the next best price is at Robert Dya… Read more

Not expired. Still on. I have informed the MODS (angel)


Used mine quite a few times since I posted this deal. No complaints at all, once assembled it’s sturdy and robust. Meat cooks well, easy temperature control. (y)


Back down to £100, anyone who purchased like to give a one month on review before I bite the bullet and buy tomorrow


Done it!! Yayyy...


Now back up to £140 (annoyed)

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FixMeStick LifeTime Virus Removal For PC / Laptop Windows 10-8-7-XP-Vista UPTO 3 PCs was originally £50 then £25 & now reduced to clear for £12.50 @ Asda
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
FixMeStick LifeTime Virus Removal For PC / Laptop Windows 10-8-7-XP-Vista UPTO 3 PCs was originally £50 then £25 & now reduced to clear for £12.50 @ Asda eBay & Amazon sti… Read more
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loads left in great yarmouth


God, people actually buy these?


Did you know? ASDA have stores across the uk. Why bother commenting...


Lol, picture might not showing but it’s above 10 on this hook (excited)


There is literally one left on that shelf. why bother posting......

Dell Inspiron 15-5000 Series, AMD A6, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, DVD/CD Drive, 15.6 inch HD Laptop with optional Microsoft Office 365 Home – White - £344.99 @ Very
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Seems like a good deal? Have no clue about spec on laptops so looking some insight on this. Thanks
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Whats a DVD drive....


Would want A10 for this price and still wouldn't be happy. Thanks for the post though.


Let me get it straight, Dell 15 HD with AMD-A6 (2cores / 2 threads) for 344!?!? Cold...

Microsoft Office 365 Home and McAfee TP - 5 Devices @ Argos £59.99
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Get the installed applications you know and trust- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, across multiple devices with Microsoft 365 Home. McAfee® Interne… Read more

cheeky request I know, does anyone have a spare licence :)


So I bit the bullet on this and paid (with a lot of groaning) the £60. Interestingly, I waited until the day after my existing subscription expired, it offered me an additional month free if I agreed to an automatic renewal- which I duly did. Immediately after it confirmed my new expiry date was June 17 next year, I cancelled the auto renewal and the date still remains at 13 months.... So effectively got an extra month free without commitment.


Thank you for that (both issues). I think I paid about £40 last year in someone's special deal. My subscription does not expire for nearly a month so I might just leave it a while and if nothing better comes up I'll take the Argos option. I had not come across CEX previously (although I had noticed the store in town); I thank you for confirming my views about buying software from there (or not - if you take my point).


I got a renewal for this for £42 last year (same time) from Amazon. It's £67 now and hasn't moved for months. My subscription expires today so am gonna have ot bite the bullet unfortunately. ALthough I get stuff from CEX (touch wood, no issues so far) I just wouldn't trust the software option.


I dropped into a branch of CEX in town today and discovered it is a secondhand software dealer (I had not come across it previously). There is nothing wrong with that as such, but the store did not have the MS licence I wanted in stock, so I would have to get it by mail. In that case I've decided there is too much risk as the item that turns up could easily be a new user only licence (which may be purchased elsewhere for about £30) rather than one I may use to extend my subscription by a year. I decided that the Argos offer is much safer (but I won't install the bundled software - the anti-virus program included in Windows is perfectly adequate). Thank you for posting the CEX option though - it was worth exploring.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 520S Laptop, Intel Core i5-7200U, 8GB, 128GB SSD, 14" Full HD IPS, Harman Speakers, Mineral Grey and Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium, 5 PCs/Macs + Tablet, 1 Year Subscription for £309.90 delivered @ John Lewis (+ 3 Years Guarantee)
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
~Great Easter offer at John Lewis (y) OMG Lowest price i5 with this spec. Was £509.90 (or first seen for £519.90) :o So tempted but i recently bought a GTX 1050 laptop fo… Read more
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I complained. Got money credited to an account. £35 though. No money taken from my account at any point


Customer services


Who did you complain to Raj?


Also received my PayPal refund yesterday :D


Got my PayPal refund yesterday

Microsoft Office 365 Home | 5 Devices | 1 Year | PC/Mac | Download - £49.11 Amazon DE
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Amazon UK had a deal on this earlier (now expired) but you can currently get the exact same thing from cheaper!!

Hmmm, not sure whether the deal has ended of whether I'm doing something wrong, but... working out as £64 for me, and only available in Germany... (page below is from .de site, through Google Translate)


i think with the 1TB cloud storage is for office a office 365 subscription, where after each year you have to renew or they delete what you have stored. its mainly aimed for those using tablets or phone with limited storage "The premium Office apps and cloud services for PC/Mac, tablet and phone. An annual subscription with exclusive, new features every month and 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage."


this is cheap enough and 175 positive sales so far. as for Cloud storage, you can buy a flash drive, a portable HDD with the money saved or used OneDrive from microsoft or Google Backup where you get about 20GB of cloud storage for FREE. even Yahoo give 1TB of of mail storage allowing you to email documents (Up to 25MB each) to yourself "The file(s) that you are trying to attach exceed the 25 MB attachment size limit. You can upload files to Dropbox or Google Drive, connect your cloud service to Mail, then add those files to emails you send"-Yahoo


The EBAY offers look great but not the same as this as they relate to the personal edition and do not include the 1TB of cloud storage (from the comments of one EBAY poster) "There is no CD or key or serial code! This cannot be used to renew an existing subscription" "You cannot use your own email for this. I will send you a username and password for your new account with instructions on how to install." Horses for courses.


Nice. Thanks for this. There’s quite a few on eBay. Can you let me know what to search for.

Microsoft Office 365 Home + Norton Security Deluxe 5 Devices £59.99 @ Amazon
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Amazon has Microsoft Office 365 Home Bundles with Norton or McAfee @£59.99, which are cheaper than than Office itself sold as stand alone. Microsoft Office 365 Home + McAfee Tot… Read more

But norton is american .. so its all ok (scarcasm)


i can't help but think this is somewhat misleading the way it is marketed, after all you are not buying office but a subscription to use it for 1 year....


If you have a internet connection and just use you’re device at home, Microsoft home is free online. And don’t get me started on norton(devil)

Microsoft Office 365 Home | 5 Devices | 1 Year | PC/Mac | Download - £49.99 Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
1 Year subscription for Office 365. Yes, you can use other free products but for those who do use MS Office, this is one of the cheapest prices for a yearly subscription.

My last post to you - you've wasted far too much of my time already. I am an IT Manager here in the UK for a large company that is wholly owned by the largest retailer in the US. I've been working in the IT industry for the past 24 years, starting quite literally on the shop floor and working my way up through various positions to the one I occupy now. If you don't want to benefit from my vast experience and knowledge then that is your choice. I have offered to explain how Microsoft licensing works, you are obviously not interested. Unfortunately I find this quite often in this industry, people with a little knowledge - they are dangerous people, especially when they swear blind they are correct and everyone else is wrong. I'm not insecure, I'm certainly not stupid - when you do the kind of work I do, speaking to the kind of people I do and look after the kinds of budgets that I do, you cannot be either of those. You obviously don't want to learn, you appear to "know it all already" however when challenged on your obvious shortfalls, you have found that insulting is the way forward and that is why I now leave you to just "get on with it". People will correct you in this world when you're wrong, especially when you're telling other people wrong things under the guise of actually knowing. How you deal with that is of course your choice. You are obviously young - I can only hope you grow into whichever field of work you've decided to dedicate your life to, and grow up a little.


Not really, as you've totally avoided the initial statement - that you somehow purchased Office 2016 in 2002. I was really interested to know how you'd managed this. Anyway, onto your next statements. Why would you want to update? I don't know. If you're running Office 2016 then there is nothing to update to. There are new versions of all Office applications released regularly, but they all come under the "Office 2016" banner. I guess you would probably want to update to these as they provide security as well as functionality fixes. I'd leave the "Update applications automatically" option on. "Clearly if you knew anything about office....." Ah, what a can of worms to open. Well, I'm an IT Manager, focussing more on the IT than the managing if that makes sense. I'm not a paper IT manager, I remain very much "hands on" with regards the IT infrastructure and applications used. What do I know about Office? Well, the product has got better with each version. I know, it's amazing really. That somehow an application actually gets better with each new version. Now we do test new releases before rolling them out to all users, however certainly with Office 2016 and 2013 before it, we were able to allow new revisions to roll-out about a week after release, there was so little to test - they just worked. So no, certainly with the hundreds of users I support the "updates" certainly don't cause more problems than they are actually worth (what with us valuing security and up to date functionality) "Let me explain more, I'm quite happy using....." OK, but what has that got to do with your early purchase of Office 2016? You lose zero functionality with each new version of Office. Now there was a little resistance when the "Ribbon" was first released - boy did we have some complaints when we rolled that out! What we did was give the users some training and within minutes they found just how useful the Ribbon actually was. Since Office 2007 everyone has been using it anyway, so each new version of Office has simply added new functions, certainly not taken anything away and all of the options remain familiar. In fact this is the Microsoft way and it's why I've got technicians who can support newer OS's and Office versions than they trained on because Microsoft go out of their way to make sure the user is greeted with something familiar. So are we cool? Well, I'm not sure. All this stems from your purchase of Office 2016 and your subsequent claims on functionality loss in later versions of Office and a blanket statement of "updates causing more trouble than they are worth". I'm now pointing out that both of those claims are in fact incorrect. Now if not hearing what you want to hear doesn't make us "cool" then I guess we aren't. Otherwise all fine from this side. All I can really suggest is a little research works wonders, plenty of sites out there explaining what each revision of Office does.


Sorry ""Mate"" why would I want an update ? Clearly if you knew anything about office you would realise that the ""updates"" usually cause more problems than they are actually worth... Let me explain more ""Mate"" I'm quite happy using the familiar options on my office product and as such I don't take kindly to some update that causes issues with all the settings I had set up .... Are we ""Cool"" with that "Mate"..


The 32-bit version is typically recommended as it is more compatible with other applications. Thanks, I'll investigate further over the weekend.


Glad the HUP has been of use, I know that most people aren't aware of it as I always tell people at my work place, it's a good deal in my mind vs lengthy subscriptions, I'm sure multiple purchases would get around 2 or 3 multiple devices and still work out cheap. I don't know what issues you are facing, hopefully it's the right bit version for your setup, but I'd assume that it would give you a specific message about that. Could it be a anti virus if other protection software that you may just need to switch off during the installation? Microsoft will be able to support you with installation issues

Excel 2016 Bible (Paperback, 1,152 pages) £22.09 delivered @ Amazon
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
An excellent and highly rated resource to teaching yourself Microsoft Excel from beginner to advanced level. You can also download the worksheets directly from the website, which a… Read more

I would go insane - hope they pay you the big bucks :)


Microsoft Excel is can be used for some really advanced spreadsheet, though I think £22.09 I'm going to vote hot hoping that this includes info for creating the advanced spreadsheets with macros, filters etc. Thanks! Wow @ITMA this may be the first time I actually agree with you, haha.


Your not alone. They should call 2016 'Millennial edition'. The idea of moving away from an OS level standard menu layout to randomly placed icons just to please a generation who will never use excel until they grow up is beyond me. The people who like this layout are happier sat on a tablet playing candy crush than being productive. Its completely illogical why youd do it. Its like giving a human a stick and telling it to get its food by sticking the stick in a termit mound.. and calling it progress. If they want to do this they should release 2 versions - the home/light use version (accounts would probably like this version to) with nice big buttons and the corporate versions for devs and frequent users who need common and easily accessible menus. Sorry for the rant. Something set me off.


Shame they don't do the Koran version


Most things you want to do using excel has a YouTube video. I dont see the need of having to buy a book every time a newer version is released.

Microsoft Office 365 Home (5-users 1-year licence) & Norton Security (3 Devices) £53.99 @ Argos
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Not up to everyone's liking, but pretty good deal on the office 365 home with Norton. Cheaper than office itself on amazon. I'm getting this myself mainly for the 1TB OneDrive. Th… Read more

365 alone is currently £49.99 on Amazon :)


just found stock near me, ordered - (highfive) and run it though Vouchercodes to get a £5 argos voucher


Maths says you can but Microsoft say you can't.


I guess people don't realise how irelivent anti-virus software is nowadays. The included windows defender that's been there since like windows 7 covers you for anti-virus. Around 90% of all infections are down to malware, not a virus, so really you need something like Emsisoft (which covers anti-virus too) or malware-bytes. You never need more than 1 anti-virus/ 1 anti-malware tool either, it's a bit like having 2 insurance policies on your car.


Unfortunately not. It's 1 year only no matter how many users.

Free Weekday Grand Designs Live Tickets (8-11 May) - London Excel
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
This applies to weekday tickets for Grand Designs for 8-11 May - follow the deal link and should be free (the offer code is PPGDL) If this does not work for you go via Paypal of… Read more

Many thanks - Tickets purchased - Thanks for posting :D


Amazing find. Thanks OP


The code not working.


Thank for posting :)


What a freebie chichi, cheers :D

Microsoft Office 365 Home for 5 Users inc 5 PC/Mac installs down to £52.99 (RRP £79.99) on Amazon UK
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Good discount price for 1 year license for 5 users Office 365 Home on Amazon UK Gives you: Desktop versions of Office 2016 applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Out… Read more
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I ordered Office 365 from CEX. It arrived yesterday. Sealed Microsoft box with key inside. All up and running with no issues. Therefore a genuine key for £30.


Thanks, I just logged in to work email and it had the instal option, just whish I knew about it sooner. Its office 2016 so it says, I will only use excel and word.


Seems decent this but does anyone know of a cheaper legit way to to get 1TB of onedrive storage?



Do you have a link please?

Microsoft Office Live - Online - Free - Cut down Office Apps
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Not sure if this has been published before, if so, apologies. First you will need a Microsoft Account.... which is easy to create, then follow the link above. This is an online v… Read more
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I have office 2007, but had to uninstall it to be able to install Excel 2016 (64-bit) which I need for work. I rarely use word docs, and when I do it's usually with reader, so not an issue. On the rare occation, I need to edit a .doc, I use this, and it makes life a lot easier!

Infrasonic is Hotmail as was, just with a lot more functionality. To max out the usefulness of all the free MS stuff a MS account helps. You can have more than one.

To be fair it's due to the wording of the question. Desktop Outlook isn't included in this offer, that's part of the full Microsoft Office suite (or downloadable Windows/Mac Office 365). Online email in this offer is indeed called "Outlook", it's all based online and the same as it's been for an age.

Interesting site softwaregeeks. Looks like they're reselling volume licences (for the cheaper stuff). May be "genuine" (their words) but it's an infringement of Microsoft licensing. Wonder how long they'll survive? Nb. Reselling is allowed under EU law but you must still meet the licence terms. I highly doubt these do, so you might as well pay less on eBay. Given some of the prices it suggests resold MSDN, Education or stolen codes and not fully paid up business licenses (which they would be entitled to sell).


Libreoffice, not Open office Also for those who want Libreoffice layout to be near same as Microsoft Office they have a layout skin option of it in it's settings

Microsoft Office 2016 for £9.95 @ Microsoft Home User Program (via your employer or Govt job) - official/ legit
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Official Microsoft download - Microsoft Office 2016 - £9.95 - available under home use program - only if eligible. (There are some cheap Ebay copies if not, which seem to work fine… Read more
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Do you know where i can get the netflix one thanks


Behave ! I don’t need Grammar, I fit kitchens and build houses . Earn a very good living. Stick YOU’RE ! Grammar up ye ?£&;6


Anyone work in an NHS Trust. Are they part of this program scheme. ? Email not enough.


There/their, your/you're. Not worthy of debate I'm afraid. But a sample size of one would not be statistically robust would it? Just because you think it's a contradiction, that doesn't make it so. And you're probably a chauvinist too, judging by your comments about a screen name. I'm a 46 year old male. Now go and be a boor somewhere else.


They obviously don't have spellcheck built in......

Largest FREE Microsoft eBook Giveaway!
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Ok, ready for some FREE eBooks? Below is the collection I am posting this year (which includes a ton of new eBooks & resources, as well as some of the favorites from previous y… Read more
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And you end up with files with random names, not the book title


Typical programmers making a mole hill look like a mountain. :p Just use a download manager in Chrome as suggested in the 1st method on the deal link. Newbie (Dummies) guide to downloading all eBooks: Get the Chrono Extension for Chrome. Open the Manager in Chrono and go to settings. Make sure 'Download URL from Clipboard' is selected, you should also disable most of the popup and notification (remember to switch them back on afterwards). In Chrome settings -> Advanced -> Downloads, change the default to where you want to save the books (eg. downloads/MS-eBooks), disable 'ask where to save each file before downloading'. If there is an option to automatically open downloaded files for know file types, click it to remove it. Get the url txt list: select all and copy. In Chrono hit the + icon then Start. Now sit back and relax, content that you've just hoarded a tonne of books you'll probably never open. Tip, test first with just copying 4 or 5 links, then do the rest if they go smoothly.


Chrome, as I said :p


Which browser are you using


I did find that as I said I think I'm struggling with browser issues as it says to save target as, though I'm not sure if it means the text or the image as neither of those gives the option it describes when using chrome, so I'm not sure where to go from there.

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