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The PS4 Pro is the latest model in Sony’s hugely successful PlayStation series of gaming consoles, and it’s one of the most powerful systems around. Capable of HD graphics, with faster download speeds and extra hard disk capacity, the PS4 Pro is a big step forward and gaming fans can find all of the latest PS4 Pro discounts at HotUKDeals. Read more
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB with FIFA 19 Bundle - Black - £314.10 @ AO eBay
Found 23 h, 37 m agoFound 23 h, 37 m ago
Enjoy endless entertainment with this PlayStation 4 Pro. It has double the graphics power of a PlayStation 4 so images are super-sharp, for breath-taking landscapes and brilliantly… Read more

Good price but I’d hold on a bit for a better deal next month?!


Me too,I know it’s getting one in Japan


Thought the pro was getting an official price drop soon?

seantaylor6627 do I bite,or hold out for better?

PS4 Pro 1TB + Marvel Spiderman £315 @ Shopto eBay (using code)
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Excellent price for the console and a game currently retailing for > £40.

Jeez so what if he is wrong? I suspect there will be some better deals around come BF, this is just an opportunistic code deal anyway. I got my Pro from Currys (with Barclays cashback and after selling the games that came with it) for around £200 last summer and there hasn't been anything like it since


I played GOW at 4K for over a hour and no issues with fan noise. PS4 Pro is over year old.


Bought with my discount. Paid £282. Great. I hope it wont be cheaper haha joking :)


Then we all die from a terrible diaster.


Reading what you guys are saying about fan noise i think i will hold off until the CUH-7216B RDR2 bundle spec console gets reviewed.

PS4 ‘Batman: Return to Arkham’ Remastered [Arkham Asylum & Arkham City] £34.99 reduced to £12.99
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Return to Arkham and experience two of the most critically acclaimed titles of the last generation - Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, with fully remastered and update… Read more
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My Sainsbury's has one shelf max for PS4 and I've only seen wolfenstein on offer. They appear to only stock the chart title's and they don't get reduced.


I did buy second hand on ebay for 10.40 ;) voting cold


City is better than Asylum in every single way. I played City first... moving on to Asylum was a massive downgrade and so frustrating I almost gave up on it half way through.


I have these on PS3 but never played them. Is the price worth the remaster?


I wasn't a big fan of City but heard Asylum was the best if the series.

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PS4 ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Premium Edition. £79.99 reduced to £14.99 @ PSN
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Includes the main game and the season pass, delivering regular new DLC for the first 6 months of the games release. In the explosive finale to the Arkham series, The Scarecrow ret… Read more
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I bought this when on sale before. - Had all the others. Personally, I thought this was a great game and good story. Kept me entertained for along time as loads to do and yes I did get all the riddler challenges completed!! Anyways, if you played the other buy it. If you haven't just buy it anyway and support Rocksteady.


Hope you get to live that long (angel)



No, that’s it own separate game


PlayStation 4 Pro Console 1TB with Marvel's Spider Man - £349.99 from Amazon
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
You may need to click on other sellers to see this price but it's fulfilled by Amazon. Lowest price according to the clever camels. :) Please note it is a back-order - new stock … Read more

It’s my mums account but it’s been hacked and amazon won’t do anything about it 🙃 Theyre just letting this seller rip people off


This is RRP anyway.


AJShopOne looks suspiciously close enough in name to RMTechOne who have had all of their products pulled (it's certainly not listing anything for me now). Made the mistake of ordering from them last weekend (naive mistake, I know), stated delivered on Sunday by DPD (false DPD tracking number) and never responded to any messages. Requested refund from Amazon on Wednesday that was completed within a minute of submitting - which says everything really. Lesson learnt. Won't be making that mistake again.


That AJShopOne is a obvious scam "just launched" no feedback Be careful, make sure you choose a trusted seller :)

PS4 PRO and Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) Bundle £345.85 at Base
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Red dead redemption 2 ps4 pro bundle 1tb
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Very helpful, thank you so much.


Just a heads up if it hasn't already been mentioned, this RDR bundle comes with the latest PS4 Pro revision(CUH-7216B) which is said to be quieter eliminating coil whine and i would hold off until Black Friday deals.


It’ll happen.


I want to upgrade to a pro. Think i'll wait until somewhere near black Friday. I'm expecting a PS4 PRO and 2 games for £300 8)


Same price at most shops you listed the only 2 shops it actually is at 399. Like we said. RRP, not a deal.

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Fort Trivia for Fortnite. 99p now FREE!
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
99p reduced 100% FREE!!! Are you a huge fan of Fortnite? Then you’re at the right place! If you think you know everything about Battle Royale, you can test your knowledge with thi… Read more



Proof that sometimes even free stuff isn't worth it.

PS4 Pro + FIFA 19 + AC: O + Evil Within 2 + 2 months now tv £379.99 at GAME
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
doesn't seem too much of a bad deal to me, makes AC:O £20 only and reselling all the games can make the console just around 300 or less

Wow, you got Fifa 19 last year! .... amazing deal. I managed to get one of the lesser Currys black Friday Ps Pro deals but it only came Fifa 18, fallout 4 and GT. (shock)


I think there should be something good around BF, the one X is getting good deals lately so I guess they will pop up for the pro too anytime soon. Also sony has reduced the price of the pro in Japan, hopefully they will do here too. but if you're in a rush for a pro, I guess this is the best deal available now.


Yep and so did I. After selling all games except Fifa, my ps4 pro worked out £200-£220. What a deal that was. Hope another one in that range comes through however looking at how they have increased prices it seems unlikely.


Last Black Friday my brother got a PS4 Pro with Fifa 19, COD:WWII, Fallout 4 and Doom for £300... as much as I’d like a PS4 Pro deals from almost a year ago are way better than all these recent ones.


Think you're optimistic with the resell prices on those. Easily get those 3 for £65 and drugs Now TV pass ain't worth £15. It's not bad. It's not good. If in no rush, Black Friday soon enough

PS4 Pro 1TB Plus 4 Games FIFA 19 , God Of War , The Last Of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End £372 w/ O2 Priority Code £372 @ AO
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
In light of the Xbox deals posted lately and the lack of PlayStation deals worth biting on, I thought I’d do some tinkering with AO’s £40 off with O2 Priority to get some kind of g… Read more
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How much would I get selling all the games?


Destiny is a AAA game - not one I enjoyed and it's old. Still a AAA game though as it was a big expensive title.


Same here


where is ao code on o2 priority as i cannot find it on priority page. Is there something I am missing.


Oh? And how do you know my taste in games? How do you know what games I like? You're seriously saying that because I said that one game is over-rated that you can tell I have poor taste in games? Quite possibly one of the silliest comments I've ever read on here. And I'll ask you the same question - if the OP had listed 'Destiny' as an AAA title to plug his deal you would have had no issue with that?

PS4 Pro 1TB Red Dead Redemption Console *PRE-ORDER ITEM* - Shopto Outlet on Ebay UK - £314.86
Refreshed 28th SepRefreshed 28th Sep
This is a great price using the 10% code and I believe it deserves its own post.The game looks great as well. PS4 Pro with Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre-order item releases 26-10-20… Read more

Missed it 😫


You forgot one a free jet plane thrown in lol, so loud under heavy gaming very poor design.


Thank you folks, was fun while it lasted.


ffs soon as I go to buy it, the listing has ended.



PS4 Pro 1TB + Fifa 19 £329 w/code (new account) delivered @ AO
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Similar to the previous Spider-Man bundle PS4 pro deal. To get for £329 you need to setup a new account and a £20 personalised code is emailed to you within a few minutes after a… Read more
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oos :(


Very Tempted just for Red Dead!


That's what I've been doing for years and I've finally had enough of it , gonna clear space for red dead redemption 2 and grab a hard drive around black Friday on the cheap if one comes available


Yeah 1tb doesn’t go too far tbh. I keep most of my games in the cloud and download / delete as needed. Generally keep the same few that I play regularly but will delete certain ones once I’m done with them. Could always buy a bigger drive but obviously they’re more expensive

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB (Black) + Marvel's Spider-Man £349.99 @ Amazon
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Back in stock and a few other bundles

£280 at smyths


I. Think it will be 2020


Lmao at 'ps5 coming out next year' comment. It's not.


The PS5 is not going to be out in 2019. If it was coming, it would have been announced already. More importantly, the Navi-based GPU isn't yet ready to go into production.


Even with a possible ps5 next year or the year after, more likely after that it'll still take a few years for a good games to be on it. Anyway, what are peoples feelings on Black Friday prices, really want to pick up a pro to carry on with Bloodborne since I've given my normal PS4 away. Or is buying a used Pro for £250-£270 a better way?

PS4 Pro (White) & Destiny 2 + Expansions Pass - £299.99 @ GAME
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Been thinking of getting a Pro and so did some searching, the cheapest I could find anywhere BRAND NEW is £350, second hand is £300. This is in white, comes with a game and the ga… Read more

The FIFA bundle will defo be in stock and ready for Friday latest (official release date) - you could prob trade FIFA and more or less get a straight swap for Spidey hopefully - maybe worth asking on here if anyone would buy it? Not sure what CEX are offering for trade in?


Thanks for the heads-up mate! :) have been checking the currys site everyday for stock but no luck so far, and part of me wonders whether they actually will get this bundle in stock, or if it's going to be another case of them listing it on their website, but it not actually being available anywhere, like all of their others pros. Fingers crossed though! Will keep checking tomorrow and friday. Shame no spiderman bundles because I actually wanted that as my first game and am not interested in fifa! Although hopefully CEX would give a good trade in price for fifa 2019 at launch


FYI boss - going live shortly it would seem


OOS for me... When you try to add to basket


This one is back in stock at same price

Ps4 pro brand new - £299.99 @ GAME
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
looking online for a ps4 pro and found this.thought it maybe good?

Lets you unlock all the powwwaaaa4thagamurz *snigger*


Ah ok guess i better google what that does (y)


Run forza


jailbreak ;)


What does that firmware do for you?

PS4 500GB Marvel's Spider-Man Console - £224.86 (eBay/Shopto) / Spider-Man PS4 Pro - £314.99 C&C (eBay/Argos)
Refreshed 28th SepRefreshed 28th Sep
Cracking price for a console that includes a game priced at £45 plus. The PlayStation 4 Pro version is from Argos on eBay and uses the same code. [ Sony PS4 Pro 1TB Marvel's S… Read more

Took the exact copy to cex yesterday said on the cover not to be sold separately gave me £40 for it.


Last week GAME accepted a trade for my God of War not for resale day one edition that came with my console as well so I guess they all do it


Just got Platinum in Spider-Man, great story and lots of fun swinging around. Extremely repetitive missions and hand holding from start to finish which got tiresome but the game mechanics and story carried the game. Definitely felt like Spider-Man which is the biggest compliment I can give it.


You know Cex resold bundled FIFA copies for years now (including FIFA 18) and either left the "not for resale" cover or made their own printed copies (which look awful btw). They do it for other games too, they have no ethics but apparently it's an allowed practise - according to them anyway.


Good to know, cheers!

PS4 Pro 1TB Fortnite Battle Royale Bundle Console £314.86 @ Shopto Outlet Ebay
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Not a bad price using the 10% code considering theres not many PS4 Pro deals at the moment.

Apologies, you're right, was thinking of the slim option (embarrassed)


Reconditioned FIFA one on Tesco ebay just under £300.. full years warranty, generally they're just damaged box or ex displays. Sell FIFA for a fiver and get Fortnite for free (lol)


I agree ! Also a much quieter console. I upgraded myself from original PS4 to the Pro when it was £297 with Spider-Man, I got loads of interest in my old ps4 and sold for £130 and with Spider-Man worth £40 it’s cost me £137 to upgrade.


Highly recommend the Pro, if you have a 4K TV it’s well worth it


No you cant. They dont have Fifa PS4 Pro bundle.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Glacier White Destiny 2 Game and Expansion Pass Bundle £299.99 GAME
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
This deal has been posted before at £349.99 and has now dropped to £299.99 at GAME if anybody is interested in the Glacier White rather than the black. Prepare for battle with thi… Read more

I have phoned and checked stock instore and both oos game its just game being lazy


Has anybody tried in store or phoned to see if they have any stock, or query whether they can get any? I've sometimes found items available in store at GAME that are not available online, so it might be worth a try to push them for an answer, due to them advertising the deal on their website, with apparently no stock!


What they said. Stop getting my hopes up


Thank God they just phoned in the design unlike the Destiny ps4. Was about to get my wallet out...



White Playstation 4 Pro with God of War £315 (Making first credit order) @ Very
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Just apply for a very account, No interest. You can pay in full like i did. Use code: MJWTM at checkout. Better deal if you prefer god of war over spiderman or the white console ov… Read more
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Exactly what I did 30 seconds after order was "placed". It came up with a message along the lines of "unfortunately due to the speed of dispatching our items, we are unable to cancel this item". This was at 2am.


In your Very account, click on the "Recent Orders" tab and you should see an option to cancel your order. If Very has already processed/shipped your order then you will not see the "Cancel Order" option.


Yea they should definitely have a cancel/amend order option. Sorry to hear you have to return it.


Maybe I shouldn't have done it on the phone, I'm sure I was careful enough as there wasn't much choice during the payment options. Their customer service is terrible if you have an issue. I don't see why you're unable to cancel or amend an order. Glad you didn't have issues


I got it for £315 no problems, You have to apply the code under payment methods.

PS4 Pro 1TB + Spider-Man £329 w/code (new account) delivered @ AO
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Similar to the Tesco instore PS4 pro deal with Spiderman but this is online. To get for £329 you need to setup a new account and a £20 personalised code is emailed to you within … Read more
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£180 a year, you do realise you claim that 15 quid a month membership fee back by forwarding their 'membership bonus team' a receipt of anything you bought don't you?


Thing is at £180 a year, I'm just not sure it'd work in the long run. You'd have to be making sizeable purchases every month.


I'm not sure I'd call this getting stung... That £68.41 pending is from the 500 million edition Pro I bought less than a week ago and when at this stage it's sat on means payment is imminent, I seriously don't get how people reckon complete savings are a stripe up :/ Really the mutt's nuts, 10 times quicker than Quidco or TCB and much higher cash back rates too, no brainer proper!


Generally they give you 3 months back no probs of you havnt used it tjen send you a claim form for rest. Ive seen people pay for it for 3 years pkus and never notoce.


I was stung for this and I'm usually right on the ball (usually!). Got an offer for £18 when I paid up for some airport parking and it seemed legit. Reality was £18 off a future booking and a £15 a month fee! Didn't read the smallprint and got stung for the £15 when I didn't cancel. My own fault, but the route in definitely lulled me into a false sense of security.

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