Unfortunately, this deal has expired 11 September 2022.
Posted 22 August 2022

6 Months Unlimited access to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited (with 2 codes) @ KeepSolid

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Activate 6 months of unlimited access to KeepSolid VPN service with promo codes "VPNU6MONTHS" and "sharewareonsale".

How to get the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited promo code for free?

1. Navigate to my.keepsolid.com/ and create a new KeepSolid ID
Or, if you already have the KeepSolid ID, log in to your account.

2. To proceed with the code activation, click Redeem at the top, next to your KeepSolid ID.3984615_1.jpg
3. Paste your code in the pop-up window and click "Redeem a code". Use the below code: "VPNU6MONTHS" and "sharewareonsale"

4. Enjoy the premium security features and unrestricted internet access on up to 5 devices!

KeepSolid More details at
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  1. Yas_Min's avatar
    This should get to a few thousand heat
    Good find OP

    Good for getting access to different countries catalogs or prices. Not so much for privacy.
    If its free. You are the product
    MasterCheese's avatar

    Replying to

    But at least Google, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay securely collect and store this data.

    KeepSolid doesn't - “We use third-party service providers globally to store and transfer personal data.” and the privacy policy states your personal data is "shared with third parties, stored with third parties, not guaranteed to be secure".

    Personal data includes first and last names and contact information, payment history from third-party payment processors, device IDs (under the guise of enforcing max device limits), IP addresses, browser and operating system info.

    They are based in the US, have been noted widely as having concerning data collection practices, their software's 'kill switch' leaks user data, mac client leaks IPs. Those reasons are enough to skip this product even if it is free!
  2. ogeran's avatar
    Nabbed a lifetime of this earlier this year. It's an ok VPN if you grab a Cheap price. I've used it abroad relatively successfully to access Now TV and I think iPlayer. But that was back in May. As a rule I find it usually throttles my speeds a bit more than surfshark which I also use. Good little Vpn overall but obviously not the best. Recommended and heat given op! (edited)
    voodooflux's avatar

    Replying to

    Lucca is stunning. Visited and stayed in the hills above Bagni di Lucca a few years ago. (edited)
  3. Estel_Ellessar's avatar
    Great VPN, I got it on a lifetime subscription dirt cheap a year or two back. Only annoying thing is that they dropped India recently so NBA League Pass is out the window with this VPN but I have another.

    The reason they gave is because India can demand a list of user details from VPN providers apparently...
  4. rafmoh's avatar
    Decent for a freebie but terrible for downloading files. In fact it won’t even work with downloads… unless I’m missing a setting or something?
    philajones's avatar
    I was the same, until...I altered the settings of protocol from IKEv2 to OpenVPN...
  5. Lil6ix's avatar
  6. Boabyb's avatar
    Nice, just redeemed it on the app and extended me to almost a year left now. Cheers OP
    Nikhil_Bhatia's avatar
    Thanks struggled on site. Dld the app. It worked 💪
  7. Marques.vonhinten's avatar

    This gives another 6 months free.
    Paul007's avatar
    Thanks the code worked
  8. -BA-'s avatar
    @OP - just be aware in your guide that, in one part, you label one of the codes as VPNU6MONTH instead of VPNU6MONTHS. I copied that one initially and it didn't work; when I copied the one with the S on the end, it worked. Nice find, thanks! (edited)
  9. hukdm's avatar
    PIA VPN on 100% topcashback
    hukdm's avatar

    Replying to

    Yeah mine tracked already - I bought it last night
    Seems like a legit company too
  10. chpperz's avatar
    Codes didn't work on my existing account, but created a new account and they worked fine. Thanks OP.
  11. B1naryC0de's avatar
    Have the Unlimited plan, basically only use it to watch the Irish games, but have found in the last few months that the speed is just so poor that it's unusable for that
  12. robinson216's avatar
    The first code worked fine but the second one says "the code is invalid or has already been used".

    Either way, 6 months for free so I'm happy.
    shywifey86's avatar
    It needs to be in all lower cases. When I typed it with caps, I got the same
  13. cheekchap's avatar
    I've 2 lifetimes licenses, servers are not consistently reliable
  14. Alf.Garnett's avatar
    Paramount Mexico not work ?
    deleted1524065's avatar

    Replying to

    You can use a uk account. Get a free trial of one, see if it's any good and cheap and go from there. Windscribe has servers there as does cyberghost.
  15. cheapmommy's avatar
    What app do you download for apple
    neilly93's avatar
    It's in my purchase list as "VPN Unlimited - Turbo Proxy".
  16. NazM's avatar
    Will it work with Netflix Turkey?
    OmegaMaster's avatar
  17. BlueCreek's avatar
    Anyone else struggling to get into the website
    mbh90's avatar
  18. kna872's avatar
    Is it me or they have taken some countries of the list such as India. Thank you op.
    Yehudar's avatar

    Replying to

    I've done YouTube through turkey and Argentina since India was removed.
  19. asarora's avatar
    It's rubbish
  20. KM1999's avatar
    Paid for the lifetime subscription ages ago when it was on sale.

    Honestly has yet to let me down. Very decent VPN.
  21. deleted1560391's avatar
    They took all mine off me last time!:|
    Marvel_MUFC's avatar
    Same happened to me. However, I've still used these. Just have to see what happens.
  22. Conkers816's avatar
    People should realise that the majority of the team behind keepsolid are currently based in Ukraine so I’d personally be cutting them a bit of slack if things aren’t working entirely 100% (edited)
  23. CockneyHarry's avatar
    Paid £14 for lifetime coverage a few years ago, never had any problems
  24. TMelt's avatar
    Has anyone used this to good effect to watch Premier League? If so, what sports platform do you use it with?
    jameshothothot's avatar
    i have the lifetime version. it doesn't have indonesia which you need for vidio
    has ukraine so might be able to get setanta sports but commentary is not always on there
  25. banana's avatar
    I think their website is hammered
  26. litwoojczyznomoj's avatar
    Thanks. My account is back up to 2 years and 3 months .
    iduno87's avatar
  27. cruse2382's avatar
    Work thanks now I have 19 months left
  28. FallGuy0510's avatar
    The second code works for me thanks
  29. Mmaatttt8's avatar
    The shareware code worked for me on the app and gave 6 months extra. The other code said it worked on the website but the 6 months had not been added (yet)
  30. shywifey86's avatar
    Thank you very much. My subscription had just 2days left...added a year with the codes
  31. TarekAlakari's avatar
    Second code is case sensitive
    Try to write it lowercase and it will work
    Boabyb's avatar
    I eventually worked that out (edited)
  32. Jay_Patel6cq's avatar
    Extra year. Heat!! thanks
  33. rbramhill1's avatar
    excellent thanks, That extended my access
  34. Jijin2's avatar
    Both worked so got a year free, thanks!
  35. TCman's avatar
    Thanks you very much OP. I've managed to stack the 2 codes which gave me 1 year and now have a total of 1 year and 6 months as i have 6 months remaining from the 1
    Free 12 months i got earlier in the year.
  36. RedXI's avatar
    Sorted. Thanks
  37. Yoda85's avatar
    Had problems with the website and iPhone, but let me redeem via an android phone!
    gtd65's avatar
    Good tip, couldn't get it to work earlier but no problem via app on Android.
  38. 400SE's avatar
    6 months added, thanks OP!
  39. infinitemoneyglitch's avatar
    both codes successfully redeemed on Android app! thanks
  40. AndrewJohn145's avatar
    Thanks redeemed fine. Decent for a free VPN.
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