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Diablo 3: Eternal Collection £24.99 from Nintendo Switch eshop
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Posted 6th Aug 2021Posted 6th Aug 2021
Diablo 3: Eternal Collection £24.99 from Nintendo Switch eshop£24.99Nintendo eShop Deals
Seen this in nintendo eshop. Not sure if anyone is interested in this game?
Avatar Starlight9711
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Gah, there was nothing that said “free play days” or “free to play until xxxx”! I might have to buy Diablo 2 when it comes out, cos Diablo 3 is included.


I think it was around £18 about 4 months ago. Possibly from Russian store


High price


Wasn't that just free play days? Currently £55


Gah, this was free on Xbox games with gold earlier this week.

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition Free For Xbox gold or gamepass ultimate Subscribers
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Posted 2nd Aug 2021Posted 2nd Aug 2021
Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition Free For Xbox gold or gamepass ultimate SubscribersMicrosoft Store Deals
Search for it on your xbox, free to claim if you have xbox live gold or gamepass ultimate. You can play Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition with Gold or buy it to own. …
Avatar Twocanpocket
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Great first post @Twocanpocket thanks for taking the time to share. :3


Yes as far as I know. Not seen different information anywhere and last time I checked a couple of months ago was definitely the basic version


Ah makes sense, thanks (y)


Expired. It was free to install yesterday then people couldn't boot it. Now it's no longer available to download. Must have been an error from MS


I have Ultimate and it doesn’t show up as free on my series x (or any older version linked to Gold) (confused) must have been a weekend thing.

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection £24.99 on the Nintendo eShop (Or £17.79 on the Russian eShop if you switch region)
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Posted 25th Feb 2021Posted 25th Feb 2021
Diablo 3: Eternal Collection £24.99 on the Nintendo eShop (Or £17.79 on the Russian eShop if you switch region)£24.99Nintendo eShop Deals
It's currently 50% off and though I've seen it for under £30 in the UK, I've not seen it this low before... I don't post often so please be gentle with me! Seems like a decent deal for a d…
Avatar TheReverend
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S Saw some videos, looks like a fine game, though, as you say, perhaps still a bit too "scary" for young kinds. Guess I'll stick with Mario&co. Lol.


I know it's a great co-op game according to reviews, that's really how you should play it. I think it's a 12/13 age rating but it depends on how happy you are with your kid playing games that may be a little scary/gory. I've only played it for about 45 minutes and it seems really good. I used pirate1's method of switching to Russia in the profile, buying the game then switching back. ;)


Is this a cool co-op game to play with wife and 9-year-old kid?


Have you tried playing on TV? I don’t like playing it in handheld mode but it’s ok on TV. Season 23 should hopefully start soon too.


You can have my copy for this price. Played it once on a plane and just didn't get on with it.

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection (Xbox One) - £18.14 @ Microsoft
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Posted 21st Nov 2020Posted 21st Nov 2020
Diablo 3 Eternal Collection (Xbox One) - £18.14 @ Microsoft£18.14Microsoft Store Deals
This complete Diablo III experience includes the original Diablo III game, the Reaper of Souls expansion set, and the Rise of the Necromancer pack—all together in one definitive volume. Fir…

You can get this cheaper if you can get someone to get it from another region like Argentina, will need a VPN to apply the code though


Thanks for sharing your first deal with us @Atif_A :)


I got this last time it was in sale and I agreed it is great value. It can eat up your time. I had been enjoying Minecraft Dungeons and heard it was like Diablo. It really is. Not family-friendly though and a steeper learning curve.


Good price for the game, Season 22 has just started. It’s an easy way to kill a bit of time.


Played it on switch, will double dip though at this price.

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Diablo 3 expansion set PC £10 @ Asda Trafford Park
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Posted 27th Jun 2020Posted 27th Jun 2020LocalLocal
Diablo 3 expansion set PC £10 @ Asda Trafford Park£10£19.1148% offGeorge (Asda George)_1IlT Deals
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsibly and co…

Since it’s a code in a box anyway, not much point leaving the house


£9.99 at CDKeys if your Asda doesn't have it https://www.cdkeys.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Diablo

Mid-Year Sale @ PlayStation PSN Indonesia- The Division 2 £5.90 Diablo 3 Eternal Collection £11.60 Man of Medan £9.69 Heavy Rain £1.57 +MORE
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Posted 24th Jun 2020Posted 24th Jun 2020
Mid-Year Sale @ PlayStation PSN Indonesia- The Division 2 £5.90 Diablo 3 Eternal Collection £11.60 Man of Medan £9.69 Heavy Rain £1.57 +MOREPlaystation Store Deals
Prices based on currency conversion only as of 24/06/20. PSN cards may be purchased from a number of online retailers - cost will clearly vary per store. Indonesian PSN account required, ga…
Avatar joeydeacon
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It's not you know because I bought Jedi Fallen order a while back when I started sharing used the Turkish store and all my mate had to do was log into my Turkish account on his PS dashboard. From what he was telling me he can see all my accounts when he switches and just starts the download. Maybe it has something to do with his primary PS4 being set as my main account UK account. (confused)


Personally don’t use game sharing but assumed it’s limited to one sharing account?


You can game share using your own account, but if you need to grab games to download you will need to log into the person's Indo account to do so.


You can game share but one of you will need to use the Indonesian account I think


Can I still do this if I'm already game sharing?