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Toshiba 65U5863DB, 65 inch, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Smart TV - £529 @ Very (Free C&C)
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
£749 £529 (Save £220) Toshiba65U5863DB, 65 Inch, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Smart TV 3 Year Service Guarantee £54.99 4 Year Service Guarantee £69.99 No Service Guarantee The To… Read more
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It's a vestel product and just far from reliable. Hisense own the Toshiba brand but vestel still makes the tosh product. They are miles apart and hisense UI much friendlier I find.


This is definitely a VESTEL jobbie. I bought ( for less than 500 ) this Hisense below a couple of weeks ago and think it’s great.its now the same price as this TV.…7EG and i I used this guide to set up the picture- again looks great after a very a couple of minutes doing some fine tuning.…36/


Reviews are poor


Good Price, Just wondering if first time account opening and take it on Very credit if possible to get 20% off or is that only off next purchase?


Will be well worth it, it will be like watching the original teletubbies on your older set, compared to watching Pinky Malinky on the new one!!! If you can get the extra 10" somewhere in your viewing area.. do it, 55 to 65 is amazing and 47 to 65 you all will love! (party)

Toshiba 55X9863DB 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD OLED TV with HDR10, Dolby Vision and Freeview Play - £799 @ - free delivery available
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Yes it's a Toshiba, but being an OLED TV at such a low price, this is a stonking deal in my opinion. You just need to see the Samsung Ru7100 series Vs the standard LED Toshiba to s… Read more
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I'd get the lg for 200 more.


HELLO TOSH..... GOT A TOSHIBA ? (y) May be one of the first Vestel made OLED's but picture quality should be fab. As long as they are reliable.


If you could get a 49 inch xf9005 series or this what would people go for?


You have some size of bedroom. I wanted a 43 for bedroom but where it has to go can only fit a 32. Other half insists on where we put the bed and apparently we can't cover doors (annoyed)


Personally I have a q9. I'm a big fan of qled, but for a qled you're looking at an extra £200 for the base models. I'm tempted to buy this for the bedroom where the oled will really look sweet! I'd would use qled over oled for gaming until screenburn is not a concern, however.

Toshiba 43V6863DB 43 Inch 4K - £239.98 instore @ Costco
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th AugLocalLocal
Toshiba 43V6863DB 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV cheaper in store at £239.98 Liverpool Costco not sure if store specific but £269.89 online. Have receipt too as proof
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Bought one as a bedroom TV and comes with 5 year warranty


It is that price in all stores. The online price is higher due to delivery. I think I’ll get one for my spare room!:)


would pretty much be used as a big monitor for general browsing and a bit of photo editing. possibly get some xbone X use too.


Ok, nothing special, IPS Panel. Good for a bedroom or spare room TV, or a main TV if you aren't picky about picture quality.


Really good picture I’m happy with it for the bedroom

Toshiba 65X9863DB 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD OLED TV - £1,199.98 Instore @ Costco (Watford)
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th JulLocalLocal
Seems pretty good price for a 65" OLED. Costco Watford. Stunning OLED offers deeper, more authentic blacks and striking colour contrasts so you can experience the colour as it… Read more

Argh! I had a Vestel-made 'Hitachi' that was terrible. If they are using the same, presumably expensive, 65 inch OLED panels as everyone else the cost of the electronics must be cut to the bone.


is this android or their own OS?


Plays mkv, 4k x265 etc. Ntfs supported. Not exfat.


Made in Turkey! (skeptical)


Made by Vestel who use the brand name under license, they also make low end Panasonic's and now own many once well know brand names. STB's are OK, TV's less so.

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Toshiba 55UL5A63DB 55-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR LED WiFi TV with Freeview Play- Black/Silver (2019 Model) - £399 DOTD @ Amazon
132° Expired
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Features & details Toshiba's TRU picture technology provides a smooth, upscaled, more detailed viewing experience. So, whatever you're watching, we make sure it looks it's b… Read more
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It doesn't have any reviews. For some reason Amazon have lumped it in with loads of different Toshiba models. All of the reviews are for 2017/2018 Toshiba TV's. I wish Amazon wouldn't do this, every model should have its own product page and reviews IMO. There are 3 reviews for the UL5A model at though.


Doesn't have great reviews

Free 43” Toshiba TV £349rrp or £150 Credit Bigger bundle + Sports Ultimate bundle £65pm or £99p/m + £35 upfront - 12 months @ Virgin Media
-203° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Free 43” Toshiba TV or £150 bill credit: New customers taking the Bigger bundle + Movies, Bigger bundle + Sports, Bigger bundle + Sports & Movies, and Ultimate Oomph online du… Read more
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Deal expired now free Xbox s may be virgins next freebie?


Top cash back £250. Free tv/£150. Virgin has now nextflix and amazon prime apps on there boxs too. Hot. Very hot


Glad to be of help this site about saving money for members! £1 or £220 not about the temperature? It only livefor a few days so here the Quidco link me&tr=2165&fn=search-typeahead&fr=multiple&si=feda46f2-a714-4c44-a1af-fbb62d7bbdba&sv=4-MS


Looks like £220 cashback from Quidco on top of the TV. Hot to me (y)


No Like This Virgin Deal with Free 4ktv Here A Deal From Sky with Free Tablet

Toshiba 55UL5A63DB 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD HDR LED WiFi TV with Freeview Play- Black/Silver (2019 Model) £399 @ Amazon Prime
77° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Features & details Toshiba's TRU picture technology provides a smooth, upscaled, more detailed viewing experience. So, whatever you're watching, we make sure it looks it's b… Read more
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Yeah the manuals aren't on the Toshiba TV website yet. Suggest you contact Toshiba direct: Email or Phone


I can't find the complete manual for this TV. Only the quick start guide. I want to know if it supports Bluetooth Audio profile.


Does not ship to Northern Ireland

Toshiba 65U5863DB 65 Inch SMART 4K UHD HDR LED TV Freeview Play Supports Alexa - £399.99 at electrical-deals eBay
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Seems like a good price. 4K Ultra HD resolution HDR technology Freeview Play Alexa compatible Enjoy amazing movie nights with this 65 inch LED TV from Toshiba. Combining a specta… Read more

Well, he will know when he views it. Cheap, remote. Clumsy apps and dull screen. A 10-year old plasma is better than this Vestel model I had my free loan from Costco for Christmas and back it went. I waited for the sales for a FALD QLED. There is no harm in being honest.


Sure that's a great comfort to the person who purchased it, thanks for the educated response.


£399.99 is a great price for a pile of junk, which was second hand.


That was Quick (confused) (confused) (confused)


Says ended.was there only one in stock?

Toshiba 55U5863DB 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV - £329 @ Very
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Toshiba 55U5863DB, 55 Inch, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Smart TV.. Cheap! One of the upcoming VERY BIG DEALS from very as a way to combat the losses they and others will endure as Prime Day … Read more

Looking to mount this tv in the wall. Can anyone recommend a decent but affordable bracket please


Whats the picture quality like?


Thanks for the input Den, glad you are happy, the layer produced 2018 Q3 panels in these and onward, seem tiptop 8) Glad I posted it as it WAS cheaper than prime day as I thought it might be and for all those with no wedge.. not Andy... it's ideal on bnpl as not too expensive to warrant worrying about affordability!


This or an equivalent Philips 6000 series that often come up at similar(ish) prices? Which would give better pictures and audio? Anyone compared the two on sound and picture quality?


Apologies just realised this is an updated version to mine, with HDR.. I recommend highly then

Toshiba 55vl3a63db 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV £449 in-store @ Tesco Extra
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th JulLocalLocal
Spotted in Stockport Tesco Extra. In-store only? Can't find this anywhere online. I've taken the spec off the box so it's potentially incomplete. Edit: I'm assuming a mod has cha… Read more
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The VL and UL series are new for 2019. Top end Vestel sets that appear to have a picture processing engine for frame interpolation (unusual for Vestel), not much is know about them though.

Toshiba 65U5863DB 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV, HDR10, Dolby Vision and Freeview Play - £474 using code @ eBay / AO
207° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Use code PURE20 to save £75 Providing 4 times the picture quality of a Full HD TV, this Toshiba 4K TV brings you spectacular, lifelike clarity and deep, rich colours on a 65 inch s… Read more

I repair tellies just repaired my Lg plasma for the second time bad ysus board total cost of repair a tenner. My 103 ich panny plasma beats any lcd/led hands down - ever played WOT or watched footie on 100 incher. They are on ebay regularly pick one up for £500 just do no tell the missus. Original retail cost was £64,000 Plasma until oled is affordable you have it spot on!


A Ferrari is better than a Vauxhall, but the Ferrari cost 10 times more but both are cars who take you from a to b . But if you have the money you can impresse . Thast for who think this tv is not great , well I bought 4k LG tv few years back top of the range for a a grand . They was not any 4k broadcast, if you compare it for high end yes this is rubbish but compare it for a 32 inch LCD tv who is 10 y old yes this is fantastic .


Yeah lets not start with a discussion on people that earn decent money but can't afford decent things because they have everything on credit... It realllllly annoys me!


S I would say any educated person would do some research.


I know I will not change your opinion and thats ok, we are all entitled to our own but I do think your thinking is flawed. Everyday buyers do not check reviews, heck, I've even had friends who have neglected recommendations of better cheaper technology just because they couldn't buy it from Argos and they want to buy it from Argos because they have an argos card! That's your average buyer right there! Those who do any form of actual research are the 1%. Also, I'm fine with people thinking deals like this are not good but if you are not able to provide alternatives that provide similar specs for equal/less money then I think it makes it harder to justify your opinion of the product. Just my two cents though. :)

Toshiba 55X9863DB 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 4 HDMI £724 with code @ AO Ebay
179° Expired
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
4K Ultra HD Certified with Dolby Vision Picture quality: 100 Hz Catch-up TV & 4K Streaming Freeview HD with Freeview Play HDMI 2.0 x 4

Have you tried gaming on it, if so do you notice much input lag?


Bought one from AO at 749. Great TV, great picture for entry level OLED. Ppl who want all the boxes tick should consider that this is an entry level OLED under 750.


i saw this in currys blacks looked good to me but did think motion handling looked a bit dodgy on the leopard head when it moved.


OLEDs create perfect black if the panel pixel voltage can be taken down to 0 volts. You can make an OLED panel show grey instead of black by increasing brightness setting of the panel. You'll find a number of people moaning about black levels on older LGs when firmware updates have changed something.


I was under the impression OLEds create the perfect blacks by simply switching off, so surely it's harder not to be black than it is to be grey :/ . I'm no expert tho, happy to be corrected... Still tempted (lol)

Toshiba 55U5863DB 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD A+ Smart LED TV 3 HDMI for £263.20 delivered @ AO eBay
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Just need to use code PURE20 at checkout to get this price with free delivery (y) Key Features 4K Ultra HD with upscaling - incredible picture quality Dynamic Dolby Vis… Read more

Looks like the max output of the Sky+ box is 1080i !! I'm sure it looked better on my old TV and this is supposed to output better resolution!


Have you looked at the settings on your sky box? Sd is 720x480i. 1080i is the native recommended output of Sky Q and Mini boxes but can be changed to 1080p. Not sure about Sky+HD box.


Anyone got this set up with Sky+ HD? It tells me that the resolution is only 1920 x 1080i and the picture is pretty poor, especially on the SD channels. I can't find anywhere to change the resolution even though the manual says that the resolution can be any of these? 480i 480p 576i 720p 1080i 1080p 3840x2160p 4096x2160p Even getting 1080p would be a bonus


Got the replacement today, set it up and played some 4k videos on YouTube, pretty good so far


Who knows (annoyed) Yours might of been seriously mishandled during transit/warehouse. It's rare that they fail on first switch on.

Toshiba 49U6863 49 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV Freeview Play - £309 @ Richer Sounds
237° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Get the most from your viewing, with HDR This Toshiba 49” TV is compatible with HDR10 and HLG for the best colour realism possible. As well as extending the range of colours, HDR a… Read more

Panasonic 600B or higher


Anything you'd recommend in the £3-400 price bracket?


Does this mean bad build quality? O recently purchased this TV from John Lewis with accidental damage cover for £349 is this a good deal for a cheap decent 4k TV?


Vestel. Be warned !!


plus 6 year warranty

Toshiba 32L3863DB LED Full HD 1080p 32" Smart TV - £179 @ John Lewis & Partners - 5 year guarantee
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
with Freeview HD & Freeview Play and 5 year guarantee

I think that 5 Year guarantee is worth that £17.90 money, lol. If it was maybe a £50+ different, or whatever?, then yeh, I would fully agree with you. :-D But I do hear what you're saying though. :-)


cheaper on ebay with the 10% code of course, but cant ignore the 5 year guarantee

Toshiba 55X9863DB 55" Smart 4K OLED TV - HDR10 / Dolby Vision / 4x HDMI / 3x USB £719.10 with code Delivered @ AO / eBay
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
I know... another one already with the code :D But a really good price on this OLED model. It's been dropping bit by bit. From £799 to £749 and now £719.10 (With code) So worth a … Read more

Wow quite a deal. Any firsthand experience on it? Like HDR etc? Might get this

Toshiba 55U5863DB 55-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR LED WiFi TV with Freeview Play- Black/Silver  £379 @ Tesco (Longton, Stoke on trent)
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Posted 13th JunPosted 13th JunLocalLocal
Toshiba TV 4k TV reduced to £379 @ Tesco Longton in Stoke on trent

Lock up your daughters it’s a Vestel (excited)

Toshiba 65" OLED 65X9863DB TV with 5 Year Warranty - £1,199.98 at Costco in-store
164° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th JunLocalLocal
Found in Edinburgh Costco not sure if nation wide price. You won't find a 65 inch OLED for less than this. Granted it's not an LG, Sony or Panasonic but it's the same panel. Y… Read more

The issue is likely not the processing, but the embedded design of the array which drives each pixel. It's not trivial to prevent current leakage when the pixels are so densely packed. So when the underlying array which drives the pixels isn't well designed, manufactured or uses cheap components, a small amount of current is delivered to a pixel that should be held to 0. It then lights up resulting in grey instead of black.


These are the same. The list of cons from Which review: "CONS: Boring sound, ghastly contrast displays blacks as grey, unnatural colours, slow menus "Verdict: It turns out you need more than an OLED screen to make a Best Buy TV. Toshiba simply can't make the most of the impressive display technology and the X9863 is desperately poor as a result." Also stated it's the only OLED TV not to have received their best buy award. It got a very poor 53% compared to 79% of the LG B8. How an OLED manages to display black as grey is beyond me. These must have some extremely bad processing.


Should be cheaper from next week then :)


Also the last day at this price. Well worth the price though.


Just seen the other post. already posted

Toshiba 55X9863DB 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD A Smart OLED TV 4 HDMI £750 @ AO ebay store
267° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Not for me, but I was looking to see if they had any OLED's on offer through the eBay 10% off on AO and came across this. It doesn't get the best reviews, looks like a slow interf… Read more

Good deal for budget OLED. This is a budget OLED period.


At the end of the day, there are issues with all TV brands. I've had 2 Samsung TV's go faulty (one went bang at the power supply after 3 years, the other had increasingly dark patches all over it after only 8 months), 2 Sony's that have lasted 9 years until I sold them, 1 LG that lost sound and IR functionality, a 7 year old Sanyo (think its a Vestel, but not 100% sure) that is still running perfectly. I agree that warranty is a key factor when buying a TV. All brands have the potential to become faulty.


Warranty is definitely key. My Sony 55" TV (KD55XD8005), less than 2 years old, just went blank while on today, and is completely unresponsive (power socket is working; changed fuse; tried various hard resets and physical power button behind set etc.). Thankfully Amazon have said they'll refund purchase price in full, as well as return postage cost (c.£50 via Parcelforce, though no UK courier will insure against damage in transit). Though Amazon have taken responsibility here (really glad I didn't buy from Curry's, or similar), definitely will buy the replacement from JL or Richer Sounds for the 5 / 6 year warranty, as would have been so mad if I'd been fobbed off by the retailer and then Sony came back saying 1 year guarantee only.


I have had a couple of cheap Vestel made tvs go faulty, I've had relatives Vestel tv's go faulty. I've had an LG tv go faulty. The warranty is a game changer though. If you can live with the flaws then I'm sure the sacrifices might be worth it. Just not for me.


Do you have any experience, that these break down more than LG, Panasonic or Sony TV's? Anyway I bought mine from Costco, so I have the best Warranty's available, it might not be 6 years. Though it does have a 90 day no quibble return, so I can easily return if I'm not happy in those 3 months. Then I have the remainder of the 5 years. of no worry TV. For your WebOS, yep that isn't the best or worst, its not slow, just doesn't have Amazon Prime TV or Now TV. plug in a £30 Roku system and it's now just as good an any other. I have noticed some of the blacks are a little grey, not the picture but the black bars. This is only on Sky Q, not Netflix, I've heard other people with other manufactures say the same. For a £1199 with 5 year warranty, I'm more than happy with my 65" OLED.

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