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Refurbished : Panasonic DP-UB320 4K Blu-ray Player £79 @ Panasonic Ebay
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
U.K. Panasonic EBay outlet This is a player not a recorder... good price for 4K Blu-ray player..

The PS4 cannot play 4k Blu-ray and this player can - I think that is the biggest benefit.


Good price, I think it’ll be a while before 8k is available here in the U.K.


Who is? (cheeky) Virgin are a good shout - but they refused to lay 13 miles of fibre to my house... So one of the Openreach supplied providers it is.


Don't feed the troll (popcorn)


Probably because not everyone can get the required bandwidth to stream 4K. Also, some people still like physical content.

Panasonic DP-UB320EB 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player for £109.65 Delivered w/c @ Ebay (HughesStore)
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Upgrade your 4K TV in one simple step with the DP-UB320 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player. 4K TVs are great but only really show their true potential with a pure 4K picture. The new UB320 is… Read more

I'd still argue the xbox S is the better option, certainly more future proof and is constantly updated by MS. Plus if you do upgrade you can still use it for other things and will be worth something


:( i just bought a OLED and i was looking at a cheap 4k player lol just spent £1300 on a TV cant afford a fancy $k player lmao. at the moment its either the zoom panasonic deal or a x box one s


No Dolby vision or hdr10+ right? I don't want to be 'that person' but the Xbox might be a better option, DV support and rumours that MS will update to support hdr10+ if it takes off. Image quality/ colour accuracy may be slightly worse on the Xbox, but then if you had something like a £2000 oled where the difference would be noticeable you wouldn't be looking at a £100 UHD player.


Read the small print. Or waste your money lol


Will this also play DVDs?

Panasonic Blu-Ray player with 5 Blu Ray movies £54.99 @
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
Expand your world of entertainment with our exclusive offer on a Panasonic Smart Network 2D Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player (DMP-BD84EB-K) and five Blu-ray discs to kick-start your collect… Read more

Or you can just use SIGNUP10 without actually signing up ;)


Better for £49.99 few days ago. Got mine, very pleased and films look quite good too. Bargain really at £70 plus I think. Also sign up to mailing list and get 10% off of dvds blu rays or other merchandise. Not this unfortunately. I paid more for an LG a few years ago . Never again, hardly any use and died.Quoted more to fix it then buy a new one. It was only just over 2 years old. Thus Panasonic seems better made, easier to use, generally a good buy. Thi Hope helps someone who is sitting on fence.


I smeared it over her glasses instead and turned it to black and white then she was happy


Everything else looks like lego because it is just a true representation of the source due to there being 4 times more pixels on a 4k screen when compared to a 1080p screen. On a 1080p screen things just don't appear as sharp. A workaround is by smearing vaseline over the 4k screen which would blur the pixels out and give the same visual effect as watching the same source on a 1080p screen. (lol) Only joking! But talking about Vaseline and televisions. Previously i had a light scratch on my lcd tv and it would refract the light pretty badly especially on plain light images. Rubbing Vaseline lightly into the scratches and buffing away the surrounding excess would fill them in and the scratches would no longer refract light and appear almost invisible!


It is when I don't want the film's with it. Far too busy working to be messing about selling films for a few quid

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REFURBISHED: Panasonic DMP-UB300 SMART 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray DVD Player Black £89.99 UK Panasonic Ebay Outlet
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
UK Panasonic Ebay Outlet Refurbished and last years model but still a good price for a 4K Ultra HD BluRay player..

I have a Xbox X and a Panasonic ub900. I think picture wise you lose a little detail and sharpness on the Xbox. The xbox is slow at loading movies and can is noisier. if you want to game to the Xbox is the better option. As a dedicated movie player this panasonic will be better


fair first point but can get plenty xbox's sub 150


Trouble is some people (me included) will never play any games on it. And an X'One costs at least £200?


Is this the "S" or "X" that was tested or do both perform equally with 4K media. The "S" only outputs 1080p in gaming mode so does it output 4K on UHD films?


It wasn't at launch, but it's perfectly fine now after Microsoft fixed up the software. This is a comparison to the UB900, way up the Panasonic range from this model: The only real big mark against it there is the RGB issue mentioned, which has also been fixed via a firmware update since that video was made. It's now a very decent UHD Blu-ray player that can certainly more than hold its own against something like this.

Panasonic UB420: Great 4K Blu-ray player with the new HDR10+ and streaming at Ebay Currys for £126.65
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Been waiting for a year now for a decent deal on a quality 4K player and this is the one I just bought. It’s the newest midrange Panasonic 4K player and the cheapest one in the ra… Read more

If using USB to playback files Ok your 4K video should play fine unless ripped in some weird format. The problem is audio pass-through (Bitstream) to your AV amp. If some your files have been ripped for HD audio such as Master Audio, True HD or Atmos your amp will produce no sound whatsoever. The player simply does not support this option which still remains a mystery. Maybe it's an anti piracy feature Panasonic has implemented which other manufacturers have not. The only solution is to select PCM from the audio settings and down mix everything back to basic 5.1 surround. A big disappointment if you have some 4K Atmos backup films you wish to playback from a memory storage of hard drive.


Don't forget you can only take advantage of Standard DTS or Dolby via optical, not full HD audio. I recently purchased the UB391 which is similar to this model (less the WiFi) however no joy with USB HD bitstream audio even after an update. This was very annoying as Panasonic assured me otherwise. Further investigations with Panasonic plus speaking to members of the AV forums confirmed all 4k models in their current range do not support USB HD audio. I have since returned my UB391 on the grounds I was misinformed. Shame as they are great 4k disk players just limited in the USB department. Older models may well support this feature. My older LG 1080p Bluray player certainly supports full HD bitstream audio via USB


Full disclosure, I'm just paraphrasing Steve Withers in his review of the UB9000 - an £800 plus player: "If a player is simply outputting what's on the disc over HDMI correctly, then one player should be the same as another." It's around 3/4 of the way down that article in Picture Performance. It does seem that some players give you more control over which colour space to use which may be useful in some specific circumstances i.e. with projectors etc. But for 99% of users I can't see it being a feature that gets used, and actually the higher end the TV set the less likely I'd have thought.


Sorry. I'm not very clever and don't follow. If I have a video file on a usb device (mkv/mp4/avi) of hd/4k quality, and plug it into this player (player wired for video direct to 4ktv and audio to reciever), will the audio and video play as expected? Thanks


I’ve read they do now allow it with the new firmware. Even on older models by updating the firmware. Anyway not gonna test that with mine cause I won’t be using usb, just optical and hdmi connections.

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LG UBK80 4k Ultra HD Blu Ray Player £129.99 @ Currys
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Been looking around to see what sort of prices these bits of kit go for and this seemed like a really good deal. According to Amazon, this plays 3d blu rays, but it doesn't mentio… Read more
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And the award for stupidest reason for a cold vote ever goes to........ you


Upscales Cold


Which one is this please?




I had a Panasonic UB391 and sent it back due to the fact Bitstream audio HD has purposely been disabled over the USB port. This is across the whole 4K Panasonic range. The LG UBK80 I believe does Bitstream everything audio wise via USB. Perhaps someone can confirm?

Panasonic: Blu-ray Player + 5 Blu-ray Bundle (Zoom Exclusive Hardware Bundle) (DMP-BD84EB-K) for £49.99 Delivered @ Zoom
Found 25th NovFound 25th Nov
Expand your world of entertainment with our exclusive offer on a Panasonic Smart Network 2D Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player (DMP-BD84EB-K) and five Blu-ray discs to kick-start your collect… Read more

Received today, to be honest was surprised it was on a Sunday. Just about to set it up so hopefully should be ok.


Received today. Haven't set it up yet but looks ok and all movies are present. Did have concerns but all seems good.


Not received yet, sent on Monday apparently.


I haven’t yet and I was wondering when.


Anybody received this yet?

SONY UBP-X800B Smart 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player - £239 Currys
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Excellent 4K Blu-ray player normally going for around £250. Only thing letting it down is no Dolby Vision.

No Dolby vision but only available on some TVs (it’s the whole Betamax vs VHS but with HDR10+ And Dolby Vision) Having seen Dolby vision on a TV in a home set up not in shops with fake images/ videos set up I did not see notice much difference between HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. Just note that this player is quite big and heavy compared to some of the newer 4K players.

Panasonic DP-UB391EBK 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player - Black £139 @ Amazon
Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
Down from £199. 4K Ultra HD native Blu-ray Disc Player Ultra HD Premium Certified HCX picture processor & 4K Direct Chroma Upscaling Twin HDMI terminals & High Clarit… Read more

Why would I ever bother again with manufacturers if I can have the replacement next day from Amazon? I don't even mind paying extra for the comfort and peace of mind :)


No dolby vision support.


Well in terms of the 4k player from Panasonic with locations in the uk and the same for other brands e.g. Sony, LG, Samsung etc.... if anything happens to those av items they would offer free collection and delivery for repair


Yes, that’s what manufacturers do. The best is the Monster, you need to pay for the postage to Netherland. Gigabyte even charge for sending the repaired item back to you (mad)


'Sending the item at your own cost' huh :/ you've been robbed So becuase its not Amazon you won't take the opportunity to get 5 4k movies for £20 (skeptical)

Samsung UBD-M7500 4K HDR Ultra HD Blu-ray Player £109.65 w/code @ cromptonandmoore ebay
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
True-to-life stunning 4K resolution Enjoy the incredibly life-like images with true 4K UHD playback. Plus, with the UHD Upscaling feature, all your lower definition content will au… Read more

Yep. I wasn't expecting to see much difference but the colours seem noticeably richer and fuller on the m7500 than xbox one s and that's without hdr (my tv doesn't have it). Its possible the m7500 simply does a better job of scaling hdr down to sdr for my non hdr tv or i have a setting wrong on the xbox but i have heard others say the colour balance is off on the xbox for 4k blurays too and this has been my experience as well. Pq on the xbox is not dreadful by any means but not great either considering a bottom of the range standalone 4k player beats it...


Hmmm.... really?


Just selling hype... 720p is starting to get old hat. 1080i is current for most HD TV broadcasting and 4K is only just beginning to get established. Taking also into account that most of our viewing is still watching TV in SD (as this offers the greatest channel selection) ,were a long way off from 8K. (skeptical)


Bitstream is really just audio pass through. This means the Blu-ray player shouldn't do any audio processing but simply pass the original Disc / USB sound codec straight to your amp. So theoretically this option should work for Atmos supporting amps.


4k is old hat. Saw an advert yesterday for the latest 8k at currys.

Panasonic UB391EB Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray Player and 5 UHD Movies £159.99 Pre-order @ Zoom
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Panasonic: Ultra HD Blu-ray Player (DP-UB391EB) + 5 UHDs (Zoom Exclusive Hardware Bundle) [UHD] Release Date: 09/11/2018 £159.99 PRE-ORDER Free Delivery… Read more
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This is now down to 129.99


I emailed them and they don't do 10% off this package as it's a multibuy promotion.


No YouTube app unfortunately (annoyed)


It outputs it via bitstream, as most if not all blu ray players will, including the Panny in this post.


As for Blu-ray players, Dolby says you don't need a brand new player to support Atmos, just as long as your player fully conforms to the latest specifications and can output a bitstream audio signal for your AV receiver to decode.

Panasonic: Smart Network Blu-ray Player + 5 Blu-rays @ Zoom £74.99 Delivered
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Thought this doesn't look like a bad price including 5 Blu-rays. Available for pre order, released 9th November. Probably can use the 10% new customer code as well. The compact an… Read more

Wish I had posted the 4K one instead, looking at the heat it got.


I love a good story as the nights draw in.


Still no harm in owning a 4k player or Xbox One S/X, they can output regular 1080P just fine too and when you eventually make the leap to a 4K TV, which is inevitable as 1080P sets will stopped being produced (I think they already have in larger screen sizes), it is one less thing to worry about upgrading. Don't see much value in spending close to an entry level 4K Bluray player on an ordinary Bluray player. To be fair if you were going to buy those five films anyway it becomes better value but that is quite unlikely for most...


Only the S (and X) can play 4K, which you're not going to get for under a hundred...


Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Personally i do not have a 4K television or any 4K discs. My entire collection is made up of Blu-ray and DVD's,

LG UP970 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-Ray Player (Used - Good) £69.88 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Amazon Warehouse/Fullfilled by Amazon: Finally picked up a 4K player could not resist at this price,got to be better than the Samsung 8500 which came out about the same.I went for … Read more

You did well considering that there is no mention of an hdmi cable in the box contents list.


Did anyone else not come with a hdmi cable? I just got a partial refund for 22 pounds cause mine didn't maybe worth getting in contact if you didn't


£69.88 in original packaging (shock)


That's what I did. No DV, but it's played every disc without fail and I have the bonus of more games to play (game pass is incredible value).


Yes. For many films HDR makes it like watching a new film. For some films it ends up being the only way the film should be watched as it gives you almost 100% of the directors intent. As for the box, Amazon warehouse has been excellent for me personally but I wander if in this case these are all the returns for noisy mechanism.

Panasonic: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player (DP-UB391EB), £99.99 at on 27th September (Pre-order)
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
Price currently showing as £199.01 pre-order but the image says 'Zoom day exclusive only £99.99 while stocks last' Their 'Zoom Day' is tomorrow 27th September

It’s £159


My order was dispatched on the 5th as listed on the Zoom day. Player turned up today (8th) via TNT Express 24 and packaged well. Will see how this baby performs in a few days.


cold not a recorder.


Ive always found the picture and sound quality to be better on a disc compared to streaming. I have large projection screen 120" and full surround system and it is definitely a noticeable improvement. Not sure how much difference it will make on anything smaller than a 65" screen though.


Whats difference playing discs on this compared to watching 4k on netflix

Panasonic Smart 3D Blu-ray Player with 4K Upscaling  £62 @ Sainsbury’s.  Code only works for new online customers
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Great bargain if you can avail first time customer discount

Use the code


Showing £80 again for me now.


Is picture quality any different from a ps4 or Xbox one?


i was under the impression that all blu-ray players were able to play 3d blu-ray discs am i wrong ?


It won't make toast either. Don't be mislead.

LG UBK80 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-ray Player - Black Amazon  £130
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
LG UBK80 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-ray Player - Black Amazon £130
£130£199.9935%Amazon Deals
4k uhd blu ray player
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Voted hot as it's the best price. Don't use your Xbox, gone a one s and a one X, the uhd is hit and miss, and the quality is just not the same. Get a decent one and the Blu-ray upscale to 4k is exceptional.


After the fiasco of the UP-970, just avoid.


just buy an xbox one s and get much more for just a few quid extra

Sony UBPX800 Black - 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player with Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth with free copy of Spiderman: Homecoming £274 (£254 with code SUN20) @ Co-op Electrical
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Sony UBPX800 Black - 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player with Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth with free copy of Spiderman: Homecoming £274 (£254 with code SUN20) @ Co-op Electrical
Take an extra £20 off when you spend £250 or more. Enter your membership number at the checkout and use promotional code SUN20. Offer ends 12pm on 24/08/18. Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra… Read more

Blu-rays and UHD Blu-rays are compressed as well, Blu-rays are about 10% the size of the original digital files. It's just that streamed content is usually much more compressed. Physical media will be the best option for most people if they want the best quality (and we get lossless audio as well). Evem if we got to the point where streaming matched physical media, not everyone has access to high-speed broadband to make use of it.


You have some good points, but 4k streaming all depends on person Internet bandwidth, you need minimum 15/20 megabits to get Netflix 4k and evan that is compressed. People buy 4k blu Ray players because its true 4k without compression, plus if your Internet is weak you only have the choice of 4k blu Ray discs


UHD Blu-ray Vs Streaming interesting info?:


That sucks. Mine gets lots of use and has never displayed those symptoms. I’m glad you got it sorted and have a working player and can enjoy all that 4K HDR goodness.


I did. Bought a budget LG player. A bit too basic to be honest, but at least it plays the discs without freezing! Looked it up on the internet. Freezing is quite a common problem apparently.

Samsung 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player UBD-M7500 with HDR Technology + FREE Star Wars: The Last Jedi UHD Blu-Ray Disc £114 @ BT Shop
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
Samsung 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player UBD-M7500 with HDR Technology + FREE Star Wars: The Last Jedi UHD Blu-Ray Disc £114 @ BT Shop
£114£12912%BT Shop Deals
Cheapest i can find this by around £15+, also part of the Samsung Promo you'll get a FREE Star Wars: The Last Jedi UHD Blu-Ray disc in the box. No codes needed and you'll get Fr… Read more
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Yes, my TV has ARC and currently do do that. However, I cant plug my virgin to my AVR as it loses picture once it detects a 4k signal.


Does your TV have ARC? if so you can use that as the connection to the AVR and it will send all audio through the AVR if not then you can use Optical that is fine but I think it only supports Dolby Digital so if you want ATMOS then you would need to use HDMI.


hi all, wondered if anyone can give any advice on my set up. I have: 4K TV Virgin Box (4K) Non 4k: AVR Xbox one Android box At present, I plug all my sources to the AVR and have one hdmi connecting AVR to TV. Because my AVR cant handle 4k, I plug the virgin box seperately. However, its a bit annoying to swap to TV sound and hdmi source everytime I wanna watch virgin. So, as Im slowly moving onto UHD, I was thinking of buying xbox S/X or a 4k bluray player. So, until I buy a 4K AVR, could I simply plug all my sources straight to the TV and have an optic cable from my TV to the AVR? Ive googled and some say yes but some say optic cable can only provide a level of quality sound.


Read some reviews on this, LG UBK90 4K Ultra HD HDR Dolby Vision Blu-Ray Player in Black, quite a bit dearer than the Samsung but probably worth it. I have the 55B7V(absolutely superb) and after LOTS of deliberation this is the 4K player that I am going for.


I have LG OLED too. Which UHD 4K player would be best?

LG UP970 UHD 4K Blu Ray player with Dolby Vision refurb £79.58 (Amazon Prime)
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
LG UP970 UHD 4K Blu Ray player with Dolby Vision refurb £79.58 (Amazon Prime)
Not sure what's happening with the Dolby Vision firmware (it was released, then withdrawn, then released again), but at the end of the day this is a 4K Blu Ray player for under £80… Read more

I bought one of these from Amazon Warehouse. Dreadful, loud drive noise, frequent pausing during disc playback. It went back. I imagine the models on Warehouse have been bounced from owner to owner. For the price it's worth a shot if you're willing to deal with having to send it back, but I really wouldn't place any bets on any of these pre-owned models being any good.




If you ask a question it makes you look stupid for 5 minutes – but if you don't ask – you stay stupid forever, so always ask questions in your life. :{


Sad to see the reviews. Hopefully better received 4K machines will arrive here soon.


I'm afraid, if someone asks a stupid question, they deserve a stupid answer.

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