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Millions of Brits rely on Microsoft Office Suite to manage their businesses, organize personal data and write papers for school. Providing excellent services, applications, and servers like word processor, database, spreadsheet and presentation, MS Office is a leading tool set across industries. hotukdeals helps customers find the best deals on Microsoft Office and make sure everyone picks the right package. Read more
Microsoft Office 365 Home | up to 6 users | 1 year | PC/Mac | download - £55.49 @ Amazon
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
This is back, and I didn't see it posted. (Amazon 'Deal of the Day', limited time, 8hrs left). Has been down to £50 previously, but this seems the best price currently. Codes stack… Read more

Oh lol, like no SMB uses the cheap option because they dont need/cannot afford the Business or Enterprise options. The Chinese cloud gets back ups of photos etc, I also have copies of those photos& videos across 4 PCs and a NAS on two different sites (as well as the other clouds) I do need to sit down and tidy the archives up though, there is a lot of duplication between the English and Chinese language file titles. This is only a great offer to those how are brain-washed into thinking you need MicroGit to perform any PC task; I'll bet you use Adobe pdf reader as well. Dont bother answering, because I wont be reading.


It's Microsoft office HOME, nobody brought up companies/customers/GDPR until you did, which just serves to muddy the water and detract from what a great deal it was. Ah yes, out of the blue, in response to someone asking about libre office and cloud storage you said: "I hope you are meeting your GDPR requirements if this is customer data; MS will "help" you achieve it, but you still have to configure it yourself." I also love the fact you'll trust some Chinese social network with your data but not Microsoft. I'm not sure why I'm bothering though, haters gonna hate regardless.


Please reread, I said I hoped you DIDNT have customer data on there. EDIT. TBH, on reflection; I am not sure HOW much cloud storage I have; I dont really use it much, SWMBO uses more. One of the services is only in the GB range (I think, I havent checked the limit in a couple of years), another, that I thought was a Terrabyte size doesnt actually give a limit that I can see, but we have a few tens of GB on it; the third one has ~ 500GB on it, out of a possible 2TB. I realised we have another cloud service each via a Chinese social network, not got a clue what the storage is, but there is a daily limit of 2GB up/download; SWMBO uses it a lot, basically every media file she makes or receives on her phone or PC via this service has been auto backed up for over a decade, but I havent made any use of it in several years.


Regardless of your attempt to take us down a while new unpleasant track of discussion, I'm still not sure what the GDPR has to do with me storing my personal document, photos and music files in one drive, along with various phone and settings backups. Am I right you now claim to have 13Tb of free online cloud storage? Or will you actually admit you've got something pitiful in comparison?


I think after reading Yadiyada and Bilbob's well written responses, most would probably stop banging on about Microsoft but here we witness that sometimes rarely seen and beautiful stubbornness of someone that refuses to stand down regardless facts.

ASUS E406 14 Inch HD Cloudbook with Microsoft Office 365 (Intel Celeron N4000, 64 GB eMMC Storage, 4 GB Memory, Windows 10S) £209.99 Amazon
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Good price and spec for an entry laptop Most the HP cloudbooks are similar price with half the storage. ASUS looks to be the only people putting in 64GB eMMC in the market for the… Read more
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If I already have Office 365 then is there a way to activate the Office 365 on this laptop after my current one expires?


Thanks op, may be worth looking at this as well 2 year John lewis warranty and £10 less

Microsoft Office 365 Home | up to 6 users | 1 year | PC/Mac | Download - £55 @ Amazon Deal of Day
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
Office 365, Real, Cheap and for 6 people!! What's Included Up to 5 household members can use one subscription, and each person will get 1 TB cloud storage and 60 monthly Skyp… Read more

That is correct ned? If you do not pay, you cannot play (highfive)

This is what I wanted to do and it's not allowed me to alerts all over the place saying won't work now until I pay Microsoft more money.

I had this though thinking I lose the office 365 after 3 years but then I will continue without the live services but no. after my subscription ran out I was no longer allowed to use it with constant popups and "this software will no longer function properly" alarms everywhere


Thanks for the info Singhsta :-)


I can confirm from my own experience that it is possible to stack codes

Microsoft Office 365 Home & McAfee Total Protection 6 Device at Argos for £59.99
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Best deal I have found on Office Home 365. Original cost: £79.00 annual subscription, excluding anti-virus. A saving of 2 £20.00 About the product Get the installed application… Read more

Tried to thaw you out a bit. Whether you think office 365 is good value or not this is still a good price for the package.


I mainly want this for the Outlook and Word Licenses. With Outlook, when it's setup with my other 5 "family" members, can we share our calendars with each other (if we chose to do so) and even view each-others' appointments?


So just double checking, where can I buy this drive you speak of for free?


Which Synology NAS do you use out of interest? I’m looking at buying one too... but can’t seem to choose between ds218+ or ds218j


"Can you point me to where I can get 6 TB of universally accessable cloud storage for free too?" Yes buy a 6 TB second drive , store on that and keep it in a different location. Clever marketing called it the cloud, which means you are giving all your data to a third party hardrive down someone elses line. Would you give your neighbours access to your 6tb of files? :D

Microsoft Office 365 + 1TB storage free for students, teachers and schools
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
I've recently been looking around for cheap online storage and came across this deal for students, schools and teachers where if you have an academic email address you can access a… Read more

Reposts after one month are fine. Read the rules For those saying you dont get outlook, use emclient. Much better than outlook and its free,


it was refreshed less than a month ago, it is good that people find out in any case but the people who run this place should have known that before posting your copy or at least acknowledge the OP in the description.


I wasn't aware it had been posted (I did check back several months), however more than 12 months on I think it's fine to repost now.


Your correct states the following: "The service includes Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote), unlimited personal cloud storage, Yammer, and SharePoint sites. Some schools allow teachers and students to install the full Office applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs for free. If your school provides this additional benefit, you'll see the Install Office button on your Office 365 home page after you complete sign-up."


You don't get the desktop apps - it's just access to the web versions:

(Updated) Microsoft Excel Complete & Concise Course - Free @ Udemy
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Discount code updated The most comprehensive Excel course, covering important topics such as Pivots, Data visualization, Macros & Analytics and includes practice sheets for ha… Read more

Thanks for that information, I plan to do it at work on my break and they only have 2010 but I have the full version at home so I will do that bit then.


According to the description above, yes. Having said that, it also says you need a computer with any version of Excel, however there are lessons covering functions only available in the full 2016 version onwards which are not available in the free web version (or Excel 2007, which is what I was using). It is still quite a good course so far though (y)


It states that i does


I am wondering does this give you a certificate on completion?


I never said I couldn't understand him. I said if I didn't catch what was said, nobody hears everything everyone says every time. His English is a million times better than my Indian. And no, sometimes I can't understand people from Liverpool or Scotland or Newcastle if they have a particularly heavy accent, what's wrong with that? All I was trying to do was help people make a decision by offering facts, the course has subtitles - end of.

Microsoft Office 365 5 users and McAfee Total Protection 5 users One Year subscription at Argos for £59.99
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
I was looking for Office 365 and saw I had missed out in the £49.99 5 user deal posted on here just before Christmas but found this for just £10 more which includes a 5 user McAfee… Read more
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I mainly want this for the Outlook and Word Licenses. With Outlook, when it's setup with my other 5 "family" members, can we share our calendars with each other (if we chose to do so) and even view each-others' appointments?


Here’s the new link which is now for 6 users:


Link not working but thats a great price for 5 people to get 1TB of OneDrive


Won't let me add to basket or check stock, looks like the Argos site is having technical issues EDIT: working again now :-)


It's £59.99 again now - they deleted it and made a new listing to reflect that it's now for six users rather than five:

Microsoft Office Free Courses (Excel / Word / Powerpoint / Access) @ Microsoft Store
Refreshed 7th JanRefreshed 7th Jan
Free and detailed courses available at the Microsoft website. Important to refresh, aquire and maintain skills in these core software packages. Excel Word Powerpoint Access Read more
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How do I get Microsoft packages for my macbook pro


Anyone bought an Ebay code as my work has just moved off 365 and I don't have it at home any more

The web based versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are free too (and use the standard Microsoft file types).


Thank You so much :)


Is that your OUTLOOK? It's not that CODE outside :p

Windows Developer Account Free for Lifetime Usually £12
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Update 1 New codes have been added. Windows Developer Account Free for Lifetime Usually £12 Your Windows Dev Center account enables you to publish apps and games in the Micro… Read more

Cheers Dude, you're the best.


I can't see it here? Any help? Nevermind, found it under software under Education Software, worked like a treat! Cheers!


True, if you use Edge, you'll have a chance, although they ran out of codes now :P


No offers for me, voted hot anyway :)


Nope, didn't work for me...

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Has your trial of Microsoft Office expired. Free Microsoft Office alternative - libreoffice
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Many of us will have purchased a new PC/laptop with pre installed trial version of Microsoft Office only for it to expire. At this point we have to fork out money to buy the servic… Read more
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Some people don't understand the meaning of 'Libre'. MS Office, ribbon, icons and antivirus software is just right for them. They can sort tables from 'smallest' to 'largest' instead of ascending and descending... Nothing wrong with that. Some people do Microsoft, some Apple and some just computing. Lots of people would be surprised if they knew how much code and how many ideas were adopted from open source community and hidden behind proprietary software. Bah!


I tried a few packages including Libre and Open Office before finally settling on the free version of WPS Office.


Don't be a wally. Try and get 1TB of cloud storage + a comparable office suite + 60 voice minutes to call landlines around the world for less than £40 a year. Because that's what an Office 365 personal account costs from eBay. Or if you can get another 5 people together, you can get Office 365 multi user with all those same benefits for £8 PER YEAR. You probably spend more than that on your lunch


Libre is brilliant! Office is disgusting price.


Loads of companies offer the Microsoft Home Use Program which provides the full suite for as little as £15. Regrettably, it's just not possible to get Office quality from Libre office.

Ability Office V7 free at Sharewareonsale
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Of all the alternative office suites I've tried, I reckon this is the best looking. Usual terms, download and activate during offer period. Updates for this version only, Non-comm… Read more

This is BEAUTIFUL!, as I missed this last Year when it was also FREE also. :-) But obviously an earlier version' at the time ... I stupidly lingered' too long basically?, hehehe - I won't make that same mistake again (as it's around £50 odd? - IF you're paying for it?). And it's fully fledged as well (and all for FREE!). :-D What's not to love?, lol. Heat added. :-)


why is this cold, its free and very useful


How can this be cold. Its free! Useful if you don't have one of the other free office suits out there. The idiots are the people whom actually pay MS for office, when you can get all the functionality for free! :D


Wow, shareware. Feels like 1999 again with constant 'purchase Winzip' reminders

Microsoft Office 365 Home - 12 Months - 6 users + 1TB Onedrive (£8 per user per year) - PC/Mac - E-mail version - £49.99 @ Amazon UK
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Thought this was a good price... Considering it is for 6 users too! Every user gets 1TB of data, & 60 Skype world minutes free each the best Office suite availabl… Read more

Perhaps you can recommend one of the many support groups you tried?


We're talking about £8 per user per year. With 1TB of cloud storage each & 60 Skype World minutes per month. The first two features being fully workable offline. I think you are just concerned by the idea of 'subscription'. It's stopping you from being able to see the deal


Will perhaps you should write better comments then. You could always tone down the rudeness - if you know how? (Support groups are available...)


Storage and 6 users. Very useful when you have two children at school and a wife studying for a degree. You can't compare this to a single user one off version of Office. Apples and oranges.


Don't really know. I think you were trying to explain why paying every year was better than paying once?

Microsoft Office 365 Home | up to 6 users | 1 year | PC/Mac | box or email version £49.99 Amazon
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Description Product Description All-new Office 2016 applications Office 365 comes fully loaded with the latest and greatest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook an… Read more

Glitch in UI, if you activate it, it will stack up


It did not stack up with my subscription. I’m currently on the chat line with MS support to investigate the issue. When I try to activate it with my existing subscription, it extends it by another 2 months only.


anyone with kids or students or whatever. do check to see if u can get it for free. at uni now so i get it for 3 years on 5 devices for free.


Yup - extended to November 2020 for me! Always top up this time of year when its £49.99.


Indeed. Up to 5yrs of subscription can be stacked.

Microsoft Office 365 personal and mcafee livesafe premium 1 year unlimited devices £39 @ Currys
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Microsoft office 365 personal and McAfee livesafe premium 1 year unlimited devices. Usually £139.98 currently for sale at £39.00 I only bought this for the office 365 as that's £… Read more
Avatardeleted1623865Get dealGet deal

Yes you get two product keys. I only bought this for the office 365. You can probably try and sell the mcafee product key.




Click below to see results for virus guard performance impact on Windows system. Impact of Consumer Security Software on System Performance


Can I install this without having to install mcafee?


Yes, but then you still get pop up after pop up after pop up after pop up. Needs a full and thorough uninstall. It will also try to change your browser homepage at any opportunity. Just avoid. Don't even trial it.

FREE Microsoft Office 365 For Most Students And Teachers @ Microsoft
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
FREE Microsoft Office 365 For Most Students And Teachers @ Microsoft
Microsoft Office is a costly set of programs that are a must for most students and teachers. However, what lots of people may not know is the fact that most students and teachers i… Read more
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Hahahahahahahaha, yep!, true ... And no need to reply upon Google either?. ;-) Hehehehehehe. :-D Open Office: WPS Office:

robertoad LibreOffice always free ... do not depend on Microsoft ;)


Hehehehe, interesting, thanx for that, will check it out, etc, lol.


Watch the video - bit of a coincidence that MS just redesigned all the Office Icons (the pic in the header are now the 'old style' icons)


Lol, good point ...

MICROSOFT Office Home & Student 2019 - Lifetime for 1 user - £89.99 @ Currys
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Top features: - Word has even more learning features and accessibility improvements - Excel makes it easier to get to grips with data - PowerPoint keeps your audience grippe… Read more
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voted cold as you can buy a valid 2019 microsoft office Pro key on ebay for £8


If you want to use office on phone etc , you should use office 365 . Otherwise normal office is much better .


It is not so much a scam , it is more about removing heavy lifting from your computer to the cloud like Google Docs . While normal office does not work on a mobile phone or tablet , Office 365 does. Soon it will work flawless and on ARM / Snapdragon CPUs and we can say goodbye to Intel and AMD 20nm CPUs and get low power consumption 5-7 NM CPUs and light weight devices which don't need heavy cooling.


Hi, i am not too sure which Office to go for. Office 365 or this one. Im confused with whether all of my documents save into just the cloud using 365 or it saves onto my laptop too? Im not too sure I like having all documents in cloud and not saved onto laptop if this is the case? Thanks!

MICROSOFT Office 365 Personal & LiveSafe Premium 2019 Bundle £39 @ Currys
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
MICROSOFT Office 365 Personal & LiveSafe Premium 2019 Bundle £39 @ Currys
£39£139.9872%Currys PC World Deals
Get all your work done and keep your computer safe with this great Microsoft Office 365 Personal & LiveSafe Premium 2019 Bundle . _____________________________________________… Read more
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Thanks OP. Got this - though it seems to be an online only offer - they didn't have it in store, so I did click and collect while stood with a salesperson, and they sorted me out. Heat!


MS Office sub for upto 6 users for £10 more (no McAfee), includes skype minutes and 1tb cloud per user.


I dont use McAfee, but office 365 is quite good, although I bought the 5 user version for much cheaper than this, so 5 users (on multiple pcs), 5 TB storage etc etc. Lots of places selling for less than this.


I didn't realise that this 1 user licence now allows it on multiple devices. Last time I looked at this Personal licence, which admittedly was many years ago, you were only allowed to install it on one device. I have been buying the Home licence for a few years in order to be able to install Office on a few of my devices. Appears that I only need this now. Does this come with 1TB of Cloud storage - looks like it does from the Argos spec? What about Skype calls? Edit: Yep, 60 minutes of Skype calls and 1TB of Cloud storage included - this would have been the cheaper option for me than my own Amazon deal of £50 for the Home version.


You can stack the codes on your account to get multiple years (up to 5 years, I think) if you don't think you'll get a better deal next year.

Microsoft Office 365 Home | up to 6 users | 1 year | PC/Mac £49.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Microsoft Office 365 Home | up to 6 users | 1 year | PC/Mac £49.99 @ Amazon
£49.99£79.9938%Amazon Deals
Microsoft Office 365 Home - 5 Users - 1 Year Subscription and get started with updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, Publisher* and Access*. 1 TB of onl… Read more

I get the impression that sales are down this year. The few people I know who have ordered things were originally given a week plus for delivery but now their items are arriving today or tomorrow.


This deal is still £49.99 and still available. Maybe it was reinstated for Cyber Monday?


I haven't stacked for a year but on my Office 365 account online it has a 'redeem code' section Or go to Accounts / billing and there is a redeem button... confusingly there are 2 different pages to redeem a code.


Sorry, cannot help. I had to contact their online chat today as MS was billing me for a new subscription for £80 on 6th Dec yet supposedly my Office ran out a day ago despite only Dec 6th being listed as end of subscription in my account - i.e I find their Office account manaement to be somewhat dubious. They sorted it out for me so probably the best for you is to contact them is chat and ask them to stack it.


Thanks @tawse57 - I can see the code but following the links to Microsoft Office only allows me to add the license from today rather than stacking. I've stacked in the past but can't see where there's an option... :/

Microsoft Office 365 Home, up to 6 users, 1 year £49.99 Amazon
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Amazon Deal of the Day on 19th November. Microsoft Office 365 Home, 6 users, 1 year. Includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote. Includes 1TB of OneDrive online storage for… Read more
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Yep, learned my lesson.. will do next time (y)


You'll still get updates for as long as your subscription is active, regardless of whether you have auto-renew turned on, but no - you will not be able to use the program after it runs out (or use the Onedrive space).


Great been holding out for a deal for me and the kids. As it's only 1 year can I just switch off auto renew and it only means we no longer get updates? Can still use the program after a year?? Cheers


I've still not been able to apply my new code to my MS account - getting a spinner for 30+ mins now. Anyone else ?


Thanks. I was being lazy. After a bit of research it seems you can have a max of 5 years stacked.

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional (PC) / Home & Business (MAC) £11.99 microsoft hup - qualifying customers
Refreshed 23rd Oct 2018Refreshed 23rd Oct 2018
Only really a deal if you must have Microsoft (there are free alternatives available such as Open Office ) and if you've not got Office 2016, 2013 or even 2010. Enter your work em… Read more
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Yep, won't be buying any more now!


I checked and it seems MS have indeed removed the 2016 and 2019 stand alone versions of HUB purchases. My company website says they are in contact with MS to get it back. I don’t expect any joy so will continue to use my pirated / shared version and MS get nothing.


Hello, anybody still out there? Anybody know if MS have abandoned this in favour of Office 365? My work email address is accepted, but when I click the Office link I get a 404 (on different pcs)


I can remember when it was 1 groat.


Whatever, cupcake!!

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