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Xbox One X 1TB + Forza 7 £349 w/code @ AO eBay
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Xbox X bundle just added on AO ebay - £349 with code PIGGYBANK and comes with Forza 7

Missed it again.........


I wimped out in the end. Just forked out for one of those limited 500 mil ps4 pros. Tempted to keep it sealed and get the Xbox one X to play 4k though due to the value. Ah well, too late. Best keep an eye open for another deal! Cheers guys.


Agreed, totally, similar 'other stuff' to me and i have to say i'm glad i got, and i paid full whack for a pre-order Scorpio. Great at this price and by far the cheapest way to utilise a 4k tv for some proper 4k gaming. Stuff really does look great - Forza 7 / Horizon 3 are stunning and if you have the disposable cash, worth the price for them and Horizon 4 (soon) alone.


AO didn't have this deal on their website when I looked around lunch time. So nice work OP and to those that got one. I resorted to grade a+ second hand/refurb for £320, but would have rather this.


Not your fault. Just bad luck. Thanks for your help though.

Forza Horizon 2 Porsche Pack £1.20 on Xbox store!
21/08/2018Expires on 21/08/2018Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
First deal so here goes! Just noticed that the Porsche Pack for FH2 has just went down to an all new low which is great if you got FH2 on Games with Gold! Didn't see it mentioned … Read more
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Finally, the last part of Forza horizon 2 I was missing. It’s been stubbornly stuck at £7.99


I think that's what happened too, first few days of it being GWG I could access the custom designs. But now it says server unavailable.


Slightly off topic, but has anyone with the GWG version managed to access custom designs? All I get is that they're not available right now. My assumption is the servers have been turned off.


Great price. Recently got Storm Island on the cheap and now this. Thanks for the heads up


Lovely stuff, got Storm Island the other day so I'm all over this too. Heat

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Xbox One S 1TB with Forza Motorsport 7, Sea Of Thieves, 3 Month Live + 3 Month Gamepass and Download Code for PUBG Bundle - White £211.65 @ AO eBay. Price is with code applied
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Step into a world of superb gaming on this Xbox One S. With a vast library of titles available, you’ll always have a new adventure waiting, and the 1TB hard drive can hold up to 60… Read more

Isn't it only for floorcare? Or am I missing something??


Cheers. It's double points (highfive) (y)


I think Nectar are doing triple points for AO if u go through their website!

[Xbox One/PC] Forza Motorsport 7 1989 Aston Martin #18 Aston Martin AMR1 - Free Microsoft Store
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Little freebie available from today for Forza Motorsport 7. The Forza Motorsport 7 Spotlight car for August is the 1989 Aston Martin #18 Aston Martin AMR1 in Forza Motorsport… Read more
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People love free stuff i guess but yeah i don't get it either :)


That's prolly cos like me at 1st, most thot it's the full game XD


1500 heat for a downloadable car in a game filled with 1000s of cars. Mind-boggling.


Super banking game! Thanks OP!



[Xbox One] Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island DLC / Car Pass - £4.00 each - Xbox Store
Refreshed 12th AugRefreshed 12th Aug
Fantastic price, and just in time for the GWG offering :) A new land of extremes awaits with the Storm Island Expansion for Forza Horizon 2! Blast your way through extreme weat… Read more
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No longer this price so have expired :(


Many thanks Buzz 8)


It's been delisted in the past couple of days. They'll slowly start removing more, so get what you can of what's free and anything else you may want.


'Get it now' vanishes when I visit The Forza Horizon 2 Complete Add-Ons Collection page? I have the base game and a few free cars so does anybody know why not available for me to buy? Am I better getting car pass and storm island as I was going for full pack for the added Porsche pack. Thanks


That's not true Alan Wake was delisted NOT deleted. In actual fact if you have a download code for Alan Wake you can still redeem it! P.T. was deleted from the PlayStation store but I'm not aware of any paid for games on console that have been deleted rather than delisted.

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Cheapest Forza Horizon 4? at Smyths for £39.99
27/09/2018Expires on 27/09/2018LocalLocalFound 6th AugFound 6th Aug
After a bit of searching online, i think i've found the cheapest place to pre-order Forza Horizon £44.99 to pre-order or £39.99 if you pre-order to collect in-store.
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It says only if you collect it from a store


depends! fir ecample if you want this game but are not interested in other game pass games then after 6 monthd game pass becomes the more expensive option.




I'm undecided. Loved 2, 3 was alright, definitely a looker on the one x. I've just bought the 3 months for price of one game pass deal though so will probably play a bit first and see. I'll inevitably buy it though I suspect as I've gotten good value for money out of the other two - I've tended to buy for a reasonable price on physical at launch and swap to digital when on sale.


Wrong horizion 3 is still around £15. If you’re LUCKY. You might get it for £30 by Christmas and then around £20 this time next year!

Xbox One S 500GB Console White w/ Forza Horizon 3 and Hot Wheels £183.99 @ Co-op Electrical Ebay store w/ code
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Seems like a good price for the console bundled with game and add on content. Use code POSE20 on the co-op electrical ebay store for this price. Apologies if already posted, but … Read more

There was a couple amazing amazon deals for £200. There’ll probably be a couple on eBay still, unsure what people are selling them at. Xbox One S 1TB, Extra controller, 3-4 games, vertical stand, 1month gold


I went for this deal in the end, I had been looking for an Xbox at reasonable price for few weeks (only need for one or two MS exclusives and multiplayer with my sibling so didn’t want to overpay, otherwise use my PS4). Even if you consider Coop night have inflated the base price, this is not a bad deal when factoring in discount as you can’t get this bundle anywhere else for less than around £229 ish. Heat added.


Spot on, ordered one yesterday. Cant wait to kick some ass in Tilted Towers... (strong)


Is not working for me for some reason


I clicked on the slimline dishwasher link and it brang me to xbox stuff lol

Forza 7 Ultimate Edition Xbox/ Windows 10 £39.99 microsoft
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Forza 7 Ultimate Edition now available for £39.99 instead of the usual £79.99. Standard edition is down to £24.99 as well! Reviews are great for this game and its the first time I… Read more

It's more than that on PC, keeps going up past 100gb!


Did I not say that though?!? I'm not telling people NOT to do it, but if you think the fact that "you've been doing it for years" means that they wont suddenly decide to ban you, you're deluded. Lets face it, you KNOW you're circumventing the system and exploiting a loophole as you have to enter a false address and use a VPN to do it, all it takes is for MS to see the rise of this and the lowering of their profits and boom, your whole account and all the games you acquired are gone!! If its worth the risk to you, then great, but all these people telling everyone its OK and it wont get them banned are wrong as they cannot back that up. Can they ban you? of course they can, its THEIR system and you are intentionally doing them out of money, will they?? Who knows... roll the dice and see but don't come whinging if they do ban your account, that's all I'm saying (y)


I ordered this the other week and am loving it. Seriously the best racing game I've ever played. It's a simulation but feels so arcadey at the same time, and the sense of speed is like nothing I've felt in any other Forza or GT game.


98.33GB That'll take bloody forever! (horror)


Lots of people have been doing it for years, myself included. If they were worried about it they would have banned people long ago. I think they’re more worried about people circumventing the region locking which subscriptions do have, games however do not have this problem.

Forza Horizon 2 - 13 Free DLC to add with Game
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Thought it’s good time to get list of all free dlc to go with Forza Horizon 2. Might be helpful if you’re waiting to play when game gets free on GWG in August. Credit to the guys w… Read more

It is a good reminder though, especially with the game coming to GwG.


Every one of these has ALWAYS been FREE.


You are looking for Forza Hub. Don't know about mobile apps, but available in a few places: On your Xbox as an app On a Windows PC - can download from the windows store Forza website - login with your account and you can claim the rewards on the site. The rewards reset every Friday so you can claim new ones. The amount you get is based on your Forza Hub level - the more games you've played and the more you've done the higher your level will be - the higher your level, the higher the weekly payout. Every week that you claim it makes it available to all the games that were available when you collected it, so if you've claimed rewards 20 times but never played FH2, the first time you do play it you will have 20 lots of rewards waiting for you.


ooooooohhh thanks for the reply.


On the Xbox, it’s not a mobile app

Games with Gold for August (Forza Horizon 2, For Honor, Dead Space 3 and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two)
Refreshed 9th AugRefreshed 9th Aug
They're here :) Forza Horizon 2 For Honor Dead Space 3 Epic Mickey 2
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Nice selection. Will still be keeping my physical due to sentimentality of recently deceased grandma buying it me...anywho heat!


Yes, different setting with the same core fun gameplay.


Worth playing Forza Horizon 2 when I have 3?


Iv just bought forza h2 nooooooo! I prefer disc anyways


Hah got my dates wrong :p ta

[Xbox One/Windows 10] Forza Motorsport 7 July Spotlight Porsche Pack - Free - Microsoft Store
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
Download and race the 1971 Porsche #23 917/20 and 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS in Forza Motorsport 7 for FREE! We’re celebrating the rich history of Porsche with TWO incredible mach… Read more
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£15.99 if you have Prime at Amazon, or £24.99 digitally on Xbox Store, which you could bring down a bit with gift cards from CDKeys :)


Thanks. Don't have the game yet, where is cheap please?




Cheers Buzz


Thanks Gra (y)

Forza Motorsport 7: Standard Edition – Xbox One - £16.99 (Prime) £19.98 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Forza Motorsport 7: Standard Edition – Xbox One Cheapest now

I voted hot for the price but I just didn't like it. This one felt a bit arcady to me. Better of just sticking to Horizon for that.


Amazing in 4k just think the game is boring but that's just my opinion 😃


I'm playing upscaled in 4k from Xbox One S looks incredible so on your set up it will look amazing.


Decent... Very decent but if you buy from the Microsoft store on PC you can play the game on both Xbox and PC.. so those of you who want that additional graphical boost who might have a decent PC and don't have an Xbox One X you might want to factor that in.


Damn, what did the price drop down to?

Forza Motorsport 5 - XBOX ONE - £9.99 (NEW) @ GAME
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Experience the thrill of racing with some of the world’s greatest tracks and most powerful cars in a beautifully crafted automotive journey. Race against players more your speed t… Read more

I play 5 the most even though I have the others.


No idea, it’s fine on my phone! GOTY Edition is now £17.99!


Yes Forza 5 was withdrawn from sale last year, probably because the licences expired.


6 easy. 5 is a bit barebones in comparison.


What is best Forza 5 or 6 as not played either

Prime Day Flash Deal - Xbox One X + Forza 7 + PUBG + Elite Controller £499.99 - Amazon
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Flash deal for Xbox One X bundle, including Elite controller and 2x games.
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Sorry, my understanding was that it was now bundled with all Xbox One X consoles. If AO aren't advertising this though, then perhaps their stock is from before this was introduced (or I just got it wrong). CD Keys do often have it cheap though if you find it's missing.


How do you get PUBG for free? I've ordered the AO deal. Wouldn't mind PUBG as a little bonus.


Took you down to -200 - you're welcome!


Good deal this! I paid £450 from Argos just 4 months ago and it came with Fifa 18 and Assassins Creed Origins only. The Xbox One Elite controller is worth £100 on its own, I have two of them :{ I would have loved this deal! Heat added.


Freezing here £360 on ebay at the moment, even if you add in the elite controller at full price and pubg you'd still be saving a few quid going with the ebay deal

Forza Mortorsport 7 DIGITAL Version Codes 60% off For Prime Members - £20 / £26 / £32
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Standard edition is £20 Deluxe Edition is £26 Ultimate Edition is £32 Cheapest I’ve seen it so far and don’t forget, the digital version is Play Anywhere so will work fine on Wind… Read more
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Is that code only for one use per one account? Because I've used earlier for PlayStation Plus.


They may have closed it? :( Unlucky if so mate. No conselation but mine is still bloody downloading..


It doesn't work for me. I have Student account as well :/


Got my son to buy this on digital - Ultimate Edition Download used his student account and got it for £17 exactly after using the STUDENT15 code!! Downloading 98 gb now (OUCH) *Edit* Yup it looks like the digital download takes the 15% (STUDENT15) off but uses the Standard Edition for the price and still delivers the Ultimate Edition.


Thanks for speaking for all of us in your first post. I’m not sure “touching it” is high on the list of priorities folk look for on a gaming offer. You would have been as well moving on, and not referencing yourself so much :D


The irony... "Black Friday" sounds like a day Pirates would tell elaborate tales about.


If you trade the games in like I’m doing then at 160 for a 1TB doesn’t seem so bad


Damn shame its students only.


Good deal but Curry's had way better bundles at same price about 2 months ago, I hope someone else will eventually bring better deals on Xbox as it seems they are stuck atm. I trusted all these guys saying that prices would go down after this Microsoft E3 but sadly it didn't happen...


Xbox One S 1TB Console Sea of Thieves Bundle + Xbox Live 3 months gold + £10 credit + discount code STUDENT15 = £199.98 (party)

Xbox One X + Forza 7 £359.20 (With code / from 10am) @ AO eBay
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Good price for the Xbox One X + a a game. Thanks to Gooner for the code.

Back in stock! Don't know if I should have posted it as a new deal or not but there are 4 left at the time of ordering. Finally bit after considering it all week. (excited) It seems that the other 4 have now gone. Congrats to anyone who wanted one and managed to get it.


Got a nuisance phone call from AO since ordering this, pestering me to subscribe to their breakdown cover. Once I said full stop no he started taking the ****, joking, asking me if the console needs carrying up a flight of stairs. Puts me off ordering from AO


I can’t comment on screen retention as of yet, but I can assure u a bright room is not an issue... when the HDR material kick in it’s really is a treat for your eyes... and yes, it was me in AVForums! :D .


LOL at the warmth comment! I swear it keeps our front room toasty in winter as well ;) It's a furnace. 10 years for me. Love how the picture quality got better over time as well. But yeah defo need to upgrade soon.


I finally ordered one! Gave the Prime Day Deals a chance to materialise late last night, but this is defo the best deal ATM! thanks again OP! BTW I too have a Kuro , love that TV! It's still going strong after 11 years, now in my bedroom (keeps me warm in the winter) lol I upgraded to the LG OLEDB6V in 2016....Like you both's the right time....we can really enjoy our X's now ! (excited)

Egypt Store - Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition Preorder £37.66 @ MSStore
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
I don't know, probably people don't know about this way to get cheap games, but i will try to explain. Or give links for guide which i followed. This guide is overall, not only for… Read more

Yeah any play anywhere titles would show up on the Xbox one if purchased on a Windows 10 store. It does seem impossible from the UK, don't think anyone on this forum has managed it yet.


If i buy game from egiptian store successfully would it be possible to run it on xbox when I buy one?


A few Germans posted that they managed to buy a few of the play anywhere games from Egypt using a VPN and windows 10. It's very possible that Monzo would work as it does work with many things that revolut doesn't like hulu.


Yeah it does seem like a total rip off in this country compared with places like this but I guess their wages are hugely lower and they just wouldn't sell any. Bearing in mind I have put over 600 hours into Forza Horizon 3 I shouldn't really complain... :)


Buying from foreign Xbox stores is a well known and well used exploit which works well if you follow a good guide. The prices on these foreign stores give great indication as to how much we get ripped off in the UK.

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