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Rogue Legacy 99p on iOS App Store for 2 days
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Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
Fantastic game at a great introductory price
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Do I really need this again? Yeah, I do.


I’m grabbing loads of games now ready for controller support! Think Rogue Legacy should work really well, sank hours into it on PS4


I got this yesterday. Reminds me of how old games were back in the 8-bit days. I’m useless...


Love this game hope it translates well to iPhone/iPad when iOS 13 comes out with support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers. Heat added.

Clock Yourself (Physiotherapy App on Android & Apple IOS) Temporarily FREE (was £2.09 on Google Play)
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Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Can you think on your feet? CLOCK YOURSELF = Physical Exercise + Cognitive Exercise (simultaneously) x SPEED #thinkfaster #stepfaster #braingames #sportskills #reactiontimetraini… Read more

ah missed it, expired


Damn meant to get this last night but forgot now expired typical!!


Bit niche, but If anyone is in the market for a physical neuro rehab device/gadget I have a Fitmi bought about 18 months ago for $380 and shipped from the states which is collecting dust at the moment. I can dust it off, test it, and sell it to someone if interested with a hefty discount. I could pop it on ebay if they'd prefer seller protection. Seems to be really effective and I tested it and it was working fine. Send me a message.


Happy to help :)


Don't like the idea that the app uses your phone call directory and call history. Not going to let it have my friends numbers. Why does it want the information?

This War of Mine - ios, itunes: now to £1.99
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
A truly brilliant game that will cost you many days of your sad life, as it did mine!
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Good spot! Also on offer at Google Play (which I just purchased). Cheets OP.


Agreed! When you do everything you can including building every defence, having all weapons at the ready and plenty of food, to then come home and find it all gone. Or how about when sickness or depression strikes and they all down-tools and seem content with a lingering death! Or another one is being forced to one of the most dangerous areas and then taking a sniper shot through the head. Brilliant and frustrating in equal measure.


God this game is brutally hard and unforgiving.


Free makes this an even better deal!


Spotted this, heard good things, decided to buy it, followed the link - already purchased.

Xupo Key and Item Finder now £4.99 @ Ryman (Free C&C)
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Good price and handy as hell. Compatible with iOS and Android. Apparently, we spend on average 10 minutes every day looking for misplaced items. Keys, wallets or purses, luggage … Read more
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Will it find the other half in the supermarket? :D


10% extra off by scanning Barcode at till


Need one of these to find the TV remote!


Chocolate fireguard....


Thanks. So seemingly a good price (heat) but product not really fit for purpose (based on most of the amazon reviews).

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The Enchanted Worlds Point and Click Adventure App, ios, itunes. Was £3.99, now free
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Great game from a great developer. Sadly, I paid for this! I also recommend their other stuff, although I don’t think it is on offer at the moment.
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Isoland is a little bit similar.


Machinarium is fantastic. Played it years ago. Award-winning, beautiful visuals. Quirky puzzle solving and a steampunk story. Highly recommended.


I wouldn’t really call it a hidden object game as I don’t like those games either. It is much more about wandering around and locating various items and once you have collected enough, you can use them to open new doors that expands the world. It is massively addictive and brilliantly done and I would recommend it to anyone. For me, it is the best of the bunch and I have played very many of these types of games. In fact, I am struggling to find new ones that I like now. Back to Scrabble!


Yes, each game they sell has a trial version associated with it and that is what you are referring to i.e.. there is a full version and a trial version.


A couple of the games has "start" before them? Thanks for listing.

The House of Da Vinci - iTunes, IOS - Reduced from £4.99 to £2.99
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Great point-and-click adventure game from one of my favourite developers. If you like this genre, then I highly recommend this game.
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Yer a good ‘un and no mistaking!


I gave it heat, looks good ta ;)


Check my deal for Alleys. That’s my favourite, but obviously not everybody agrees! Only 99p and it takes ages to do and it’s very challenging, but equally very clever.


Wow thank you so much for going to all that effort! Appreciated! (y)


Indeed and Agree that they are great. Here is my running list of favourite games in this genre: Rusty Lake - Series Legacy 2 - The Ancient Curse Machinarium - Series Fire Maple Games (Developer) The Room - Series Facility 47 Samorost 3 Syntaxity Inc (Developer) Unmechanical Alleys Bendy and the Ink Machine by Joey Drew Studios Inc. This War of Mine - ios, itunes: Reduced to £2.99 The Enchanted Worlds by Syntaxity Inc. Rusty Lake Hotel by Rusty Lake Bigfoot Quest by Syntaxity Inc.

1 BY ONE Wireless Smart Body Fat Scales, Body Composition Analyzer with Android iOS App - £19.99 Sold by SeedPower and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Auto Sync Data with Your Phones - Free 1byone Health APP, can sync data with Apple Health, Google Fit & Fitbit to store all your data in one convenient. Just Download our APP f… Read more

"Lightning Deal has ended "


Can confirm these are pretty good for the money Easy connect via Bluetooth and app is very straightforward Bought a set at Christmas


Also interested to hear "real" feedback on one of these...


Are these any good? Can't trust Amazon reviews now.

Bigfoot Quest - ios / itunes - Point and Click Adventure Game - Reduced From £2.99 to Free!
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Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd MayLocalLocal
Great point-and-click adventure game from one of my favourite developers. If you like this genre, then I highly recommend this game. I, annoyingly, paid full price for it a couple … Read more
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Yeah, take your point.


In truth my biggest annoyance is that I paid for them all and now the version I bought (with all the extras) are withdrawn :)


Well, the navigation thing is something that I never used and the hints are readily available on YouTube and so I don’t have a big problem with it; It really isn’t necessary to pay anything extra. These are great games that give many hours of fun and so £3 (normal price) seems a bargain to me. If you get it for free and they then pay £2 to get the extras, then I don’t think you can complain too much. Still, I realise that this won’t appease some people and this is the case for yourself, then fair enough and vote with your feet.


Used to be that the paid versions included all the 'extras' not anymore, they are asking for money for all of the extras that make the game easier


Thanks :)

Steam Link home streaming app is back on the ios AppStore
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Steam in home streaming app steam link for iOS is now back on the iOS App Store for free.

You can also get it on Apple TV too. Steam with its beta client also offers something called anywhere stream which allows you to stream across the internet so that way you’re not limited to in home streaming only


Any good uses for this? I’m sure there is but personally I can’t see the rational of playing steam games on my iPad or even worse iPhone with a controller and the need my pc/laptop. I’d just use my laptop or TV steamlink asboth offer larger screens.


Also in BETA for Android users -


get it while we can you never know if it might get pulled again


Really thought that Apple, being Apple, were never going to allow this on their devices - pleasantly surprised.

Free Change4Life Food Scanner App - Find out how much sugar, sat fat, salt and calories are really inside your food and drink
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Free Change4Life Food Scanner App - Find out how much sugar, sat fat, salt and calories are really inside your food and drink
Google Play iOS Find out how much sugar, sat fat, salt and calories are really inside your food. Ever wondered how much sugar is in your fave cola or salt is in your sauc… Read more
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Oh FFS man/woman/fluid gender. Haven't you got anything better to do, than annoy me with your questions? XD I don't know, they come out of the fridge in individual "bowls", just like fridge grew them ;)


apple . NRV is Nutrient Reference Value Typical valuesTypical Values per 100gEnergy452kJ107kcalFat2.2gof which saturates1.3gCarbohydrate18.8gof which sugars13.3gProtein3.0gSalt0.2gCalcium87mg raspberry Nutritional Values Typical valuesTypical Values per 100gEnergy449kJ (106kcal)Fat2.2gof which saturates1.3gCarbohydrate18.6gof which sugars12.8gProtein3.0gSalt0.2gCalcium88mg (19% of NRV per pot)NRV is Nutrient Reference Value lemon curd Per 100gEnergy1528kj 364kcalFat15Of which saturates7Carbohydrate52.8Of which Sugars51.8Protein4.3Salt0.3


Singles or multi pack?


Labeling system in this country is a joke, some state cal and fat etc per 100g some state per portion(could be anything) some per pack, some per 1/6th 1/4th, some per biscuit, per sandwich that come in a pack of 2 etc etc it should be standardised to cover the entire contents of the thing you are buying who even eats 1/6th of a pack of whatever it is!


Muller Rice Apple dessert. Muller Rice Raspberry dessert. Mrs Darlington's Legendary Lemon Curd.

Free McDonald’s regular McCafé Hot Drink by downloading the app
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Refreshed 27th AprRefreshed 27th Apr
Download McDonald’s app between 3rd April and 30th June and receive a free drink of your choice

This offer still works. You can game it a little. Make a new gmail and get a new free drink. Then I also get my sticker for my seventh free drink


So can we have more than one account on same device and order? Thanks.


You need to wait a bit when you register


Change the nearest store. One may not be participating. The other is.


offer should be on till 30th June, when you have downloaded the app look under deals.

Rusty Lake Hotel by Rusty Lake - ios iTunes Point and Click Adventure Game, Reduced From £1.99 To £0.99
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Rusty Lake Hotel by Rusty Lake - ios iTunes Point and Click Adventure Game, Reduced From £1.99 To £0.99
£0.99£1.9950%iTunes Store Deals
Great point-and-click adventure game from one of my favourite developers. If you like this genre, then I highly recommend this game. Check out their other games, which are all ver… Read more
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Do yourself a favour and check out that other app I mentioned above and then thank me later!


Love the Rusty Lake series, very addictive. Hot.


Same price on google play


Here is a game that is better than The Room:


Agreed and you wonder about the mindset of the developer!

Football Manager 2019 Mobile @ Google Play/iOS App store £4.99
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Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Football Manager 2019 Mobile @ Google Play/iOS App store £4.99
£4.99£8.9944%Google Play Deals
iOS link: The fastest way to achieve global football domination. Glory in your pocket! The world's … Read more
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Thanks a lot. (y)


It's reduced again


I missed it! ;(


I got this free cos I kept piling up the google rewards credit 😁


Same price on Amazon, though you may have some issues with their app store it seems.

[iPAD] Free iOS App : Mental Hospital III HD
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
[iPAD] Free iOS App : Mental Hospital III HD
Free for limited time Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survival horror with astonishing graphics and a really frightening atmosphere. Our story started quite ordinary. The… Read more
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Won’t let me download on iPhone


Same here, until I used the link provided instead.


Thanks updated the title with iPAD :)



Only available for iPad

The Enchanted Worlds by Syntaxity Inc. IOS, iTunes, Usually £3.99, now free!
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
The Enchanted Worlds by Syntaxity Inc. IOS, iTunes, Usually £3.99, now free!
Great point-and-click adventure game from one of my favourite developers. If you like this genre, then I highly recommend this game. Doesn’t often come around on a discount. Ther… Read more
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Free IOS App via iTunes : Thermo-hygrometer (4.5, 63 Ratings)
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Free IOS App via iTunes : Thermo-hygrometer (4.5, 63 Ratings)
Thermo-Hygrometer is a weather app, using GPS location. Displays outside temperature, humidity, air pressure and THI of current location. Every day feel the design of analog sensib… Read more
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Not free anymore,, it’s £1.99 now (lol) (lol)




Also £1.99 for me. I am guessing it’s expired


And me


£1.99 for me

ALIEN: Blackout. SAVE 40% - £2.99 @ iTunes Store
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
ALIEN: Blackout. SAVE 40% - £2.99 @ iTunes Store
£2.99£4.9940%iTunes Store Deals
The terror of Alien is brought to life in Alien: Blackout. Try to stay alive while trapped aboard a crippled Weyland-Yutani space station carrying a deadly Xenomorph as it tireless… Read more

Enjoying it so far, with well thought out levels. Cheers op(y)


Exactly. That's.just how I remember it Thankfully brown cords were in fashion in 1984.


Exactly like the ZX (skeptical) (confused)


Looks the same as the zx spectrum version of alien


Wait until Disney gets hold of it next month! :o (horror)

Pocket Anatomy 99p on IOS until March 31st
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Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Pocket Anatomy 99p on IOS until March 31st
I've been looking for a decent Anatomy app and this one seems to have good reviews
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Downloaded, thank you its brilliant.

This War of Mine - Now reduced to £2.99 ios, itunes
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
This War of Mine - Now reduced to £2.99 ios, itunes
Great game, that will cost you many hours of your life! Once missed my train stop, ending up 50 miles away due to ths game!
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...and sometimes very frustrating when through no fault of your own, your charges either get sick or depressed and then become a real drain on resources!


amazing and sometimes very emotional game lol


Could never understand the appeal of this game. Depressing. I bought it played for an hour or so and never went back to it


A little bit cheaper, £2.89 on Android at the moment for the next 3 days...

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