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Samsung UE55NU8000 + free blu Ray player £899 w/code @ Electrical Discount
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul Great TV with free DVD player use Promo100 to get £100 off to g… Read more

I wouldn't buy another Samsung - the picture quality has been great but each updates inserts more and more adverts into the interface - including self-starting adverts. Yes if you are technical you can disable some of them but why should you have to?


Is delivery fast?


Gone up £18 since yesterday, still good price


I went for the curved 55MU9000 from Crampton & Moore for £650. This was a £1750 tv last year and rates well. Use code FACEBOOK to drop it from £729 to £656. Can also get five year warranty for £63. I don’t care for curved TVs much but couldn’t say no for that price.


I would avoid it.

Samsung TV UE49nu8000 + free ultra HD Blu-ray  player £904 at Hughes
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
£949 includes free ubdm7500 ultra HD player then voucher gets £45 off to £904
flemib Now £749 without Blu-ray player at electrical discount uk use Promo100 code


£804 quid now. Bargain


Worth noting it's a 60Hz panel on 49-inch version.

flemib Just the tv now £896


or you could have used - as they have published the voucher "save45" and got 4.04% cashback too (QUIDCO also showing voucher and 4% cashback)

Samsung’s ms550 and 4K Blu-ray player for 529 plus 6 4K movies and 9 months deezer £549 @ Currys
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
It looks like an error - £150 cheaper to buy the soundbar with the free 4K Blu-ray player. To buy it separately the cheapest I can see is £628 and you don’t get the deezer offer wh… Read more

Does this question need to arise on every single 4K player post?


Who mentioned Harvey? BTW, when your broadband goes down (cos BT/Virgin/... are so reliable) I hope you enjoy your streaming services. :D


Extras? (lol). Who wants to watch Harvey Weinstein in 4k ? (lol)


Another reason I buy discs is that you may get extras which may not be on streaming/dd services and if it’s something I like there’s no risk of it being removed from the service or I’ve cancelled the subscription,


PS4 Pro won’t play 4k discs. Oppo 203 all the way but crazy £££ I’ve heard Xbox One X can be noisy during quiet scenes but you get more for your money with gaming on top.

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LG UP970 UHD 4K Blu Ray player with Dolby Vision refurb £79.58 (Amazon Prime)
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Not sure what's happening with the Dolby Vision firmware (it was released, then withdrawn, then released again), but at the end of the day this is a 4K Blu Ray player for under £80… Read more

I bought one of these from Amazon Warehouse. Dreadful, loud drive noise, frequent pausing during disc playback. It went back. I imagine the models on Warehouse have been bounced from owner to owner. For the price it's worth a shot if you're willing to deal with having to send it back, but I really wouldn't place any bets on any of these pre-owned models being any good.




If you ask a question it makes you look stupid for 5 minutes – but if you don't ask – you stay stupid forever, so always ask questions in your life. :{


Sad to see the reviews. Hopefully better received 4K machines will arrive here soon.


I'm afraid, if someone asks a stupid question, they deserve a stupid answer.

LG 55UJ630V 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV (2017 Model) £476.32 @ Amazon add the blu ray player for just £3 extra!!!
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
LG 55UJ630V UHD TV gives you perfect harmony between IPS 4K display and HDR technologies generating highly rich and vibrant visuals. With enhanced multi HDR delivering lifelike pic… Read more
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That's a good deal you got... Unfortunately that deals now looks unavailable


Yeah - I got a refund off £121 odd after the passmyparcel return postage was deducted.


Any luck?


Did it work with Amazon? The refund?


Cool thanks. Mine should be delivered today. Was gonna put it on eBay too but interesting to see if this will work. Happy to take the £125 refund from Amazon. (y)

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LG UP970 4k Ultra HD Blu Ray Player £106.97 at Curry's instore
LocalLocalFound 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Blu ray/4k player. This was on clearance at Curry's in Kilmarnock. Unsure if it will be nationwide.
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tasker Worth a read Tbh for the price well worth a look


I only have 22mbs and have been streaming it OK too, but how do you know what resolution you are getting? The info I saw said you would only get full resolution if your connection was fast enough.


Could anyone please comment on the pro's and con's of this player, preferably from experience. I am not interested in the merits of digital download / streaming against physical media, not am I looking for information about the Xbox One with or without an S or an X. Can we stick to what the thread is aimed at please?


Dont know how on earth you store your discs but I have a thousand and have an invention called amaray cases round them The day a download has the pjcture quality, full bandwith sound quality and ability to put it in the player and press play instead of trying to watch a download on the archaic Internet we have ill stop buying discs.


Probably the worst supported UHD player on the market by the manufacturer , too many issues avoid at any price..

Panasonic  UB400 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player £149 @ Sainsbury's Melton Road, Leicester
LocalLocalFound 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Blu-Ray & DVD UHD Player. Found in Sainsburys, Melton Road, Leicester. Down from £240 to £149 including Fantastic Beasts Blu-Ray. ***************************** Upgrade your … Read more
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1 left in the shelf in the Leigh store. pretty sure it was was £100 though on clearance, been lots of electronics stuff on clearance in Sainsburys lately


I have this player and it's great. Much better Blu Ray quality than my PS4 Pro, the upscaling in this box is lovely. Also, the Netflix app does HDR which the app on my Panasonic tx-50cx802b telly won't do. Ultra HD disc quality obviously fantastic, but worth noting no Dolby Vision support if that sort of thing bothers you (which at this point in the tech it most likely won't).


Your 4k TV probably does already?


Correction has YouTube app it's the UB-300 which does not.


Just got this tv yesterday. So far impressed for the price. Backlight did need sorting out and motion settings but with bit tweaking I've got it more or less spot on. Won't be same as oled but for the price I can't complain. Just like any tv if you look for problems you'll find them, hard to find a perfect set.


I am sure that people will argue the toss about it. What I was referring to is that it has been a slow dropped in price considering how long it has been out there. I suspect that non-OLED TV's are about to drop sharply in the run-up to November as all those plants built in recent years to crack out OLED TV's will begin flooding the shops by Christmas. Don't forget, this gives you JL 5 year warranty so that is worth a premium in itself. Even so I feel that this should be £550 by now - just my thoughts on the matter. If you are thinking of buying I personally enjoy the image on this LG model. One that I found myself going back to look at time and time again.


Wow, that's a damn good figure for gaming purposes. Really good.


There is no 49" version of SJ850...


It's not everything about proper or not proper 10 bit panel at this price, there are other specs more important for some people . Did you see Samsung and LG running sise by side ? I bet not... £500 price tag ???

LG 55SJ850V £679 @ John Lewis With 5 year guarantee and a free LG BP350 Blu ray Player
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
John Lewis have added a free Blu-ray player when you buy this TV

Not even a 4k uhd player... Just offer more discount or similar off a 4k player..




What even all the ones that say blacks are not very good and cloudy?




Its an ips panel, 8 bits + FRC. Generally gets very good reviews.

Sony Bravia KD55XE7093BU 55" 4K HDR Smart TV (2017 exclusive model) - Black [Energy Class A+] + free blu ray player offer £538.97 @ Amazon
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
+ free bluray player offier 4K HDR - Immerse yourself in the brilliance of 4K HDRIncredible contrast, real-life colours and exce… Read more

Ordered! Heat added. Great deal.




whats the difference between the xe7093 and the xe9093?


I find it impossible to buy a TV without at least a 5 year warranty. If only amazon or the manufacturer did that :( (they used to)


The Blu-Ray player on offer is only 1080p

Panasonic UB400  4k Blu Ray player - £149 instore at Sainsburys (Poole)
LocalLocalFound 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Got this model and it's superb , great specs , good reviews & a free 4k movie Fantastic Beasts . Lowest price I've seen it . Found in Sainsburys Alder Hills Poole

Xbox One S is only £50 more and more versatile.


Good player for the money...

Panasonics DP-UB424EGK Ultra HD Blu-ray player £198.14  from
Shipping from DEShipping from GermanyFound 4th JunFound 4th Jun
German model of panasonics new DP-UB420 Bluray player which is sold by Currys for £50 more. Technical specifications for PANASONIC UB420 Smart 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray & DVD Player… Read more

Here's a link explaining what HDR10+ is


PS4 cannot play 4k Bluray Discs


This is the same model as the UB420 but with the German code. UK model is about £50 more than this so not a bad saving.


Doesn't play games but from what I read up about both the XBox one distorts the chrominance, not sure about the PS4 pro but I think it has the same mech as the standard PS4 and is limited by that.


Plays 4k discs.


Qled no thanks,blooming haloing,no dolby vision,55". Give up my friend you clearly know nothing about tvs,I wont reply again youre tediously boring and uneducated where tvs and panel technology is concerned, Have a good day ;)


I dont own a OLED TV for a start but Ok,can spend just as much on money on half step nonsense instead


I guess it's baboons and donkeys that buy TVs?


Obviously just another oled fanboy who doesn't actually know anything about image retention,hdr peak brightness,color gamut,limited lifespan.


I wasn't aware I told anyone they were crazy :/ :/

Sony KD49XF90 TV + x800 Blu-ray Player £1244.01 @ CoOp Electrical
Found 28th MayFound 28th May
I know the TV deal is mentioned elsewhere but add the blu ray player x800 and save a further £5. So you are getting the TV with 5 Year Guarantee & Blu-ray player for £1244.01 i… Read more

This is only 49" whereas the OLED is 55". Does this direct LED have its only LED for every single pixel? Very much doubt it. OLED does. Totally different league in my book.


Would be better if it was bundled with the X700 which is getting the Dolby Vision update (X800 isn't).


I don’t get how this is cold. It is a a top end direct led with Dolby Vision (updated last week). If you take away the equivalent cost of the (highly rated) 4K player, it is less than £1k - the 2017 49” model with slower processor has been getting hot at that price in the last couple of months.


Has the Dolby vision update rolled out yet?


This I Direct Led though. The LG is better in some ways better blacks but less backlight so not as bright, not so good on motion. It has better smart facilities though and of course OLED. This deal also gives you top drawer 4k player worth £275 and some people are concerned with oled screen burn. It is also 49 inch and some people can't go larger. I have one and very pleased with it and the player is great. It is also a 2018 model as against 2017

Sony Bravia 55" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED Android TV & UHD Blu Ray Player £1599 (6 Year Warranty) Delivered with code @ Richer Sounds
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Cheapest price around for this absolute beast of a TV from Sony. Not only are Richer Sounds offering a FREE UHD Blu Ray Player with this TV, use the code ' TV100RS ' and get £100 o… Read more

I am still not convinced with oled. Far too many articles / online vids about burn-in issues. I have done a lot of scouting around and reading over the past week and I still can't justify spending that kind of money and babysit what I and the kids watch on TV. That's my personal opinion.


Anyone who pays this for a non OLED is crazy!


Agree mate, i got the B7 at Xmas and it's amazing. No other standard 4k set I have seen comes anywhere near the picture quality of the OLED, that's why it won tv of the year 2017.


The price includes the x800 player so the price effectively becomes 1399. And to be honest for that price you can still (if you look around or wait) get the LG OLED.


This is the brand new XF90 and the highest price it'll ever be. Within a year it'll drop to the same £999 as the XE90 it's replacing. Definitely not a deal.

Panasonic DMP-UB300EB HDR10 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player £119 @ Peter tyson
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
For a cheap Ultra HD 4K Bluray player with HDR10 this seems like a cracker. No Dobly VIsion support but otherwise looks sound. Review… Read more
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Lots of discs incompatible though I've read on Xbox forums


Only 1 hdmi out on might be a problem for people without 4K amps.


I got the superior ub390 which is the ub400 without wi fi for £129.99 before Christmas. So this is cold too me. 10 quid more for superior model is no brainer. It's also ultra hd premium unlike the 300.


So you’re going off your own hunch and two articles you’ve ‘googled’ that are from a couple of years ago and yet the format is still going strong. The 4k library is consistently growing.


They did particularly well to get Blu-ray as the market leader over HD-DVD. Selling the hardware in the PS3 at less than cost was something that paid off at least

Dolby Vision 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-Ray Player - LG UP970  - £149.97 @ Amazon prime exclusive
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
Seem like a good clearance price following the new version release, also available at currys but hard to find stock. Supports Dolby vision as of Feb, so pairs well with a spanky n… Read more
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No I'm not. ;)


Haha I get the impression you're the sort of person that would argue an apple is an orange (lol) (lol)


So if you no longer prefer the Red on your Xbox then you have 'objectively' proven that they have changed it :p


No I meant it's subjective to my eyes - the whole colour thing was the reds we're off. I saw a comparison showing a parrot on planet earth on Opposite player v Xbox X - tbh I liked the red on the Xbox more!


I haven't seen it or an independent review hence 'Apparently'. It's not totally subjective, you can compare against a reference.

Samsung bd-j4500r blu ray player £13.75 instore at Asda Poole
LocalLocalFound 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Samsung Blu-ray player Was £55 Now £13.75 Model bd-j4500r

Managed to get the only one in Asda living Broughton cheers op (highfive)


checked 3 Nottingham superstores none have this model for sale :(


That is ridonkulous - I didn't realise region locking was still a thing. :/


Also it's locked to region 2, and none of the unlocking codes I've found work. The ridiculous thing is although locked, using a 'free' video converter (eg MKV) you can convert other region locked disks to MKVs which are perfectly playable!


None in Swindon (North)

Panasonic dmp ub400 for £139 (with £10 VIP voucher) from Richer Sounds (was £299)
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Under half price now with the voucher (just sign up for VIP and mention when ordering) for a quality 4K UHD Bluray Player. Add 6yr guarantee for only £13.85 and get the cost refund… Read more

Ordered today by phone and got it for £139 many thanks OP..


Many thanks

tiberious In depth review - should tell you all you need to know....


Got one of these last week from Richer Sounds and paid £149 (which is still a great deal) It also had a 4K physical copy of fantastic beasts with it (y)


Will this unit play 4k media on a USB drive such as the the latest 4K mkv container format ? (4k res for around 6-10Gb file size)

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