Posted 7 May 2024

Sonic Mania Plus Free For Netflix Subscribers

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Now finally out on Google Play and iOS stores. Free with Netflix Games
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  1. John_Chapmank5I's avatar
    Annoyingly says my poco f4 isn't compatible. It's hardly an old phone!
    BargainsMuchCheapness's avatar
    Nor my Poco F3 either with its snapdragon chipset. You'd struggle to get a more mainstream spec'd Android phone. Pretty shonky. Heat for the deal but cold for the lacklustre optimisation by the devs
  2. wubba-lubba-dub-dub's avatar
    Does anyone know if this can still be accessed after cancelling Netflix?
    Nexus162's avatar
    No requires a login at start of app and keeps save data linked to netflix profile. (edited)
  3. hemelskonijn's avatar
    My Motorola Edge 30 isn't compatible.
  4. UserGnome's avatar
    Installed, touchscreen control is annoying on the racetrack stage
  5. darkstryder360's avatar
    2 out of 5 on Google Play Store.

    Now I'm intrigued.
  6. 2ToneGuy's avatar
    Nexus162's avatar
    It is. Link is provided in comments
  7. toner84's avatar
    Nice deal... If it worked!

    I've got a Poco X4, not compatible, poor from Netflix...
    ronin13's avatar
    It's a PlayStore game and it's the developer who created the compatibility requirements. NOT Netflix's doing!
  8. tziyadtz86465's avatar
    Touchscreen is difficult in general
  9. ydheudhruensjf's avatar
    Free but you have to pay for it
    Nexus162's avatar
    Depends if Netflix is subsidised by your phone network or tv package
  10. afoxdesign's avatar
    In Controls it shows it can be played with controller but it doesn’t recognise my 8bitdo :/
  11. Auyx's avatar
    Great game, poor port. Lots of visual bugs, runs slow if your phones refresh rate isn't forced to 120hz on my redmagic 9 pro. Scanline graphics mode is broken as the screen ratio isn't integer scaled. Wired controllers work but Bluetooth controller support is spotty.
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