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Nextbase Dashcams over 25% off Cams and Accessories
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
All sorts of deals on 222, 322, 422 and 522 plus all modules and rear cameras e.g. 322GW for £79 with free SD card, or right up to a 522GW with rear camera, case and SD card for £1… Read more

it is still available.


Cracking first post @argyle73 Thanks for sharing and a belated welcome to hotukdeals :D Shame it went OOS


how so? prices are still live


It seems like this deal is expired


Although the 3 series might beat it at this rate.....

Nextbase 522GW Dashcam & 32gb Card - £111 @ NextBase Shop
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Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Nextbase 522GW Dashcam & 32gb Card £111 Add the Rear Camera for £36.99 The Nextbase 522GW includes revolutionary new features to redefine the possibilities of a Dash Cam. Le… Read more

Nextbase 300w It's £75 to buy online from Costco but the in-store price is £65 until 12th July 2020. Found information below under business section looks like it's for business car fleet and van use for £129.


Blackvue front and rear camera with motion detector which is linked to your smartphone and linked to the cloud


This one but mine is hard wired and I’ve had no issue


What dashcam would everyone recommend for front and rear? I need something will also detect motion


Yeah this is a good thing to try, didn’t work in my case .

Nextbase 522GW + Rear Bundle £142.50 (With Code) + 122, 222, 322GW, 422GW@ Nextbase
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Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Various nextbase products and packages on offer + use the code for additional saving. Full packages are not available as the 32gb SD Card is out of stock but can buy for £20 from … Read more

SD card went out of stock over the weekend. It’s now showing as in stock for the packages but the price has gone back up (annoyed)


Thanks, been on the lookout for a front and rear cam bundle. Seen mixed Nextbase reviews but gonna give the 322GW a try. Heat added.


Great price, shame SD cards were out of stock but ended up buying the 522gw front and rear package with code. Heat 🔥


Both of them yes, its been properly wired in


Is yours stuck on using the adhesive mount?

25% off Dashcams e.g Nextbase 122 Dash Cam £36.75 @ Nextbase
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
NEXTBASE DASH CAMS 25% OFF EVERYTHING various discounted prices on all 2 series dash cams. Be quick bank holiday deal only!
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Correct. They are prioritising MOTs and other such essential things. See under the services they are not offering.


Just to confirm, they are not doing installs due to Covid-19 social distancing?


I think the £30 is for fitting only. They do sell most hardwire kits for the various models and I imagine you could buy one same time as getting the cam fitted but it wouldn't be included in the price. I think they will be happy to fit the cam for you irrespective of whether you bought it from them, yes. Best phone your local store to clarify. As an aside, Halfords and the RAC are both understandably not doing any dashcam installs these days.


Do you know if Halford provide their own hardwire kit inclusive of the fitting price? I take it you can bring in any dashcam (regardless of place of purchase)


Thank you. Bought it yesterday thanks to you

Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam - RRP £149, Built in Alexa - £104.49 delivered (Savings across whole range - 422GW, 322GW, 222GW, 122GW) @ Nextbase
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam - RRP £149, Built in Alexa - £104.49 delivered (Savings across whole range - 422GW, 322GW, 222GW, 122GW) @ Nextbase
£104.49£14930% Free P&P Free
Best deal I have seen for a while & you can buy it directly off their website. Range of cams on offer including accessories (I appreciate a lot of us aren't driving currently!)… Read more

They work well. with Next base you have 2 options; One that clips on the side which captures what you would in your rear-view mirror effectively. Or another separate module which you place on your rear windscreen. I would recommend this as it is superior to the one you just clip on the side. However, you do have to run cable from the main dash cam to the rear module. I fitted mine myself and you cannot see a wire (although I did spend some time on it to get it like this). If you dont want the hassle & want something quick, I would suggest option 1: The better option in terms of visibility, I would say option 2:


Thanks! How well do the rear cameras work? I like the idea of the one which clips on the side but would that also read number plates?


You can get it on Amazon for £110 thought:




It has now expired im afraifd

Nextbase dashcams - 20% Discount e.g. 122 Dash Cam £39.20 / 222 Dash Cam - £55.20 (more in post) @ Nextbase
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Nextbase dashcams - 20% Discount e.g. 122 Dash Cam £39.20 / 222 Dash Cam - £55.20 (more in post) @ Nextbase
Free P&P Free
Nextbase are launching new generation dashcams and are offering 20% of products this week. Nextbase site only, I think. Prices listed below and free delivery. 20% discount o… Read more
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522GW £119.20 .. Thanks but no thanks.


Need a dash cam at some point. When I'm not on lockdown


I've never had any issues. Halfords/Nextbase have been great.


Dearer currently.


Hardly any discount here. How come I got my 522 from Halfords cheaper than this???

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Caught an incident on your dashcam, send the footage directly to your local police force @ Next Base
Posted 5th Feb 2019Posted 5th Feb 2019
Caught an incident on your dashcam, send the footage directly to your local police force @ Next Base
I've did a quick check to see if this has been uploaded before, didn't find anything so here goes. I know this isn't exactly a deal but if it could be helpful to someone. Caught a… Read more

Definitely the best option for drivers whose dash cams capture accidents. My wife's dash cam recorded an accident last November where a driver pulled out from where he had parked by the side of the road in a busy high street without checking his mirrors and side-swiped a passing motorcyclist knocking him off his bike. The driver then tried to blame the motorcyclist. Unfortunately, my wife didn't know there was a police website you can upload accident footage to so being a good law-abiding citizen she told an attending police officer that she had the footage on her dash cam memory card. The police officer then watched it before commandeering the microSD card off her. The police then had it for 10 weeks before they returned it and never did explain why they couldn't just upload the clip of the accident themselves and return it in days. They told us the driver was done for causing the accident which is good but the length of time they had the memory card wasn't. We had to buy another one to use in the dash cam in case my wife had an accident herself while driving. It has certainly put us off handing the actual memory card over to the police if it ever happens again.


Alternatively, let all the idiot drivers cause death by dangerous driving by not being taken off the road soon enough. ignorant as f@!#


Grass cam for all the people that want to feel important for 2 mins of there sad life.

djnaff I only get suicidal pigeons


My husband was riding his cycle on Friday afternoon (15 Feb) and was the victim of a hit and run driver who left him lying in the road and drove off. His bike is in two pieces, fortunately he is in one piece though cut/bruised/aching. I put out the info on my Facebook page, which was shared over 250 times, then joined a number of FB groups in the area that the accident took place ... someone saw it and passed it on to his sister in law who was one of the kind people who stopped and helped my husband a few minutes later. When she saw the post, she checked her dash cam and the (damaged) car who hit him can be seen speeding away, number plate dangling. The info has been passed to the police (not heard anything back as yet though!), but the short story is that if it wasn't for the dash cam footage, the driver would almost definitely have got away with it. We are hopeful that having the number plate/dash cam footage that the driver will be caught and justice done.

New Nextbase Rear Camera (512GWRC) £25 instead of £50
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Posted 4th Jun 2018Posted 4th Jun 2018
New Nextbase Rear Camera (512GWRC) £25 instead of £50
If you have a 512GW, there's a "rear camera" port on your camera. NextBase have finally released the rear-facing camera that it plugs into. And instead of £50, it's £25 (free del… Read more

Ordered Mine 21st july and got delivered yesterday the code still worked then. When everyone said it wasn't


I don’t believe he did as I was told the window has closed when I called because the link was dead.


How did you go about ordering it

Just ordered one successfully - at £25 its too good an offer to miss (y)


Sent nextbase an email last night asking if there was any plans for a discount code again in the future or at the moment, mentioned I had a 512gw which was out of warranty, they emailed back saying there was no plans in the future and halfords would be doing a bundled deal sometime in august...pretty sure I said I already have a 512gw...Oh well

Nextbase Dash Cams 412gw £103.99 or 512gw £119.99 using code CCC20
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Posted 1st Dec 2017Posted 1st Dec 2017
Nextbase Dash Cams 412gw £103.99 or 512gw £119.99 using code CCC20
Sold directly from Nextbase Nextbase dash cams, 20% off using code CCC20 412gw £103.99 or 512gw £119.99 delivered These are the latest versions with the increase in picture qual… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Coupon is expired now


if i order direct to get the 20% off how do I then access fitting for £30 at Halfords?


Guys, I've just got a PCH vehicle and want to install a dashcam to stay in the car at all times. How are the lease companies with doing modification or hard-wiring a dashcam ? I was thinking to go to Halfords so that I can get a "receipt" of someone doing it properly. As I understand it's very easy to install it and I'm tempted to go for this deal and do it myself ? Thanks


Just bought a 512GW - thank you! Discount code applies to the accessories as well so it’s a great deal (y) 🏻


go that's is true get a good quality sd card go to very good prices don't buy off ebay it may be cheap but you pay what you get indeed I agree

Nextbase 312GW Dashcam £69.99 with code
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Posted 26th Oct 2017Posted 26th Oct 2017
Nextbase 312GW Dashcam £69.99 with code
Nextbase 312GW Dashcam now £69.99 using code "CCT30" which gives 30% off all items.

Bugger great offer that 30% off


Yep, expired


This voucher has expired


Hi, I had the same experience but when I said the 'Online Chat' said they would. they suddenly changed their minds. By the way, they did an excelleny job. I know some on here have been critical of their workmanship but I have no complaints.


Update Store has now decided to fit dash cam, Halfords willl also price match nextbase website

Nextbase iN-CAR CAM™ 312GW 20% off with code £79.99 @ Nextbase
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Posted 2nd Apr 2017Posted 2nd Apr 2017
Nextbase iN-CAR CAM™ 312GW 20% off with code £79.99 @ Nextbase
20% off using the code FCP20 so it's £79.99 instead of £99.99. I use this camera myself on a daily basis and can't fault it. It's got built in GPS and WiFi too do you can d wnload… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks for code. Ordered today with accessories and got 20% off whole order.


Got this dashcam. Doesn't seem to want to record automatically while driving if you enable the parking mode where it wakes up and records briefly if it senses movement while parked. Disabling this mode makes it work properly again. Seems odd it can't do both.


So, "do you can download", now I understand, thanks.


Good price, wonder why it's gone cold??


I know it should be 'download', but how?

Cheap Nextbase dashcams instore @ Halfords using this voucher - be quick! Nextbase Dashcam 101 £37.50, 212 £52.59, 312GW £74.99, 402G Professional £96.75, 512G £134.25 etc
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Posted 17th May 2016Posted 17th May 2016
Cheap Nextbase dashcams instore @ Halfords using this voucher - be quick! Nextbase Dashcam 101 £37.50, 212 £52.59, 312GW £74.99, 402G Professional £96.75, 512G £134.25 etc
Just spotted this voucher. Take 25% off any Nextbase dashcam instore @ Halfords. It makes for some pretty awesome prices. Voucher supposedly limited to 1,000 people but I reckon … Read more

Dam, wish I knew about the flash sale last night....would have been great if you had posted that here. Once you have a voucher you could technically save it and keep printing it and using as many times as you want. I imagine they will take the voucher down from the website when they feel enough have gone out.


Good deal, Halfords had a Flash 10% off sale last night, so £180 512g for £121, plus they applied the 25% to the Nextbase accessories by mistake...result! :-) Also, used same voucher twice so don't really know how they are restricting this to 1000-1200?


Voucher was extended to 1,200 from 1,000 and expired yesterday/last night


The 312GW has GPS and WiFi, so depends if they are important to you or not :)


oooh, is the 312gw worth the extra £22 over the 212 one ?

25% off any Nextbase dash cam at Halfords
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Posted 16th Nov 2015Posted 16th Nov 2015
25% off any Nextbase dash cam at Halfords
Got sent this link through Uswitch. Gets you 25% off Nextbase dash cams at Halfords & fitting. I got the 402g model which normally costs £150 on its own. They have it on offer… Read more

anyone still got the voucher pdf that they could upload and share please


Still hot. Used the voucher today :)


Bough the 202 lite with free accessory pack for £51. Good deal.


I have next base 512g from halfords it's awsome in full HD and at night too best to run a 32gb card I had 8gb in recorded a near miss by the time I got home that it had already gone over it as they loop record so 32gb card recommended and the software for play back is 1080p too clear as a bell .


That camera ships from China so you can forget about any warranty plus the reviews are very mixed. The G1w camera is superb recording quality and supplied by Amazon UK. I have a camera in both family cars , a Möbius that is superbly discrete and a G1w both can be seen on YouTube's 'techmoans dashcam reviews'