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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4) £15.85 Xbox One £14.99 Base.com
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
x1 link base.com/buy/product/diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-ultimate-evil-edition-xbox-one/dgc-diablo3ueexbox.htm base is the cheapest for the ps4 https://www.pricespy.co.uk/produ… Read more

yes but don't ask me what as i haven't played the game


Try torchlight 2, incredible adventures of van helsing: final cut and path of exile.


Is there any online multiplayer element in this game at all? Thanks...


I keep going back to this game every few months. It’s my ‘pick up and play’ game of this generation and by far, my most played. Worth every penny

Diablo III 3 Battle Chest PC (includes base game and Reaper of Souls) - £12.99 or £12.34 with Facebook like code @ cdkeys.com
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Great game , I have just started playing , I did have it on PS4 , but I tend to prefer mouse & KB for these types of game , PLUS I seem to of gone RPG & ARPG nutz ! picked … Read more
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Torchlight is made by some peoples from Blizzard, creators of Diablo II. NOX is another good game.


Path of Exile is made by original authors of Diablo. New league starting on 2-Mar. It is free to play and microtransactions are only for desired looks and guild stash tabs. Great game!


does the story mode start again , or would I go on a different path .


As part of the season journey you get a free high level class set for completing chapters. You only get ONE set per season so be certain what class you want to get the set. Strongest set this season is probably Demon Hunter.


I read to join the seasons you should set up a "seasonal" character ?

Diablo 3 Battle Chest PC (includes base game and Reaper of Souls) - £11.69 w/ code @ cdkeys.com
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Don't recall seeing this below £15 before now, surprised nobody posted it already (unless I just missed it somehow). If you follow the link the game will show as £12.99 but using t… Read more
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Amazing price for both games.


I love dungeon type crawlers. Thanks op.


Yeah I think it's time to buy this.


Bad boy game


great price for those who haven't yet stepped foot in to the Diablo world. ENJOY !

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Both Diablo 3 Expansions (PC) - £8.49 each on Battle Net store
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
First time discounted this much on the PC for Rise of the Necromancer I think, but Reaper of Souls (https://eu.shop.battle.net/en-gb/product/diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls) has been ch… Read more

New patch came out that buffs a few other builds http://www.diablofans.com/


I bought the necromancer day one and it was a let down. Already own the cool wings from. Doing g the class du from sets on hard timers. I'd rather stick with the crusader over the necromancer. Also they just released a patch that buffs a bunch off the tier sets making more sets viable to push high greater rifts.


Yeah I've got a soft spot for D3 and definitely got my money's worth out of the base game and RoS, but still felt a little hard done by with the Necro pack. I didn't really enjoy playing him as much as I wanted to and it didn't really add much extra content. There's also balancing issues and the 1-2 viable end game builds seem pretty boring. Still, if you've got the base game and haven't played RoS yet I would highly, highly recommend it at this price, it completely transforms the game.


Yes I'm getting a bit tired of going around the same old levels. Great game but paying for just another class, hmmm


Aye, the original price of £12+ was a bit of a mickey-take considering that it's really just the addition of 1 more class and a couple of bonus items.

Diablo 3 Rise of The Necromancer DLC £8.99 PS Store
Found 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
Diablo 3 Rise of The Necromancer DLC has a little saving (30%), £8.99 on the PS Store Also £8.49 on PC https://eu.shop.battle.net/en-gb/product/diablo-iii-rise-of-the-necromancer… Read more
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Ahhhh I get you, makes sense, dont know why more games dont do that, back to PC gaming and seen so many hackers about on FPS!! Dont know my longest but 70 hours is alot of time (y) cant remember my paragon level on PS4, up to 107 on PC now, think ill defo get Necro (y)


^^You need to be online to play Diablo 3 as it is server based on pc, so everything is held on their servers, you charactos and all their stuff and specs, so if you tried to hack say a sword and change it's stats you could not because the swords stats and saves are on the server side which you cannot get access to it in that manner, nothing is saved onto your PC, unlike the console versions where they can hack save games files. And the Necro is so much fun, i can only speak for me but i love it, was it worth the full £13 quid, well no, is it worth £8.50, yes, that few quid off is what it should be, let's say, £3 for the charactor and the small story arc, £1 each for the two exta storage slots, and £3.50 between the rest of the sundry items, i mean i have charactors with 70 plus hours of play, so for £8.50 if i was to say get half that time it was well worth it....and if you are still not sure pop onto YT and watch a few video's of it. ;)


I thought all, or majority PC games are dedicated servers??? Is the Necro as good as Diablo 2 then??? ive just been power levelling with groups on Torment VI Rifts!


Diablo 3 on the PC is server based so that stops all the hacking. Been having a blast with this tonight, well worth the sale price.


I completed on PS3, then PS4 then ROS came out so did it again, now on PC I agree it plays alot better and supported alot more, I like the Seasons to and their rewards, you can store more stash cause Belts hold one slot! I was shocked there was no hackers on PC considering I see them all time on FPS, ive never understood the need to start a game and just run on highest level hacked :/ highest I got on PS4 was Torment 10-12, 2M DPS,

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition/XB1 £16.14 Tesco Direct/Free Delivery
Found 24th Sep 2017Found 24th Sep 2017
Grabbed this on PS4 last week for £18 via Tesco Direct and although the PS4 version was free delivery, it no longer is. But the XB1 version still has free delivery at £16.14
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Great game at a very good price, completed it on the PS4 few weeks ago. Have to admit it felt good playing using a controller.


When going to checkout this happens, so is OOS.


No it's definitely out of stock for Xbox one.


just got the pack on psn 40mins ago and already loving it, def a must buy add on for diablo 3 buyers


Good deal on a good game. Would add the necro pack if you do pick it up though.

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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition - EFIGS PS4 £15.99 @ PSN Store
Found 8th Jan 2017Found 8th Jan 2017
Thought this was a good deal Also game just got 4K support for PS4 Pro

Got this the other day. Had to crank it up to the hardest difficulty as it was far too easy. Personally Im finding it a bit boring. Literally wade in > mash all the buttons. Rinse / Repeat I'm only 6 hours in though. Hopefully it gets tougher later on. I imagine it would be fun if you got friends you can play with. Tips: turn the difficulty way up, its almost impossible to die anyway and all the decent loot/money drops on harder difficulties. Don't sell stuff, salvage it for crafting stuff instead, plus you wont need the money. You only need to stash the legendary equipment really for future play throughs.


ended up downloading it twice to get the right version as i deleted the wrong one lol - messed up my save game i had from the disk so had to get that back from the online storage place. All working now though.


Polish version had "normal" title, english one had "english" written in brackets at the end of the title :)).


I bought this one and added to the download list...just to find out it was the Polish version :) na zdrowie!


got it off psn and it downloaded 2 versions (2 separate games) english and ... polish :))))

Diablo III 3 (PC/Mac) £7.60 from CDKeys
Found 7th Jan 2017Found 7th Jan 2017
This game still demands relatively high prices on the PC compared with consoles sadly. Use Facebook 5% off code for this price.

I got this a while ago to play with my other half. We got bored as hell around level 30 - 40, it was ridiculously easy. You just have to stand there to hold down a few buttons repeatedly, like you have cheat codes on. For some reason, you can't increase the game difficulty until you reach a certain point? But it's a catch 22, we're too bored to keep playing until we get to that point. Stupid decision by the developers IMO, they should let the users decide the difficulty level from the get-go. Unless anybody knows a way around this?


I wish this was on Steam


Price has now dropped to £7.60 (with 5% code).


Then get the free trial from battenet


Can't understand why they are still selling the original without DLC, surely it makes their life more difficult when it comes to patching, testing and balancing??

Diablo III 3 Battle Chest PC BNet £14.99 @ Battle.net
Found 4th Jan 2017Found 4th Jan 2017
I have this on both PC and PS4. It's one of my favourite games ever. It was cheaper on cdkeys not long ago but purchasing directly from battlenet is risk free The Diablo III: Bat… Read more

It's a Blizzard game, wth do you think?


Are there any people playing it?


Awesome deal 8)


​Have Blizzard sorted out the multiplayer on the PS4 version? I stopped playing once I saw dozens of players running around with hacked gear, one-shotting virtually every enemy.


The game was awesome before they removed real money auction. I made hundreds of pounds on by just playing and selling unneeded gear and gold. Pity I only started playing well over half a year after game release. there was much more money to be made at the beginning.

Diablo III Ultimate Edition PS4 only £10 at Asda instore
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
So I went to asda to hunt the dark of souls deal (which was indeed successful, thanks OP of that post, and 2 left in Asda Dunfermline), so they also had Diablo 3 ultimate edition f… Read more
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phenomenal game, this price is great even if you only play it casually.


My partner always plays a WD, I think he'd love a necromancer! I didn't know about this, I'll have to have a look. Blizzard are pretty good with free updates so ~fingers crossed~. ^_^


I find DH to be sort of invincible thanks to vault, you can easily escape the close combat, probably pairing it with a companion (I remember on my dh I had an item that gave me 3 wolves instead of 1), they did some pretty decent job taunting enemies. 1 thing I dont like about DH tho is quite poor DoA, which sucks really bad compared to WD acid cloud + piranhas + pets combo. Also in 2017 there will be a new DLC introducing Necromancer class, that will be quite interesting. Wondering if it will be free for ps4 or paid extra?


I'm not a Blizzard fan by any standards but I tend to get motion sickness with FPSs, the top down view in Diablo is great for me. ^_^


Yeah, I killed my girl because I'd picked up some pretty cool booty and I thought she was invincible... proved myself wrong, still a glass canon. ^_^ Once you start picking up the higher 'value' green sets things can get crazy although the DH's normally need some sort of tank to absorb direct combat, I can't play any other class now.

[PC] Diablo III Battle Chest - £14.25 - CDKeys (5% Discount)
Found 5th Dec 2016Found 5th Dec 2016
CDKeys Facebook Code The Diablo III: Battle Chest includes: Diablo III Reaper of Souls expansion Shake the earth, blast your enemies with fire and ice, and summon otherworldl… Read more
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Okay, I got your point. I guess it depends what the person's expectations are as well. In my opinion if you want to just play this game it's more than 'doable' and enjoyable on SP4 but if you want to go top speed and graphics obviously I agree with alien_ Nonetheless I was able to finish it without any problems on much lower spec laptop;)


I don't know your exact settings or the framerate you get, but to get an idea, here is a guy playing in 1280x1200 on a i7 SP4, and still gets frames dropped to 35fps. Mind you, it is pretty playable at that point, but don't expect anything good on native resolution (2736x1824). You need to lower it significantly for Diablo 3 - that game tends to get really busy with all the monsters and all the effects going on. The recommended settings for D3 is a GTX 260, which still wipes the floor with the Iris 540 (An unfair comparison, really). Gaming is something the SP was never really intended to do, either Steam streaming or playing something older / less demanding is the best option.


Are you serious? This goes very smoothly not on low res on old i3 hp laptop with intel graphics integrated - I would expect surface pro 4 i7 having no issues whatsoever with it....?


From what I've read a lot of the games systems have been over hauled for the better when RoS released. Necromancer is due Q1 2017. Once that hits I'll give it another play through. Not been back since 3-4 months after release myself.


Played Diablo 3 when it came out on PC, but not been back to it for a while. Where are they up to in terms of expansions / DLC etc.? Vaguely aware of Reaper of Souls, but also thought there was another on the way with a necromancer?

ps4 games inc Diablo 3 RoS from £10 new @ Asda Hull
LocalLocalFound 24th Oct 2016Found 24th Oct 2016
in store only I would imagine and probably store specific but worth looking. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Picture shows diablo 3 on ps3?

Diablo III Limited Edition Strategy Guide £5.58 Delivered @ West Morland Books via eBay
Found 12th Aug 2016Found 12th Aug 2016
Have ordered one myself before. The price is almost half as cheap as anywhere else and also the guide is decent looking. Unboxing video in the first comment. *** ~1%ish cashback i… Read more

Have to say this will be very out of date now, there's been numerous changes to the game, loot system and many skill rebalances, plus an entirely new difficulty system (the game launched with normal/nightmare/hard that you progress through one after another like Diablo 2, added a torment difficulty in a later patch, then completely redid it so you pick your difficulty when creating a game session, anything from normal up to torment xiii (13) now).


I'm old school and still love a strategy guide, never read the walk through cheat bit but they are always good for side missions and upgrades.


Also who wouldnt want to order from 'Boris Doris'


Not sure why I couldn't find it on Amazon when I searched. Thanks for pointing out! :D Anyhow, this is a decent looking guide!


£3.33 at Amazon :D

[Xbox One] Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition -  £13.85 - Simply Games
Found 13th Jun 2016Found 13th Jun 2016
Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition Includes: Diablo III Reaper of Souls Expansion Pack Blizzard Entertainment's epic action-RPG Diablo III is moving the eternal war between the High… Read more
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Great price - I've finally bought it!


Indeed. In reference to the "Digital Ownership" of the title - so that I can game share with a friend (and never hard to touch a physical disc ever again!)


I think he must be referring to the offer on the Xbox marketplace at the moment.


If I'm being stupid here, I apologise - but I don't follow? Its reduced to £13.85 here...?


£15.85 for PS4 on there too

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, Ultimate Evil Edition PS4/Xbox One. £14.99  (Prime) / £16.98 (non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 9th Jun 2016Found 9th Jun 2016
What more to say, it's a great price for a great game. Available on PS4 and Xbox One
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Dammit...forgot to buy it last night. Now back up to £19.95


Thanks for posting this, I was looking for this and the cheapest I had seen was £20+. Time to part with some cash :)


Great game. I managed to score it for 12.99 on Tesco Direct last year. It is only 2 quid more so this is heat!


you will be alright. There are like 13-14 difficulty levels which can be changed at any point, so if you're struggling, just go a level or 2 down (during the game you can only move +/-1, you can change to any level in the main menu settings), if you want to just complete the story and forget it may not be worth it, you will enjoy it but you won't get the most of it, you won't even make it to lvl 70. This game is designed to be played over and over again, with higher levels (after lvl 70 you get paragon levels, which afaik are unlimited), better items, better stats and of course stronger monsters. I personally love it:) Edit: One thing I don't like is that sometimes with 60-70 mobs around you its quite hard to actually figure out whats going on, as there is too much going on on the screen:) Edit2: Awww and theres so much unique stuff in the game, a popular from diablo 2 cow level, portals to goblin world, there is just so much content;)


hiya is the game suitable for someone who is a keen gamer, but not nescessarily that great at gaming. Does it get quite hectic?

Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition (XB1) - £14.99 Prime or £16.98 non prime  @ Amazon (Free delivery over £20)
Found 27th May 2016Found 27th May 2016
As title suggests, not signed in to check what it'd be with postage, but at worst + £2. Plenty of options to lose postage. Hope it helps somebody

Great! I'm so tempted to buy it - I've been waiting 4 years for Diablo 3 to get to a decent price! But I've already got so many games on the go already :(


It's back at £14.99 this morning!


Expired :(


Best 50p ever


Haven't played a dungeon crawler since Gauntlet and Druid on the C64. Picked the Xbox 360 version on a Carboot 2 weeks ago. It's safe to say this is an awesome game, considering I'm now on act 2 of my 3rd play through. Just want better stuff. Keep on grinding

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collectors Edition Behind The Scenes Two-Disc Set (Blu-Ray/DVD) - Go2Games
Found 8th Apr 2016Found 8th Apr 2016
Meet the teams behind the Reaper of Souls expansion with this Blu-ray/DVD two-disc set, featuring interviews, roundtable discussions and behind-the-scenes commentary.

Why waste your time bashing whoever abused the idiots? For the same reason why i waste my time pointing out the futility of bashing the abuser of idiots. Typing is free, just like abusing and being an idiot. Back to the question. Is this game any good?


Seems sarcasm is lost on some people.


Why would you even bother to comment if all you have to do is post abuse to people who ask a genuine question? Yes, it seems obvious. But why waste your time calling people idiots?


for people asking, it's a behind the scenes dvd, not the game.


I'm an idiot for pointing it out? Clearly it needed to be said. I think there's a little bit of projection on your part.

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