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Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the most impressive games to appear on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. Allowing gamers to take control of Aloy, a human battling against a world of violent machines, this post-apocalyptic title has created a huge buzz and all the best deals for the game can be found at the Horizon: Zero Dawn HotUKDeals listings. Read more
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PS4 £7.99 at CDKeys - US and Canada PSN accounts
Found 17th DecFound 17th Dec
NOTE: Only works with US and Canadian accounts. On clicking through to CDKeys you will note the thumbail used on their site is for the Standard Edition, however the code issued wi… Read more
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Bought! Thanks Joey! That’s a lot of game for the £7.99! I can also confirm that it’s the complete edition despite the CD Keys game artwork indicating the opposite


Times like this I wish I still had a ps4. Missed out playing this.


Yeah. You can delete and download as many times as you want. There's no time expiration or window.


If you need space at a later date, does can you download again in the future?


Wow! That's loads of gigabytes innit?

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PS4 £9.99 at CDKeys - US and Canada PSN accounts
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
NOTE: Only works with US and Canadian PSN accounts. Reposted as deal still available at £9.99. On clicking through to CDKeys you will note the thumbail used on their site is for … Read more
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No sorry it’s £9.99


Can you still get for £6.99?


Thanks for posting, grabbed it at £6.99 :) Was gonna pay around £20 for it last week


I don't think this game has any online features anyway so PS+ isn't needed at all :) I got multiple games off US store and play on my UK account.


Once you’ve downloaded the game from the US account, you will be able to play it from your UK account no problem.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PS4 £6.99 from CDKeys - US and Canadian PSN accounts
Refreshed 11th DecRefreshed 11th Dec
Update - post amended as CDKeys have increased price to £9.99 NOTE: Only works with US and Canadian PSN accounts. On clicking through to CDKeys you will note the thumbail used on… Read more
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Yes mate, only it's £9.99 now.


Glad it worked out for you!


They basically bumped the price from £6.99 to £7.99 to £9.99 over the course of the day.


Was it a pricing mistake or just a first come first serve sale? Nice work by the way Joey. If it’s Hot Deals USA it’s okay, but if it’s Hot Deals Indonesia its something else (annoyed)


Well just different games. Division many people dont like. Destiny 2 many people dont like. But Forsaken has changed everything. My friends have started playing destiny 2 after forsaken. Give that a go.

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Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 £9.29 from CDKeys - US and Canadian PSN accounts
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
NOTE: Only works with US and Canadian PSN accounts. If you’re new to PS4 or don’t know how to go about buying games from the US/Canadian PSN stores or setting up accounts on those… Read more
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This is a marvellous game, totally earned it's right to be called 2017 GOTY. If you're playing this on a PS4 Pro on a 4K HDR enabled display, prepare to be blown away. Some of the best lighting and character textures I've ever seen in a videogame. This was taken by me on my Pro. Look at them lighting and shadow details!


Keep in mind that saves are not compatible between US and EU versions. Trophies are OK though.


Really good price... Was lucky enough to be in US over Thanksgiving and manage to get complete edition from GameStop for $9.99 in Black Friday sale. Excellent game


Good price. For those wanting it on a disc, it's only £12 second hand at CEX.

Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4-used, £12.95 at Musicmagpie
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
10% off at checkout.

£10.70 brilliant thanks !


One of the best games I have played, A lot of bang for your your buck at this price, I've never played the DLC though. Not sure I could do the whole game AGAIN as don't have the time. This is a hard game but once you get into it, It's amazing. I mean one of those games like is a must play , like God of war, or last of us. Stick with it ;)


You should consider sticking with it. The game is pretty hard at the beginning of the game (even when playing on the easier difficulty settings) After a few hours when you've gained some skills and better gear, it's much easier. I gave up a couple hours in shortly after it released, tried it again a few months ago and I've put about 50 hours in. Definitely my favourite PlayStation exclusive.


Too hard for me, mine is up for sale after buying on a recommendation


Brilliant game, still got to play the dlc yet but I've played though the base game 2 times over.

Assassins Creed Origins (Xbox One) £11.99 / Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) £10.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Assassins Creed Origins (Xbox One) £11.99 A Way Out (Xbox One) £16.99 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4) £10.99 Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) £10.99 Star Wars Battlefront 2 (P… Read more

Picked up Origins and Uncharted. Cheers op (y)


Cold! OOS! Wild Goose Chase!


They've all sold out with the exception of A Way Out which is now £15 at CEX.

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Horizon zero dawn PS4 £9.29  CDKeys. For US and Canadian accounts only
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Not bad for digital but only for us/ca accounts
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I can't for the love of got enjoy this game for some reason... Its so boring and slow... I kept trying and invested hours but just can't seem to enjoy it and I love these type of games.


This x 100.


Ah I may of mixed it up with uc4. Been a while since I played horizon. But it was a beautiful looking game.


Incorrect. Horizon runs at full 2160p with checkerboard rendering. It's actually almost impossible to tell the difference between native 4K unless you're using special technology to pixel count. The HDR in this game is also best in class. One of the best looking games this gen along with God of War and RDR2 IMO.


Yes I have the PS4 pro. It’s PS4 Enhanced But you need a us pan account to add it

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PS4 New and Sealed for £19.54 Delivered @ Ebay kingtiger1945
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Features Horizon Zero Dawn and the frozen wilds expansion. In an era where machines roam the land and mankind is no longer the dominant species, a young hunter named Aloy embar… Read more

It was cheaper on psn during black Friday, still heat added 🔥


oH ..Yes like a honey from a spoon ..lol (lol)


It's coming down.... It's coming down

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 £17.99 at Zavvi.com
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
£17.99 with free delivery.
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Yeah i had the same problem reading reviews. Owned my ps4 since the last black friday so headsets might have moved on since then. Im pretty sure there wasnt a wireless hyperx one back then like there is now. The one i got was quality and still love it now. Im sure you will be happy with whichever hyperx headset you choose


I've been drawn to the hyperx revolver s..I will have a Google of the stinger... there's just so many and all have screeming hot reviews and pure hate reviews. Just getting real human thoughts would push me In the right direction


When i was shopping for my first headset i was watching evo matches on youtube when i noticed a lot of players were wearing the same one. After some google investigating i found out it was the hyperx cloud stinger and got one. I love this headset, it is really comfortable, great sound and pretty decent price too (although it did go on sale shortly after i bought it but nevermind). The mic seems ok when ive used it. It plugged straight into the ps4 controller but included an adapter for the xbox one so i could use it on both consoles. Hope this helps


Yeah this dlc is definitely worth getting


Ah ok cheers for getting back me. Mr dj. I play multiplayer a good bit so a mic is needed for me

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition (PS4) £20.99 Base.com
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Good price for physical copy.

Get the Shield Weaver Armour ASAP.


I grabbed this from Indonesia the other day with the intention of it being my 'play over Xmas' game. Played the obligatory tutorial/first few missions as I do every game and next thing I know Im at the last mission and 86% completion. Just could not put it down.


Excellent! I havent known for them to do that before but it makes so much sense (essentially it might stop some people buying this version!) Good find (y)


My save was compatible. Are save games from Horizon Zero Dawn compatible with Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition? Save games from Horizon Zero Dawn are compatible with Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, but only if both games are from the same region. The exception is Latin America – save games from the Latin American edition of Horizon Zero Dawn are not guaranteed to be compatible with Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition in every Latin American country. Below is a list of title IDs for the standard edition of Horizon Zero Dawn and the corresponding compatible title ID for Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, broken down by region. You can find the title ID on the disc or on the side of the packaging; it starts with ‘CUSA’ followed by five numbers. Europe: Standard Edition: CUSA01021 > Complete Edition: CUSA10211 Standard Edition: CUSA07319 > Complete Edition: CUSA10212 Standard Edition: CUSA07320 > Complete Edition: CUSA10213 Asia: Standard Edition: CUSA05682 (manufacturing ID: PCAS-02043, PCKS-92029, PCAS-02050, PCKS-92033) > Complete Edition: CUSA10218 (manufacturing ID: PCAS-05046 / PCKS-10029) Japan: Standard Edition: CUSA05661 (manufacturing ID: PCJS53022 or PCJS53019) > Complete Edition: CUSA10234 (manufacturing ID: PCJS66013) America: Standard Edition: CUSA01967 > Complete Edition: CUSA10237 Standard Edition: CUSA07326 > Complete Edition: CUSA10237* (*Latin American title ID. May not work in every country.) https://www.guerrilla-games.com/play/horizon/faq


I think as the title id is different it wont but I havent tried.. Standard Edition CUSA01021 / Complete Edition CUSA10211

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 £6.77 OR Complete Edition £8.66 at PlayStation PSN Store Indonesia
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
You will need to use the 2 day trick to purchase at these prices - simply attempt a file upload to PS+ from an Indonesian account and it should offer you a 2 day trial, if you have… Read more
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I suppose you got a point, it's a minimum 15 years in gaol for giving a Jekyll address to a Sony robot (skeptical)


Unless you live there then it's fraud. You would be using an address that wouldn't be yours for financial gain.


Absolutely, it’s really not that difficult to achieve, legitimately.


I was talking to the poster above me. Regardless it's not a wise move to post deals that require you to commit fraud by telling them to Google a foreign address. I suppose you also have a legitimate address in the US and Turkey too as well as Indonesia?


Yes I do, actually.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition @Monstershop £19.99
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
in an era where machines roam the land and mankind is no longer the dominant species, a young hunter named Aloy embarks on a journey to discover her destiny. Explore a vibrant … Read more
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(excited) (excited) (excited) Get a new Hard Drive


Running out of HD space so got this. Thx


Amazing game. Arguably one of the best and most interesting games of the last few days. 100% recommend


Yeah same here or 15 for uk digital would be nice XD


Good deal but I'm waiting for the hard copy to go down to 10

[PS4] Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition (Digital Code) - £7.81 - Amazon Prime (US)
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Couple of things you will need for this, but I think it's worth the minimal effort for the fantastic price. The offer is open to Prime members, which is easily solved with a free … Read more
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is there any way at all to carry over a game save for UK Base Disc version to this? Im 50 hours deep on base. Wondering if it's not possibe if it would be worth completing the base game then using this version for the DLC?


Its out of stock https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/horizon-zero-dawn-ps4-677-or-complete-edition-866-at-playstation-psn-store-indonesia-3118572 Heres another deal for only a quid more if you havent seen it already :D


Hi, I've tried following a guide but I'm stuck, I have it set to an American address? Little help please lol


It will be this price again. Maybe not soon but after Ive finished my backlog of about 10 AAA games it will be this price again (popcorn)


If you mean donkey say donkey whilst if you mean arse say arse, seeing we're from the little old UK I am a passionate advocate of us speaking British English rather than the dinlow septic tank variety. If you want to sound like Donald Trump please have the courtesy to do it with someone else, thank you.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition (PS4) @ TGC - £19.85
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
I believe this is the cheapest yet! Horizon: Zero Dawn - Complete Edition includes: Horizon: Zero Dawn Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Horizon Zero Dawn is an exhi… Read more

now showing as £23.95?


Might be my game of the generation...but god of war...heat op


Utter bore fest, decent price though!


You can't play the DLC without the original disc. So no, it's not standalone like say Left behind was for The Last of Us.


It's not standalone in the sense that you don't need the original disc a la assassins creed freedom cry though is it? I bought the game when it had just came out and platinumed it very quickly to sell it on before it depreciated in value so I'm only wanting to play the DLC

[PS4] Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition - £20.99 - Amazon
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Amazon have pulled through on the price match. Added benefit of delivery, it's over £20 so even for non-Prime members :) Credit to @Just.Wondering for the Argos deal (y) (J… Read more
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I think the deal has changed to £27 unless it's a prime only deal


Circa £9 from PSN Indonesia if you’re a digital region hopper.


My 2017 GOTY. Outstanding game with superb visuals, great gameplay, an original open world with unique enemies and story and a fantastic soundtrack. It was a bit of a slow burner to begin with and after a couple of hours I almost gave up on it. But after a certain event took place I was hooked. Brilliant, brilliant game. The included DLC doesn't add much from a story perspective but adds a whole new area to explore and offers more of the same if you enjoyed the main game. Highly recommended, especially at this price.


Brilliant game.


Cold.... in in my house. Turn the heating on! as for the deal.... hot.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Complete Edition [PS4] £19.99 @ Smyths
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Bit cheaper than Argos with free delivery to account holders. (y)

Thanks very much Thanks very much


The expansion is really good and not more of the same, you will meet a new tribe, currencies and new enemies. You also will need to fully level up as this is end game content. In terms of size it's around 1/3 of the original game In terms of playtime . I wouldn't go out of my way to get it if already played some time back, but if you buying for the first time then definitely get the DLC.


Loved this game, but are the expansion packs worth it? I completed the game and sold it before they were released


Ordered last one in my local store. Thanks OP


Brilliant game!! Picked it up earlier in the year for this price and actually still playing it now. Just under 40% complete and still go much to get through. Love games like this that offer large expansive world's with so much content to explore. Highly recommend.

Horizon zero dawn complete edition includes DLC price changes to £20.99 at checkout at Argos
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Horizon zero dawn the complete edition, excellent game, a real classic. Price changes to £20.99 when you add the game to your basket and goto the checkout.
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I’ve been using a combination of both. The Indonesia method is a breeze once it’s set up. If I fancy something from there, all I have to do is fire the GBP equivalent on my Revolut (takes seconds) and I’m good to go. Red Dead Redemption 2 at £31-32 was enough to sway many. With the other method, I tend to top up maybe twice a month. I feel like that credit is more precious. God of War Deluxe at £24.99 (c£12.50) will do nicely (popcorn)


With 12 months of PS+ being c£15 at Indonesia, it almost makes sense to go for that in the long term. You could recover the initial outlay with just a few purchases, you’d still have a year of sales to peruse at your leisure, and they sometimes get different ‘free’ monthly games.


Good question actually. I had no ps plus on any of my accounts. Since I wanted to buy both Horizon GOTY and Crash Bandicoot it paid off to buy 1 month Indonesian sub to save on ps plus discount. I already used 48h trick and couldn't be bothered to open new account


Might be a bit too much trouble / hassle for some people, but not a bad option. personally I much prefer the o2 topup method for 50 percent off of all games on the UK psn store at all times....


You need: - Indonesian account - Revolut virtual Visa (or similar; or you can just buy Indonesian credit) - Free 2-day PS+ trial The recent 10% discount code has expired, so might be more like £9 than £8. I did this the other day and picked up HZD Complete, Burnout Paradise and Diablo Eternal Collection for £27.21. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/black-friday-sale-at-psn-store-indonesia-god-of-war-1649-detroit-1979-hzd-9-farcry-5-1960-crash-bandicoot-nsane-trilogy-911-310545

Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4, used, £10.79 at musicmagpie
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
FREE Delivery

I'll still playing and feel like I'm only half way but I've nearly maxed out my levelling. Yet to do the dlc, not sure where to fit it in


Awesome game. Wouldn't advise the dlc if you've already put in lots of hours



Isn't it $15 on the us playstation store and it's the complete edition too


Amazing game, it's up there with the last of us, God of war, uncharted, spiderman etc I enjoy it so much it was the only thing I played for weeks

30% off Pre-owned Games @ Game e.g Horizon Zero Dawn £13.99 / BF1 £5.59 / Call of Duty: IW LE £3.49 / Assassin's Creed: Origins £13.99 +more
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Some tasty prices in there, hit link and goes to all on various formats + free delivery. Selected games - Also includes phones & tablets Offer ends 19th Nov 2018 Use code a… Read more

Cold vote from me, 2nd hand games seem massively over priced...


As expected, nothing Nintendo switch lol


Have there been any leaks into what games will be reduced on Friday?


Was same price brand new some months ago.


It's for people with 'no brains' save the 3.50 and buy yourself a nice coffee (highfive)

[All Preowned] (Xbox One) Forza Horizon 3 £9.26 / (PS4) Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition £18.01 / (PS4) No Man's Sky £8.58 @ Music Magpie
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
I noticed that the 10% automatic discount has now changed to 15%! Here are a few MM bargains. As usual free delivery applies in the price. Not many in stock for each so be quick! D… Read more
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It was released in August 2016 on PS4 and July 2018 on Xbox One.


HZD has jumped to £24.50 when added to basket


The Xbox One release is only recent, while it's been out for a couple of years on PS4.


Why is no mans sky cheaper on ps4 than xbox one? Still going for 30+ on most sites but dirt cheap for ps4. Really want it too :(


Yeah after an update it says there's Online modes available like Freeroam. Some of the 'races' are a bit rubbish like car tag, but when it's a race it's quite good.

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