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As the main competitor of the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox enjoys a massive share of the gaming market. From uncertain beginnings, this versatile platform has evolved quickly and amassed an impressive library of titles. To see a range of offers on the console, accessories, and games, take a look at the HotUKDeals Xbox page. Read more
Fortnite Save The World XBOX (From £17.50)
08/08/2019Expires on 08/08/2019Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
The Standard Founder’s Pack is £17.50 whilst the Deluxe Pack is £25 with Xbox Live (which you need to play the game anyway) Standard Founder’s Pack Regular Price: £34.99 Now:… Read more



Just guessing but probably because the developers said this would be free ages ago but have since reneged on their promise.


This should have been free absolutely ages ago. The last time I played it (very early last year) there weren't any issues that should have held it back from its free release. Just trying to get more money out of people...


From the recent patch notes, I'm pretty sure founders will still receive vbucks after it becomes free from dailies etc and non founders (when it does become free) would receive xray tickets instead of vbucks so I advise you should buy founders if you want the vbucks of course (since season 10 might be when it goes free)


Was meant to be the start of 2019 they defo stood to there word lol

Soul Calibur VI (XBox One/PS4) for £15.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection
Refreshed 19th JulRefreshed 19th Jul
PS4 Link DESCRIPTION Bandai Namco Entertainment and the creators of The Witcher games series CD Projeckt Red, announce Geralt of Rivia will be joining the playable character … Read more

nice! Have that heat boy


got this a while ago, this is a great deal though!




Good price but waiting for cheaper.


ps4 or xbox? i havent got it yet

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD (Switch) £30.95 / (PS4/Xbox One) £27.95 Delivered (Preorder) @ The Game Collection
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
PS4 Xbox One Hold onto your bananas, because Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD is rolling your way! Experience the magic of one of the most beloved titles in the series, … Read more

Totally agree with everyone saying would have preferred the Monkey Ball games from the GameCube. Dread to think how many hours were sunk into those back in the day! Brilliant multiplayer and used to take turns with mates getting through the 1 player mode. Hopefully will lead to a new Monkey Ball game.


They clearly picked this one as porting the motion controls is easier than adding them in from scratch like they'd have to for the GC versions. Still would have preferred the GC ones though..




To say Banana Blitz is 'beloved' is nonsense. It was a huge step down from 1 and 2 on the 'Cube. I'd have been all over a remake of those two, but not this.


Well obviously they want to gauge how interested people still are in the franchise so logically a remaster is less cost risky than just flat making a new game if there is a chance it won't sell enough. I'm with you personally but I don't mind supporting this if theres a chance it could potentially lead to a new Money Ball game in the works

A Way Out (Xbox one) £12.49 with gold @ Microsoft store
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
A Way Out is an exclusively co-op adventure where you play the role of one of two prisoners making their daring escape from prison. Play the entire experience with your friends us… Read more
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Forgot all about this game. Tempted to buy but will see if it does arrive on Access first. Everything EA always does lol.


I really hope so


I’ve got a feeling this and Fifa 19 will hit the vault the day access goes to PS4 and maybe even anthem too


I borrowed my wife's time for this one. She doesn't game but I convinced her to help me out and it's intuitive enough for almost anyone to get stuck in. If not just sign up to TrueAchievements they have gaming sessions available where you can team up with other users.


Fantastic game, this. Easy 1,000G, too.

Vampyr PS4 Game/Xbox one for £12.99 Free C&C ( See OP for other seller) @ Argos
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
Price matched with Sainsburys ABOUT THIS PRODUCT CURSED BE THE CHOICE London, 1918. You are newly-turned vampire Dr. Jonathan Reid. As a doctor you must find a cure to save the … Read more

Yea work in one of the stores :)


Guessing he works there but it's a top effort, thanks turbobudda


Thanks, could you please tell me how you track the stock like this... (cheeky)


That's all the sainsburys stores in the above pictures that MAY have stock, not guaranteed so worth contacting the stores first :)


Xbox One list

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD (Switch) £32.85 / (PS4/Xbox One) £29.85 Delivered (Preorder) @ Simply Games
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
Take this as is a heads up. It was announced a few days ago and Simply is the only place with an active listing at the moment, I think (Beside GAME who is selling it at RRP). Rele… Read more

They need to remaster Monkey Target from the original GameCube title and add in extra levels.


Superb. A much overlooked title, particularly since a majority who never played it dismissed it out of hand due entirely to it being a Wii title. Having played it I can vouch for it. Hope gyro is utilised effectively for the Switch port.


slightly better price @ the game collection


But they were also rock hard and might put new players off. Hoping they get released after this if it sells well. Banana Blitz is still a good game and hopefully they keep the motion sensor option for playing, too, as it worked well.


Yeah SMB 1 and 2 were awesome games.

Assassins Creed - Odyssey - Xbox Store for £27.50
29/07/2019Expires on 29/07/2019Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
£27.50 for gold members on Xbox store (£32.99 none gold)

Haha, nah I’m cool I don’t mind spending a couple quid extra for a game that I want to play today (lol)


Err...just wait it out? No backlog? (confused)


I know.... but at the moment this is the best deal... unless you have a time machine I could use please?


It's still not a good deal just for the base game at this point in time. For £35 you could have got the Gold edition a few months ago, which includes all expansions.


Really? I figured it be regional...unless it's over. I saw it on Monday night. Stockport Tesco.

Destiny 2 Limited Edition (Xbox One) Low Stock @ Amazon for £34
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Seems a good price for the Limited Edition new price and real media version! From Bungie, the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated sequel, Desti… Read more

Actually its less, £5.89 for the game at amazon 🙈


Depends. The D2 collectors edition has extra physical stuff like the messenger bag and solar charger. If you mean the D2 Forsaken Collection that includes the Forsaken expansion too. The year 1 stuff included in this edition will all be free to play in September. Forsaken won't be.


Don't think it includes anything from Forsaken onwards, so no Season of the Drifter, Black Armory or Opulence.


Your essentially paying for the Cabal themed box? You can pick up the game for under a £10 nowadays, and the expansion pass for year one is included if you buy the forsaken Year 2 content, and if you've already waited this long you could just wait a couple more months when the year one content will be free.


I was gonna but this but then I remembered that hate doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over...

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console - BRAND NEW - SOME RETAIL BOX DAMAGE £314.95 @ monstershopltd ebay
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Games play better on Xbox One X. Experience 40% more power than any other console. Gaming is truly immersive.Lose yourself in worlds built for true 4K gaming, with 2160p frame buf… Read more

They've tried to recall all the orders. Some have made it through though. Sadly mine hasn't. Now I need to try and find a good deal.


It's not £270 now... Looks like it's 429.99


Chexk hotukdeals but its oos:(


Got a link ?


What a rip off this is then cheers(y)

Vampyr (Xbox One) £12.95 / (PS4) £15.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
PS4 Prowl the disease ridden streets in Vampyr - a darkly atmospheric action RPG from the studio behind ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Life is Strange’, developed using Unreal Engine 4. Set… Read more

I have found this game cheaper every other week. It's constantly on some kind of sale. It's free to game pass. Good game if you got the time for all the options.


interesting concept, but overall a clunky and frustrating game


I liked it, loading times are terrible on the xbox though.


Awesome thank you :)


Yes it does just unpatch your game

Corsair Void Pro Surround Gaming Headset (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch) - Carbon/Red £44.79 @ Amazon
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Lowest price according to the Camels for this Headset in Carbon/Red. The VOID PRO SURROUND headset provides exceptional comfort, epic audio performance and legendary CORSAIR durab… Read more
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Different devices, and different orientations, show different things ... Mine ain't particularly limiting.


For me it doesn't matter how long the title is, it's always visible in its entirety. Strange that you can't see titles in full. By the way that theme can't show bold.


I've had these for a couple of years, nice headset feel comfy after 4-5 hours of gaming they don't get hot.


Not an actually bad sounding headset considering its a gaming set of cans. I had the wireless version but the damn software is so rubbish, and mic kept turning off and muting by itself, sold it and went back to my m50x with a modmic.


Bought this 4 hours ago for £57... damnit

Xbox one X forza Bundle £269.99 @ Microsoft Store
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
cheapest ive seen for a xbox one x forza bundle. currently 449 at most other retailers.
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You are joking? Nothing at all, no apology, no explanation, no compensation? That's unacceptable take it further. Utterly disgusting.


This is Bella, one of the Supervisors from the Microsoft Store Online. This is a follow up on your reference number, SR 1111111111. We escalated your case and we received an update about the shipment of your Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition 1TB Console – Forza Horizon 4 Bundle. The order was refunded since there was a pricing issue on our website. All orders for this product will either get canceled or refunded. You can process a new order for the correct price. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you have a wonderful day!


What was the result?


I just called MS as i still haven't received a refund, I've been told that the returned console has gone missing at their end so have to wait for a short investigation. WTF


What did they say?

Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC | New games in July | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Resident Evil 4 and more… @ Microsoft Store
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
ICYMI, Gears 5 Tech Test is playable beginning Friday , July 19 so cancel your plans and meet up online instead to help test multiplayer! All Xbox Game Pass members get acces… Read more

It could easily be argued that MGSV:TPP and RE4 are the best games to ever be added to Game Pass. The only real criticism you could make is that they're both a little dated and that TPP has already been part of GWG.


Still no need to buy Forza Horizon 4, been using the pass for ages, wonder if it will ever be taken off?


Waiting for it to hit 99p.


More games than I can manage to play in a week / month :( Still trying to find time to finish Metro Exodus :(


Agreed! I'm probably just going to sell my physical games collection, bar a handful of games such as GTA V, RDR 2!

10% off everything - Gamivo (i.e £25 PSN card - £20.37 / £35 PSN card - £27.68)
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Some good price to be had, I reckon. Used the discount code mentioned above. Price displayed includes fees with PayPal :) Prices displayed are without customer protection, add i… Read more

True haha - I'm one of those people who instead of going to a coinstar machine, will happily stand and feed handfuls of loose coppers into the self-service every time I go to Asda XD (Only if there's not a big queue, mind)


Bums. Thanks!


Thanks I already got the £35.but next time I’ll check £50 first cheers


Damn peeps, that didn't last long did it?!? Was gonna get fifty but got sidetracked. Never mind, glad some managed to benefit. Especially @Magurdrac whom apparently got it for 2 pence cheaper when I checked it was dirty-nine, four p, but hey good for you Magurdrac! A whole 2p saving! As I always say when I make any kind of saving on anything, every lil' helps. Especially if I get any reductions at my local Tesco Express! (lol) Here's hoping @gloryhunter managed to benefit also! Peace peeps! (y)



Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox/Xbox one) @ Microsoft store - £4.49
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
A must play in my opinion. Thanks to BuzzDuraband for posting full list of BC games. You are Orta, a new and shining hope. Upon a fearsome dragon you must fight to save the world … Read more
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Orta was epic back on the original Xbox and playing this with enhanced (almost 4k) visuals on the Xbox One X is just sublime. I would have loved to see REZ get the BC treatment as it has a superb high score mode which lets you download and watch some of the best players in the world go through each level. Maybe Scarlet will make it happen? Here's hoping we'll see every game made BC on the new systems.


Was this free a few months ago? One of my favourite Xbox games, looked hd on my modded original Xbox. It might well have been run at 720! It wasn't this that was free, I can't find what it was, but crackdown 1 and 2 might still be free, I got 2 recently on my 360


Wish they would stick on games pass already.


What a game!! So many fond memories:)


Remake Saga!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Silver Edition (PS4/Xbox One) £9.95 @ TheGameCollection
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Seems a good price for under £10 Xbox One Middle-earth Shadow of War The sequel to the critically-acclaimed Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor - Winner of over 50 industry awards c… Read more

Thanks for sharing OP, good price for Silver Edition (y)


It’s on games pass at the moment on Xbox if you have that, you can try it. I’m finishing the first one shadow of Mordor (also on game pass) and it’s really good.

White Xbox one Controller (open box) - £25.59 @ techsave2006 / eBay using code
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
I have been hunting for one of these for ages. Seems like a good deal but only 6 left! Condition is new (open box) so i guess its a consumer return? I guess you can just use Paypa… Read more

Got mine today, unused condition too (haven't had a chance to check it actually works yet). Only had 14 day passes for game pass and gold for new accounts in the box. I am already stacked on ultimate until June 2022 so no disaster!


Glad you said this, I had thrown the box away without checking but yep couple of free passes at the bottom (y)


nice! i haven't received mine yet.


Controller arrived today and is in excellent unused condition. Batteries are still wrapped. Also included are two codes, one for 500 V-Bucks, and another for 3 months of Xbox Live Gold. I redeemed the XBL Gold code and upgraded it to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (One month currently £1) - and ended up getting 5 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC.


I know but it’s out of stock now so was offering advice for others.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Xbox One) £4.49 @ CDKeys
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Decent price here for PUBG (y) Edit: Now £4.49
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You’ll get served up.


Small enough in EU to have to shut first person servers off, clearly. NA is bulk of the playerbase.


Playerbase small?? Seriously???


Everyone's different opinions will become confusing, maybe trying the free mobile version will give you an idea. I think it's an all time game myself, love it...much harder to get top 3 in console version. I fair rather better in mobile, runs great on my Samsung S8. Like with everything practice will make you better quicker drop in to non built up areas to get familiar with general controls and last a while hopefully. Drop in to popular places like towns / military installations to get used to more rapid closer encounters. While I'm at it anyone know of similar prices for this on PS4??


Based on my recent noob experiences, you will die hard and fast if you try to play it like any FPS where you can take a lot of damage and get away with it. It's a steep learning curve. I've just bought Arma 3, a military sim and apparently this originates from there. You cannot be hit loads of times, hide behind a rock and magically regenerate. If someone gets a headshot, you'll probably go down in one. You probably will have to look on the kill cam to even see where you got hit from most of the time. Some people are so good that you can hide in a room, they open they door and still get you before you get them. It's very frustrating and it took me dozens of games to even get one kill. There's a lot of placement strategy like when the areas closes some people will still take the energy hit if they've got first aid kits just to flush people out and get kills. Some manage to get the perfect last stand placing either by luck or judgement. Out in the open you pretty much need a scope or don't bother. Anyway, it's a fun game but unless you really are a FPS ninja you can't go charging around and treating it like COD. Play it slow and methodically, plan your open ground moves and most of all don't give up, it's rewarding. Still not got a win but I've got in the top 6 a few times.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months £10.99 for new subscribers - Xbox/Microsoft Store
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
3 Month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate currently £10.99 for new subscribers on Xbox/Microsoft store down from £32.99. Subscription renews after the three months at the reg… Read more
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You will be eligible for it yes, whether you want to take advantage of getting a 12 month gold pass and then subscribing to GP Ultimate is up to you as this will upgrade your gold subscription to game pass. I personally chose not to do this and just subscribed to the three months of Ultimate. Forza 7 isn’t on Game Pass so you won’t have wasted money there.


I haven't got gold or gamepass is this any good for me I just bought forza 7 with xbox one?


awesome deal 29 months for £60 thanks OP and chistianarmstrong58


Bought 2 brazil 12 month live codes from cd keys for £30 each added using a vpn (clicked recur get 1 month free then cancelled recur to get 2 extra months) then took the 3 months for £10.99. All my live was converted to Ultimate game pass, 29 months ultimate game pass for £71, not bad at all :D


Unfortunately not.

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