Cheap Microsoft Office?

Posted 17th Feb 2023
I’d appreciate advice on whether it’s possible to get a cheap download of Microsoft Office? I’ve had a search on the hot deals but can’t find anything. We’ve just purchased a new family laptop and I don’t really want to be paying out each year and would rather pay a one-off fee.

Do you think this is genuine?…BwE
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    Do you actually need it? There's plenty of free alternatives that offer all the same basic functionality and even very similar interfaces too. Libre Office for full office style apps or Google Docs for quick streamlined alternatives are my go tos, but there's loads of others too. (edited)
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    I used these. Came to about £2.50. 
    Followed instructions and it worked fine and still is.…hop
  3. nelltheelephant's avatar
    Thank you it just seemed a bit too good to be true! I’ll give this a go tomorrow when the laptop arrives.
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    I bought a key from a similar site in 2017 and it worked fine for 4 years before being deactivated. Very happy with LibreOffice and Thunderbird as free alternatives.
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    Why not risk it on an amazon listing? You would hope their customer service would help out if the key was fake
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    I purchased Windows Server 2022 through CJs and it’s all great so far!
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    Purchased a download iso, of office 21 from CD keys paid £4
    Got stuck with authentication, they sent a YouTube link which explained it all
    Great stuff
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    I've bought the £15-£20 ones off the internet 4 times pre-covid.

    Until now, all good, no issues.
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    Thank you for all your comments. I don’t realise how many options there would be so I will take a look at them all. Good question as to whether I need it all but it’s just what I’m used to and familiar with and now I’m getting older and stuck in my ways I like familiarity!
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    Honestly, there's no need to pay at all. LibreOffice is very MS like in both it's functionality and interface. You'll barely even realise you're not using MS Office.

    Or google is like a web/cloud based streamlined version. Very powerful and famliar feeling, but a bit simpler and easier to use:-…/u/

    Try both and I'm sure you'll know what you're doing with no probelems at all and then you'll never need to pay MS again. (edited)
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    I normally get a Family key from Argos, and stack them when they are on offer - latest post looks like it was from December:…457

    I get a Family key so that I can get access to an additional 1TB Cloud storage on each spare account, so I can archive things like photos in these separate accounts

    Also bear in mind that you can use the online version of Office online, for free:…web (edited)
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    while theres no 100 percent guarentee its genuine chances are that it is. microsoft do volume licensing intended for business or educational use.. resellers sign up for them pretending to be a business or educational establishment and then sell on the licenses individually and can make a nice profit. technically not in the spirit of their intended use but they are genuine licenses

    £18.99 sounds like a lot really, you can get it for half that price easy enough. but cjs cdkeys are one of the more well known cd keys sites so could be worth spending a bit more for that peace of mind.

    just dont spend any more than youre prepared to lose if it does suddenly stop working.
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    Electronic first I use, all good so far with office 2016 & 2019 Pro plus
  13. sohailh1984's avatar
    I bought mine from cjs and had no issues with it. Running for around a year now or so
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    I never understand why people pay actual money for shady Windows or Office keys.

    Either pay Microsoft the actual price for a real legit key, or use the simple commands in powershell (Google it) to get them completely free.

    Why pay actual money, for a key that you know isn't legit? Either go completely legit or go free!
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    Or go legit AND free..
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    Allkeyshop is price comparison.
    I use gamers outlet. Office 2019 phone activation usually a few euros
    You call a number and enter some numbers and get some back. Only speak to a robot. Though last time I did that they allowed a browser to work too
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    Try WPS office. Proper like MS office. It's free
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