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In terms of the impact it has had on the world, television is, without a doubt, one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Love it or hate it, TV has had an effect on all of our lives, and wider society itself, and the TV set is a central feature in many living rooms right across the world. With so many different options out there, buying a TV can be a pretty daunting experience, which is why hotukdeals collects all the references and best deals around here. Read more
Nebula mini projector - £299 @ Argos
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Thought this was a good price considering the current price on amazon. £350+ Not sure what it is like. Very tempted. Can anyone comment how good they are?
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The ABOX A6 is £189 (with voucher)on Amazon at the moment full native 1080p Although the one I bought was a bit on the loud side.


With the light on. Excuse the Gorilla Tape, haven't had the drill out yet.


You won't be disappointed. Write a review and they send you a free gift too, 100" screen or a stand. I got the latter.


You( and my impulsive nature) just cost me £60 :-)


Elephas 2nd gen, really nice for the price.

Roku express stick £25 in-store at Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Roku express stick

£30 in store at sainsburys Craigleith Edinburgh. Checked at the desk.


But it could be argued this has now been manufactured, so damage done already.


May as well get the plus version for UHD, been as low as £50 to £60. Better for the environment in terms of discarded electronics. (nerd)


This is a good question! Anyone know?


The Express is not a stick that label is mis-leading

Digihome 65UHDHDR 65inch 4K UHD HDR LED TV £479 w/code VCJ40 / 43'' £239 / 50'' £279 / 55'' £329 w/code VCJ20 +£4.99 del @ CO-OP Electrical
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
65” 4K Ultra HD screen gives you four times the detail of a standard Full HD TV High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers more vibrant glowing colour Enjoy box sets on Netflix or catch up wi… Read more



I've never hear of the make ...but our TV just stopped working, is the best at this price range? We go up to £799 but am lost in so many reviews.


I know that this TV will cost at least 20% more from April. We shall see


... and what basis could there be for a referendum vote other than securing more lucrative trade deals? Forget trading around £250bn per annum each on both import and export to both EU states and the remainder of the world and the fact that the majority of these countries are members of the WTO regardless of the EU; this will clearly prove useless in negotiating any deal whatsoever with anyone. You’re missing your sandwich board mate! We’ve seen the likes of you yelling ‘the end is nigh!’ before. (lol)


What all vestal???

LG 55UH770V 55 inch Super Ultra HD 4K Smart TV webOS £572.49 @ Amazon
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
This is an older model, but price has dropped a lot on this recently.
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Is this TV that bad?


So how do you feel about this TV for ps4 Pro 4k gaming? There are a lot of tvs around this price is what's confusing me.


I know but that was updated: "Update 01/10/2017: The UH7700 just got a new update (04.30.77) that added a new 'HDR Game' mode and it greatly upgraded the performance of this TV. As you can see, the input lag in HDR is now at 15.9ms, which is very good, even for the more hardcore gamers out there. Note that input lag under game mode with a 1080p and 4k resolution also got cut by 10ms. That update is for the US model i believe but there shouldn't be any difference for the UK/EU models, unlike the confusing Samsung UK/EU/US model numbers I don't have this TV (so i cant confirm) and i am huge critic of LG's "4k" rbgw panel TV's but this isn't one of "them"


Keep searching Indiana .... (y)


I had this exact tv and found when I had hdr activated it would be closer to 50ms and is horrible on fps games had to sell it (SORRY 49inch version so could be slightly different)

Pokemon The Movie - Hoopa And The Clash Of Ages. Watch for free @ Pokemon Tv
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
On the Pokemon website you can watch the movie - Hoopa and the clash of ages for free. The same costs about £3.49 on YouTube or Google Movies to watch. Decent-ish IMDB reviews … Read more
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Dubbed Pokémon I’d rather slash my wrist I watch Pokémon subbed :)


How do get Pikachu on to a full bus? Poke m on


Free + Pokémon = heat (y)


you could download both.One through youtube-dl the other through flixgrab+ both are free (30days in case of Flixgrab+) Flixgrab can be 1080p 7000kb/s the other 480p 1600kb/s


It’s on Netflix too

SAMSUNG UE55NU7400 55" UHD HDR 4K TV + FREE UBDM7500 UHD 4K Player £569 @ C&M / SAMSUNG NU7400 65'' 4KTV £779 w/code TV50 @ Co-op Electrical
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Dynamic Crystal Colour Ultra HD certified One Remote Control Powered by HDR 10+ Samsung UE65NU7400 65" 4K UHD Smart LED TV £779 with code TV50… Read more

I will matey, going to get it delivered on 29th (y)


and now out of stock. I have the 50 7383 from . 2 weeks alter I still haven't opened it. FOMO and stress of all the offer really. Plus I'd go for 55' ideally. Let me know how the hisense goes. Looks like a decent set.


I've been looking for a new TV and this is awful tempting, John Lewis probably wouldn't price match seeing as there's only one left in stock. Shame though


I returned mine for a similar reason (my review is on Amazon with pictures of backlight bleed) and I'm sending back an nu8000 to JL for the same style of backlight issue. And also for Tizen being a slow piece of junk, and excessive image positerisation.. and of course the one thing you can't get away from with VA being off axis image quality being utter junk, and the local dimming that you cant turn off that goes nuts because there is some light on a back screen, and the overly soft image. Maybe mine was just entirely faulty of course, or maybe I'm just too picky! (lol) What you may find though, depending on how much you used your Philips, is that the P5 image processing is superior to that in the Samsung especially at upscaling 1080p content where by it sharpens a heck of a lot better. How manufacturers can see this level of performance for a TV in 2018/19 as acceptable, is beyond me.


Looks like I got a faulty tv, popped to John Lewis and they had that model on display. Didn’t look anything like my image at a angle, yes some colour was lost but it was still perfectly watchable. I went for the NU8000 instead being delivered Tuesday so fingers XD. I will delete the above posts

LG OLED65C8PLA 65 Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart OLED TV - 5 Year Warranty £2179.99 @ District electricals
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Best price I've seen since black Friday. Includes 5 year warranty. It's also available from for £2062 but I don't know them and there's not enou… Read more

Agreed. If the C8 hits £2k soon then great, but equally if the B8 hits around £1.7k again in the meantime then I will push the button, and I think that's more likely. I've been deciding for so long now I still have no new Tv so there comes a point how many new releases or price drops can one wait. Good to hear any opinion so thanks (y) Soundbar is next, tempted by the LG SK9Y after hearing it in store over the weekend but TV first!


All about the E8 (y) ;) (lol)


£500 is a lot of money and to be honest I agree it's not worth paying £500 over the B8 for the step up in quality. If you can secure the C8 for £200 - £300 more though, I would say it's definitely worth it but I appreciate that not everyone will agree with this. Having said all this, 2k was my limit for a TV and if I hadn't got lucky on Black Friday and picked up the C8 for under 2k I would still be waiting for that price drop (lol)


Spoke to an LG rep in store today, he told me to go for the B8. Made a nice change for someone to try and down sell! He did cover some of what you said actually, and he basically said whilst the C8 is better he didn’t believe it was £500 better. I’m sure it’s each to their own but I must admit unless the C8 comes to a £2k price point again then I think I will just bite at the next B8 offer. Either way, today did confirm that LG OLED is the way to go (y)


Tell me about it,it was hard enough just getting the staff to get the same SD and HD content up on two different TV’s.I did the best i could by visiting a number of stores looking at the same TV’s as they all have different lighting and that can make a big difference.One store when i asked to look at some SD content told me that they only had the demo for me to look at (shock) ,worrying to think people will buy a TV purely based on a store demo mode,but each to their own and all that. In an ideal world i would have had about 3 or 4 TV’s set up at home and messed around with them all for a few days each before making a decision.

Hisense H65A6200 Black - 65inch 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV £579 @ Co-op electrical
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Use code TV50 to save £50.00 The new 2018/19 Hisense range offers a tv experience like never before. Hisense 4K resolution Ultra HD (UHD) TV. With 4 times the detail of Full HD … Read more

H65AE6100UK is £549 @ Argos. I'm pretty sure, from what I've read that the only real difference between the 6100 & 6200 is one of them has dual band wifi and the other doesn't - i'm not 100% on that so feel free to correct if i'm wrong.


2 year warranty on Hisense as default


just a 1 year warrany?

Panasonic TX-65FZ802B OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV £1799 @ John lewis & partners
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Panasonic TX-65FZ802B OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV £ 1,799 The next cheapest price is around £ 2400and over £3000 at currys The 55 inch at JL is around £2000 Clear pricing erro… Read more

Massive thanks - really appreciate it(!)


I will let you know when i get home later today. Ok its 50cm wide by 30cm deep.


If anyone has one of these, can you please let me know what the 'stand' width and depth is (not including the TV)? I can't find this anywhere online (not mentioned in the manual online either) and need to know the footprint size of the stand. I'm trying to work out if I can get away with an old smaller stand for this TV. I have a huge new wide stand but after building it found my KEF centre speaker wouldn't fit in it. Even worse, none of the stands selling anywhere online can take this ridiculously large KEF speaker. My old Sony CRT stand which I still have lying around somewhere could take it if I mod it and remove some shelving, and am wondering if this TV would fit on it. Also, if anyone missed this deal, just letting you know Panasonic are selling refurbs of this model on ebay for £1999.99. Might be of interest to some of you (3 currently still available).


l Totally agree saw the 65FZ802B in Currys today and it was very underwhelming to say the least. Surely this couldn't be a £2799 OLED TV ? even the LCD 50FX700B looked better. Glad to say the 55FZ802B was fine though, however it didn't quite have the same visual impact as the Sony or LG OLEDs. It could only be due to the way it was set up for example the picture mode. Some picture presets can look decidedly dull. All the online reviews suggest for pure cinematic picture performance in SDR or HDR it's one of, if not the best out there and won the best TV of 2018 award at the HDTV test shootout. See:


Just noticed it's back on their website at £2,799

Full Sky fibre broadband, Sky Entertainment TV package & any time calls phone line. £37 a month - 18 months £666
23/02/2019Expires on 23/02/2019Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Total package. Fibre 36Mb broadband £37 including line rental ✔ Average speeds of 36Mb ✔ Over 300 Entertainment channels ✔ Free unlimited calls with Sky Talk … Read more
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Just got it for £41 as an existing customer, installation February 5th


Got this deal in December at £30. You should ring and haggle ! I was a new customer . At £41 I was being offered the 63mb broadband... Think it's called fibre max


Well after careful consideration & after not getting any quality offers from sky to keep me I've decided to move to virgin with there top vip bundle £79 with £150 credit to the account plus thru tcb £125 works out £56 a month for 12months & better wifi in the house, a little disappointed with sky not had a single call from them asking why I'm leaving, but have to say virgin have bent over backwards to get my custom, let's see what there like in 12months time!


Here's what it will cost you if you want anything added to your package:


Said I was leaving. Apparently I am a loyal customer so offered me that. Tbh there are better deals out there and you've got virgin , now tv etc.. but 27 for what if got I was fairly happy with as due to my set up I need sky incase internet goes down so I've got something to watch rather than relying on tv that requires internet to work....

LG 55UK6300PLB 55' 4K HDR Smart LED TV £411.09 at Very with 12 months 0% BNPL
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
I've been looking around for good sub-£500 55' 4k TVs and this seems like a great deal. If you buy on Very credit you get 10% off your first electronics order using the code MJWNU… Read more

What is a true 4K panel?


Not strictly true depending on how you measure 4k. Also not that you can actually see the difference unless you have 2 setups stood next to each other.


Not a 4k panel


Yes I remember now when I join together £700 mattress I must be thinking of something else


I set up as a new customer and they gave me £500 of credit. My partner also did the same and got £500. I think it's a standard starting amount.

Philips 58 Inch 58PUS6203 Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR £499 Argos
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Enjoy 4K UHD on a Smart TV that's easy to use. Pixel Precise Ultra HD, combined with 4K, creates vivid colours and a crystal-clear display that looks smoother and sharper. SAPHI Sm… Read more

Suppose it depends on the model, we have 3 tvs at home, all Philips. Eldest one is a decade old and plays for approx 10 hours every day for my elderly mother. Latest one is 1 year old Never have had an issue.


Exactly! I have a 50" TV but the space on the wall will only take up to 60" so I want to get as close to that as possible & as they ain't many budget 60" Tv's I was looking at this, still not many recommendations coming through though....


Never mentioned my deal but yes it is better.


What I'm saying is you can get a comparatively better TV albeit slightly smaller and with a longer warranty for the same price.


no watching dirty channels in your house! Be way too risky!

Half Price BT Sport £13.99 per month for a year + £20 activation fee with Wowcher (new BT Sport on Sky TV customers only)
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
This is my first post so please be gentle. Get half-price BT Sport on Sky TV for a whole year at £13.99 per month (usually £25.99) - exclusive for our customers only! Includes t… Read more

I tried to do this deal but when I entered my postcode in N.Wales told me this area not covered ???


Would love it to come to Now TV


Just had to cancel this as no longer a sky customer shame as a great deal love BTSport


Why Not? ;)


Why do you 'like' all your own posts?

Samsung UE50NU7020 50 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV TVPlus six years warranty £379 @ richersounds
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
See the picture as the creator intended, with the Ultra HD certified Samsung 50NU7020. Ultra HD certified Experience Ultra HD certified on this Samsung 50 inch TV, for true colour… Read more

Luckily I have a family member that's a genius fixing tv's


It’s a problem when the common fault are, LEDs go faulty and most TVs are set to high backlight settings.


just ordered this from co-op electrical using code VCJ20 for £20 off. £4.99 delivery, making it £363.99. Ok, you don't get 6 years warranty, but cant see that being a prob


this one comes with six years warranty.


Got he 49 inch version of this TV, cracking picture. It's same price with co-op

Now TV stick with 3mth Sky Entertainment & one day Sports pass £18.85 (Prime) / £23.34 (non Prime) Sold by Boss Deals/Distribution & FBA
14/02/2019Expires on 14/02/2019Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Device comes with pre loaded 3 months of Sky Entertainment pack & one day Sky sports. Just plug & play, works over WiFi. No contract. No hidden fees Enjoy Catch Up TV &amp… Read more
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Just noticed these are £14.99 on B&M if you have one near you. The same ones.


I did the same.


For this reason alone I went for the Roku stick.


need the firestick 4k to go back on offer!


is Plex still blocked on this?

Refurbished Bush 43 Inch Full HD 1080p Freeview HD LED TV - Black, £179.99 at Argos/ebay
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee Product details Product Identifiers GTIN5055862313640 BRANDBusheBay Product ID (ePID)2219178734 Product Key Features ModelDoes Not Ap… Read more

Wish my wife would guarantee a refurbished bush for 12 month


Do people seriously put 43 inch tvs in their bedrooms?


This Solid wood tv unit would do for it ;)


Great price for a kids telly or bedroom TV, although some have never seen a bush in Thier bedroom


I would imagine most people would appreciate a refurbished Bush...

SONY BRAVIA KD55XF9005 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV £999 @ Currys
TODAYTODAYFound 17th JanFound 17th Jan
SONY BRAVIA KD55XF9005 55" for £999 using code LSTV100. Included 5 year guarentee included.

42ms @ 1080p and 26ms at 4k. Seems a bit high for 1080p but be good to know if anyone has first hand experience


I disagree still can't get pure oled blacks . I own one


Its already here - samsung q9fn


As mentioned above....The OS is fine. I've been using mine for 4-5 months and it does the job. Again as mentioned above stock always gets quite low on these ..or at least they do for the 49inch as was trying to hang on for last years model to be reduced when new one was announced but couldn't get hold of one. If you want one then just get it.


Still overpriced...should be sub £900 for this screen size...

Techwood 65AO6USB 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with Freeview Play - Black - £493.05 (with code) @ AO
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Use Code EXTRA5 To save 5% Make your movie nights unmissable with this 65 inch 4K UHD LED TV from Techwood. As a Smart TV, it has thousands of entertainment options to offer, inclu… Read more

I bought an LCD over a decade ago. Totally fine still. Cheap and decent, though not top-end obviously.


I bought plasma screen years ago from Techwood AKA Curry’s RUBBISH,cheap and nasty firm


This is a truly crap tv, don’t waste your money.




Not as good as when eBay was doing 15% off site wide, when we got this for about £430 but stillnot a bad deal. The sound is quite good, picture OK but not as vibrant as I would have liked from 4k but then a decent price for what you get. Could not get the App to share my iPhone screen on the TV but with Android tablet it sort of worked but not as good as Apple screen mirroring. We find the TV guide annoying as it cuts sound from the TV picture so you cannot seem to get Picture in Picture with sound whilst looking ahead at the guide. Freeview play going backwards works much better than our old Panasonic.

Now TV Sky Cinema pass £3.99/month for 3 months - £11.97
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Sky Cinema pass via Now TV - I just cancelled the £9.99/month sky cinema pass, and was offered £3.99/month for 3 months. May work for someone else?
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I cancelled 3 days ago got email today, £15 for 3 months. I was paying 3.99 for 4 months before I cancelled


They offered me 7.99 month 3 month when cancelling. Just got an email offering 3.30 for 3 months. Pays to check your email even if you have a few hundred accounts


I cancelled and they just let me go. Therefore I don’t see this as a deal available to everyone. Voted cold


Tends to work best when selecting the option for "couldn't afford it" (or similar) and cancelling on the final week of the subscription.


Got offered £20 a month for four months offered to me about ten days before pass ending would auto apply if I didn't cancel, remembered to cancel however, now going to see if anything else is forthcoming though in no rush as after this weekend there's nothing I'm interested in as fa cup is on bt/BBC and NFL is just the Pro bowl

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