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Posted 9 January 2024

NOW TV Sky Sports Offer - £17.99pm (Existing Customers)

£17.99£2528% off
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I wanted to cancel my Sky Sports Subscription with NOW TV and had to click through a whole load of steps with them trying to convince me to stay.

The final step was an offer of £17.99 per month which seems like a good price Vs the £25 per month I was paying.

Wish I'd known clicking through all the cancellation stuff might give such a good price.

Hopefully this is useful for someone who does want to continue their subscription!
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  1. Stevie_G's avatar
    Thanks! Went from 19.99 to 17.99. I did it with the boost as well and got that down to £2 for 3 months 🤙
  2. foxmeister's avatar
    I’m on £19.99pm for 6 month deal, would be interested to hear if anyone has been offered a lower price deal by going through cancel process …
    Ibrahim_Hussain's avatar
    I was a subscriber a while ago. And i usually get emails asking to join back £14.99 for 6months most recently.
  3. whosyourdaddy's avatar
    £18 pcm for 720p Sports. Is it 2004?
  4. Josh.Rogan's avatar
    Do they still charge extra for HD?

    I really do despise nowtv for a host of reasons, not being able to watch on my computer (they didn't allow any content to be viewed on Linux last time I tried, something I have never ever come across before, or since) but when I finally did get hold of a device that would play, I got a picture quality worse than I would if i had 'googled around'. It was only then i realised that HD was extra

    Terrible terrible product (edited)
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Are you talking mobile sports pass you cannot watch it on a pc.?
  5. ok11's avatar
    I’d never take a Sky subscription ever again.
    Not only they’re prices are ridiculous, but they treat their customers with contempt

    Having said that it’s a great deal for existing customers, voted hot
    Mo84's avatar
    Are you Frank Lampard?
  6. smudgemobile's avatar
    Welcome to HukD's, congratulations on your 1st deal
  7. benz19's avatar
    Just tried to cancel my 19.99 offer, and got offered the 17.99 offer, thanks op
  8. steveyboy79's avatar
    Useful info. I'm on £19.99 per month and was thinking of cancelling. Worth a try. Every pound helps. (edited)
    JohnDempsey's avatar
    My 6 months @ £19.99 per month was coming to an end so NOW sent me an email informing me that I could opt into a further 6 month deal @ £25.99 per month. I thought nah and went through the cancellation process; right at the end of the process where they remind you of what you'll be missing and do you still want to cancel? I said yes and was then offered the £17.99 per month for 6 months...well worth it at that price!
  9. papasb's avatar
    Hmm - interesting.

    Just got an email saying I could get it for £19.99… I then logged in and I was quoted £26… and if I dont click on anything it quotes me £34.99 a month.

    It’s like picking lotto numbers with all the random monthly charges they are throwing at me! I didn’t see / get £17.99…
    steveyboy79's avatar
    I think you need to follow the link on your e-mail which is unique. Just logging into your account will give the more generic offers.
  10. Rowan146's avatar
    If you only watch football then just be careful not to commit to paying over June/July
    mhjuned's avatar
    Start watching F1
  11. casben's avatar
    I was paying £25/month on a personal deal then went through the motions to cancel (my deal was up in Feb anyway) and got offered £19.99 so signed up for another 6 months. Thanks OP!
    SuperNoz's avatar
    I was on a similar deal and was going to cancel as cheaper on Virgin Media stream but they offered me £17.99
  12. rmjohns2's avatar
    If you go to the very last stage of cancelling (I was on the £26 off until August 24) you'll get the offer for £17.99. Thanks op!
    SuperNoz's avatar
    Same happened for me
  13. TheRedIndian's avatar
    Thanks for the tip, got the offer effective from Feb!
  14. hrk2001's avatar
    Nice. Worked for me. You have to go through a lot of ‘continue to cancel’ to get the offer. I was on £26. Nice saving!
  15. maac56's avatar
    Thanks Op, worked for me
  16. drumcorpsfan's avatar
    Great tip! I remember doing this a couple of years ago when I genuinely needed to cancel. Just done it now to get the lower price. Voted Scorchio!
  17. ianowen's avatar
    Worked a treat thank you
  18. rtb's avatar
    I had an email shifting me to a £27 deal when my £20 one expires soon, so this was really useful for knowing when to bite when clicking through the cancellation. Thanks

    Did the same with the Boost thanks to , £2 for 3 months
    jonmac73's avatar
    How do you get the cheaper boost?
  19. CarlGriffith's avatar
    Just did this and went from £21 to £17.99 thanks for the tip 🏻
    curlydan77's avatar
    When was your £21 term due to finish?
    The reason I ask is because I am currently on the £21 which is due to finish on the 20th March and I am wondering if you only get offered the £17.99 deal if your within 1 month of the end of your current term? Maybe I should wait to cancel to get this better deal?
  20. thebeast2020's avatar
    This worked for me - thanks.
  21. Monster.Edward's avatar
    That's a great deal - Saved £10 a month - thank you very much.
  22. theboxdeluxe's avatar
    Thanks, Sports down to £17.99, boost £2 & when I tried entertainment that dropped to £3.99
  23. bailey87's avatar
    No 4k :-(
  24. psb017's avatar
    Worked a treat, £17.99 for 6 months and Boost for £2 for 3 months thanks op cracking deal saved me £84
  25. scottybob's avatar
    I was a little nervy clicking through all the cancellation screens but I got the deal too. I was on £21 so the savings pays for my £3 entertainment thanks OP
  26. Phil_E's avatar
    Was paying £19.99, now down to £17.99. Many thanks.
  27. Maloney68's avatar
    Nothing for me on cancelling. Went through Sports,Cinema, Entertainment and boost as they were being charged full price end of this month... Nothing offered at all, first time ever for me.Guess it's goodbye for Now
  28. Sxocpaul's avatar
    TBH I’m only really interested in the F1, so I’ll see what I get offered in February
    crdw's avatar
    Yeah, I'd prefer £20 for a year, like I had last year. 6 months only gets me to the summer break with f1..
  29. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Account dependent

    My offer is £19.99.

    Tell a lie. They just put it up to £26 (edited)
  30. dblake's avatar
    I got the £17.99 for 6 months after playing cancellation poker with them just before Xmas, after being offered £25pm.
    barbiegirl's avatar
    Cancellation poker. I spat my tea out with laughter. Nicking that one.
  31. DeanoNI's avatar
    So pot luck if you get this price?
    chrisml's avatar
    Let me know how you get on?!
  32. Mo84's avatar
    I already have this, did the cancel thing before Christmas. On my other email they only offered £19.99 for six months. I wonder why most of us aren't special enough to get the £14.99 offer they dish out sometimes
    jona77's avatar
    I’d pay the £14.99 a month but the best I’ve been offered has been the £17.99 price! 
  33. BabiDealings's avatar
    £26 for me, it is crazy because they are missing out on soo many subscriptions by offering crap prices to some customers.
  34. scottydogg81's avatar
    Got offered this 14.99 a month a month or so ago still didn't take it up as much as I love sport
  35. hbjatuk's avatar
    Just remember they don't include boost in this and you need that to watch it in HD.
    vI_M4YH3Mz_Iv's avatar
    Is there any 4k option?
  36. Mister_Whippy's avatar
    I’ve been offered the £19.99 p/m for 6 months deal. My term doesn’t finish until the 5th March, so im half tempted to leave it until next month and see what they offer.
  37. OktaneZA's avatar
    Didnt get any offer - so cancelled it. Will see if I get an offer
  38. itm's avatar
    How do the multi-device restrictions work on this? If you want to switch to watching on a different device can you just logout of the first device, then log into the 2nd device and start watching, or is there some sort of extended process or delay?
    rtb's avatar
    You don't even have to logout, it only checks while you're actually watching something, so just go back to the menu on one device to start watching on another.
  39. 2003bluecat's avatar
    Good deal OP. I managed to get £19.99 a few weeks ago. Much better than the £85 we were paying for Sky.
  40. JSmooth's avatar
    Thanks for keeping me in "The Loop" wish there was a free Kodi alternative rather than giving my money to Mr Murdoch.
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