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Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel, Birthday Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake Sticks 3 X 100Ml £2.50 @ Tesco
TODAYTODAYPosted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Please shop responsibly. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please consider others and don’t stockpile - we all… Read more

Too healthy for me. Only 90 calories per bar!


You did ... Halo: Origins of Dairy


Heres me thinking I got notified of a new Halo game


it's also the same price at asda


I've tried this brand and the quality and taste of their stuff is not very nice at all. I had to bin it

Final Fantasy IX (Both PC/Console) | Day Z/ Fractured Minds [Console] & Halo MCC Halo 2/ Endless Legend [PC] Coming to XBox Game Pass
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Not sure if this has already been posted, but some decent additions to the Game Pass for both Console and PC Games for the Console DayZ – May 7 An unforgiving, authentic… Read more
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To me 7&8 were best ever so far. Not played any of the others though so the above statement may change :) I have heard loads of good things about 12 so looking forward to that! Definitely will give a FF9 my full attention to see if I can still spend hours no end playing it as I did with 7 and 8 so many many moons ago;) Tried the old FF’s on SNES emulators and struggled even though like jRPG’s and FF series. Just too old games to be replaying them in my opinion and could do with remakes!


Yawn... Why? Too many good games to mention for starters and loads of indie games as well. In addition, with deal running not so long ago only a fool wouldn’t go for a £1 deal and convert all his Xbox Live subscription to Ultimate. I am covered till July 2021 and already starting to think about slowly buying more Ultimate using deals posted here or get it for free by collecting MS points using multiple accounts (not a scam!). Recently started playing Streets of Rage 4. Great game and retails at around £24 cheapest. I have it for the price of my Xbox Live sub plus £1 mentioned before. And since its digital, I can share between two Xboxes in the house which instantly doubled its ‘bang for the buck’ factor in my eyes ;) That’s just one example. There are 10’a of other titles there and more coming. The whole FF series. Even on sale alone you would spend probs around £100 for all of them and guess what? Read above and you will figure out how much it’s going to cost me! Will I have time to complete all those games? Heck now!:) Will I be spoilt for choice? Yeah baby!!!😜 Game pass is best value sub ever. I stoped buying any games since I have got it apart from new releases I am really keen to play like Doom Eternal.


Dayz i tried recently on steam free weekend and really enjoyed so worth a go despite all the mixed reviews


Final fantasy :) gamepass is soo good atm, I enjoyed gta for a bit tho I wouldn’t ever buy that game and they replaced it with RDR2 which I not played yet soo hopefully I get to play before FF come As I only have a 500gb hard drive and have to keep deleting games.. FF15 and wArzone takes 48% space of it


Thanks for that, downloading now :)

Halo Monopoly Collector's Edition Board Game £14.82 delivered @ xbiteworld / eBay
531° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Join the Master Chief on a campaign to gain control of critical locations and legendary assets from the halo universe in this special edition Monopoly. The ideal family board game … Read more


I think there are particular elements that must remain consistent across Monopoly releases, regardless of how much sense they make.


looks cheap and tacky "go to jail" should have been "go to brig" "free parking" should have been "safe landing" the credits should have been casualty figures/reinforcements

Mercusys Halo S3 2-port Mesh WiFi 4 pack kit - £59.98 @ CCL
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Buy 2 to get 4 units and free delivery, I see the tenda ones in here often for £59.99 for 3. I think these represent better value with 4 and essentially do the same thing Edit: th… Read more

Done ta, I don't post often but when I do I make a right pigs ear of it (lol)


Edit it again please. Buy 2 to get 4 units and free delivery, I see the tenda ones in here often for £59.99 for 3. I think these represent better value with 4 and essentially do the same thing


I've edited my comment. Apologies if anyone was mislead wasn't my intention.


Thank you. Wish the OP explained the difference rather than just pointing out the difference in price. Hope no one else got suckered into this "deal".


I agree it’s great for the price point :)

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Halo Monopoly Collector's Edition Board Game - £14.39 Delivered @ 365Games
932° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Quite an old game now but not a bad price for the Halo lovers! 2nd Cheapest I could find was a shop Called Maqio for £16.99. After that, Zavvi for £25.99. Join the Master C… Read more

Depends who you play with I guess (cheeky) (lol)


I'd never have thought there'd be much of a crossover market between Monopoly and Halo, but maybe I was wrong! (Can you teabag in Monopoly?) (lol)


This seems like a great deal. Does anyone have this and is it a decent version of monopoly?


Good deal


This looks amazing!

HALO: SPARTAN BUNDLE via Steam Store App PC for £1.59
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Halo: Spartan Assault brings the excitement of Halo combat to Steam for the very first time. Battle your way through 30 action-packed missions against the Covenant as you explore t… Read more
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I just bought the Halo Masterchief Collection, is it worth getting these too?


I've got these. Seems like a mobile port. Not bad for the price, just an isometric run and gun.


Cheers. Been meaning to try these for YEARS. Being furloughed gives me plenty of time


Haha :D


True. Save yourself a penny. (lol)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (PC) - £23.99 @ Steam Store
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
For the first time, the series that changed console gaming forever comes to PC with six blockbuster games in one epic experience. This bundle includes all titles in the collection … Read more

You get games so cheap and quality on pc these days i was consider should i shouldnt i ... I did it and bought. Happy to say it's not sitting in the list of 100 games to play on Steam. Gave Halo 1 with the updated graphics a bash soon after purchase yesterday. Really happy i must say, enjoyed the experience. Turn the level difficulty up by the way, its much easier with a mouse and keyboard vs controller - be a legend ;)


When multiple people make the same repetitive comment, it is annoying. Also to bear in mind that the PC version only has 2 games, not all 6, with each game being added every few months or so, so it won't be until the end of this year, or next year, that all games are added.


But it's always worth pointing out for those who aren't aware so they can make an informed decision. I'm sure everyone understands it's owning (as much as you can own anything digitally) versus renting but everyone can decide which is for them on an individual basis. For something like this - which is basically 6 games in 1, with multiplayer, and something you're likely to return to over and over again - I think I'd rather pay the £24 and own it forever. But considering you could get at least 3 months of Game Pass for the same price some people might consider that better value if they think they'll get through it in 2 months and never play it again For me personally it's somewhere in the middle - I already have a Game Pass subscription for Xbox and PC so while I would like to own it forever I don't see the need to buy it just yet. I'll happily buy it when it's a rock bottom price or when it disappears from Game Pass.


Probably because you're not looking closely enough. All the cutscenes play at 30 fps; it's juddery and horrible. A lot of the animations (i.e. from the covenant turrets) shoot ammunition that plays at a different framerate to the rest of the game and so travels at a strange speed. A lot of the visuals are also broken compared to the original Xbox release.


Just completed Reach, it played really well apart from the crackly sound I mentioned but I think I got used to that as it seemed worse in the first half an hour than it did for the rest of the game. No stutters, no frame pacing issues, averaging well over 144fps on my 144hz monitor and felt very smooth throughout, was only playing at 1080p though. Cannot comment on Halo CE.

Halo Top Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream - £1 @ Asda Small Heath
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th MarLocalLocal
Halo Top Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream - £1 @ Asda Small Heath
£1£3.5071%Asda Deals
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item - we should all limit … Read more
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No cinnamon roll in stock left for anyone who wonders


Only 97 trips up and down stairs to work off the calories


Do peaky blinders like cinnamon ice cream ? 😋


My favourite flavour. Don’t see it anymore. Hope it’s not discontinued


Me too!

BiOrb HALO LED Aquarium 30 Litre White £95 Pets at Home
-183° Expired
Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
BiOrb HALO LED Aquarium 30 Litre White £95 Pets at Home
£95£109.9914%Pets at Home Deals
Best fish tank for any newbies in to fish aquarium. Easy maintenance and you can get cheap water filters from ebay. Decoration is sold separately. This is the cheapest price i f… Read more

Bit late obviously but can you tell me where you got your tank from and how much, on the verge of buying a 300ltr tank... but naturally now i want a 450ltr one!


And your point is? But claiming to have 64 fish in 15 litres I think you may be trolling.


Trolls are out in force, I have a 15l life. Check my water twice a week. Change water once or twice a week. Ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates usually about 20-30. Fish are happy, all 64 of them (lol)


Give me a brake mate. I am not an expert nor professional However i am going by the recommendation of the manufatctor at the time of sale, and by the local aquarium shop as to buying filters adding water conditioner and biological...ect Like i said. My tank is always crystal clear. By the time it becomes slightly cloudy it would have been time to replace part of the water. If your fish tank is not clear mate than it would be you who needs to search youtube and find out why. Have a good day. Also dont judge a book by its cover.


Doesn’t sound like you know how to look after fish. Crystal clear water doesn’t mean it’s clean. As for a full clean every 2 months that barely gives the tank time to cycle. YouTube is full of great video’s which will teach you all you need

Sparkling Square Halo Stud earrings £27.99 delivered @ Pandora
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Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Sparkling Square Halo Stud earrings £27.99 delivered @ Pandora
This wear-anywhere pair of stud earrings is cast from sterling silver and set with dazzling baguette-cut stones. Work yours day or night to add extra sparkle to your look. Metal S… Read more
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Don’t order from them ! Looks at the reviews online they are disgrace . I ordered my wife’s present on 21st next day , never got a despatch email after 2 days so rang them and they cancelled my order Order at your peril https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.pandora.net PANDORA A/S Reviews 600 • Bad 1.5 stars: Bad www.pandora.net Claimed Reviews 600 Write a review Excellent 9% Great 1% Average 3% Poor 4% Bad 83%

Halo UNSC Print T-Shirt (Small) £1.98 + Free C&C @ Game
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Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019
Halo UNSC Print T-Shirt (Small) £1.98 + Free C&C @ Game
Nice stocking filler! (y) Click and collect to any Game store is free. Delivery costs £1.95 but if your order is over £19.95, then it's free.
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Hot! Hopefully will fit my stick thin teen (lol) thanks for sharing!


Thanks op


Get it before Trump places his bulk Space Force order


Thank you. Ordered :-)

Halo: Reach, The Division, Overcooked 2, eFootball PES 2020 (Console) / Faeria, Human Fall Flat & more for PC - XBox Game Pass @ XBox
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
Halo: Reach, The Division, Overcooked 2, eFootball PES 2020 (Console) / Faeria, Human Fall Flat & more for PC - XBox Game Pass @ XBox
Some new cracking games land on the XBox Game Pass fairly soon. For Console December 5 My Friend Pedro A violent ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man’s str… Read more
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Overcooked 2, my wife and I thank you, Xmas arguments are coming...


Wow, never thought Division would ever reach game pass!


I'm guessing pes will be trial like last one pes 19


PES 2020 is a fantastic game. It will be great to have more people online for the time it's on Game Pass. myClub is very playable without the need to spend any real money on players.


this is great which is why i got the xbox now i have the best of both worlds... ps4 for the better exclusives and xbox for free games on gamepass .. win win

Halo mcc for £25 on pc @ Xbox
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Halo mcc for £25 on pc @ Xbox
Using the £1 offer gets you the mcc for 24. IT IS A AUTO RENEWAL SERVICE. but can be taken of auto renewal straight away. Googling this will explain better then I can First time … Read more

Pretty much this a quick Google will tell you that steam and ms store users can play together Yeah you get it for free with the ms pass, but would rather get the game for good and cancel. though tbh I will prob only get reach and halo 3 reach is 5.50 or something from w store as well


Free if you got Games Pass Ultimate


Your quite right there. My bad


That was probably Xbox version


I remember when this was on CD Keys for £5 at one point, snapped it up.

Motorola Halo+ Over the Crib Video Baby Monitor with 4.3 Inch Handheld Parent Unit £160 @ Amazon
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
Motorola Halo+ Over the Crib Video Baby Monitor with 4.3 Inch Handheld Parent Unit £160 @ Amazon
£160£219.9927%Amazon Deals
Still £279.99 at John Lewis, £199.99 at Costco (+£15 membership), £220 elsewhere online. Looks like its a 1-day only deal. Hope it helps someone! Quidco currently at 6% (£9.60) fo… Read more

looks like its from war of the worlds


this has many more features than the eufy one i suggest you check the link. things like sleep tracking, light show etc that may be useful or interesting to some people. the reason for the support is the thing needs to be mounted over the cot to enable sleep monitoring. obviously cheaper less capable cameras are available.


If you plan to get one, go with the Eufy one posted before or other Motorola video monitors at about £80-100, is really not worth to pay this much for the support, you can secure the camera at any angle you want without the need of this support. We managed well with our Motorola MBS36S. The price is quite high and probably people will suggest to get a normal camera and use the phone. While will be cheaper, we felt a designated baby monitor was better for us, however you can get very good monitors for half this price.

Denby Cast Iron Cookware at Amazon Black Friday Deals - Denby Oval Casserole, Halo, 28 cm - £47.99
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Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019LocalLocal
Denby Cast Iron Cookware at Amazon Black Friday Deals - Denby Oval Casserole, Halo, 28 cm - £47.99
Denby Oval Casserole, 28 cm Reduced to £47.99 RRP Allegedly £125 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Denby-Oval-Casserole-Halo-28/dp/B01LXOWBP2/ Deny Round Casserole, 24cm Reduced to £54.… Read more

Yep and so is the Iphone that you probably own. I've had a couple of the Denby cast iron items for a couple of years and use them often, they still look new. Same with all cast iron cookware, look after it and it should last you many many years.


Made in China ;(

Halo MCC PC | £23.99 for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers at Microsoft
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Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
Halo MCC PC | £23.99 for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers at Microsoft
Discounted Halo: The Master Chief Collection if you have the Xbox game pass and are buying on the Microsoft store. it may seem like a pointless deal if you already have the game p… Read more

Yes, I beleive you can get the discount as the 'trial' is still the full game pass, just at a promotional price. the DRM is connected to your Microsoft account and uses MS own client (Microsoft Store).


Never really looked into gamepass in depth, is it possible to get the 20% discount by using the £1 3-month trial offer? Also I casn't find any mention of DRM on the MS store page other than vague references in the reviews. Does it launch with some sort of MS client or is it redeemable on Steam?


Ok cheers for the info.


Yes unfortunately if you want to own it, though on gamepass you can play it on pc as pc is included with the console game pass so no, you don't have to buy it.


Ok If I already have game pass ultimate on Xbox and own the game digitally anyway do I still have to pay £23.99 for the pc version? Not that I mind. Just making sure I dont do something stupid (besides asking this question)and pay out for something not needed.

Halo: The Complete Video Collection (Blu-ray £9.49, DVD £6.29) @ Base
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Posted 4th Nov 2019Posted 4th Nov 2019
Halo: The Complete Video Collection (Blu-ray £9.49, DVD £6.29) @ Base
£9.49£1537%Base.com Deals
DVD link - https://www.base.com/buy/product/halo-the-complete-video-collection-dvd/dgc-mang5817.htm The Halo: Complete Video Collection celebrates all four movie releases from t… Read more

Not a mega Halo fan but I enjoyed Legends. The rest are a bit like those well done fan videos on Youtube.


Definitely for a fan of the games, or more so the story part anyways. Anything that expands a video games world is great for me and a must have. Always happy with the books we get and any additional media is always a plus.


Are these worth watching?!

Halo The Master Chief Collection - Feather Skull DLC Xbox One 79p
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Posted 30th Oct 2019Posted 30th Oct 2019
Halo The Master Chief Collection - Feather Skull DLC Xbox One 79p
Great DLC
Get deal*Get deal*

Junk, freezing


For those that get trigger happy this is pointless dlc not the game


Couldn't these go in one post?

Halo 5 Guardians: Official Charging Stand (Includes Rechargeable Battery Pack) (Xbox One) - £16.10 Prime (+£4.49 non-prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
Halo 5 Guardians: Official Charging Stand (Includes Rechargeable Battery Pack) (Xbox One) - £16.10 Prime (+£4.49 non-prime) @ Amazon
£16.10£20.3421%Amazon Deals
20% off down to a new low price! USB charging dock for official Xbox One controller Features unique click to charge functionality Includes rechargeable battery pack and 3ft US… Read more



£20.57 with Prime it shows :(


£16.10 Prime (+£4.49 non-prime)


£20.57 for me?


Ordered for my son for Christmas, thank you :)

Halo top ice cream red velvet 473ml - instore 75p Sainsbury's Taunton
830° Expired
Posted 23rd Oct 2019Posted 23rd Oct 2019LocalLocal
Halo top ice cream red velvet 473ml - instore 75p Sainsbury's Taunton
£0.75£3.5079%Sainsbury's Deals
Sainsbury's are having a sale on ice creams. Best is the Red Velvet Halo top. Found in Taunton Hankridge store

They are a bit like iced water, but if you let them melt a bit they become quite creamy and almost edible (ninja)


Horrible ice cream had the chocolate one and peanut butter one, threw them away.


£2.50 in the Chester Broughton store




never tried them, are they any good:?

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