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FIFA has become a worldwide gaming phenomenon. Even the world's greatest footballers have become hooked on its blend of photorealistic graphics, complex skills and immediate playability. There is a wide range of different editions of FIFA across Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and great deals on all of them can be found at hotukdeals. Read more
[Xbox One] Fifa 20 - £12.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 20 h, 32 m agoPosted 20 h, 32 m ago
Powered by Frostbite, EA SPORTS FIFA 20 brings two sides of The World’s Game to life - the prestige of the professional stage and an all-new authentic street football experience i… Read more
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Yea sorry, that's Gamepass..... whoops (y)


16 was my favourite, and it's on EA access.


Red dead 2 isn't on EA Access


They have their own hub, but works the same. As long as you are a member you can play the games. Got my membership for £16 from CDKeys


I started to play the hunter thing then got bored. Fancied the one where you develop the players etc over seasons.

FIFA 20 PC (EN) - £12.99 at CD Keys
Posted 22 h, 15 m agoPosted 22 h, 15 m ago
looks like the cheapest price to buy if you don't have EA Access. In FIFA 20, AI-controlled players now have a deeper understanding of the game. Time, space, and even position o… Read more

With mods, this is actually a good game


I would just get it on EA Access. FIFA is currently free on there. Gamivo £2.50 pm for EA Access, at least 5 months worth of gaming (enough time for fifa 21) and all the other games you can get as well on EA Access for the same price. :)

PS4 - FIFA 20 £21.99 at Smyths Toys
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Seems to be the cheapest around atm. Not bad considering CEX offer £21 voucher for a used copy?

It would normally be a fair price for a popular ~ 9 month old AAA game, granted but when you can play it along with several dozen other titles, for a lower price, it's no wonder a lot of people think it's not a hot deal.


It's the same as every other fifa. Just get last years for a quid


Don't get why this is cold. Plus not everyone wants another subscription service. I think it's a pretty good offer.


Note this was recently added to EA Access which is £20 a year.

FIFA 20 (Xbox One) £13.99 @ CDKeys
Refreshed 27th MayRefreshed 27th May
Update 2
Update - price drop from £14.49 to £13.99 on 27/05
Good price :) In FIFA 20, AI-controlled players now have a deeper understanding of the game. Time, space, and even position on the pitch are continually analyzed and calculate… Read more
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Probably got mixed up with Origin Access Premier, which is £14.99 a month. Origin Access


It looks like EA Access is £20 for 12 months on PSN.


Remember this post and the confident way it states its nonsense next time you feel like taking anything you read online for granted.


Any PS4 EA access/FIFA deals?


Not sure where you get info from but you can get 12 month access for £16.85 @

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FIFA 20 - XBOX One (UK) - Instant Download £17.99 at CDKeys
154° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
I've seen there have been a few FIFA 20 deals floating about recently, found this one this morning. Apologies if it's already been posted, couldn't see it anywhere.

anyone point me out to where i can buy PC FIFA 20 PHYSICAL EDITION ?


Get EA Access for £6.84(12 months) using Argentinian VPN and Xbox Gift card


Lol at this getting hot


Yep, the other day I bought EA access for £15.99 and sold my physical copy of fifa for £20. Winner


Just get EA Access as said by everyone else above. This will be a fiver in 6 months.

Fifa 20 Xbox One / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One PC Now On EA Access
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Finally the time has come, Fifa 20 is now on Ea Access
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Is this like a Netflix account? In the sense that I can log in from another device and carry on playing a game? I have PS4 in my lounge and Xbox1 in my bedroom. So if I play ultimate team on Ps4 it will carry on with the same save on my xbox?


Hey guys, are you guys aware if you still receive 1000 coins on apex legends for being a ea access member? Free trial etc


iM searching it from the collection point of view


Just don't buy Fifa 20... been playing player career mode and it's awful lol.

FIFA 20 PC £14.99 at CDKeys
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
FIFA 20 on Pc, instant download from CD Keys. Cheapest I've seen it for the pc.

Keeps moving, lowest I saw it up until this deal was £19.99


Strangely increased to £15.99 now (skeptical) Still a great price (y)


I've already bought it, already playing it. Same with numerous games


Worst customer service of any company I have dealt with - beware!!!


Never had a problem with them, ordered loads. Maybe you did it wrong

FIFA 20 Hard Copy & 6 Months Free Spotify £29.99 @ Currys PC World
-205° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Cheapest hard copy and also 6 months Spotify which is normally 9.99 a month. Available on PS4 & XBOX

Expired now


Is this still available, can’t find it on PSN store


Buy fifa 18 for a quid it's the same game


Cold as its £16 on PSN store


Now, what cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

FIFA 20 (Xbox One) £16.99 @ CDKeys
392° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
In FIFA 20, AI-controlled players now have a deeper understanding of the game. Time, space, and even position on the pitch are continually analyzed and calculated. Prepare for mor… Read more
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Anyone selling a key?


getting payment errors with the website constantly :-(


I will have it buddy


Still have a key for sale, £15


EDIT: Key sold to Marco8YNWA

FIFA 20 Xbox One £16.17 @ Xbox Store US
90° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
On sale for $17.99 to Gold members. You will need to purchase the applicable amount ($20) in USD Xbox gift cards, these can be purchased from various online key stores e.g. the cur… Read more

Paid add on coming soon I’ve heard 😝


For what it's worth you don't need to use a VPN with the US store.


well i never saw that haha, my bad, maybe i need a coffee (shock)


It's £17.99 for the UK version. I'd rather pay a couple of £ more than mess around with gift cards and VPN.


Can you remove the crowd in this version, play behind closed doors? :-/

FIFA 20 Xbox Brazil Digital Store for £10.40 (Read Desc.) at Microsoft (XBOX LIVE GOLD REQUIRED)
201° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
1) Buy your specific region credit from seaGM, have your 25 digit codes on hand. 2) Go to the relevant digital storefront from the Links above (Brazil ) 3) Go to purchase the game,… Read more
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I just missed that, bought 3 codes from various places and all got refunded (fierce)


When buying off the ms store don’t you need to be signed into your account or are you buying a code?


I struggled with my Brazilian GPU code, turned out all I needed to do was let my current sub expire, then set Xbox region to Brazil and redeem it, no VPN needed, then switched region back to UK. Have you tried this? I also bought this game and it worked fine, same process (switch machine to Brazil).


No VPN needed. Just buy some cards at seaGM (I just had to buy 3 * 29 cards as the 50s are out of stock.) and then buy off the Brazil store following the link above. I did have to put in a Brazilian address in the midst of pasting in my codes, but all it checked for was a real post code (eg 11669-302) and job done.


As it happens £17 ish from ms

[Xbox One] FIFA 20 - £17.99 with Gold @ Microsoft Store
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Powered by Frostbite, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC brings two sides of The World’s Game to life - the prestige of the professional stage and an all-ne… Read more
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The bugs, poor servers and DDA is worse than ever. Check the unpaid user reviews.


I haven’t played FIFA since no 17. Worth getting ?


anyone for a game of swos? :)


£19 for one year access. And you’ll get a big pile of EA games. This game will cost 19p in a year...


Last I bought was 18, played the demo of this and there was no way on Earth I was buying it, decent price though. New one will be out at the end of the year fingers crossed it’s better!

FIFA 20 [PS4] - £16.79 @ Playstation PSN
1897° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Seems a good price Powered by Frostbite™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 for PlayStation®4 brings two sides of The World’s Game to life - the prestige of the professional stage and an all-new… Read more

;) You did


Called it :{


Showing as £17.99 on my Xbox live account!


I would not buy this game now or ever. You have to fight the script to play and if you want to play FUT you will have absolutely no chance at this stage for a competitive team before the release of the next game. High ranked players drop ranks to pray on the easier teams so there is no balance and if someone scores against you in the first few minutes and then decides to quit the game you get the loss.. lol.


make sure drives usb 3 I know Xbox can be fussy depending on size

Fifa 20 PC DEAL £21.99 @ Origin
-89° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Fifa 20 for the pc
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Don't buy the pc version it's filled with hackers


Cheaper on CD keys.

Fifa 20 ps4 £20 US PSN store
-191° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Apologies if this has already been posted, I couldn't find it. This is £59.99 on the UK PS store Fifa 20 for $23.99 - works out just under £20 Buy a $25 PSN card… Read more

This is back up to $59.99 today, just as CD Keys got their $25 cards in. :{ :(


No tax if you registered your US account in a tax free can thank me


If you don't mind me asking, how can I buy it in the UK? Thanks


there's tax on this! which makes it more than 25 dollars required! don't buy!

Winning Moves FIFA World Cup Monopoly Board Game £12.39 delivered @ GamesEdge / eBay
638° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
It's football; it's Monopoly and it's cheap. Hat-trick. Back of the net. Celebrate the sporting event of the year with this special 2018 FIFA World Cup MONOPOLY edition. The FIFA W… Read more

Agreed. Good fun too for footy fans and monopoly fans. Good price.


Ordered thanks. Nice present and keeps the children away from the devices


Fifa and financial management go together like, what, hand in glove? Fingers in pies? Instead of properties, it should be people or football associations that you "buy" or bribe and all the notes should actually be millions.


Waiting for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics edition to go cheap .....


Can you imagine the Chance cards? "You should go directly to jail, collect $5,000,000 in bribes instead"

SONY PlayStation 4 Pro with FIFA 20 - 1 TB £349 @ Currys
-353° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Not a deal per se (unless, you value the free 6 month Spotify premium subscription for new premium accounts only) but it's back in stock. Both of those points appealed to me so I w… Read more

Maybe I'd be able to get a few bob for my ancient xbox 360 :D .


You're right here. I was selling a PS4 500gb on facebook, it was unused and had it listed for £175 and it went for £250 in the end ! People chewing my arm off.


I had it on eBay as well with two people watching it when I ended the listing. What with the ridiculous charges they subject you to, I had it at a silly price to make sure I broke even.


Cheers, I'm not on FB and I live in a smallish town so gumtree might not work either. Thanks I'll survey my options.


Sold in through Facebook. Told my son if i could sell your stuff without making a loss, I’ll get the PS4 Pro. The guy who bought it needed something to keep his son entertained and it was sold out everywhere else.

FIFA 20 for £10 when you buy an Xbox Elite Wireless 2 Controller £169.99 at Microsoft (Microsoft Store)
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
New Elite Series 2 controller is £159.99 but you can get FIFA 20 for only £10 when you buy it.
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At the minute no, but that's to be expected. Looking for something non essential to buy during a quarantine probably isnt the smartest time though, prices will be higher than normal where stock exists. Keep your eye on 365games though, its price is currently under 150 but oos


Can you find one place selling this controller for under £150? I’m trying to find one to buy


An extra £10? Should be free with the controller at the very least. Most places selling the controller for under £150.


How in hell is this a good deal, paying that for a bl..dy controller is a rip off. I don't care how good they are.


Must be an idiot to buy this (lol) (lol) Its like buying a house for 100k and getting a sofa for 150k (lol)

Playstation 4 Pro Fifa 20 Bundle + The Division 2 + Doom Eternal + Now TV £296.98 Delivered @ Game
1339° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Play the greatest games and PS4 exclusives. take your adventures online with PS Plus and stream or download TV shows and movies from Netflix, PlayStation Store or wherever you get … Read more
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No worries. I didn't actually send mine to the scourge and sold locally. Less money, felt better though. For me, totally work it to replace my launch model Pro which has already been back to Sony once.


Thanks again OP for this deal and @fozzeh for letting me know this was available. On Monday I was paid £314 cash for my old chassis model PS4 Pro from 2018. I paid £13 to send via Collect+ fully insured for £300, so all in all, I have upgraded to the super quiet 7216 Pro, sold all the games and the NOW TV to make approx £90-95 profit with the upgrade. Weirdly my Division 2 was a reseal, it was not factory sealed by Sony. Amazing!!


At the moment second hand market is too expensive. Better buying new if you can find a deal. Try game they have still got decent bundled at the 500gb size.


Yes I don’t understand why ps costs so much more. I only went ps route as friends have but Xbox seems a better route


Longtime xbox man last PlayStation was a ps2. Now feel an urge to play all the playstation exclusives and vr. The price of a PS4 seems high I can't find anything under £250. I'm sure the equivalent xbox is less than £200 quite often and the digital only version has been as cheap as £130. I will probably go down the second hand ebay or gumtree route.

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