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Halo Wars: Definitive Edition PC £3.93 at Microsoft
TODAYTODAYPosted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is an enhanced version of the real-time strategy classic, Halo Wars, updated to run natively on Xbox One and Windows 10. Halo Wars: Definitive Edition… Read more

The rest of the game was mutliplayer,Absolute legendary game,Best RTS by far.


shortest RTS ever, so annoyed when I finished this, like where the hell is the rest of the game?


Probably worth noting this ones Xbox Play Anywhere, so can download on your Xbox One as well (if that's where you want it rather than PC). Decent price.

Mercusys Halo S12(3-Pack) AC1200 Mbps Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System - £42.50 @ Amazon
378° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Low price for a 3 pack mesh system. Features & details One Unified Network – With advanced Mesh Technology, Halo units work together to form a single unified whole-home … Read more

So I bought them. Two of three set up easily first time, third just ignores the WiFi connection. Jumble them around and get the same result using a different main base. Pin in the reset hole on all of them and try again (same setup as 2nd time) and bam all working. They seem alright for the price. Connection seems to be alright all over the house now, so it does what it says it should do.


How does this compare to https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/huawei-mesh-wifi-q2-pro-base-2-satellites-3722015 or a Tend a MW3 @MrSwitch ?


Expired Cheers


Showing £53


Cheaper than TPLink? Wow OK that's a 110% pass on this one then.

Halo 5: Guardians & Gears of War 4 Bundle [Xbox One / Series X/S - Argentina via VPN] £5.16 using code @ Eneba / Magic Codes
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Price includes processing fee for paying via PayPal, using code HOTUKDEALS on checkout. Please note a VPN is required, the Tunnel Bear extension in Google Chrome may be used for f… Read more



Is a VPN only required to redeem the code not to play the game?


Pretty good if the last person on the planet is still left to play or pay for these (lol)


Please someone stop 343 from making anymore halo

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Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One) £5.43 using code @ Eneba / GamesStars
11/06/2021Expires on 11/06/2021Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Nearly 10% cheaper than the recent MS Store price posted (cheeky) We worked with Eneba to offer a sitewide code HOTUKDEALS Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One key presents one of … Read more

I feel the same way. When I played it, I wanted to continue the Master Chief saga but instead it felt like they threw a bunch of Halo characters, etc and called it Halo 5. Should've been called something like Halo Osiris so people would know that this new arc is about the Osiris team hunting down the "rogue Master Chief and his team". Even then, one playthrough of the campaign was enough for me. Multiplayer could be fun, but I'm not into it really. (skeptical)


Ah yes. Halo 5. Where everybody was excited to see what happens next with the Master Chief, and instead you only get to play as him in 3 of the 15 missions... Ugh. Oh and the writer taking a big fat dump on beloved characters.


I got back into this recently and the online scene is still really strong, plus Super Fiesta Party and Warzone/Firefight are great little time burners. It's also one of the best for coop on legendary difficulty. Definitely worth this


If this didn't have the halo name attached to it, I think it would be a distant memory by now. Very mediocre game and has an "early in generation" feel as its just too short. Good price though if you want to shoot some stuff.

[Xbox One] Halo 5: Guardians - £5.99 @ Microsoft Store
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Yes, we all know it's on Game Pass but for those that haven't got it, this is the lowest it's been and a cracking price at that :{ . Credit as always to the lovely @joeydeacon f… Read more

Shame about the missed oppotunity with both TV Series, and lack of no movie, i'm sure the movie will happen, likes the gritty demo reel by ''Neill Blomkamp''.


I've been playing a lot of Halo recently through the MCC and I have the complete opposite opinion in terms of it being dated. I think the games generally look fantastic, even Halo 3 still looks great and I wouldn't say the gameplay is dated, its just different from how a lot of FPS games play nowadays. The campaigns for me are still the best single player FPS experiences but guess its different strokes for different folks at the end of the day.


I think it's an awful game that killed any interest I had in Halo. I thought the story made sense up to Reach but I didn't like the retcons in Halo 4 and the story in Halo 5 isn't just bad but it ruins the end of Halo 4 as well as having a terrible villain. I could live with that if the gameplay was good but I thought it was poor as well. I did have high hopes in getting back into it with Warzone Firefight as Reach's Firefight was excellent but the Halo 5 version with the bullet sponge enemies and needing random cards and loot boxes was just awful.


That intro is so epic wish it sort of carried on at that speed on 1st level would of been better to started the fight big flight fallen


Its dull, although 5 is the best. Halo just looks and playes dated. PS: and stop with the net speak ''Hate'', it sounds so wimpy and delicate. Differing opinions, get used to it.