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Created by the team behind the Halo series, Destiny is an online role-play game that takes place in a futuristic universe. Players can choose to compete against each other or against the environment around them - depending on the mission they take. It was released in September 2014 and has proven to be extremely popular, look out for the latest deals on the game at the HotUKDeals dedicated Destiny page. Read more
Destiny 2: Beyond Light + Season PC £20.49 at CDKeys
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Season PC includes:Destiny 2: Beyond Light DLCAccess to Season 12 and the No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle and catalyst.The top 3 reasons to play D… Read more

Your reasoning that a load of content for free being a bad thing is certainly interesting.


you seem to be putting words in my mouth, words I didn't say. All I said so far is that in my opinion D2 pretty much is not worth it and I have provided reasoning. Hence voting cold on this deal. I'll write it down a few more times , maybe you will understand my point: Destiny 2 is not worth it. Destiny 2 is not worth it. Destiny 2 is not worth it. Free to play player or someone who is paying for Bungie's content - Destiny 2 is not worth the time investment. Of course that is the personal opinion of a guy that has 2-3k hours in this game and has every DLC. But what do I know?


You seem to confuse a business with a charity. Free always has a price, whether you pay for it or not is down to you. Believe it or not behind every game are a stack of people getting paid a wage, you seem to suggest those paying for the game should subsidise entirely the people who can't/won't pay. There's plenty of game to be had for free, including the rehashed VoG raid.


I'll re-itereate "so definitely not a free game like some duffus might say." Of course it's "free" - the base game, a small portion of the game: - if you want that weapon or that skin - nope - certain raids - nope -power cap , not sure if they changed that - certain maps/strikes If you think the players with the "free" game and the ones that have payed thought the nose are running around hand in had, on equal futting , you're dreaming . I'm trying really hard to paint the picture for you buddy but I don't think I'm getting through. The "salt" comment from earlier makes me guess your age is around 12 so I'll give you that. In short, D2 is a decent game if you "don't take the game seriously and ignore the negatives" - which you won't succeed after 100's or 1000's of hours invested, definitely not a free game. By all means try it for free, you will get an idea if it's for you or not but don't dream that you won't have to pay to fully enjoy it.


Well, it is F2P unless you choose to buy in to the content.

Destiny 2 - Spicy Ramen Exotic Bundle (PC & Console) Free @ Amazon Prime Gaming
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
This bundle includes: Spicy Ramen Exotic Emote Ikora's Resolve Exotic Ship Future Perfect Shell Exotic Ghost Jagged Darksun Legendary Sparrow Where do I get my content?… Read more

Nice mate👌, good grinding, I'm about 320, I've also been working on my son's account too which I've managed to get to 160, and now on my daughter's account to get her that amazing bow... I think I have a problem (lol) .


I’m 505 BP level this season. this season has been a good one


Tell me about it


You'll be waiting a while, the Which Queen is coming out in 2022, major expansion, so that'll run for at least a year. Yeah, me too on the hours, currently in the top 2% for playtime on Time Wasted On Destiny, lol.


I already had the spicy ramen ifs a fun emote. This is the second one I've got from prime so was hoping for a exotic and ornement like last time. But guess can't complain at free

Destiny 2 - Legendary Edition [Steam] - £37.09 @ Fanatical
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Not sure if this is a good price ive been out the destiny loop for a while now. Seems better price than steam, not sure if its ever been cheaper. Would love to know if its worth pi… Read more

It's an OK deal, have played the game for 4 years and run my own clan (nerd alert). You can also access Vault for old content though some of the original game has been sunset - Forsaken also due to take the same route in the future. If on XBOX it's all on Game Pass.

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Peter Green Splinter Group - Destiny Road 2 x LP - £16.16 Prime / +£2.99 non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Thought I'd add a touch of class to this afternoon's digging. This is a great price for this top notch album from the late, great, Peter Green and his Splinter Group. **UPDATE** Th… Read more

**UPDATE** This is not a gatefold release. This is the 2017 Reissue, 2 LPs in one sleeve. Added bonus of a hidden track not in tracklist, 4th track Side D. I almost died of excitement as he played the first stunning instrumental version of Man Of The World...worth the price for that alone. :) <3 (excited)


Thanks for this, I love that era of Fleetwood Mac and didn’t know about Peter Green’s reappearance and later works, snapping this up (y)

Destiny 2 - The Huckleberry Exotic Bundle Drop (PC & Console) Free @ Amazon Prime Gaming
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Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
This bundle includes: The Huckleberry Exotic Weapon The Devil's Work Exotic Weapon Ornament Sanctified Vigilance Shell Exotic Ghost Bicameral Promise Legendary Ship Whe… Read more

Discussions that become popular can sometimes appear, as well, on the main page. I understand that it might be useful someone posted it, I totally do! Unfortunately HotUKDeals seems to treat their rules somewhat arbitrarily, and really this should not count as a deal based on their own reasoning for removing things in the past, plus more nad more of these types of posts are showing up, like content on Disney+, content on Netflix, and people eitehr claim it's a deal or a freebie - sometimes they get removed, but sometimes they don't, especially if they get really hot just because it's popular content, rather than a special price.


I do agree with the section for paid membership benefits but currently there isn't one and without seeing the post on here I would known about it, don't think it would have alerted me if it had come up in the discussion section so it's a tricky one it's helped me out so I'm happy


Yeh, but that's only true on the cosmetic items, but yes, you''re right about the silver thing. Still though, this isn't a deal, as it's an included benefit of a Prime membership, which isn't on offer right now. Maybe I should start posting the daily Silver Deal at 5pm each day? What about saying that the 'free' (really just included, not free) text messages with a full price phone contract? Is that a deal, they're included, and not billed separately - same as this. Really I think that HUKD just needs a new category, like 'membership benefits' or something, as sometimes content on Netflix/Amazon Video has been listed too; other times that is removed to a discussion by mods. It's simply not.a deal, unless the service is discounted; you're just getting what you paid for, same as here.


Ah but it's not always free is it you can purchase items with silver in the store which you have to pay for so then the items become a deal which could happened at any point. Also freebie section is different from the discussion section which is what you first suggested


To be a deal it needs to be reduced in price. Otherwise it goes in the freebies section. But it's not free, as you pay a membership. Costco items are only a deal when discounted. If something at Costco was full price, it's not a deal. It's not really comparable, since in this case the item is never anything but free; play the game, you'll get it free. Use this, you'll get the item as a benefit of your membership from Amazon, which right now is full price. This is more like when content is added to Netflix.... you simply got access to teh service because.... you paid for the service, so unless Netflix was discounted, it's not a deal... it's full price. Same here, it's not a deal.